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Clydesdale Needs A Home
Posted at: 2009-10-01 13:41:23
From Me to ********
RE: Clydesdale horse needs caring owners:

Hey there!

Your horse looks beautiful! Is he still available?

Michael Murphy
Vice President
Murphy Glue Factory, Inc.

From ******** to Me
RE: Clydesdale horse needs caring owners:


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Jamie (2014-01-22 23:07:02)
Short and sweet. That was perfect. xD
Finnarokneese (2013-05-29 18:22:43)
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Clydesdale (2013-05-10 21:22:19)
zitdmyjbi (2013-04-10 01:20:26)
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C-man Willllalalala (2012-12-24 17:37:18)
@lulz, have u been sniffing glue, lad?
Donut Qweeeel (2012-12-24 17:35:40)
Funny A.F.
lulz (2012-10-31 04:17:05)
Missed a golden opportunity to email "normally" from a different account for a bit, and then "accidentally" send one of the the replies from the original email address. :p
Fghff (2012-10-12 06:18:25)
Razer (2012-07-28 17:34:37)
Oh wow... post=69...
What (2012-07-26 18:29:22)
Yahho Answers (2012-07-20 17:52:43)
Where should I send my old horse? I only have a limited amount of space in my stables, and I want to replace my older horses with newer ones. I want to give my horses to people who are going to care for them deeply, and not neglect them. A guy from Murph
ChasingTheDragon (2012-07-20 17:11:22)
google murphy glue factory horse" hahah the person that got trolled posted it EVERYWHERE lol
Lucas (2012-07-20 10:09:33)
@jb (2012-07-15 19:31:41)
Lol i noticed it
Jacob (2012-06-28 00:45:06)
WTF lol
dylonias (2012-05-12 20:48:02)
LMAO oh my god, type "Murphys Glue Factory horses" into google n click on the yahoo answers link. Trust me.
Bit corny (2012-05-08 11:38:32)
This prank is a good one, though a tad corny since the email signed by thee vice president. Perhaps if it was from a different department that had to do with production or something more realistic. ;-)
Seinfeld (2012-05-08 11:34:45)
If it weren't for Jerry Seinfeld's standup routine which pointed out that certain parts of horses are used to manufacture glue, I would have never understood this joke. Funny stuff.
Fan (2012-04-27 12:37:35)
Choice :-) lol
ThatFckinGuyAgain (2012-02-29 16:06:46)
@glue you must be sniffing glue because you're a f*ckin retard
anonymous (2012-02-09 02:55:00)
This is awesome. It's short, but made me laugh so much. Genius!
anonymous (2012-02-02 19:59:49)
If you don't get the reference, read Animal Farm by George Orwell
asshole101 (2012-01-26 20:55:57)
omg thats awesome
asshole101 (2012-01-26 20:55:57)
omg thats awesome
anonymous (2012-01-26 20:54:49)
fuck thats funny
anonymous (2011-12-29 02:23:32)
.... (2011-12-07 03:40:13)
@ glue: not nessecarily, but i believe some glue is 'cooked' from bones, so that's why
Daddy (2011-12-06 13:27:16)
Those who don't like this site are too stupid to get it.
anonymous (2011-12-06 00:20:11)
@asdf Me too
Glue (2011-12-05 21:10:11)
Glue isn't made from horses you guys are fuckingeetarded and this site is wack. Wigity wak son!
Someone (2011-11-28 08:08:46)
Ooooh I got it now... Lol
Someone (2011-11-28 08:06:19)
Wait... What?
Mik (2011-08-18 23:23:15)
hahahahaha thats fucken priceless ... at first I didn't even get to her response I just couldn't control myself laughing
Ben (2011-08-02 19:44:23)
I'm surprised he didn't propose to throw in a STD for a lil' extra ^^
deerHunter69 (2011-06-30 16:34:58)
@anonymous Did you really get bored reading all 1 sentences? Idiot, get off this site if you don't like the humor. There's as much humor packed in that small email as there is in some of his other very funny, over 100 sentence long email threads.
