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How did she know?!
Posted at: 2009-06-21 13:36:08
Somehow this woman knew exactly what I was trying to do.
Original ad:
litter of 5 kittens. two orange, two black, one mixed-grey. all are three weeks old and looking for a good home!
From Yin Chang to *********@***********.org


i buy all kitten you have. how much?

- yin chang

From ************ to Me

Sorry. These kittens are not being sold for food.
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malatai (2016-11-26 06:24:40)
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Cuccioli (2015-12-07 21:42:31)
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will (2014-03-22 11:43:19)
racism doesn't exist. just over sensitive people. If I saw a funny joke about white people.
the obvious (2013-11-14 21:24:00)
@Chinese, you missed the point and showed your own racism in the process. What makes it funny is he tried to lure her in with a racist stereotype and she played right into it. He used her own racism to mock her. By whining about it you are just like her
lmao (2013-11-12 14:46:37)
Lmao, geeks me the fuck out
Billy (2013-11-03 17:49:27)
@Chinese: No you can't.
Racist (2013-10-27 04:06:25)
Chinese (2013-10-27 04:05:59)
I'm Chinese & I don't find this funny at all. I can say quite a few things about you racist pasty white people as well.
A dude (2013-10-17 01:20:35)
I like how she is shocked at the thought of the kittens being eaten but is okay with separating them from their mother at only 3 weeks of age.
anonymous (2013-09-29 14:23:01)
ooh, dat's racist
dr137c (2013-06-08 17:48:42)
@Tadashi You could easily tell the comment was Japanese by this letter: の (Kana Ro)
Jjonas (2013-02-13 05:38:48)
You mailing these suckers in now?!?
Anonymous (2013-02-13 03:05:44)
잊지 마세요 : 한국인이 너무 고양이를 먹습니다.
Tadashi (2013-02-13 03:02:45)
@some dude: Indeed. You can tell because it has kana and kanji mixed, even if you can't read it properly.
some dude (2013-02-08 03:55:17)
@George double fail. that's actually japanese
Oddball (2012-12-24 20:59:22)
George = Stereotypical racist

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