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Taco Bell Hauling Service
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:08:25
Original ad:
From Timmy Tucker to ********@*********.org

Hi there! I saw your ad about hauling and I would have some work for you. I live in Bedford Hills, and currently do not have a car. I have a regular craving for Taco Bell, however the closest one is in Yorktown Heights. I would be willing to pay you $10 per trip to pick me up 2 cheesy gordita crunches, a steak quesidilla and a pepsi, and haul it to my residence. I'll even tip you with a soft taco if the service is speedy.

Let me know if you are interested.



From MOVING to Me

From Timmy Tucker to MOVING
astoria is not that far, but for your efforts I will offer $15 per trip.

From MOVING to Me

From Timmy Tucker to MOVING

I'm not going to pay some kid on a bike to get my food to me in the freezing cold. I want my food warm, delivered from a professional truck hauling service. What does it matter what you move? How about you put my food in a giant insulated box so you can feel like you are using your F150 to its full hauling potential?

From MOVING to Me
funny i know your not looking for food from taco bell i saw your ad on cl in the labor section before ok.
if you really eat that crap its no wonder your nuts

ye i am gonna spend $20 on gas to make $15 why dont you try hirng a cook or ordering from a place that delivers?

From Timmy Tucker to MOVING
I never posted an ad on there before. and taco bell is suprisingly healthy. i dont want some cook who will spit in my food, and i dont want some delivery guy that will spit in my pizza. i trust taco bell. and $20 for gas? yeah, right. bedford hills is only like 40 miles from astoria. and gas is cheap.

From MOVING to Me

taco bell the cheese isnt even real its plastic yoru better off eating spit
do you know how inexpensive it is to make a taco i make my own tacos are you fat?

From Timmy Tucker to MOVING

that cheese is delicious and authentic. i dont want to make my own taco, i want authentic mexican. where am i supposed to get grade A beef like taco bell anyway? and how the hell am i supposed to know how to make my own taco anyway? what am i, a woman? i didnt realize i was dealing with martha stewart here.

From MOVING to Me

no i think martha stewart is well what she is but you are what you are kinda an idiot do you really think its grade a beef and good cheese because no i think your not even eating that crap?
dont you know what trans fat is? the cheese is plastic i eat there and when it falls on the floor of my truck it dont get moldy like real cheese it gets hard like a piece of plastic. and i can hardly call myself a cook but i try to make basics. opening up a can of beans and heating up a totilla shell isnt martha stewart and who says martha can cook anyways?

From MOVING to Me
listen timmy tucker stupid mother fuck why dont you get yur mom to let her use her bun and put it in there with some mustard and eat it!
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RebeccaMic (2016-12-02 11:25:14)
please check out my pics
King (2015-12-04 14:56:06)
I definitely think you did the right thing. Had the other pertias not been such dummies, your integrity would have been recognized. However, it appears you worked with a bunch of immature people so this event will stick in your head forever.I think any
Naveen (2015-12-01 14:08:06)
Ugg, I so get polar ice cap thing. Christmas knocked the momtenum out of me and I've been treading water for a month! Must get writing again. I have two WIPs. Both are science fantasy. Book 2 is at 84,000 words and in the 4th revision (getting close!)
Rogelio (2015-11-29 21:11:24)
I think we head down for lunch today. I grew up spending wdeeknes and summer at our place in Encinada eating nothing but fish taco's (just for the halibut!) and Al Pastor off the rack. I'll let you know what I think after lunch today!
Tbow (2015-04-27 00:53:33)
Chijo (2013-10-24 00:58:38)
Does that guy not understand what cheese does? Any cheese would go hard
the bell (2013-05-21 13:23:49)
i love taco bell shit feed me dog food for the rest of my life
Graci (2013-05-13 22:17:53)
Wow.. MOVING is suck a dick.
Dick Fart (2013-04-04 19:48:51)
Eating spit wtf lol
exlrvjrof (2013-03-18 02:25:26)
Consider the poets, who imagine the rhythms of words. Consider the guy brooding over a letter from the woman he lost. Are these things not work?. Well, they have no idea if I'm halfway there. You know, the weather may change. I may vomit my guts up an
penis (2013-01-23 21:17:01)
i haz a big onez
crap (2013-01-20 22:50:48)
Your e mails were funny... But as I go back its beginning to become really shit... In fact the last 5 e mails have been as shit as Captain Birdseyes mothers gash is fishy and that womans gash smells like a fishmongers...
lolllll (2013-01-10 22:50:28)
""This mover is terrible with grammer huh... I see why he is a "professional mover" looking for work" It's spelt Grammar :D" And it's spelled "spelled".
over 9000 (2012-10-11 16:09:04)
Who the hell "regularly craves" taco bell, other than people who smoke weed all day?
George (2012-09-22 03:30:40)
"authentic mexican... what am I, a woman!?" Sweet mother of fuck. lol!!!
lol (2012-08-03 18:59:56)
"This mover is terrible with grammer huh... I see why he is a "professional mover" looking for work" It's spelt Grammar :D
e (2012-07-22 13:56:34)
No, it didn't. He didn't say "motherfucker".
Sean (2012-07-10 01:32:08)
Timmy Tucker stupid motherfucker. That rymed
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-03 10:08:39)
This mover is terrible with grammer huh... I see why he is a "professional mover" looking for work
Iman Azol (2012-06-15 01:15:36)
Nah, the respondent is an illiteratard.
Bonerboy (2012-06-01 02:39:58)
Raging boners lolcats
Cory Hall (2012-03-27 13:32:20)
It's funny, the guy pretty much owned you on every single response, but I guess you can't win them all.
nolegs (2012-03-15 16:09:02)
LOL timmy tucker mother fucker
Davegrrrd (2012-03-06 17:06:45)
They don't seem very professional
Ian (2012-02-22 08:57:52)
Yep, one for the 'target' here i think. Not only did he not overreact to your bs but he was actually polite and helpful, offering you cooking adn dietary tips; i think he is a saint. I may even buy something massive just so i can hire his company.

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