YOMOMSCUNT (2011-06-17 22:00:48)
At first i didnt get it..then i saw the GLUE FACTORY thing
Lawlrus (2011-04-22 01:34:46)
*your conversational partner has disconnected*
JB (2011-03-24 19:53:06)
Am I the only one to notice the name? Michael Murphy.. the name of that singer who did that 70's hit song "Wildfire" about the horse running away
NCG is back (2011-03-20 17:15:32)
The horse advertisement made it that much better <3 :D
Jason (2011-02-26 13:23:44)
i first read it... then i read it again.... then i noticed the glue company line and now my stomach hurts from laughing....
asdf (2011-01-18 19:46:07)
i worry about the dumbfucks who post comments here.
Mr. Tells-You-Stuff! (2011-01-03 04:29:07)
harrykunt (2011-01-03 04:28:21)
By the way :D, im a gay person ...want to have hot gay sex P: ;)
Mr. Tells-You-Stuff! (2011-01-03 04:26:53) No..
pj (2010-12-09 19:30:50)
What a classic: short and simple but so effective! I have pain in my stomach from laughing!
Haha (2010-10-25 03:14:15)
My dad's name (along with a whole bunch of other people) is actually Micheal Murphy so this made it extra funny for me lol
ffs! (2010-10-22 14:36:50)
so far this one is by far my favorite!
Happy African (2010-10-13 08:40:58)
short and sweet. I needs an ambulance... ooooh my ribs.. hahahah.... ouch
harrykunt (2010-10-12 22:42:09)
Josh (2010-10-12 11:26:16)
HAHA this is so funny!
yo (2010-10-07 19:56:01)
google "glue factory" first thing that comes up is horses!!!
Sean (2010-09-30 09:26:53)
@ those who dont get it: Mike is the Vice president of a Glue Company and he wants to buy the horse to make glue out of it! Get it?
Andrew (2010-09-28 22:31:27)
OMG Im 14 and i got it the first read through, and i just cant stop laughing!!!
Tyler (2010-09-28 02:50:58)
Took me a second to get this one, but I LOVED IT!!
DeMoN (2010-09-22 05:32:36)
Holy crap, you people get pretty bent out of shape if someone doesnt get it. I got it, i just thought his sig at the bottom was great too. Gotta love the forum "tough guys"...
hawksuck (2010-09-19 00:40:06)
i dun get it...
chris (2010-09-15 02:26:22)
short, simple, hilarious!
Whahaha (2010-09-12 18:49:18)
Cant stop laughing
anonymous (2010-09-09 15:47:47)
DarkAngel (2010-09-08 00:27:51)
roflmao.had to read it twice tho
Bloodwolf21 (2010-09-04 00:10:57) first i was like wtf?!?....then i saw what you named ur self and lold so hard!!!!
Whoaaaa (2010-08-25 01:34:19)
Bwaaahahahahahaha! My tummy hurts! xD
MUST READ THIS (2010-08-22 18:26:53)
There is an advertisement for owning a horse right on this page.I laughed so hard
Harry (2010-08-22 12:03:56)
Had to read this on twice lol
fuck character limit (2010-08-21 01:05:44)
seriously my last four posts were cut off cause i cant figure out what the character limit on the comment box is. I know, Ill kill myself.
Last 3 posts summary (2010-08-21 01:04:11)
If you don't get this joke. Please kill yourself. If you are trying to explain this joke in the comment section below please kill yourself. If you posted a stupid racist off topic comment that has nothing to do with this post, again please find away t
Instructions Part 3 (2010-08-21 00:58:58)
and those of you who repeatedly spam comment pages with posts like "niggeranus" or some other inanely stupid off topic comment simple because you can I want you to follow the people who didnt get this joke to the aforementioned bridge and dive hea
More Instructions (2010-08-21 00:54:41)
If you are one of the people on here who continually persist to explain that it "could be his dad's company" I have a message for you. Please go find the highest bridge within driving distance, get out of your car, and jump off.
Seriously?! (2010-08-21 00:50:56)
Some of the the comments Ive read on this post have made me seriously doubt evolution as a selection of the most fit. DeMoN (and others) seriously need to think about taking a twelve gauge to their own skulls for posting as insanely retarded comments as t
ROFL (2010-08-16 22:51:59)
Was that a shotgun!?
Jim (2010-07-31 20:25:27)
I love the company vice president's name---Michael Murphy. Based on the real artist who did the 1976 song 'Wild Fire'.....a song about? A HORSE. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Will (2010-07-29 05:28:47)
@angrysonuvabitch You are an idiot. Read a book every once and awhile then maybe one day you'll be able to understand what the average person was talking about.
