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How did she know?!
Posted at: 2009-06-21 13:36:08
Somehow this woman knew exactly what I was trying to do.
Original ad:
litter of 5 kittens. two orange, two black, one mixed-grey. all are three weeks old and looking for a good home!
From Yin Chang to *********@***********.org


i buy all kitten you have. how much?

- yin chang

From ************ to Me

Sorry. These kittens are not being sold for food.
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will (2014-03-22 11:43:19)
racism doesn't exist. just over sensitive people. If I saw a funny joke about white people.
the obvious (2013-11-14 21:24:00)
@Chinese, you missed the point and showed your own racism in the process. What makes it funny is he tried to lure her in with a racist stereotype and she played right into it. He used her own racism to mock her. By whining about it you are just like her
lmao (2013-11-12 14:46:37)
Lmao, geeks me the fuck out
Billy (2013-11-03 17:49:27)
@Chinese: No you can't.
Racist (2013-10-27 04:06:25)
Chinese (2013-10-27 04:05:59)
I'm Chinese & I don't find this funny at all. I can say quite a few things about you racist pasty white people as well.
A dude (2013-10-17 01:20:35)
I like how she is shocked at the thought of the kittens being eaten but is okay with separating them from their mother at only 3 weeks of age.
anonymous (2013-09-29 14:23:01)
ooh, dat's racist
dr137c (2013-06-08 17:48:42)
@Tadashi You could easily tell the comment was Japanese by this letter: の (Kana Ro)
Jjonas (2013-02-13 05:38:48)
You mailing these suckers in now?!?
Anonymous (2013-02-13 03:05:44)
잊지 마세요 : 한국인이 너무 고양이를 먹습니다.
Tadashi (2013-02-13 03:02:45)
@some dude: Indeed. You can tell because it has kana and kanji mixed, even if you can't read it properly.
some dude (2013-02-08 03:55:17)
@George double fail. that's actually japanese
Oddball (2012-12-24 20:59:22)
George = Stereotypical racist
findasa (2012-12-11 16:30:00)
Sad but true ...
JixChan (2012-11-17 15:08:32)
I love the racist joke XD
zeri (2012-10-03 23:10:13)
You should have gotten all angry and pretend you're just a crazy cat lady. Just double the crazy.
George (2012-09-22 22:22:55)
Why is there a Japanese comment? It's the Chinese that eat Cat's dude. The Japanese are good at math and like cartoon porn.
AsianGuy (2012-08-26 00:45:17)
aidepetet (2012-08-25 08:02:22)
Blah (2012-08-15 18:42:41)
That would've been an awesome conversation if she hadn't guessed it. :P
Blah (2012-08-15 18:35:42)
That would have been an awesome conversation if she hadn't guessed it.
Race (2012-07-25 19:14:19)
Chinese Dude (2012-07-19 12:07:49)
I'm Chinese and I love this shit! Keep it up, Mike..
Mortician (2012-07-16 17:55:12)
@the chinese guy, you're asian and like having a good laugh. You should talk to the hypersensitive commentators from the post Tyron's dogsitter services.
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-02 10:15:14)
There you go lady.....'MERICA
That's just (2012-06-22 13:01:20)
(2012-06-14 22:59:58)
I'm Chinese but still think this is funny as Hell xD
Monty P. (2012-05-10 12:21:26)
That's a first, got caught
Steve Shmurkle (2012-05-08 12:48:19)
Very astute woman. ;-)
8^P (2012-05-03 14:55:53)
what is in Gen Tao's anyway?
anon (2012-05-03 14:50:18)
You could've gone SO much further with this! Should've gotten all pissy and called her out on her racism.
Wozzy (2012-04-12 17:33:56)
Ha there was an Asian dating ad on my screen
@LOL (2012-04-06 01:04:52)
I see a "Best Recipes" ad :P
foo chow (2012-03-14 04:32:00)
never waste ur food grasshopper..either be dogs or cow cock.
LOL (2012-03-13 14:58:30)
there's an kitten adoption ad on the side :D
LOL (2012-03-13 14:58:30)
there's an kitten adoption ad on the side :D
Yogoda (2012-02-17 02:53:31)
You know what? Fuck the Ottoman Empire! They were a bunch of dicks!
anonymous (2012-02-09 23:24:40)
Hahahah that woman was so racist to assume! :P
... (2011-12-11 23:24:34)
Scrolling down to these comments, I was not surprised at all to see racism fights erupting. Seriously, it's always this or "country A vs country B" arguments on this site. Is it too hard not to act like ignorant, little cry-babies?
YIN CHANG (2011-11-29 04:56:28)
Hey, y u expose me? huh?
@racist (2011-11-22 18:53:16)
"boooohooooooo u called me a name and catogrised wot i do as part of my culture... the world is such a terrible place..." grow sum balls plz
@annoyed (2011-11-22 18:50:16)
omg all u people out there who get offended by racist comments are just vintage pussies! seriously, im a black man and do not give a damn bout any verbal racism thats directed at me, if its violence.. then im mad
asian (2011-10-22 20:51:44)
i'll admit, this is funny, but a lot of the people who ate animals like dogs or cats really had/have no other food
Xinaji (2011-10-20 15:17:46)
Y'know, I'm white, I hear nasty comments about my race all the time, most of them are true, and I don't really give a shit. ^_^
Johnny Eyeball (2011-10-19 11:50:25)
@haha Congrats. You got the painfully obvious joke and felt the need to show off. Kudos to you.
Racist (2011-10-09 03:50:34)
Racist everywhere.
I'm Asian too! (2011-09-26 03:16:34)
I find this hilarious. But let me make this perfectly clear: most of this stuff comes from China and from some countries that have poverty. I live in the Philippines and we have a law that prevents us from even touching strays.
haha (2011-09-20 19:56:05)
ahhh I get it! she was being racist because you were Chinese and she thought you were gonna eat them
ching lee (2011-09-17 11:03:32)
Ah so sad we have no dinner that night :'(
Trust me (2011-09-16 13:13:35)
Example, Chinese people are eating anything which are standing with four legs. Except tables...
God (2011-09-11 14:11:01)
@kuroneko & Asian gu (2011-09-07 07:01:07)
You fucking anime fans think Asia is like Disney World. Read up on the horrors.
ur blind in one eye (2011-09-04 06:53:58)
So it's okay for him to be a stereotype but not okay for her to call him on it. Haha, that's almost funnier than the email itself. Whatever, funny ass email.
Lolisome (2011-09-02 08:37:51)
anonymous (2011-08-31 23:55:44)
i'm convinced he made up the response too. so good.
Ying Chang (2011-08-30 12:53:08)
An asian guy above said "We Asians eat rice and beef". Indians are in Asia. Indians don't eat beef. Stop speaking for a whole continent, you moron.
(2011-08-25 13:16:24)
Yes, he is ying chang, he is always the uncensored one
anonymous (2011-08-23 15:14:54)
ying chang is that you?
@Funny (2011-08-13 01:28:43)
Go eat your mom.
@Funny (2011-08-13 01:27:54)
Go eat your mom.
@Common Sense Man (2011-08-08 15:46:20)
sometimes when i am bored i pretend that i am a tomato.
funny (2011-08-05 06:00:15)
why are people so offended by these emails they are so funny! As for this one asian people do actually eat cats and dogs snakes etc so stop acting like they don't!
abasslinelow (2011-07-29 19:30:17)
It took me a second... and then I saw the name he used. I almost died laughing.
Commen Sense Man (2011-07-29 12:38:27)
So, you guys are offended that she said that, even though it clearly seemed as if he was going to go on about using the cats for food. So, it is ok for him to be racist, but when someone else does it first, it's not? Here's a tip. Don't breath
uhlaneuh (2011-07-26 23:22:19)
im more pissed that she didnt fix her cat in the first place.
Annoyed (2011-07-25 16:27:38)
Fucking hell there are some racist twats out there Even in the comments
anonymous (2011-07-25 06:03:48)
anonymous (2011-07-21 22:39:41)
Yin Chang would actually suggest a taiwanese person - "Chang" is the same as "Zhang" generally, except chinese people spell Zhang whereas taiwanese people spell "Chang". Although, famous (infamous) cat dishes tend to originate f
anonymous (2011-07-21 17:31:46)
@Asianguy it's not excactly normal to buy 5 kittens at once.
I'm Asian (2011-07-20 10:58:45)
I still find this funny for some reason.
