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Air Hockey Sex Table
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:56:51
This guy is the shit.
Original ad:
From Timmy Tucker to **********@***********.org
RE: Air Hockey Table


I saw your ad for an air hockey table and had a question about it. My girlfriend tells me has always wanted to have sex on an air hockey table. Before I shell out $150 for this, I just wanted to know if sex on an air hockey table is practical and/or really even worth it. I told her if she wanted air blowing on her we could just lay on a window fan, but she is insisting that I get an air hockey table. What do you think?


From *********** to Me

Dont think it is as sturdy as my pool table but you two can c0ome try it out and let me know

From Timmy Tucker to **********

Great. I'll let my girlfriend know. Will we have privacy, or are you going to be there to make sure we don't break it?

From *********** to Me

I will be there for support and help but very private
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