Echo (2010-07-23 06:37:57)
Omfg Mike let me tell you this you are so fucking brilliant!! Jesus I love your sense of humor xD keep up the good work
Ria (2010-07-21 13:53:35)
ps @angrysonuvabitch I can see why you don't like horses if you let them suck your balls, you're not supposed to do that.
Ria (2010-07-21 13:52:31)
FYI, gelatin (in marshmallows and stuff) is also a by-product of the horse slaughter industry. And the site is hilarious Mike, keep it up!
Mary Mary (2010-07-20 18:22:58)
The fact that the ad next to your post had a Clydesdale horse in it made this one 50 times funnier.
cole (2010-07-20 10:42:33)
as a new guest imma still say the concealed weopon was by far the funniest but i still have 15 or so more to go
ashley (2010-07-18 14:24:25)
WOW! I cant believe how many people didnt get it that they use the horses to make glue. Why would him being VP be that funny could be his dads company
lol (2010-07-16 23:45:35)
the add on the screen is for equestrian services lmao
CARLOS (2010-07-09 15:54:46)
i srsly lol'd at work... haha
Dave (2010-07-09 11:32:07)
At first I read it and thought wtf? Then I went back and read his signature line about the glue company and lmao. Very Succinct. Very Funny.
angrysonuvabitch (2010-07-07 17:01:31)
ps horses suck balls who gives a flying fuck what happens to them
angrysonuvabitch (2010-07-07 17:00:41)
omg why are all these assholes talkin about how stupid people are just cuz they dont know what a fucking got damn horse can make who the hell cares!? these are all probably females who hav ben riding horses so much their cherries fucking popped
Tobias (2010-07-05 17:56:26)
Simplistic, yet hilarious.
Will (2010-07-02 14:26:56)
Jesus some people don't get it. The company name "Murphy's Glue Factory" is very important, because horses are often killed and their hooves used to make glue. Lol Christ people do some research.
F-Kid (2010-07-02 03:25:02)
Why are people REALLY making a big deal out of the company name? Was the last name associated to the funny part? you douches...
guy (2010-06-26 19:08:19)
for all of you who didnt understand his signature is from murphy glue factory horses are sometimes slaughtered and their hooves are used for glue
PD (2010-06-24 20:37:02)
This is awesome. I laughed more at this one than at all the rest put together.
LMAO (2010-06-22 19:38:41)
pez (2010-06-22 14:14:20)
This is like asshole email haiku.
Igetit (2010-06-21 20:10:28)
ahahah a horse.... BEAUTIFUL!! ahahah i get it :D
Tiirediiyes (2010-06-15 08:41:39)
unknown (2010-06-14 22:42:28)
u fukin psychotic sick freak
James (2010-06-07 00:59:31)
i love sucking on cock....even though im a guy... a gay one
rhyhy (2010-06-01 03:28:33)
Short but sweet
James (2010-05-29 21:37:30)
I lol'D myself!
stephy (2010-05-14 09:58:12)
Innocent Bystander (2010-05-10 23:26:08)
Seems odd that the Company is named after him, yet he is only the VP. Or maybe the President/CEO is his father/brother. Or I'm looking way to far into this.
I knew it... (2010-05-10 00:45:42)
had to be something about glue.
Horse dealer (2010-05-05 11:36:36)
LOL , amazing, this is one of the best. lol
Confused. (2010-05-01 13:33:36)
I actually don't get why he said "HELL NO" xD I seen the signature.
Adam (2010-04-30 01:09:24)
I had to read this over a second time because I didn't bother reading the signature the first time. Then I literally fell out of my chair laughing.
Em (2010-04-27 19:19:25)
Hahahah sheer brilliance.
Dennis (2010-04-23 12:59:31)
I didn't get it at first. But when I reread it and saw the address, I damn near fell out of my chair! You are a brilliant man!
shine-on (2010-04-21 14:13:26)
I cannot believe how many people did not "get" this..and how many times it had to be explained..just goes to show the level of intelligence in the world today....BTW: keep up the good work..this stuff is great and makes my work day go by faster !!
quackers (2010-04-20 14:32:24)
Ducks have just as much right to an opinion as people do.