Nigger (2011-07-17 04:46:45)
Asian guy, (2011-07-16 22:49:21)
I know your joking about this, but I think the guy who replied back is an asshole. Everyone one I know (Who is asian) barely has any contact with cats, and when they do, they just ignore them. We asians only eat things like Rice, and Beef. Oh and noodles.
cat eating = bad (2011-07-02 01:21:49)
but americans eating other animals = just fine.
kuroneko (2011-06-27 00:34:47)
@ Bry, It may not be a race thing, young kittens are sometimes used as snake food. But then again, who knows.
B-ry knows best (2011-06-23 18:29:09)
Clearly she has E.S.P.....either that or shes a fuckin racist cunt....ill got with the latter of the two
fish (2011-06-20 01:51:11)
@fuckracists you even spell Nǐ hǎo wrong ...
lol? (2011-06-19 15:16:39)
i must laugh at the people complaining about racism. stereotypes wouldn't exist if not for people proving them correct
damn (2011-06-18 19:51:26)
sumo haa! (2011-06-18 00:47:58)
Yin Chang (2011-06-18 00:46:19)
uSalt2 (2011-06-15 16:35:44)
@Fuckracists Go away. You're only making Asians look like idiots. @anonymous Shut the fuck up. How would you feel if someone talked shit about your ethnicity?
anonymous (2011-06-07 03:01:26)
@fuckracists im suprised you can read with your slanty eyes you worthless bitch
toot (2011-06-04 18:10:30)
i didn't know asians eat cats.
Fuckracists (2011-05-28 16:08:44)
Ni Ho,Asian community is offended,hand us her email and we iz gonna pwn that biatchez ass ! ;D
no imp (2011-05-25 11:49:19)
'i not work at restaurant, im in supplies for restaurants.' yinyang gave u away prob.
offended asian (2011-04-24 16:16:29)
give us her email and we'll flame that bitch
That bitch (2011-04-20 17:33:45)
wat a bitch....u r the shit mike! lmaoooooooooo
asians FTW (2011-04-13 02:54:39)
Hahaha. You shouldnt have named yourseld Yin Chang. Hahahaha
The raging homosexua (2011-04-10 20:13:02)
Hahahahahahahaha omfg, this made my life !!!!!!
anonymous (2011-04-07 23:07:36)
Clearly a successful reverse troll
Lord (2011-04-01 22:04:48)
@Confused So you slept through kittens going in a wood chipper?
L O FUCKING L (2011-03-31 00:22:53)
Confusedx2 (2011-03-29 22:34:55)
i am willing to give you this bag of mulched kittens assuming they will go into some sort of stew. $20 is my asking price.
Confused (2011-03-29 22:31:58)
I may be able to help you mr. Chang. About a week ago someone broke into my house and stole a litter of kittens. I was upset, and a little shocked when i went outside and discovered a mulcher with the catch bag full of slightly congealed kitten parts.
Anon (2011-03-29 14:57:45)
I like how that person immediately jumped to the conclusion that because he was Asian, he wanted to eat them.
Smarter person (2011-03-28 08:26:22)
@smart person, Mike does this. The e-mail the ad states usually isn't the same one that replies to him. check some of his others.
sdjkosdfkljgf (2011-03-27 19:39:23)
hilarious, but racist. i'm asian and i'm a vegetarian.
anon (2011-03-26 18:10:26)
Asian (2011-03-26 16:11:38)
I'm Asian and I would like to make it clear that I have never eaten any party of a cat in my life. Swear on my left nut.
WOw (2011-03-25 23:26:05)
she know because of the asian name LOLOLOLLOOLOL the chick assumed asians eats cats!
Kris (2011-03-24 17:34:41)
Oh holy... Mike... got owned?
smart (2011-03-23 03:11:15)
this chick must know Craigslist. finally, a smart person.
Justin (2011-03-21 18:08:47)
HAHAHAAAAAAH H AH AHAHAAAAA I Love it! This is an amazing email.
? (2011-03-13 13:03:02)
YOU WANT MY PUSSY (2011-02-26 17:46:52)
Yink Chain (2011-02-20 02:48:02)
Dis wumin izza raysist.
Rofl-ing in Norway (2011-02-16 05:56:06)
Yeah, this is great, cuz she TOTALLY got you, the reply on this one wins. And the title is hilarious, as well.
yo mama (2011-02-13 16:09:57)
city wok ? xD
BigFan (2011-02-10 03:55:02)
OMG classic. I'm chinese and i think this is a Top 3 personal fave!
Austin (2011-02-04 01:27:47)
dang, i wish this would have gone farther, so much potential
G (2011-02-01 04:46:34)
LOL (2011-01-27 21:11:38)
Thats because you send the email to a made up craigslist, and when they respond it's from their actual email.
smart person (2011-01-27 01:08:19)
read the email addresses, the first one is *******@********.org and the second one is ********* i smell something fishy and it isnt the fishead
Sarah (2011-01-22 22:43:11)
In this case...I actually thought the response was written by Mike.
xD (2011-01-21 21:32:57)
dar har har (2011-01-05 07:10:37)
Yin Chang. Can go grab some freebies off the street or allys
anonymous (2010-12-28 17:31:12)
i hate racisim!
Yin Chang (2010-12-16 17:24:51)
You have kitten for me yes?
Dat Nguyen (2010-12-15 10:47:57)
Cat not good, dog much better!
hahahahAHAH (2010-12-14 06:48:31)
Fyre (2010-12-12 20:34:58)
ABSOLUTELY. PERFECT. Hahahaha Best one of them all!!!
Britt (2010-12-11 13:42:06)
This ones my favorite! LOL
lol (2010-12-01 02:17:34)
I didnt get it at first but then i read the name... lol
OMG (2010-11-26 13:35:24)
That's amazing. lol. I laughed harder at this one than anything else. Omg. Thank you for the lolz, sir. holy crap.
lol (2010-11-25 07:05:47)
lol (2010-11-25 03:41:31)
the ad below this said save a kitty.
zhou ying (2010-11-10 09:16:28)
cat is actually quite tasty, trick is cook at high temperature to get rid of parasite.
Stevie B (2010-11-03 23:57:40)
Quite Presumptious!
VanFan (2010-10-21 21:20:07)
And it's only super-immigrant asians that find this offensive. North American-born Asians find this shit hilarious.
VanFan (2010-10-21 21:18:54)
This is SOOOOO funny! The best is how she called you out and you just left her alone! WIN for her. Ping? haha! Your mom probably threw a bunch of pots and pans down the stairs and said "ya! we name Ping! we name brother Pong! Last name Chang!"
kenny zhou (2010-10-17 20:24:41)
i love being asian for this exact reason xD
catslol (2010-10-17 11:59:28)
the ad right below this is for a cat vet, odd...
321 (2010-10-15 15:22:54)
@ george. did she mention something about eating them? if you base a judgment upon stereotypes about a race, it's racist, no matter what!
FYI nuts in ur mouth (2010-10-10 00:42:28)
Anon, cats can leave the mother as soon as they're born, there's no laws. It's ideal to keep them with their mother for at least 8-12 weeks, though, before selling them for food. You stupid bitch.... (2010-10-07 15:06:24)
I love me some racist jokes. Send them!
jenn (2010-09-27 23:00:03)
LMAO Classic!
george (2010-09-16 15:18:55)
people from Cameroon eat grasshoppers. It's not racist to say that Chinese people eat dogs and cats. there's plenty of dogs and cats that are sold for food in China. it's like chicken.
Hmm... (2010-09-12 11:08:01)
Wow that is like really racist.
anonymous (2010-08-16 17:18:44)
Racist Yin Chang Meaning she doesn't want you eating them that shit was racist as hell
catmandu (2010-08-16 04:02:46)
this was by far the awesomest!!
Derp (2010-08-15 21:59:57)
I dont want won tongs to eat mah kitties:O
anonymous (2010-08-12 17:17:53)
FYI: Kittens must be at least 12 weeks old before they are ready for new home.
eata dick nigga (2010-08-12 09:33:58)
eata dick nigga
Some dude (2010-08-08 05:55:02)
lol (2010-08-05 21:40:51)
holy hell! that was great!!
paris hilton nude (2010-08-05 06:06:31)
So, we can see from all angles, Paris, and she sure knows how to make fun of a person's verbal. It helps the tape, she looks more attractive, in other media and celebrity gossip sex tape her out I think this is mainly because there are her own, not re
tp (2010-07-29 01:06:22)
HAHA!!! so awesome!
to the trolls (2010-07-29 01:05:58)
half you fools don't even know it when you get trolled. wow, fail.
lulz (2010-07-26 22:57:36)
Wow, nice job getting trolled by Ping.
