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Tyrone's Dog Babysitting Service
Posted at: 2009-07-02 10:41:53
Original ad:
DOG WATCHER WANTED! we are leaving town for a week and need someone to take care of our 6-year-old rottweiler. he is very friendly! we are looking for someone trustworthy with experience, so we will need references. will pay $30 per day. email if interested!
From Tyrone Jackson to ************@******.org
yo wat up! i saw your ad looking for someone to take care of your rottweiler. ill do it no problem. i live in the area and can pick him up.

From Tanya ****** to Me
tyrone do you have any references? can you tell us a little about yourself?

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
yea i got some references. you can talk to my bro devon, or my associate g-ice. ill have them hit u up. a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit

now you said your rottweiler is friendly. how friendly is he? would he be able to fight another dog if they were both put in a ring? just wonderin.

also can you pay me the money up front straight cash? i need it to enter in a contest.

From Tanya ****** to Me
I dont want you watching my dog!!!! find someone else for your dog fighting ring sicko!!!!!!!

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
whoa whoa slow yo role! who said anything about dog fighting? i was just wondering if your dog could protect itself, in case an angrier dog tries to start some shit while im walkin him. you need to chill the fuck out and stop jumpin to conclusions

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog. i need it, the fight is tonight! ill pay you 200 cash plus 20 percent of whatever i win

From Tanya ****** to Me

A few hours later...

From G Ice to Tanya ******
ay yo wat up woman, its ya boy tyrone's boy G Ice. tyrone was sayin he needed a reference for ur dog babysittin job so here i am. tyrone be great with dogs. he loves em so much and will care the shit out of them. my boy tyrone is definitely the right man for the job, i aint playin

