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Horse Farm
Posted at: 2009-07-14 15:12:55
Original ad:
I am a 18 year old looking for a summer job. it is hard for me to find work and I just want a job so I can afford a car for college next summer. I can clean, babysit, answer phones, pretty much whatever as long as it pays!!
From Mike Anderson to ***********@***********.org

I saw your ad looking for work and I think I have a job for you! I am looking for an assistant on my farm for the summer. It will involve working outdoors. Let me know if you are interested.


From Stephanie ******* to Me
Hi Mike! I am interested in your job! I love animals and used to ride horses so a farm would be great! what kind of work would I be doing, and where is your farm located? it needs to be close to ******** so my parents can drop me off and pick meup

From Mike Anderson to Stephanie *********

It is very close to **********. I'm glad to hear you are familiar with horses, because you will be primarily working with horses.

My farm gets all the old horses that other farms don't need anymore, and they are starting to take up a lot of room in my stable, which I want to turn into a garage for my new truck. Therefore, the horses need to go. As my assistant, you will be in charge of killing the horses and dumping them in the lake behind my farm.

I used to have a captive bolt pistol (cattle gun) that I used to put them down, but it broke when I tried to use it to tap a keg. You'll probably have to use my 12-gauge shotgun to put them down. Sometimes they don't die right away when you shoot them, and will start freaking out. You just have to stay calm and keep shooting. Don't worry, I'll show you how to use the shotgun if you aren't familiar with one.

You then need to use my chainsaw to cut the horses into smaller parts that you can carry down to the lake. It can get a little messy, so I suggest wearing some clothes that you don't care about, or some clothes that the horse blood would compliment.

The lake isn't mine, it is my neighbor's. He gets kind of angry when he sees me dumping dead horses in his lake, so you have to make sure he isn't around when you do it. I have some cinderblocks you can use to weigh the horses down so he won't see them.

I have a lot of horses, and each horse takes about an hour and a half to dispose of, so you should have plenty of work. The job will pay $15 an hour. When can you start?


From Stephanie ******* to Me
omg that is HORRIBLE! That is truely awful and sick!! Why cant you just give the poor horses away? sorry but I am not helping you slaughter horses!!!

From Mike Anderson to Stephanie *********

I'm sorry if you are a bit surprised, but this is how farms work. You can't give away old horses, you have to kill them. I thought about it, and if you don't want to use the chainsaw to cut up the horses, you can just use my truck to drag them down to the lake. Do you have your license or permit? If not, this could be good driving practice for you. You don't want to pass up on this great job opportunity.


From Stephanie ******* to Me
No that is not how farms work you are just SICK! I am NOT interested

From Mike Anderson to Stephanie *********
Stephanie you are going to regret this some day when you try to get a real job. I think this would look great on your resume.
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Jessicaseit (2015-03-21 20:20:23)
Hello, guys! This locate is extraordinary to me. I contain conditions tried such things, so I dont as a matter of fact know what to write. Anyway Im Jessica. Im single and I stroke withdrawn and abandoned. I would like to meet an interesting and i
Tim (2014-06-04 13:32:12)
Hahaha this guy wins
mike (2014-01-21 12:01:41)
mike is cool, he is best man on continent ok? wfu
angie (2014-01-11 11:59:15)
my boss shared this with me. we were crying laughing! now I'm addicted. little puff and funny reading. great Saturday
Gold Leader (2014-01-07 17:29:12)
Haha love it when something is so funny your abbs hurt
anonymous (2013-12-10 12:06:22)
Horse is tasty. I don't know what bothers people about eating horse meat when they are okay with eating pig or cow meat. Is it because they are uglier than horses? Pigs are certainly smarter.
Somebody (2013-11-30 17:44:55)
Very funny but fuck all you guys talking about eating horses
loollol (2013-11-05 18:58:51)
"I think this would look great on your resume"
HarryHorseLover (2013-10-28 14:27:18)
Seeiously messed up...Horses are people too and that was just RACIST!! My girlfriend happens to be a horse. So take your bigotry and hate elsewhere. Ignorance is the reason we have yet to legalize InterMammal Marriage and why I keep getting arrested.
Arina (2013-10-26 19:31:27)
I had raw horse meat at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo. FANTASTIC.
HipsterPie (2013-10-16 06:14:42)
Horse meat is actually fucking tasty and tender when prepared the right way.
BobJones (2013-09-22 22:06:44)
Wow, look at all that food wasted...
What the... (2013-09-01 18:57:56)
As german: What the fuck, horse tastes terrible and I know no one who eats them in germany O_o
TimvdB (2013-08-16 10:45:59)
As a german I have to say, horse tastes really great.
Michael (2013-07-16 04:25:03)
You can give away old horses. They ship them off to Germany and France and they serve them as food.
mikwi (2013-06-19 14:46:15)
@Tommy - You're an idiot. They eat plenty of American food.
RobertDylan (2013-06-14 20:54:56)
@Tommy- yes mans Germans and Frenchs eats shitty foods from the US. I know you ares from Sweden me t.. al smeigen dere shin da!
arulapragasam (2013-06-12 16:00:16)
Is anyone else getting an add for horse related products at the top right? Too funny.
kimaru (2013-06-09 00:40:34)
hilarious is an understatement
duce bag (2013-05-31 02:23:04)
fucking hilarious
Anonymous (2013-05-26 02:27:28)
Am I evil for wanting to do this? Too many shooting games.
Emairmmab (2013-05-11 21:56:06)
Intéresser le fisc et lire l'intégralité de la confié ma volonté de modèles de la nation pomme de terre au ah! Avis nous vrai qu?il les avait an le mars j'exprimais allons! Toujours hors du salaires auront baissé
The Swede (2013-05-09 19:28:01)
Now, that's how IKEA meatballs are made... Horses are yummy :D
Rob (2013-05-08 19:57:42)
Tim (2013-04-20 04:34:55)
s my assistant, you will be in charge of killing the horses and dumping them in the lake behind my farm. Absolutely lost it at this point. Awesome stuff

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