Ping (2010-07-24 22:12:08)
dum americans they think they rule me YOU SHUT UP TWAT JIN AND ANON wat kind of name is anon anyway you are stupid and jin i think you idiot because you side with stupid peopl i thin k that all of you are retartet EPSECIALLY THIS LETTER TANKS NOWBYE
JinJing (2010-07-24 22:09:01)
Ping you idiot.
twatwaffle (2010-07-24 00:42:27)
hahaha ping THAT is why americans sterotype!! haha priceless
anonymous (2010-07-23 23:04:38)
Your website is genius. :D P.S. And Ping, learn to spell before you try to complain. :P
Ping (2010-07-23 20:21:05)
I think American people are so rascists. They stereotype too much. They all fat white basturds hilbilleys makin shit up and i hate them. what the fucks they got against? asian? fcuk you Aasshole
Chinese Hater (2010-07-22 01:10:07)
Go and fuck yourselves chinese ppl
anonymous (2010-07-20 14:56:10)
what a racist lady!
WTF (2010-07-18 11:54:25)
LOL."Sorry. These kittens are not being sold for food."
STFU dumbasses. (2010-07-17 11:50:37)
The only "racist" thing here is the woman who in the e-mails, who assumed that all Asian people eat kittens.
091229 (2010-07-17 10:56:54)
lmao. wow. fucking hilarious. :)
AODKAWDAOWDkAW (2010-07-15 17:02:14)
bag of ass
Hilarious (2010-07-12 23:30:06)
Fuckin Classic
may (2010-07-10 03:21:17)
haha i love how everyones flipping a bitch over this racism shit. im chinese and i dont find it offensive take a joke people! but chinese arent the only people that eat weird things,greeks eat rabbit ears. hahaha
smartup (2010-07-01 17:25:11)
ind of diversity. If you don't like what your reading go to a page that meets your ideals, and soothes your reality.
smartup (2010-07-01 17:24:05)
Nice work, like prank calling for the now... hey whiners and racists alike, quit being bitches about any idea or thought someone shares that may not be politically correct, or exactly what you wanted to hear... You sound scared by and unprepared for any k
I-pin (2010-06-29 18:24:57)
that rascist. just cuz you type like this doesnt mean you going to eat the cat. why not try talk her again? I sure you get the good food out of talk. (Lol, typing like that is somewhat difficult.)
gangster (2010-06-28 15:30:27)
uk sucks
anonymous (2010-06-24 19:26:50)
ahahaha she caught on quick.
N (2010-06-23 22:13:47)
it's illegal to eat dog / cat in China now. lol
zombierat (2010-06-23 11:04:40)
I went to China last year (Shanghai, Hong Kong and some other weird as fuck names I can't even remember)and people DO eat dogs and cats... And jellyfishes, and horses, and seahorses, and swordfish, and frogs, etc. China has a fucking enormous popul
anonymous (2010-06-22 21:15:29)
seriously i don't get why people flip a shit over people eating cats/dogs. people eat chickens and cows and pigs all the time. american's are just pretentious bitches.
CatLover999 (2010-06-17 20:03:04)
Hey what better way to be closer to your cat!? Yeah, bit racist but still none the less funny. Come on people, it's a joke! Really?
Lmao (2010-06-14 16:46:29)
One of my professors in college, who researched in anatomy/fossils, found a cat tooth in his taco from taco bell. I don't think it's just the Chinese places.... I wonder how much cat I've eaten in my lifetime?
anonymous (2010-06-14 13:24:52)
Reader (2010-06-09 08:44:04)
lol @ People refuting a racist comment with more racist comments. Shouldn't make assumptions, but there's nothing wrong with having an opinion of "foods".
K (2010-06-08 23:49:10)
You should have gotten right pissed at her for assuming you wanted them for food and being racist.
susie (2010-06-08 12:28:27)
anyway, HOTDOGS ARE EXCESS BODY ORGANS AND SAUSAGES ARE MADE OF INTESTINES. i'm asian american but i think american hypocrites can go choke on their own nasty foods
susie (2010-06-08 12:26:57)
i'm asian and i thought this was funny as hell. but about actually eating pets, i think that's only in really poor parts of asia. my family only eats 'normal' meats. but americans, europeans and everyone else eats weird shit too. EVER WOND
Eric (2010-06-08 10:27:19)
That's so Raven!
anon (2010-06-07 17:24:45)
@Asians eat cock i've seen more of our white whores swallowing sperm and choking on nigger dicks though. btw dogs + cats > fast food anyway, have y'all forgot your past? we ate all kinds of consumables for survival.
anonymous (2010-06-07 17:16:38)
what's wrong with chinese people eating actual MEAT? at least it's better than some other nationalities eatin' fried cockroaches and all. we ARE humans after all, and we ARE meat eaters. stop the bitching and the stereotypes and accept nat
anonymous (2010-05-14 20:30:13)
This one is the BEST! That person is hilarious!!
@LOL (2010-05-08 13:37:46)
ummm, obviously pedrokkk did that on purpose.
LOL (2010-05-05 11:57:55)
pedroKKK must be an illegal Mexican. wanna be KKK. lol . go back to your country, Pedro. That was so racist bitch, quickly judged you by your Chinese name
Name (2010-05-05 01:24:32)
Lol, what a bitch. What if this was serious?
lmao (2010-05-04 19:07:57)
this was HIGHlarious
pedroKKK (2010-05-02 12:06:59)
i hate racism almost as much as i hate muslims.
What a surprise (2010-05-02 11:10:33)
The most racist joke you've made on this site is about an Asian. Way to perpetuate that racism.
Tobias (2010-05-01 10:34:20)
Lol, she racist bitch.
black350HO (2010-04-30 23:49:17)
I love men.
Ronbell (2010-04-28 22:17:30)
These short ones are great too!
Yoshimano (2010-04-27 10:32:39)
Yin Chang! lol! I loved that clich name!
Ying (2010-04-25 02:02:57)
Where you get kittens, I buy kittens and MSG, Make great soup -Ying Mang
Lex (2010-04-23 12:22:25)
I'm pretty sure he's making fun of the woman because she is a racist, not making fun of the Chinese themselves...
anonymous (2010-04-21 11:03:45)
@fukmuslims..u motherfuker chnge ur id b4 som1 fuks u up!!!!
zhongguoboogey (2010-04-21 02:26:51)
He just wanted to step on the kitties, not eat them. For shame you racists.
herroprease (2010-04-21 02:25:55)
I lived in China for two years and speak mandarin fluently. You wouldn't believe how many "special meat" places exist, even though cat is supposed to taste bitter and tiger wine costs a shitload. To be honest, this dude was honestly just looki
@Asian (2010-04-20 07:59:53)
I love it when people feel they need to explain an obvious joke.
Asian (2010-04-20 00:12:17)
Its probably cause your asian. People think now a days that Asians eat Dogs, Cats, Humans. You know anything that moves. Even whores.
jessica (2010-04-19 21:07:40)
lmao wow she must read minds xP
Liz (2010-04-19 19:50:33)
Mafioso (2010-04-16 08:53:22)
I don't know about Snopes bro, but I've seen very explicit photos in the online edition of an important newspaper from my country, did you check it out with a google search? Asians killing a dog with the heels (probably to make the meat more t
superbitch (2010-04-15 23:09:39)
dude (2010-04-15 15:19:56)
anonymous (2010-04-15 15:19:42)
Myndephuqer (2010-04-14 09:50:19)
Mafioso, ever heard of Snopes? Use it to look up your story about abortion soup and stop believing everything you see on the Internet.
Italian man (2010-04-12 20:31:24)
Dude thats friggin hilarious , wonder if its the same chick from the tiger story
ChineseJapaneseMan (2010-04-10 04:49:49)
So what if we eat cats and dogs? You guys eat chickens and cows. That's fucking disgusting.
Mafioso (2010-04-04 08:07:41)
Chinese are sick, some eat aborted baby soup for $4000 a meal, google search for details and photos.