From Tanya ****** to Me
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Chijo (2013-10-24 03:06:06)
Who cares if he is trying to be black white jewish russain I don't give a fuck none of you should its a joke grow up already
TBeezy (2013-10-22 15:37:17)
Everyone keep saying he never said he/she was black. How many white men do you know name Tyrone? If he/she wanted to make the point that Ebonics is becoming a common language then he/she should've named him John or any name that is not familiarized
tyrone (2013-10-21 12:02:43)
jigga (2013-09-18 02:00:36)
ay yo women its yur boy. hahaha wtf
ray (2013-08-31 09:51:48)
its' funny shit- but wats all dis about how it be racist an dey must be bruvvas? me an my crew we all white- an we talk same way as tyrone ice n shit u get me. open ur mind peace
Nigger (2013-08-19 22:20:05)
Tyrone is ma nigga
Lol (2013-08-19 22:19:29)
Ya man tyrone wants to stick his fat penis up the dogs vagina ballshit
BIATCH (2013-08-19 22:17:23)
El Burro (2013-07-19 10:18:42)
Nah, he starts calling names.. not funny.. I ordered your book though. Am I the retard now because I can all read this online?
manigah (2013-07-02 20:14:50)
"i love taking care of dogs and shit" tyrone is good taking care of dog's shit haha
Anonymous (2013-05-26 02:22:09)
References for a dogsitter? And they wonder why criminals stay criminals for life...
T-Biggs (2013-03-21 10:30:50)
"I love taking care of dogs and shit" O Tyrone, you cray.
anonymous (2013-02-17 21:53:58)
I like how G Ice spelled definitely the correct way.
LOL (2013-02-14 05:05:16)
I lost it at "my associate g-ice" LOL
anonymous (2013-01-26 11:09:23)
Omg dying laughing!!!!! And true that to the person who said that thecry baby that was whining about sterotypes and racism was in all actuality the racist one for ASSUMING you were portraying a black man!!! Hahahahaa made you look real dumb!!! People art
black person (2012-12-28 01:32:49)
I love enslaving other black people and then selling them to white people for a small fee.
white person (2012-11-19 16:12:12)
I like conquering places and make ppl slaves lol
Da Tru G Ice niggazzzzz (2012-11-19 16:10:30)
ay yo u moffugaz be talkin shit bout me u racist crackers. i aint playin bitch ass fags. imma take ur dog and care the shit outta him mane chill the fuck out my niggaz
@srs bsns (2012-11-17 22:32:14)
Looks like somebody fell off the wambulance. Take your PC bullshit and shove it far up your ass.
bigganigga (2012-11-14 15:29:01)
Man this shit hillarious dawg. i am a black man and all my niggas laughin at this shit. ppl need to lightin up. keep up the good work homie i aint mad at cha
Mike (2012-11-12 13:13:01)
Tyler (2012-11-09 01:05:51)
Tyrone will care the shit out of those dogs.
srs bsns (2012-11-06 00:53:26)
Some of your e-mails can be quite clever but impersonating minorities is one thing you aren't good at. the stereotypes you portray can come off as offensive and the dialogue unoriginal and not very amusing. I'd advise you to lay off such personas
lil g cool (2012-10-15 11:19:22)
Yo yo yo yo dis be racist yo up in da hiid we be dealin wit dem white boiis like is nothin trash liek u be gettin punked yu heard we own dis hood
bob (2012-10-12 18:35:49)
Kevin (2012-10-09 16:39:49)
He never said that he was black! So that just makes you who said this is racist, a bunch of stereotypical assholes!
chris dolmeth (2012-09-14 19:35:00)
G ice? I know that dude
@truth (2012-08-29 15:47:19)
wow you a tuff guy sitting before you're screen. But yo ass you wouldn't there say shit like that to a nigga irl
G Ice 2 (2012-08-14 15:27:06)
he loves em so much and will care the shit out of them. LMAO
truth (2012-08-05 05:49:23)
How is this racist? This describes 75% of blacks in our country. Ghetto monkeys
Dylan (2012-07-30 13:37:29)
I'm black and I don't find this offensive at all... It's'funny as hell !
Greg (2012-07-24 22:12:06)
hahahahahhahaha "look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog..." hahahah priceless
Logical Citizen (2012-07-17 16:26:59)
friend chicken, including my black friend who has a Master's in Physics.
Logical Citizen (2012-07-17 16:26:02)
This isn't racist in the least; it's exactly how half of my black friend's speak currently. It's not racist if it is reality. That's like saying it's racist to think black people enjoy fried chicken; news flash, most people like
LOL (2012-06-28 22:38:02)
Racism an excuse for idiots to sound legit.
crashed laptop (2012-06-27 20:30:37)
lmao i droped my laptop when i read " they were both put in a ring " fuck my screen is fucked up ..
G-Ice (2012-06-19 09:36:20)
Wadup man, ma boy tyrone dinot show up at the dogfight ya know, but he owed us sum' moneyz, so we had to find him and "Care teh hellz outta him" ya know what i'm sayin man?
jeockacesmare (2012-06-15 11:16:08)