Kayla (2010-04-19 23:35:53)
pete (2010-04-16 22:46:39)
short and sweet, awesome
xopher26 (2010-04-16 13:50:05)
LoL Im at work right now and when I read this one, tears litterally started streaming down my face becuase I had to keep from bursting out in laughter. Classic!
jenna tailia. (2010-04-08 22:48:44)
Dagny (2010-04-03 16:43:51)
I CANNOT stop laughing!
Jordan (2010-03-27 16:58:46)
This is BY FAR the best email on here!!! I love it!
oh my god (2010-03-26 21:08:21)
too good!
ME (2010-03-26 18:03:52)
This is the best email of all... i have been laughing for 5 minutes, i guess i am glued to the fucking screen.
Gk (2010-03-17 00:19:39)
That is a great short. PS I could use some glue
Hmmmm (2010-03-11 22:40:29)
Funny but what is funniest is how slow DeMoN is.
rofl (2010-03-11 12:13:06)
This was hilarious!
Andy (2010-03-06 17:19:30)
Geez DeMon... is that all you took from this? What are you, 14?
Mike (2010-03-04 16:00:14)
Hey DeMon, ever think that maybe he can be VP of a company his father owns? Wait.. no.. you clearly can't think that quick on your feet.
radu (2010-03-03 09:32:08)
I laughed so bad I coudn't hit "Next", my hand was shaking on the mouse
DeMoN (2010-03-03 05:38:36)
One of the best! HAHA Vice Pres. of his own company HAHA I love how ass backwards this shit is!
niggerbitch (2010-03-01 22:21:27)
Gabi (2010-02-26 11:42:21)
Short and sweet. Perfect! hahahaha
║r2--- (2010-02-26 00:39:09)
Hahaha... Horse Glue Factory
El. Mers (2010-02-23 04:37:44)
Waahhhhaaaa haaaa haaa haaa! Helarious!
Mick Murphy (2010-02-22 14:47:28)
M. Murphy (2010-02-21 17:24:42)
No I'm Mr Murphy.
Michael Murphy (2010-02-20 21:09:53)
That (2010-02-17 17:07:45)
was simply hilarious.
kait (2010-02-15 19:11:06)
it took me like five minutes to realize he was the vice president of the glue company haha, before that i was very confused.
jojo (2010-02-12 15:13:24)
Big_J0 (2010-02-10 22:16:42)
i love how the advertisement im shown is for Horse training videos.
me (2010-02-05 15:13:06)
deez (2010-02-02 10:44:48)
wow, took me forever to get this one. i even googled "clydesdale horses." but now i get it, HA. clever clever you are, unlike me. :)
aliaz (2010-01-29 20:36:43)
just the way i love my girls =)
aliaz (2010-01-29 20:36:00)
simple and beautiful. =)
Daddi (2010-01-28 09:39:40)
short and to the point, sort of like sex, loved it
DMC (2010-01-26 09:52:52)
Pho Jo (2010-01-19 13:11:00)
Hahahahaha i love how you are the VICE PRESIDENT of your own company
Good (2010-01-11 15:21:27)
Just to good XD
JackAss (2010-01-07 01:41:23)
hahahah... that's as down to the point as it can get xD
Bored at work (2010-01-05 16:21:31)
Funniest shit I have ever read... passes the hours while at work.
bahaha (2010-01-03 23:45:26)
I'm a horse person and even I find this one absolutely hilarious! If the owner of the horse had any horse sense at all he would know that horses hooves are no longer used for glue, which is why this is so freaking hilarious to me! hahaha
HappyHateDay (2010-01-02 21:05:19)
LOL That was rich!
canada sucks (2009-12-31 20:32:42)
canada fucking sucks
Eric (2009-12-26 13:22:11)
lexie (2009-12-21 23:13:23)
dav: it's funny because glue is made out of horse hooves. someone wanting a loving home for their horse would not send them to a glue factory.
Karl Pilkington (2009-12-18 07:15:46)
Pics or it didn't happen, Franky Teedle.
asshole (2009-12-02 07:56:15)
wtf u mean u wer boning ur daughter, franky teedle
Franky Teedle (2009-11-30 08:21:16)
I was boning my daughter and this website made me get the job done! Now it's time for Jr.!!!!
Chris (2009-11-29 22:42:59)
OMG, I died laughing with this one.