Unit 076 (2010-03-25 04:24:16)
@FuckMuslim: Ah, come on, some of the Solonese, Bataknese, Manadonese eat dogs... Although those are not, cats, but still... And the people who became terrorists are those who aren't got good educational support, such as villagers etc Sorry for the
anonymous (2010-03-24 21:42:00)
yeah, i totally get that SOME people eat dogs and cats. that does NOT mean EVERY SINGLE ASIAN PERSON OUT THERE does.
RomanianGypsy (2010-03-13 03:55:28)
Not only chinese eat cats and dogs. We eat too. You think that the food you buy from chinesse restaurants do not contain dogs and cats?
GOTHCLAWZ (2010-03-11 05:20:23)
Lol. It's funny when they make the funny.
bega (2010-03-08 05:56:33)
Smart lady... :)
@FuckMuslims (2010-03-08 05:26:38)
hell no, not all indonesians are terrorists. most of them are corruptors,and some egoistic bastard who cuts trees, some other are just pure dumb, and a few normal people, like me :) btw, i dont eat cats!!
anonymous (2010-03-05 16:03:26)
then go buy porkchops and a fucking bubble tea u goddamn nip
lost for words (2010-03-05 15:50:25) made speechless by the 2 posts preceding this one...shame on you...shaaaame!
sun yin (2010-03-04 09:01:52)
ooh yes he more delicious then dog though, cat and goat cheese with ginger sooo good, meat taste like powk ribs
Chinaman (2010-03-04 08:14:33)
I it dogs it ok...tasty, man pretend no it dog but we love it dog and cat...good with bubbo tea
LC (2010-03-03 06:57:45)
Take it as the joke it IS!! Stop searching for all that you can possibly be offended by. Bunch of candy-asses...
FuckMuslims (2010-03-01 07:23:38)
Indonesians don't eat cats. They just breed terrorist scum who fly their airplanes into buildings or blow them up with C4 strapped to their sand nigger bodies.
fcked in the head (2010-02-26 02:47:46)
How racist can you get? It's like assuming that because your american you'll most likely need to be booked 2 seats on an airplane instead of one.
wes (2010-02-25 19:54:28)
ive had tthat happen to me before, i told her i couldeent selll her my puppies
race (2010-02-25 15:36:57)
how is it racist if it's a) common knowledge and b) a fact? everyone is so "race sensitive" these days. black people get mad at everyone for calling them black (news flash, you're black), asians get mad at people for calling them asian (ne
Harvil (2010-02-24 22:39:51)
every one of these are hilarious this guy is a genius
Nate (2010-02-23 13:22:13)
Wow, she is one racist bitch ifya ask me LOL but unless it was in good humor, maybe i lmao
XDDD (2010-02-20 02:37:41)
ya mama bitxh (2010-02-18 20:42:47)
asian(indonesian) (2010-02-18 08:04:02)
im asian, indonesian to be exact. i dont get it... racist? i swear we dont eat cats!! ew i cant even think about it. we eat chicken and fish.
stoner420 (2010-02-18 01:25:43)
thats fucking sweet!
Rosh (2010-02-17 02:09:26)
Lol, Racist much .. Awesome .. The short ones are the best
Superior (2010-02-15 22:59:50)
Hey I'm Asian, don't eat dogs or cats, but I would permit it whats wrong with it. We are human, superior, and eat. Whats wrong with eating dogs and cats. Maybe if you worship them but yeah... They sell mice to feed to snakes, we it cows, lamb, fi
KJ (2010-02-15 21:25:07)
I went to China and they had cat and dog on the menu in some restaurants, just as they did in Korea. It's not a false stereotype lol stereotypes are there for a reason...
Regular Guy (2010-02-15 12:38:42)
why does everybody say racist like it's a bad thing?
anonymous (2010-02-14 20:25:03)
It's common sense, man. You don't sell kittens to Asians, they'll eat them.
Lillian (2010-02-13 02:40:27)
This is one of those rare cases where the response is just as funny as the original email.
melxdy (2010-02-12 02:57:08)
this is the first one that i laughed out loud. classic.
Eurabia (2010-02-11 11:17:56)
Lol funny how all asians go histerical. STFU its just a joke
asian (2010-02-10 21:04:55)
To all of you out there who are feeling bad on our behalf, Thankyou! That way, you can feel bad on our behalf while we laugh at these hilarious jokes! kthnxbai
Good Deal (2010-02-09 06:42:06)
You buy cat 50 MSK, is good deal!
@zi quan (2010-02-07 22:15:40)
oops theres a limit. my korean students still thought it was gross. so even where its "normal" its not accepted by everyone.
@zi quan (2010-02-07 22:14:19)
its a mater of culture and in most of the western culture it is seen as a disgusting as many see dogs and cats as pets and even family. you wouldnt eat your brother? thats how many see their pets. and they eat dog in korea but my korean students still tho
Yin Chang (2010-02-06 23:33:54)
Whats wrong with eating kittens? im chinese u fucking herby ass roch fucking vaginal discharges.
anonymous (2010-02-06 07:01:32)
LMAO damn that was funny
Vegan (2010-02-05 11:22:35)
Mmmmmmmmmm Dog.
Zi Quan (2010-01-28 12:42:12)
im chenese and i eat dog all time! taste delicos. what wrong?
fu*k asians (2010-01-27 16:26:16)
lol. best mail evar
Jesus II (2010-01-23 11:48:09)
We pick on all of our friends for being different because we're racist... (Borat style) NAAAHT!!!! I make fun of myself for being extremely white, and make fun of everyone else for everything else. We aren't racist or insensitive, we're fuckin
anonymous (2010-01-22 00:59:42)
I AM Asian, and I think it's fucking hilarious.
anonymous (2010-01-21 22:23:42)
I'm not even Asian and I think that's incredibly racist!
LOL (2010-01-21 00:35:41)
omg thats fucking awesome
anonymous (2010-01-20 23:28:50)
Wow...that was the worst one I've read so far...not even remotely funny :S
Long Duck Dong (2010-01-14 18:45:38)
Ping pan ding ping ning po choppy pin pin zing zang??? Me love u long time American soldier. You eat my special kitty, no xtra chargey. ZANG!!!!!
Wong Pow (2010-01-10 02:52:46)
You have dishonor Our Famiry!
anonymous (2010-01-09 06:41:28)
i love how no one lately can take a joke.. every race has jokes about them one way or another. were in america.. REALLY?? grow up and stay off this website if u cant take a joke that pokes fun at people...
Bwukbwuk (2010-01-05 22:23:39)
@dave: "for one thing if you don't live in china your not Chinese" I was born in China, speak Chinese fluently, eat Chinese food practically everyday, and know about China's agriculture and history better than most Chinese people.. and
Chinaman Slant Eyed (2010-01-04 10:33:47)
What's the difference between a chinaman and a blackman? A chinaman will eat your cat and a black guy will steal your TV. Also, a black guy will likely mug you too.
Darth Chink (2010-01-04 08:29:29)
Harooooo!! Harooooo!! How do you blind a Chinaman? Put a windsheild in front of him. Haroooo!!
@EuroGirl (2010-01-03 02:40:36)
looks like someone's "deeming themselves superior to everyone else." P.s. just because you curse and pretend to care about this race issue doesn't make your life anymore valuable. Just Stop.
monica (2009-12-31 13:37:21)
you guys do realize that it wasn't mike that said the racist comment it was the chick that replied right? settle down
racist?! (2009-12-30 13:15:01)
the only thing that made this even close to racist was the response the lady gave him. you stay classy
Eurogirl (2009-12-30 06:24:35)
And Dave is indeed a retard. I completely agree with you Gem. Just don't let these dumb Americans get on your nerves.
EuroGirl (2009-12-30 06:23:06)
But that aside, this is actually really funny :D
EuroGirl (2009-12-30 06:22:24)
Dumb Fucking Americans bash any race as they deem themselves superior to everyone else.
Sage (2009-12-28 11:20:10)
Anonymous (2009-12-26 19:39:06)
I'm not Chinese but I love the fact at how these pussies would only post up these racist remarks behind their computer screen. If they had any balls, they would probably take that shit outside.
ChinksSmell (2009-12-25 21:17:51)
@Gem At least Korean people don't smell. We also don't have SARS like your kind.
Gem (2009-12-23 05:17:53)
@Dave(contd)- by your logic, does that mean I can simply become British by moving to London?? AWESOME.