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JxHx (2012-06-08 16:08:03)
"Someone", and how many white or Asian people do you know that are named "Tyrone"?
Someone (2012-05-22 14:00:06)
That's racist of you to think that just because that character is talking that way, that he is a black person. I know whites and even Asians who speak that way. You are the racist one to jump to the conclusion that it is a black character.
hahha (2012-05-17 20:29:53)
hey "black" person below, this is a fucking joke. get over it you stupid fuck and open your mind.
Tyrone (2012-05-15 08:57:01)
This post is so fucking RACIST. In 2012 we still live in a world full of prejudices. I am black and am not going to apologize for it.
8^P (2012-05-03 15:59:12)
"will care the shit out of them"...delicious
Fan (2012-04-27 14:17:24)
... "assures me that sodium pentobarbital is the best way to take care of a dog. I'm sure you will be another happy customer and will be able to enjoy your vacation knowing that your dog will be taken care of when you are away" ... lol
Fan (2012-04-27 14:15:48)
lol ... this could have run like this "Maam, I can certainly take care of your dog. Great to know that the dog is friendly. I've taken care of numerous dogs in the past and have a good rapport with the local veterinarian. He assures me that sodi
Steve (2012-04-25 14:57:08)
Care the shit outta them, dogg! The misspellings in this are so ghetto-authentic. I can almost smell the malt liquor and chicken "wangs".
anonymous (2012-04-06 00:42:46)
Lol, rotties in the box? Then again hood thugs don't know jack about game dogs anyway...
Blacka (2012-03-17 15:58:01)
You all **** dix
Response (2012-01-25 02:31:55)
@Xinaji I'm a Hispanic from TX (currently in LA) and I can say from experience (going to nigger schools) that these emails, if anything, should be considered compliments, real niggers are much worse.
Whitey (2012-01-03 14:07:41)
How is this racist? (2011-12-16 07:42:57)
It does not in any way or any where say that he is a black person. I quote: "you need to chill the fuck out and stop jumpin to conclusions" - Tyrone Jacksson
Papi M (2011-11-29 04:37:08)
My boy G-Ice
unoman (2011-11-26 10:30:45)
People need to lighten the fuck up with the accusations of racism. Christ this shit is funny stop trying to play the damn card.
G Ice (2011-11-21 22:54:57)
"ay yo wat up woman" Hahahahaha
@Wilburn (2011-11-20 20:15:34)
Have you ever heard of nicknames? Or are you too stupid to think THAT far ahead?
black guy (2011-11-17 17:12:16)
i thought this was pretty funny
Blake (2011-11-06 02:20:49)
About me: I love dogs and shit. fucking classic.
Lilthuglet (2011-11-04 09:33:27)
Honestly the image in my head was of a caucasian 'wide boy' with his pants round his ankles and a blingy gold chain when I read that. :)
Xinaji (2011-10-20 14:57:50)
Two points: one, there are more stupid white people typing this way on the net right now than there are black people in the USA. Two, if that Bieber creature is your idol, you're disqualified from the human race. ^_^
alex (2011-10-20 09:39:31)
Johnny Eyeball (2011-10-19 11:35:26)
"a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit" "care the shit out of them."
Man of Common Sense (2011-10-16 16:43:49)
@John Dowe I'm sick of you black folk that laugh at racist comedy but get your panties up in a bunch when the jokes are about you. Oh, and I'm brown, since that usually matters to idiots like you.
Man of Common Sense (2011-10-16 16:40:47)
@John Owe Look idiot, he constantly uses stereotypical white names like Steve and Mike, I didn't see you accusing racism then! He posed as a Mexican that barely knew English too, where was your justice then?
hypocrites (2011-09-27 19:30:38)
lol at the retards saying this is racist and stereotypes. Who said anything about blacks in the emails? Nobody. But they automatically assume it's about blacks because THEY (the ones criticizing) are the ones who stereotyp only black people talk like
Patrick Bateman (2011-09-21 10:49:11)
"look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog!" HAHAHA!
Ben (2011-09-19 05:47:50)
This shit is just off the chain yo! Man, imagine that girl Tanya's expressions lol
HAHA (2011-09-11 01:48:49)
i mean, his thing is to be the least candidate for the advertisement all the while making the string of emails hilarious. In this case the worst person for the job would be street thugs who partake in a dog fighting ring. get over it!
anonymous (2011-09-04 07:36:36)
"i love taking care of dogs and shit." he "will care the shit out of them."
ProudAnon (2011-09-01 23:13:40)
Yes the racial stereotypes is the problem. Not the fact that he's being an asshole, or making jokes about dog fighting. Get over it already. It's a joke.
Masta Blasta (2011-08-26 03:30:38)
@Paula Dean Like greased up all over your vagina and shit?