Rachel (2009-11-29 11:51:51)
discokitty (2009-11-23 13:36:13)
HAHA! So funny! And no, glue isn't made from cows
Vicky (2009-11-17 11:31:33)
Too funny!!
perfection (2009-11-15 05:39:06)
this is perfection!
Sara (2009-11-11 03:57:19)
I thought they made glue out of cows? That's why the Elmer's glue bottle has a cow on it, right?
Wow. (2009-11-08 21:40:56)
Sick. Really funny. Was reading some of the comments. Why would you get mad that he didn't make a long email. He doesn't have to post at all. Shut the duck up.
sinclair (2009-11-03 16:25:05)
Short simple and AWESOME!
sinclair (2009-11-03 16:24:34)
Short simple and AWESOME!
LOL (2009-11-01 21:26:13)
from the glue factory nice !!
Rainman (2009-11-01 19:21:47)
That boy "G ICE" must be a black supreamist I wonder if he even knew who his daddy was? I am sure he spent mostof his life on welfare!
Banana (2009-10-31 21:19:09)
Monkey banana raffle.
single handed tom (2009-10-30 16:33:56)
asians are short
G Ice (2009-10-29 18:55:02)
Hey advocate, go fuck yourself, you cracker mo'fucka. mike is bomb
2319 (2009-10-29 04:14:57)
Michael Murphy is the name of the runner up in NZ Idol in 2004.
Dav (2009-10-27 06:02:27)
I don't understand !! (I am not english-speaking native)
LittleWolf (2009-10-25 23:06:41)
I think the fact that the guy was writing with caps made me laugh more. I was actually expecting Juan to say something retarded, but he had some great points!
Doh! (2009-10-25 09:13:39)
.. another keyboard filled up with coffe. Note to myself: No coffe while reading greetings from germany
Did anyone notice? (2009-10-24 03:14:39)
Michael Murphy is the singer of the song about a horse named Wild Fire? She comes down from Yellow Mountain On a dark flat land she rides On a pony she named Wildfire With a whirlwind by her side On a cold Nebraska night Extra brilliance there
jew (2009-10-22 10:51:42)
good website even for jews
berliner (2009-10-21 05:27:56)
muhaha xD priceless!!
@Bruce (2009-10-18 23:34:06)
Your level of commitment and openness to new experiences is commendable. May I suggest that your offer might be more attractive if you first gain some skill through experience? Please contact me.
HelpWanted (2009-10-18 23:28:52)
We will pay $5,000 to anyone who will remove meh's fingernails and toenails and send them to us. Mike Hunt-Hertz, VP of Purchasing, Hunt Adhesives, Inc.
andromeda (2009-10-16 17:52:43)
This one was a slam dunk! It's hard to achieve to get a priceless response with the first e-mail sent. Even though it's short this one is one of my favorites :) "HELL NO!!!" Heheehe... priceless.
Lil' Dutch (2009-10-15 07:29:30)
Great things in small packages. 'S', suggestion, if ya don't know what ur talking about, refrain from giving wordy evidence of that fact.
Mr. Hands (2009-10-15 07:26:46)
Ill take the horse if its
Jens (2009-10-14 13:34:24)
Skol! Danmark loves this site!
Weiner (2009-10-12 22:29:36)
this stuff is hilarious. weiner.
Ali A (2009-10-11 07:14:17)
Short and sweet. Hilarious.
Anonymous (2009-10-10 22:16:24)
You never fail to deliver. This site makes my fucking day!
lol (2009-10-10 17:27:11)
lol glue
Joe (2009-10-08 19:03:08)
This is awesome haha
Andy (2009-10-08 17:20:27)
LOL @ "Outraged (2009-10-04 07:22:48) This website hurts all people"
Mr Ed (2009-10-07 15:01:11)
I'll take the horse if it is still available.
Bruce (2009-10-07 08:41:56)
I'm not gay, but I'm willing to suck your dick if you post more often.
meh (2009-10-07 03:44:12)
This would have been acceptable if it had been a freebie... But if this is the one weekly update... then fuck it!
richie (2009-10-07 02:20:22)
screw you
Lady (2009-10-06 22:58:32)
I think you should've gone the way of "Zoo" and tried to convince her the horse was for sexual reasons.
disappointed (2009-10-06 22:29:27)
Yeah, this one was disappointing. It's fine if these come more often, but it's been a week and a half since the last long one.