Gem (2009-12-23 05:15:39)
@Dave: re: "for one thing if you don't live in china your not Chinese." ... wait, seriously? like, I'm not sure if you're joking or not, that was seriously one of the dumbest things I've ever seen someone type. well thank yo
missy (2009-12-23 04:40:55)
torii (2009-12-21 18:47:30)
by far my fave!!
kia (2009-12-11 14:16:25)
Lmfao! Actualy koreans eat dogs and cats.. And that's the truth
BBmG (2009-12-09 18:32:17)
Lol! Reminds me of this dive Chinese place run out of a trailer in our town. Whenever my bro and I drive by it, we meow.
Donald Donolson (2009-12-09 14:55:07)
Hello Folks. How can something with no racist comments be racist? C'mon the guys asking to buy the kittens, ones black, the rest are white. Lets face it, nothing going on here boys and girls, as someone once told me, don't like it. Hell DO NOT
ahah (2009-12-07 22:09:56)
anonymous (2009-12-05 02:36:29)
wow this one's ridiculous. so racist..
Dave (2009-11-30 04:39:16)
@Gem for one thing if you don't live in china your not Chinese. I am guessing you live in the USA..That would make you American (or wherever the hell you grew up) The chines have the largest population in the world, they also eat anything and eve
Gem (2009-11-27 00:52:21)
For the obviously socially challenged commenter who wrote "everyone knows Chinese people eat cats": I'm Chinese, and I've never known, seen, or even heard of any Chinese person who eat dogs or cats. the Koreans, on the other hand... ;)
LMFAO!!!! (2009-11-27 00:48:50)
LMFAO!!!! with this site you are putting a smile on peoples face's:') keep it up man
AA (2009-11-27 00:37:56)
fucK the chinesse :D
Captainreaction (2009-11-24 18:08:45)
That one was definitely pretty ridiculous. HAH.
Vaginal Discharge (2009-11-24 10:13:35)
i eat pussy cats all day
anonymous (2009-11-24 01:11:20)
Im on the internet and my opinion matters.
anonmymous (2009-11-20 21:58:17)
ya boy (2009-11-20 18:58:41)
that shit funny i chinee and i eat cats and pussy all day long!
@ person below me: (2009-11-20 13:39:53)
do white people not suck cock? also - this post was very funny, but lemme just state: if you can chew on dead cow, pig or chicken flesh, why is it a problem to eat cat or dog? it's all dead animals. stop trying to assert superiority over others.
Asians eat cock (2009-11-20 05:13:53)
Bahahaha! Asians eat anything. ROFLMFAO
chang zing (2009-11-19 21:29:58)
anonymous is an idiot
adolf (2009-11-19 16:54:01)
das was very funny. plz make vmore racist jokes, but mention jews this time. HAIL
bunch of racist.. (2009-11-19 06:56:43)
go back and suck on each other's cock...
poopdick (2009-11-17 22:57:56)
p.s. all hispanics are stupid
poopdick (2009-11-17 22:50:10)
All chinese people eat cats and dogs. They're also very good at math and suck at driving.
dust of hiroshima (2009-11-15 19:04:58)
you are the only one playing the ethnocentric card
To anonymous (2009-11-11 22:02:12)
anonymous (2009-11-10 00:19:53) Some of these comments are VERY ethnocentric and extremely ignorant. Not ALL Chinese people eat cats or dogs so please do not generalize by saying "Chinese people eat anything." How classy ::rools eyes::It's li
to the guy below me (2009-11-11 17:25:56)
are you retarded? the initial .org address is to, the masked e-mail address. then when they reply it is their real address
Dude (2009-11-11 16:26:57)
It was funny. Until I noticed the ".com" at the end of the first email and the ".org" at the end of the 2nd. Pretty funny, but make the jokes more real. :|
anonymous (2009-11-10 00:19:53)
Some of these comments are VERY ethnocentric and extremely ignorant. Not ALL Chinese people eat cats or dogs so please do not generalize by saying "Chinese people eat anything." How classy ::rools eyes::It's like saying all Hispanics are stupi
g-man (2009-11-09 16:00:31)
Hilarious as hell!! Nothing racist about poking fun at people who are different either. Wake up!
xMinna (2009-11-09 13:30:18)
LOL, this isnt racist, its hilarious!
hello (2009-11-08 21:23:33)
whoa this was epic. i laughed for 30 secs straight
Yin Ching (2009-11-07 09:26:10)
Omg ur mah twin
Yin Chang (2009-11-07 09:25:39)
Yo mamma
Xiao Biauo (2009-11-06 19:37:03)
Kitten still for buy?
Kim (2009-11-06 00:43:22)
That's racist LMAO
anon (2009-11-03 16:20:30)
How did she know? Because anyone who's ever attended a farmer's market with those people has seen them pick up all the animals like that they can find and throw 'em in the trunk of their Toyota.
common (2009-10-30 10:49:44)
its not racist, no normal person is going to buy 5 cats at once.
haro preez (2009-10-29 16:08:17)
stih fly kitten good. we rike. we rike
MBII (2009-10-29 15:28:39)
loooool wat a racist bitch...
anonymous (2009-10-28 22:50:49)
Bitch showed you up there.
Karl Hungus (2009-10-27 03:02:21)
However the same is also true if the cow has a name. But if that cow doesn't have a name... then I say BURGERS FOR EVERYBODY!!!
Karl Hungus (2009-10-27 03:00:55)
@ Li Si: If that cat has name, like mittens or snowball, than eating it is probably worse than eating a cow. Indians aside.
JohnnySS (2009-10-22 17:33:53)
This is short and yet is one of the funniest I've read so far.
anonymous (2009-10-22 01:49:46)
I saw a show on NBC, or ABC or WTF, idk anyway they showed the little tiny dogs in cages that they eat, I mean they have those specifically to eat. Domesticated chickens, cows and pigs are bred for food. So the law of logic would say why not dogs? Differ
me (2009-10-20 17:21:42)
Pamplemousse (2009-10-15 11:26:54)
slightly racist of her
emma! (2009-10-12 23:53:52)
this is the funniest site, keep it up. shanikwa chronicles are PRICELESS
ICONZ (2009-10-08 05:30:40)
lol, my boss tells our asian customers when they are bagging on each other back & forth, ... "at least my food didn't used to have a name"... lol BURN!!!
D2 (2009-10-06 13:07:03)
Lol @ D
anonymous (2009-10-04 21:01:39)
Unknown fan (2009-10-04 19:43:18)
goon squad (2009-10-02 22:30:10)
we should sue her for a racial slur! i can get jesse jackson to get a march goin right up her ass
The next cat (2009-09-30 17:10:52)
that shits my front yard will end up in my oven...
D (2009-09-29 16:21:10)
Everyone knows the Chinese are defiant when they eat.
chinese People do (2009-09-29 15:51:41)
The Chinese defiantly eat cats . I saw a show on the travel channel The guy was at a market and they had a huge crate of cats right next to the chickens and they said they were for eating
Li Si (2009-09-28 23:57:17)
I live in China and yes, it's cats too. Animal rights groups sometimes buy up whole shipments to free the cats but there's no stopping it. But is it worse to eat a cat than a cow? In India they'd freak if you ate the cow. I don't know what
Ha! (2009-09-28 19:39:28)
Oh the hilarity! We still laugh about this one.
Daj Shung (2009-09-28 18:03:48)
Best one ever. Tears in my eyes :D
Danny (2009-09-28 04:33:20)
Totally awesome! :D She got him! Haha :D
Danna (2009-09-27 01:48:11)
LOVE it! :D
katie (2009-09-22 19:07:36)
haha this is so fricken scary
(: (2009-09-22 16:08:17)
My old algebra teacher used to say "theres more than one way to skin a cat!" no one liked her
dirtygirl420 (2009-09-22 14:39:27)
Lol!! Short and sweet. Oh and yeah I asked my friend from China whats up with the eating cats and dogs.. She said its dogs not cats.. And that its more likely to be eaten in Korea not China.
Qin Xioau (2009-09-19 18:04:24)
Kitten still for sale?
anonymous (2009-09-18 03:22:13)
damnnnn ha she said no reallll quick to that! how discriminating lol
i<3jlm (2009-09-18 02:21:18)
LAWL omg what a great title. +2
anonymous (2009-09-17 16:11:05)
i think most of these things are funny and this one is dumb as shit, racist and just really stupid.
