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Frequently Asked Questions
What is this?
This is a website.

The name for this website sucks. What the fuck were you thinking?
I know. My bad.

Where do you find these people you fuck with?
Classified ads.

What's with all the ads lately? You fucking sell out!
What can I say? I am a whore for money.

Why don't they just ignore you?
Most of them do. I'd say only 10% of people I write to write back.

What is with all the different names you use?
They are all me, just different e-mail accounts.

So is your name Mike?
No. I only used my real name once in these emails. It is Mustafi.

HEY! I recognize myself in one of these e-mails, you prick!
No you don't. You're wrong. Go away.

How do you come up with some of the things you write?
Well I try to think of something to write, then I write it.

Where is the fucking RSS feed?!
Whoops, forgot to add it. Here it is.

Do you have a twitter?
I made one here. I swear I'll figure out how to use the damn thing eventually.

How can I contact you?
Put up a classified ad, and try to sound like an idiot. I'll find you.

No seriously. I want to give you money.
In that case, (temp). I'll try to respond, but I do get a lot of e-mails so don't think I am a jerk if I don't.

Why are you taking so long to update?
I'd rather not post at all than post a shitty one. These things take time. If I do post a shitty one, it is because you guys bitch so much.

Can't you quit your day job and do this full time? You must be rich from this website!
Yeah! I can take the $12k a year I make off this site and retire in the Bahamas!

The names of people on this site have been modified or completely changed.

Any illegal activities mentioned in these e-mails were mentioned solely for entertainment purposes and did not and will not actually happen.
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