Anonymous (2009-10-06 20:21:02)
Am I the only one who thinks these are getting stale?
Idiots (2009-10-06 15:50:07)
famous saying: send it to the glue factory ... That's the joke. Adage for when horses die.
***5$T@Rb!TcH*** (2009-10-06 15:48:05)
LMFAO! I can not stop reading these! I am sitting at my desk at work and EVERYONE is staring at me because I am laughing so much! MARRY ME! hahaha!
You. Are. An. (2009-10-06 12:50:27)
M (2009-10-06 09:51:22)
Hehe. Hauskaa niinkuin aina. Jatka samaan malliin.
dom (2009-10-06 04:56:06)
there are many things in the internet. MANY. but this page is one of the best things ever!
Antonio (2009-10-05 22:17:50)
Subtle, but good! Don't suppose you have the original ad, do you?
chris (2009-10-05 19:38:26)
this one is my favorite thus far.
Jazzy (2009-10-05 19:32:43)
@those of you who think these are fake: make rediculous ads till you get a reply from him. then youll see. :) @mike: absolutely LOVE this one!!!! its short and simple and yet completely halarious!
pissed myself (2009-10-05 19:18:13)
fucking cant stop laffing!!!
ag (2009-10-05 18:25:33)
Clearly, your detractors are sitting around in their shit-stained tighty-whiteys, subsisting entirely on Cheetos, Bud Lite and whiskey-flavored dip, as they desperately count the hours until your next update.
No no no (2009-10-05 17:50:02)
You guys don't get it... You are part of the joke. This guy is an asshole to the people he emails AND to his audience.
Guy (2009-10-05 17:12:22)
I have AIDS.
Michael (2009-10-05 16:59:44)
You asshole. Brilliant.
manist (2009-10-05 16:49:04)
love it
editrix (2009-10-05 15:41:06)
To all you whiners/whingers - if you don't like his efforts the fuck right off - or start your own site where complete strangers can rag on YOU. Assholes.
anon (2009-10-05 15:16:41)
hahaha, wtf is up with these people complaining, idiots obviously dont get the joke.
Lazy effort (2009-10-05 14:53:02)
That was just a remake of "How did she know?!".
duh (2009-10-05 14:00:28)
we didn't miss the glue factory part, this was just retarded. we waited a week for this nonsense? fucking stupid.
FSU (2009-10-05 11:13:35)
F*ckin Brilliant!!!
zz (2009-10-05 10:22:39)
it's great actually!! you just should post more oftenly.
agreed (2009-10-05 10:10:06)
It's not brilliant it... sucks.
anonymous (2009-10-05 09:57:04)
this is actually really stupid.
Steve (2009-10-05 02:47:50)
Penix (2009-10-04 23:10:30)
Glue Factory was brilliant.
Ravelock (2009-10-04 20:19:24)
Mailing it in now, eh? Gettin' lazy on us??
WEAK SAUCE (2009-10-04 18:50:01)
#1 Dontevenreply Fan (2009-10-04 16:03:16)
You are a brilliant purveyor of for-free laughs, and I am your #1 fan. Keep up the outstanding work, and please post more regularly.
anonymous (2009-10-04 15:40:22)
i think everyone who doesnt like this post missed the glue factory part :P
xenasculee (2009-10-04 13:28:11)
Eh? (2009-10-04 12:58:40)
Where's the actual update? You don't hope to pass this off as a weekly update, do you?
Outraged (2009-10-04 07:22:48)
This website hurts all people.
sigh (2009-10-04 05:50:08)
These get less funny every time you post a new one. Maybe you should call it a day...
FRANK GARRETT (2009-10-03 11:46:31)
moi (2009-10-03 09:42:07)
haaaahaha!! subtle, short and sweet. :]
anonymous (2009-10-03 07:45:48)
who cares if they are fake or not...they are funny and taht is all that matters
Mats (2009-10-03 03:18:49)
Shortest... but still the best one!
Mom (2009-10-02 18:03:37)
anonymous (2009-10-02 16:38:47)
you can do two like this a week to fulfill your lulz quota. just sayin'...
Tarek (2009-10-02 14:53:41)
The google ads are always related to what's on the page.. If you were to read something about TV dinners and there were google ads on the page chances are it'd say "Cheap TV dinners!", "Wanna know the horrible truth about TV dinners?&#
haha (2009-10-02 14:17:54)
short, simple and epic.