Wil. (2009-09-15 12:35:09)
Top emails section right under the tiger story for sure!
frael (2009-09-14 18:04:23)
my father eats cats. theres nothing wrong with it. it tastes like chicken
chairman mao (2009-09-14 03:48:49)
fML. (2009-09-13 12:30:02)
this is great [:
Joe Bulwark (2009-09-12 13:24:22)
Hahaha. Nothing in between, she just jumps right to that.
Funni as (2009-09-11 23:56:56)
Hehe I love this it is hilarious good work lol
Joel (2009-09-08 21:33:56)
me (2009-09-08 16:14:45)
when you skin a cat you can't tell if it is squrral,rabbit,racoon or any other that is close to the size.same way when you skin a black they look better
baba (2009-09-08 16:04:11)
D-mont if you don't believe they eat catjust go and check real good around any chiniese restarunt. You want see a cat because they are on the bar.
baba (2009-09-08 15:50:56)
BARACK old buddy I prefre some oposome stuffed with sweet taters. and don't say you never had that cause i know alot that is yore color and they are wild about them
BARACK OBAMA (2009-09-08 12:06:15)
Skip (2009-09-07 18:01:50)
Hahahahahahahahahaha, that is GREAT!
Ramblin' Man (2009-09-04 08:07:52)
LMFAO!!! :) She shouldn't be selling pussy on the internet anydamnway!!!
Trisha (2009-09-03 14:10:59)
omg racist much.... lol funny
Z. Bunny (2009-09-02 00:24:20)
I think this woman based her assumption on the fact he said "I buy all kitten" and not so much on his nationality. Its pretty unusual for someone to want to buy an entire litter of kittens unless its for snake food or some purpose other than to gi
lizzle (2009-09-01 23:20:53)
hahahahahahahaha. i love it dude.
anonymous (2009-09-01 16:34:19)
hahaha cant believe she fell for the race trap..brilliant
Mike (2009-08-28 16:15:34)
That actually happened to me once...thought Chang was taking my cat for food...
Royalti (2009-08-27 20:32:16)
LMAO!!! BEST ONE YET!! so racist! LMAO!! but funny as shit!!
anonymous? (2009-08-27 01:21:27)
Hands down the best one on here.
ROFL (2009-08-25 02:56:32)
this is funnier than the time i took my dads stash when i was a kid and tripped balls in my sandbox
Brian (2009-08-21 16:20:37)
MeNoRikey (2009-08-20 16:23:58)
short sweet & HILARIOUS!!!
anonymous we are (2009-08-20 14:36:33)
love it, a friend worked in an exotic fish store, and several times there was african men wanting to buy fish to eat. I guess its ok, but the fish was medicated etc so not really edible.
Sunshiner (2009-08-19 15:07:58)
I love this one just how it is. He didn't even have to do anything! It's perfect.
Duncans Butthole (2009-08-18 03:29:18)
SeniorChinatown (2009-08-18 00:57:32)
jeez us (2009-08-18 00:51:01)
dude Barack's invitation for beer and cat LOL 2points dog!
Backfired (2009-08-17 23:16:02)
I agree with a previous poster, you should've continued messing with this person.
Mo (2009-08-17 18:38:36)
are you kidding me?? this bitch is so racist!!
anon (2009-08-17 17:00:36)
You really should have called this woman a racist and kept messing with her under the guise of a sweet cat-loving chinese person. Opportunity missed
anonymous (2009-08-17 14:15:58)
It's the best mind grapple ever. And I like how all these dumbasses think all Chinese people eat cats. It's only in China, same with dogs in Korea but not in America. Viets eat tripe, French eat snails/frogs and raw food but of course, all Asia
asdfjklqaz (2009-08-17 11:03:15)
This is so great. Obviously because the name is chinese, it is plausible to draw the conclusion that the person offering to purchase the cats will eat them. (It's only logical as all chinese eat cats, y'know?)
anonymous (2009-08-15 16:39:44)
Duncan what country are you from? You remind me of Borat
Me (2009-08-15 13:13:08)
I win! (2009-08-14 02:09:37)
he asked to buy the kittens rather than adopt, the craigslist ad doesnt mention an adoption fee.
craig (2009-08-11 09:25:57)
she just assumes hes going to eat the kittens!this one is halarious!
Gagglecunt (2009-08-11 08:56:15)
Those crazy fucking chinks
anon (2009-08-11 06:23:45)
This isn't taking the piss out of Asians, it is satirising the assumption of the woman who responded assuming that because someone is Asian, they would automatically want to eat her cats!!! You've all totally missed the point of the email!
Anonymous (2009-08-10 11:06:03)
Ching chong ding dong We Arr Rook the same.
lol (2009-08-09 23:36:23)
short and epic laughter, te title really does it! and duncan, "chineses" is a not a word...
Viral (2009-08-08 09:01:25)
What a racist fuck. Epic though :3
Mr. Asian (2009-08-07 21:12:17)
me so horny
marc (2009-08-06 10:37:10)
My favourite. by the way, duncan you can f*** yourself!!!
chun lee (2009-08-04 22:53:42)
meow meow
Duncans Butthole (2009-08-04 21:05:09)
Duncan (2009-08-03 17:46:30)
I get it. It's because his name is Yin Chang and chineses eat cats and stuff.
Barack (2009-07-31 11:11:24)
****** acted stupidly I want to invite these two over for beer and cat and end racism.
Sun Li (2009-07-31 05:17:43)
Cats are very tasty. You try them some time. Add soy sauce and rice, yum yum. You eat more and more. Meow Meow
Asian guy (2009-07-31 02:21:09)
Yeah, we Asians will eat pretty much any god damn thing on the planet.
austin5650 (2009-07-31 00:08:08)
acutally a guy in my platoon is from china and in hawaii it is legal to eat dog, the thai, and phillipine restraunts are the only ones that serve it not the chinese
Ril (2009-07-30 18:25:05)
Be tolerant of others and the world will become a better place.
LOL (2009-07-30 16:00:03)
No one actually eats dogs or cats in China anymore, just because Westerns are offended by it.
C (2009-07-30 13:49:48)
I didn't find this funny OR offensive but just for the record...Chinese people who live in America don't eat cats/dogs/whatever you guys said. Sure they may do it in China but not here. Just sayin'.
Asian Guy (2009-07-30 04:39:57)
I'm Asian and I don't find this offensive at all. I think it's hilarious. Every race has a funny stereotype about em whether or not it may be true.
ahahah (2009-07-29 19:33:18)
calm the fuck down. everyone knows chinese people eat anything. it's not racist, its fact.
Lil'Dutch (2009-07-29 16:28:49)
heard it said they eat cats but not pussy. is that racist or crude.
takeabreakchingchong (2009-07-29 11:26:55)
If they want to act like classless pigs, let them. In the US, people eat animals based on how 'cute' it is. Pretty hypocritical. Because pigs aren't nearly as cute as a dog or cat, they eat it. Despite the fact that pigs are more domesticated
chingchonggirl (2009-07-29 06:45:04)
your shortened life expectancy is something everyone looks forward to. LOL btw, your site is a fucking riot.
chingchonggirl (2009-07-29 06:44:29)
with that forced polite smile. go stuff your fat pink faces with processed bologna because that's what you smell like. oh, and don't forget the chemicals you apply to "conceal" your unbearable body odor that asians do not emit. your sho
Slant eyed gook (2009-07-29 02:51:39)
Cats taste fucking good. Tasty like homeless woman pussy!
I miss Duncan (2009-07-28 14:33:32)
johnson (2009-07-28 14:13:06)
been to china and many street carts around noon to 2 pm have cats and rats fried up. You don't eat cats my ass! Maybe the chinks in Amrica don't but the poor chinks in China do eat cats daily! I've seen it! No stereotype!
ChangIsADumbass (2009-07-28 01:37:42)
Hey Chang! You dumbass. Tigers ARE cats! And they're endangered. Your people are sick.
Chang (2009-07-27 14:44:41)
Well, maybe the Cantonese do, but those guys'll eat anything!
Chang (2009-07-27 14:44:22)
why do people think chinese people eat cats?! we don't eat cats! we might eat pig intestines (one of my favorites) and tiger phalli (they're a bit too expensive for me) but we don't eat cats!
