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Hard to Reach
Posted at: 2009-07-10 09:44:41
Original ad:
im selling my 1991 ford f150 for $2500. call ***-***-**** for more info or email
From Mike Partlow to ************@********.org

I am interested in your truck. How many miles does it have on it?


From *********** to Me:
do you have a number you can be reached at?

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Yes I do. My number is (***)-492-159.

From *********** to Me:
that isnt a phone nubmer there arent enough numbers

From Mike Partlow to ***********
That is my phone number. You can get a number with less digits for a small monthly fee, which I am paying for.

From *********** to Me:
well i dont think its working i tried calling and it said its not a number

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Did you dial 1 first?

From *********** to Me:
i just tried that and it is not working

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Wait are you calling from Philly?

From *********** to Me:

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Oh, my mistake. Since you are calling from Philly, you have to dial a 6 first, followed by the pound sign, and then my number.

From *********** to Me:

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Shit, do you just want my office number? It is a little complicated.

From *********** to Me:
yeah fine give me that

From Mike Partlow to ***********
You have to call my office at (215)-592-**** and then put in extension 4491-2938 followed by the pound sign to be transferred to the Human Resources department. Once you are transferred there, you need to enter this pin as the security access code: 2A11-3D58-2F41-FW31. You will be put through to Katie, our receptionist. She is going to ask you a series of questions to confirm you are not a machine. Upon confirmation, tell her that you want to speak to Richard, tell him Mike sent you. When Richard gets on, ask him to page Mike Partlow. Use this code as a reference: 8281-WK82F. It should take about two minutes upon me receiving the page to make it to the secure office phone. I can only talk on that phone for about 15 seconds, so I will give you a randomly generated payphone number for you to call me on. I will then run down to the lobby and pick up the payphone, and then we can talk. Got it?

From *********** to Me:
it says that is not a working number

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Did you dial 1 first?

From *********** to Me:
fuck this. forget it

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Wait, I also have a pager number. Do you want that instead?
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troll (2013-10-06 13:43:46)
Ahahaha did you dial 1 first? That's genuis
KarinK (2013-09-25 17:24:59)
holy shit mike. you are a genius.
shake & bake (2013-09-18 01:36:39)
I love it, I hate those assholes who don't give the miles amd say calls only. I never bother since I don't need to spend 10 mins on the phone with somebody trying to tell me that 300,000 miles is nothing for cars today..
xz9afn (2013-05-25 09:40:49)
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oy9hox (2013-05-25 09:04:20)
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anonymous (2013-04-30 20:07:22)
I am in legit pain from laughing. Every time I picture him running down to a pay phone my chest hurts
frggu (2013-02-10 00:49:32)
'did you dial 1 first' couldnt stop laughing
TigerladyNZ (2013-02-06 21:59:22)
" I will then run down to the lobby " Please help me up off the floor.
Ratso (2012-10-29 16:18:34)
OMG thanks for your website. I just drooled on my desk laughing! There is a long history of trolling folks and businesses via letters - I wonder if you've read some of the collections of humorous letters? Thanks again!
Beolex (2012-08-09 16:58:02)
"it says that is not a working number" Oh my god, I love the fact that he actually tried it.
Sammich (2012-07-20 23:02:15)
"Did you dial 1 first?" LMFAO
A FUCKING NINJA (2012-06-18 12:02:28)
dude... you're the best troll in the world!
delorean dmc-12 (2012-06-16 12:07:31)
delorean dmc-12

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