Colby (2009-10-02 13:09:45)
Hey thanks for the RSS Feed!
G Ice (2009-10-02 12:07:30)
He'll care the shit out them... haha I like G Ice... that's my new alias.. Nola, I sit in my office and refresh the page all day... tough job, I know..
Tyrone (2009-10-02 10:32:15)
I want to see more Tyrone/G-Ice emails! They were the best.
Nola (2009-10-02 09:13:17)
No G Ice.... it's the first thing I check when I get to work lol!!
Sgt Partlow (2009-10-02 07:42:40)
I demand more of this site..its the best
Jennifer (2009-10-02 06:55:59)
Gunakom (2009-10-02 05:23:01)
I'm hungry. I think I'll have spaghetti with horse meat.
Dun​can (2009-10-02 03:31:03)
Glue factories are where horses get killed and made into glue.
Horse ads (2009-10-02 02:22:13)
I love how all of the google ads next to this one are about horses!!!
Lenny (2009-10-02 02:08:39)
How have I not found this site until now? It's hilarious.
Adam (2009-10-02 01:38:37)
Huh? (2009-10-01 23:46:01)
I don't get this
Sarah (2009-10-01 23:25:50)
Ha! I love it!
2-D Vector Space (2009-10-01 23:13:30)
Classic. My favorite one.
Mike G is a Douche (2009-10-01 22:45:17)
Mike G is a Douche!
tgent (2009-10-01 22:42:12)
quit being fuckwads. you all suck.
Muyiwa (2009-10-01 22:16:51)
Short and effective lmfao
LtotheREN (2009-10-01 21:07:22)
I have told EVERYONE about your site...this is hysterical. Loveee itttt
anonymous (2009-10-01 20:36:28)
I can only see the first and last line?!?!?!
anonymous (2009-10-01 20:03:45)
LOL @Mike G "ctrl+v (faggot key+v for Macs)" HAHAHHAhahahha!!
Cryo (2009-10-01 19:29:15)
Haha love it
anonymous (2009-10-01 18:56:18)
post a print screen of the emails and mspaint blasck out emails to see better if these are fake or not
FosDoNuT (2009-10-01 17:51:17)
dirtygirl420 (2009-10-01 16:48:35)
Lol! I need to donate money to your booze fund, that is, when my own booze fund is so abundant as to where I will not be missing out either.
GlueTalk (2009-10-01 16:33:47)
LOL @ RyanMac (2009-10-01 14:17:07) Roses are red, violets are blue. Horses that lose are made into glue.
G Ice (2009-10-01 16:32:07)
I don't believe it is still the main perponent of glue, but they used to make it from the hooves of the horse.
Mr Ed (2009-10-01 16:09:03)
How do they get glue from a horse?
anonymous (2009-10-01 15:34:55)
That's gluly good!
TARA (2009-10-01 15:15:43)
JOE (2009-10-01 15:08:25)
Mr. Ed (2009-10-01 15:00:24)
G Ice, you are not alone
RSS Feed (2009-10-01 14:50:23)
if you want an RSS feed, i set one up It is likely though that this comment will be censored...
MICHAEL MURPHY (2009-10-01 14:42:05)
Micahel Murphy (2009-10-01 14:38:22)
It is a family business.
Greg (2009-10-01 14:33:53)
I love how Michael Murphy is only the vice president of the Murphy Glue Factory.
Duece (2009-10-01 14:29:47)
That was quick and funny. RSS feed these biathes.
RyanMac (2009-10-01 14:17:07)
Roses are red, violets are blue. Horses that lose are made into glue.
G Ice (2009-10-01 14:10:11)
We are right on top of these.. Am I the only one that refreshes this page 30 times a day waiting with childish anticipation for the next one?
ha (2009-10-01 14:07:00)
awesome how you make even a signature funny
anonymous (2009-10-01 13:58:39)
glue factories usually turn old horses into glue
Bertje (2009-10-01 13:56:48)
I don't get it... help me out
LOL (2009-10-01 13:51:01)
Good one! Keep the LOLSs coming!
Kris (2009-10-01 13:47:08)
Hi (2009-10-01 13:43:46)
Short and sweet one!
hahaha (2009-10-01 13:43:45)
short and simple I love it!

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