Chang (2009-07-27 14:43:19)
why do people think chinese people eat cats?! we don't eat cats! we might eat pig intestines (one of my favorites, actually) and chicken hearts (another one of my favorites) and tiger phalli (they're a bit too expensive for me) but we don't
asia (2009-07-27 04:45:09)
and whoever "Wow" is take a joke seriously its not ur fault that ur people get the shit end of the stick all the time its just that its hard for others to pass up the opportunity to make fun of u
pat (2009-07-27 04:40:51)
jokes that make fun of asians hahahahaha classic.....not that im racist or anything
Wow (2009-07-27 02:01:19)
That's so fucking racist :/ I demand their hotmail account so I can send it to spammers. Fucking ay.
fuck asians (2009-07-26 02:20:43)
hahahahahaha chinks
LOL. (2009-07-24 23:30:39)
what a stereotype. ; P
bob, unimportant? (2009-07-24 20:06:05)
shit, first thing the guy says is about cats for food. Amazing. Possibly the most effortless one yet!
lighten up (2009-07-24 19:00:17)
you can laugh about this joke or we can bring out the real facts about how poaching in africa is so lucrative since it seems that a bunch of asian dudes can't get it up... damn, I love asian food, whatever is inside.
AsiansEatAnything (2009-07-23 21:55:19)
Hahahaha! Hilarious! Seriously, Asians will eat anything. Like, anything. Sea Urchins, sharks, dolphins, tiger penis soup(no shit), monkeys and yes, even cats and dogs. The only people who would say otherwise are Asian.
anonymous (2009-07-23 20:37:03)
I am nit racist you gook.
ignorant? (2009-07-23 18:44:07)
how are you ignorant or your own ignorance? thats a double negative... does this mean by the laws of the universe, you are actually intelligent?
smarterthanyouall (2009-07-23 17:10:39)
thought I'd lower myself down a few notches for a moment to let you all know that you're losers for taking the time to post comments about this site and get into arguments with each other. If you don't like what this guy does, then don't c
chinese but racist (2009-07-23 16:55:36)
im Chinese and i can take a joke. lol i read this and it was fucking hilarious. take a joke people.
pwntang (2009-07-23 14:58:57)
Why can't a cultural joke be funny? All people have characteristics that make other people laugh. If you can't live with that fact, you're missing the fun of being unique.
anonymoooous (2009-07-23 02:00:28)
HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA, omg. This is the best.
anonymous (2009-07-22 21:55:47) many people making racist jokes then claiming they're not racist...the worst kind of ignorance is ignorance that you're ignorant.
Jimmy (2009-07-22 21:54:32)
Wow I thought this was a great site until I read this. Are you in the kkk? I'm inclined to think that half o the people that left comments are as well
anonymous (2009-07-22 21:52:48)
Chinese people don't eat cats, however they do cook them up and serve them to stupid white people who think it's chicken! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
anonymous (2009-07-22 21:49:23)
I'd rather eat a dog or a cat than hotdogs that all we fat white people eat. No wonder whites have man boobs and cellulite when all we eat is dicks and lips. "We" meaning most white people...I'm vegetarian.
Papa John (2009-07-22 15:06:58)
For what I've heard, they use cat meat on dimsums like siopao (steamed buns with meat fillings).
anonymous (2009-07-22 13:05:35)
sal r (2009-07-21 09:38:47)
i read this every day for a fucking laugh
ahahahahah again (2009-07-21 03:29:46)
"The Vietnamese have a joke about the Chinese &
hahahahahaha (2009-07-21 03:17:16)
my favorite.
lawl (2009-07-21 02:05:43)
racist or not this is fucking hilarious lmao
yoyoyo (2009-07-20 16:11:44)
I don't know why people consider this racist. Asian people really do eat the shit out of dogs and cats. It's not a stereotype.
yukita (2009-07-20 08:10:10)
who the fuck... can i have the other person's email so i can bitch her out for being fucking racist
Omg (2009-07-20 05:12:55)
Whats with all the racist comments. People need to chill out.
Asian (2009-07-20 01:19:58)
Flied Lice? Flied Lice? Fli' Li'?
Ramon Espinosa (2009-07-19 16:35:59)
sorry i forgot to put name yin chang. if you still want the opium
anonymous (2009-07-19 16:34:48)
yin chang eat as much of cats as you can. fuck yea im gonna get dog meat and cat meat down thier in Mexico. Want any opium while im thier. its mexico land of drugs
Austin Ray (2009-07-19 16:31:46)
more like what a fucking vegeterian. Americans ea
anonymous (2009-07-17 20:39:27)
Who was Asshole? Yin?
Yin Chang (2009-07-17 18:41:56)
my name is yin chang what the fuck do you know "stephanie." I'm sure you're a fucking expert.
? (2009-07-17 04:29:16)
We like to eat frogs fish and chicken, not so much cats. I've only seen dog meat for sale in the poorer areas of China.
stephanie (2009-07-17 03:00:15)
yin chang isn't even a convincing chinese name.
Yin Chang (2009-07-16 20:28:13)
Fuckin white devil know my deal whole time!!! Cat great delicacy in china, much delicious!!!! no capitalist swine stop us from this!!!!!
admin (2009-07-16 18:58:00)
This is real, do not say it is fake.
Dumb Ass Alert! (2009-07-15 18:59:31)
Who the fuck sells 3 week old kittens? Stupid & racist.
IChineseFood (2009-07-15 15:34:27)
Either she new what you're doing...or she's just a racist ass hole. Either way, clasic reply.
blank (2009-07-15 00:37:38)
sweaty scrotum (2009-07-14 20:58:07)
If you are what you eat, then you are a pussy!
kat (2009-07-14 13:21:35)
i love how serious 'farting chicken's' response was: farting chicken (2009-07-09 05:38:46) regardless of racism, this one is a great example of why it's ok to racially profile certain peopl
Chang (2009-07-14 09:29:06)
tex (2009-07-12 20:53:29)
TASTE like CHicken
THE TRUTH (2009-07-11 20:26:11)
SHE OBVIOUSLY IS RACIST!!!!!!!! YIN CHANG OBVIOUSLY ISN"T!!!!! all she new about him was his likely origin and she jumped to conclusion. Fucking hell hairy arse
maxwell (2009-07-11 15:19:44)
"fuck all of you fags (2009-07-10 19:20:36) this is fuckin racist adn you guys are fag
7WSMShooter (2009-07-11 14:16:37)
This is just funny. It's obviously a joke. Why are so many people crying racism over this joke. Wake up. Let go of your tree.
Fattybash (2009-07-11 11:04:40)
Bali Gecko (2009-07-10 22:18:41)
@ Fuck All of You Fags - I live in Indonesia and I think this is hilarious! Get over yourself, this is funny :)
fuck all of you fags (2009-07-10 19:20:36)
this is fuckin racist adn you guys are fags for fuckin laughing your shit up. go kill yourself
asian drummer boy (2009-07-10 16:31:34)
i'm asian and i hate gooks too
zipper head (2009-07-10 16:29:17)
i hate zipper heads. who gives a fuck. lets kill them all then feed them to cats
dick licker (2009-07-10 16:17:41)
you're all a bunch a faggots
John Fonda (2009-07-10 15:20:14)
Wow! How did she know!?
ORLY? (2009-07-10 13:55:47)
Three weeks old? You've got to be fucking kidding me. Their eyes are barely open! They're not even fully weaned. Stupid pet owner fail AND racist fail.
anonymous (2009-07-10 13:52:44)
You got owned.
s2g (2009-07-09 22:51:04)
horses are supposed to be tasty. They are thousands, even millions of $'s to buy for riding, but cheap when they go slaughter. Some people eat people too. Everyone is so touchy. I'm hungry.
Onion (2009-07-09 22:49:04)
The asian name had nothing to do with it. I was at a fundraiser for an animal rescue. One of the volunteers told me that people will answer ads for free kittens & pick all of them up to feed to their snakes or use as bait for pit bull fights.
china girl (2009-07-09 22:34:29)
yup we eat cats love em mmmmm since my name is china girl, you all believe me now, right?
LOL (2009-07-09 21:44:26)
Fuck that is awesome... I can just imagine the breeder laughing her arse off writing this email...
LOL (2009-07-09 15:23:34)
O.m.g. this guy's a comedic genius. Pure bred.
ching yao (2009-07-09 15:19:03)
someguy (2009-07-09 09:44:25)
there's a big difference between being racist and satirizing racism. this post is clearly the l
farting chicken (2009-07-09 05:38:46)
regardless of racism, this one is a great example of why it's ok to racially profile certain people
dp (2009-07-09 05:31:58)
LOL! this one made me fall out of my chair with laughter. i need a cigarette now. hahaha
haha (2009-07-09 02:11:29)
The Vietnamese have a joke about the Chinese "the only thing with four legs they don't eat is a table" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL like the Viets are any different. You guys probably eat everything including tables.
qwertyuiop (2009-07-08 23:30:54)
Kittens are cute!
j (2009-07-08 23:23:27)
It's no b
Asians eat cats (2009-07-08 22:54:13)
and they are stringy, but tasty, so?
anonymous (2009-07-08 21:47:53)
I raffed, I rost!
m8r h8r (2009-07-08 16:32:30)
Laugh out loud? This made me raugh out roud!
