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Ancient African Weapon
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:08:23
Original ad:
If there is anyone interested in this, or who may know anything about this type of knife's history, please advise. It is for sale. Please make a reasonable offer. We know that is old, and definately worth some money, but we are also curious about ir's roots. I cant find anything like it on the internet. thanks!

(there was a picture of some badass blade)
Mustafi Kaawelib to **************@*********.org


I must say I was very shocked to see that you are the owner of one of my country's most prized weapons! It is very rare, and I must inquire how you obtained such a gem! Only generals of our army carry it, it is known as the "kweli" in our language. It is the sign of a true warrior! The price of one of those alone could feed a family in Africa for months! I will pay you 200,000 Ghanaian cedi for it! Please accept my offer!
Thank you!


Mustafi Kaawelib

Brittany ******* to Mustafi Kaawelib

how do i know this is real? What kind of money is 200000 Ghanaian cedi? Please advise.


Brittany ******* to Mustafi Kaawelib

Are you still interested in this piece? We got it as agift for helping someone move to a new home. My husband is a mover by trade. Please let us know. A few people have inquired about it. I would like it to go to someone who will appreciate it. thank you.


Mustafi Kaawelib to Brittany *******

My friend,

I assure you this is real. If I were to acquire this weapon, I would be leader of my native village in Ghana. That is how much of an honor it is. Ghanaian cedi is the currency of my home country, Ghana, 200,000 is almost all of my earnings for my entire life of mining diamonds for the military. That is what I am willing to give up to own such an honorable weapon.

Thank you,


Brittany ******* to Mustafi Kaawelib

You are welcome to it, however, how will I get paid? Are you in the USA, or in Ghana. How will you get this? I've seen too many scams on Craigs List. Please advise. Also, I need US currency and not Ghanaian currency. Talk to you soon.


Mustafi Kaawelib to Brittany *******


I am sorry, but I do not have US currency, only Ghanaian currency. Would you accept mangos from my family's mango farm instead? I am in Ghana, are you in Ghana as well? We can meet by Kumasi if you are familiar with the area.


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U know what I hate (2015-02-26 22:58:02)
Fuckin Minorities and their disparity names. Fuck faggots named Mustafi and they ugly bitches with them sheets on their heads.
Indian_guy (2014-02-28 01:45:44)
JB How does his name sound like a freaking language? Does your name sound like you are from Italian? Dumbass. It is not even remotely Indian.
JB (2013-11-07 10:17:50)
incorrect. And a name like Mustafi Kaawelib is not even close to Ghanaian, or even North African. It sounds more Arabic or Hindi, which is North Africa/South Asia. I'm disappointed by a lot of the commentors' geography
JB (2013-11-07 10:16:37)
As a Ghanaian, I'm kind of offended by the comments more than the actual post and I'm gonna show it: Around 2009, Ghanaian cedi was really cheap, about 10,000 to one of the New Ghana Cedis, so those of you saying it's $100,000 are technically
WhyNoPictures (2013-07-30 07:38:20)
why has this guy stopped posting photos of the ads?!?!?
Person (2012-11-25 23:08:39)
He should have accepted, 200000 Cedi is $100,000.
Jelly (2012-10-25 06:49:36)
@george and @hey, stupid george. Have a word with yourselves. Look up the country ghana on wikipedia. Looks like you boys have a geography lesson to undertake
BrassDragon (2012-10-23 00:40:04)
This lady is one Of the few whO fall fOr you!
hey, stupid george (2012-10-22 09:42:40)
ghana is no african country
George (2012-09-22 03:27:04)
Fucken arabs.
LOL (2012-09-15 22:50:45)
Why didn't she just use a currency translator?
Beolex (2012-08-09 16:18:34)
"I am in Ghana, are you in Ghana as well? We can meet by Kumasi if you are familiar with the area." Hhahahahahahaha
please advise (2012-07-24 15:38:11)
she sounds like a stupid tool! please advise
site -craiglist (2012-07-19 08:18:52)
site craiglist... go ahead bombard dem wid freaking mikes :DDD
Anonymous (2012-07-04 10:35:44)
200,000 Gahanian cedis is about 100000 dollars, in case you're wondering.
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-03 10:12:46)
Take the Mangos Brittnay ....
Mustafi JR. (2012-06-14 23:19:22)
200,000 Gahani cedi is equal to $13.58 at the time of the e mail.In case you were wondering.
Hellobosses (2012-02-21 09:35:42)
trolled (2011-12-10 14:59:50)
anonymous (2011-11-18 00:19:30)
columbine (2011-10-03 15:22:20)
please advise
Ben (2011-09-22 04:02:05)
hahaha nice shit...she however, is clearly a dumb bitch. Why would you ask a stranger how much the exchange in currency is and trust him/her when you can find out for real online?!! Some people....
Blackstar (2011-08-10 04:31:52)
funny shit man. Yo dante69 don't be callin talib kweli a bitch ass rapper. he's a great emcee with real lyrical talent unlike all the crap that gets played on the radio nowadays.

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