Ita (2009-07-08 10:53:08)
Pwned XD
anonymous (2009-07-08 01:23:37)
holy shit -- was that woman racist or what!! this seriously made me laugh out loud!!!
anonymous (2009-07-07 06:38:33)
stupid women but well.. it funny as shit haha
adam (2009-07-07 05:12:32)
asians don't eat cats.
Robot Chicken (2009-07-07 02:39:33)
Oh man- I think i just broke my computer, I spit water all over it from laughing. "Ibuy all kitten you have" Fucking BRILLIANT
anonymous (2009-07-06 21:28:46)
Hahahahaha. She got you good.
liberal dumbshits (2009-07-06 21:08:26)
How the fuck is this racist? If we was talk
Greg (2009-07-06 16:00:28)
LOL at comment below mine
Amanda (2009-07-06 14:20:56)
i rike cats for main course. yes.berry berry good
Do the charleston (2009-07-04 16:05:03)
Cats & dogs aren't considered pets everywhere, there's nothing wrong with eating them, there's only taboo. @pp If my mom put meat in my cereal, I would not eat it, I would commit my mom to a mental institution.
man (2009-07-04 09:58:39)
whoever complains about stereotypes or racism when it IS FUNNY, is a pussy ass white bitch.
elizabest (2009-07-04 02:03:52)
Laughing at this did not leave a bad taste in my mouth. Although it did make me cry and gasp for breath. Bravo, Mr Asshole. Bravo.
pp (2009-07-04 00:58:11)
@BIG-O you're fucking dumb man, that example do
Shana (2009-07-03 02:31:03)
Stereotyping doesn't necessarily equal racism just ignorance which is still funny to me so...thumbs up!!! lmao
:/ (2009-07-02 16:45:55)
It isn't so much where you were going with this that worries me (exploiting stereotypes in humor is hysterical when it's understood that the person making the joke kn
johnkangbang (2009-07-01 18:32:56)
I lived in Korea for 3 years, they eat dog there, don't think I saw cat
skatebuddy (2009-06-30 01:15:21)
this one's good and it's not racist, it's a joke concerning a common stereotype towards certain asians
Big O reprezent (2009-06-29 16:10:13)
Everyone knows Chinese people eat cats? Someone saw Chinese people eating cat in China? Well... white people molest children. It's true, everyone knows, I heard about a guy who molested children, and he was white. Morons.
jose (2009-06-29 05:03:26)
I didnt like this site until i saw racism, fuck yea. Everybody is racist one way or another and if you disagree your a dumb ass and ignorant as shit. Stereotypes dont jump out of the ground randomly for no reason.
anonymous (2009-06-28 20:22:37)
Stupid comment thing wouldn't let me finish. I wanted to say that I'm Asian and that is not racist. It's a joke people can laugh at. White people need to loosen up and stop being racist to themselves.
anonymous (2009-06-28 20:21:23)
anonymous (2009-06-26 04:19:25) I liked this site until I saw this. Racism doesn't suit me. I'm betting t
arfcommer 1234 (2009-06-26 15:49:50)
it's only raciest if they didn't really eat cats and dogs
anonymous (2009-06-26 04:19:25)
I liked this site until I saw this. Racism doesn't suit me.
Bengal Tiger (2009-06-25 22:52:14)
oh my god this site is hilarious, this is in my top 3 websites of all time right after youporn and facebook. please post every day.
Jen (2009-06-25 14:01:26)
Observant (2009-06-24 13:03:50)
If you notice the "kittens for my tiger" and this ad are very similar. I believe both are Shannon.
Shrini (2009-06-24 00:20:37)
This is the funniest joke I have read on the internet ha ha ha cant stop laughing
sexy man. (2009-06-23 16:18:21)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH , keep it up ma brotha. ;)
olol (2009-06-23 15:43:11)
You buy kat? Kat es very gewd qualiteh.
Mark (2009-06-23 13:38:44)
It's funny, all you have to do is write "kitten" instead of "kittenS" and I immediately read it with a Chinese accent. Brilliant.
anonymous (2009-06-23 12:12:43)
LOL, youl never believe this but Im pretty sure I was there when that lady rescued those kittens from under a spare tire on a truck. She put up want ads for them, I remember what they looked like. FRIKIN HILARIOUS!
VietKong (2009-06-23 11:11:00)
The Vietnamese have a joke about the Chinese "the only thing with four legs they don't eat is a table" FACT
fred (2009-06-22 22:15:35)
D-mont (2009-06-22 21:41:04)
Chinese people don't eat cats, your thinking of Alf
anonymous (2009-06-22 20:47:45)
anonymous (2009-06-22 19:33:35)= dumbass, "Yin Chang"=音长=Chinese name
anonymous (2009-06-22 19:33:35)
actually anonymous dumbass, koreans eat dogs, chinese people serve cat in their chinese food ha
hey tardo (2009-06-22 18:51:21)
because the first email is sent to an anonymous randomly generated craislist.ORG email and the second is a reply from the senders real address.
Vyce (2009-06-22 18:43:28)
How come From Yin Chang to *********@***********.ORG is different From ************@hotmail.COM at first the email adress is org then its .com?
J (2009-06-22 17:53:04)
Chinese doesn't ask "Can we eat this?" they ask "How can we eat this!?" ;)
todd wallnatziprtzel (2009-06-22 17:25:36)
that is hilarious, I think you should continue it.
anonymous (2009-06-22 14:51:39)
I really think you should continue it if possible..racist bitch :V
Quantum714 (2009-06-22 12:19:54)
evilbitxx (2009-06-22 11:54:21)
DuBBle (2009-06-22 07:45:05)
Perhaps she knows a lady named Shannon.
Broseidon (2009-06-22 06:42:12)
Notahappyguy, are you retarded? this woman is clearly racist, otherwise she wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion she did.
admin (2009-06-22 00:58:15)
Well, I was running out of options with my cat's diarrhea and vomiting, but then I found an easy solution. My S&W .357 revolver
Paula Abdul (2009-06-22 00:53:56)
wow......this was the google related ad on the side of the page Cat Diarrhea & Vomiting Running Out Of Options? Hopeless Cases Our Speciality www.NaturalFelineSupplements.c
greatness (2009-06-22 00:50:42)
Absolutely hilarious.
t0mmymann (2009-06-21 22:03:02)
velly good. ha ha funny.
anonymous (2009-06-21 21:47:32)
The Vietnamese have a joke about the Chinese "the only thing with four legs they don't eat is a table"
Notahappyguy (2009-06-21 21:29:12)
"hahahah what a fucking racist!" -anonymous Ah yes, keeping racism alive by finding racism everywhere. I know thats my favorite!
KFC (2009-06-21 20:55:14)
No you really get responses like that on craigslist, esp. philly craigslist... I've done it before as well. Admin's just fucking brilliant.
Duncan is a Fag (2009-06-21 20:34:00)
admin continue it. Start calling her a racist and shit like that.
anonymous (2009-06-21 19:44:39)
yeah pretty sure the admin is being sarcastic idiots
anonymousx2 (2009-06-21 19:18:39)
thank you two anonymous's, with out your assumptions i would have never guessed the name used was the reason, you are so darn smart
anonymous (2009-06-21 18:37:26)
Believe me, Chinese people eat both cats and dogs. Spent better part of a year in China for work and saw it for myself!!
anonymous (2009-06-21 16:48:17)
I think she was just stereotyping cause he used an Asian name. everyone knows Chinese people eat cats.
hey now (2009-06-21 16:42:15)
dur just think its funny cause it is funny as shit
anonymous (2009-06-21 16:11:58)
its your name. chinese people dont eat kittens. they eat dogs. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dur (2009-06-21 15:50:06)
Fake as shit.
matywi (2009-06-21 15:11:22)
Haha. One of the best. I can't stop laughing. Keep it up, man!
anonymous (2009-06-21 14:04:48)
hahahah what a fucking racist!

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