Wilburn (2011-07-29 05:15:56)
How the fuck is G-Ice a legit name?
waffle (2011-07-25 05:17:29)
Yo, is dis my nigga Treyshon?
RACISM (2011-07-20 02:02:10)
get over yourself, you aren't special
Paula Dean (2011-07-19 03:53:07)
I like butter.
meh (2011-07-18 06:38:01)
How the hell do you know he is specifically targeting black stereotypes? Why can't they be wiggers? Or just horrible spellers? The fact you saw bad spelling and grammar and thought of a black person says a little about you, doesn't it?
anonymous (2011-07-14 14:55:30)
It's a joke, there's nothing "racist" here. By the way, "Tyrone" is originally an Irish name, however it became popular with Black Americans for some reason.
T (2011-07-12 22:35:07)
Taroooooooooooooooooooooooone ur man daww
@KKK (2011-07-11 17:28:12)
Its a joke. Get over yourself.
Nigga (2011-06-20 00:12:31)
Nigga you gay
tyrone biggums (2011-06-07 16:12:52)
nigga please
anonymous (2011-05-29 20:39:41)
They should say DAWG instead of DOG.
no imp (2011-05-25 10:40:48)
ay yo what up woman, eheheh
G money (2011-05-11 01:04:35)
I knewba white guy named Tyrone and he didn't like dogs.
Jeremiah (2011-04-29 15:33:12)
thats right Java, "care the shit out of them" haha. funny stuff
wtfcomments (2011-04-23 16:51:18)
I laughed so much more at the comments about G-Ice being a hispanic or black name, than the actual e-mail.
java (2011-04-23 15:03:06)
And will care the shit out of them ROFL XD
anonymous (2011-04-14 07:34:50)
tyrone.. g-ice.. fucking priceless
rofl tyrone (2011-04-13 21:52:41)
Tyrone is a black name actually just about the blackest name I kno.. And I'm a black guy rofl
Nikki (2011-03-30 11:39:59)
I love this site!! lol but Tyrone is a black name dude... but who cares the joke is funny regardless of the names lol
STFU Troll (2011-03-26 15:57:08)
@anonymous (2011-03-21 05:01:11) Who the hell cares what his name is? Doesn't detract from the joke at all even if he was a black guy named Ming, people who troll cause of these tiny things seriously piss me off. On a brighter note, another awe
tblue3cibm (2011-03-24 15:02:59)
"in case an angrier dog tries to start some shit while im walkin him" classic!!
Tyrone (2011-03-23 10:44:47)
my name is Tyrone and I happen to be hispanic
Mitch (2011-03-22 17:39:02)
anonymous (2011-03-21 05:01:11)
Who the he'll thinks Tyrone is Hispanic!? Do you people know the difference between Hispanic and black?
madace (2011-03-15 23:26:16)
Dude, your ignorance is showing. G-Ice and Tyrone are fairly common Hispanic names.
loldongs (2011-03-11 17:09:04)
I'm 100% sure that both Tyrone and G-Ice are hispanic names.
Hes right (2011-03-11 10:29:04)
Tyrone is nigga name. How many hispanics do you know named g-ice you fucktard?
Nope (2011-02-23 02:58:02)
They're definitely hispanic
trolololo (2011-02-12 11:00:34)
@anon I'm sure Tyrone is black, not Hispanic.
anonymous (2010-12-09 21:13:15)
gucci (2010-11-24 20:39:01)
dis shit is sooo funny yo
@anon (2010-11-22 02:44:00)
I never known a Hispanic named Tyrone and I'm Mexican.
hate white trash (2010-11-20 17:28:32)
@ whitetrashinbreed....u def sound like a legit 5 yeard old who is it sounds like u have a black on white all man gay fantasy...or it sounds like ur a creep machine on older gay men who have saggy balls...nah ur prolly just a straight dude who
blah (2010-11-20 17:23:24)
to anon.....ur a fuckin retard
hate blacks most (2010-11-20 17:22:20)
totally black and cousins with mike vick
jcandidi (2010-11-02 23:12:52)
Wtf lmao
Jive (2010-10-29 14:06:05)
I've used "G-Ice" as a reference on several resumes.
V (2010-10-25 17:08:58)
It's not necessarily racist. I know a lot of white and hispanic people who talk and act the exact same way. HA! The white guys are the worst about it. :-p
blackguy (2010-10-22 05:26:49)
nowhere does tyrone jackson state his race..although the name obviously implies it, but its part of the fuckin joke morons..only thng racist is the ppl who comment n are jus dyin to say nigger..and now poor tanya..funny ass joke..
Anon (2010-10-18 18:21:40)
I thought they were hispanic
nigger (2010-10-15 23:28:18)
lulz (2010-10-11 18:45:36)
everyone chill the fuck out
love handles (2010-10-04 21:17:29)
the only thing racist are the people who just assume that the tyronne and g ice are black. i have to admit i had that image in my head too, so i guess i'm to blame as well. but reading the comments and reminding my self of jerry springer epissodes ty
LMBAO (2010-09-27 14:03:45)
This shit is definitely racist, but its also funny as hell so that out ways racism. Everybody needs to calm the fuck down on the comments though, because your taking away from this mans genius and making it something its not!
anonymous (2010-09-19 20:34:48)
@Nigga I second that notion, you are the whitest commenter I have ever seen.
bahaha (2010-09-12 18:53:47)
You, sir, are a comedic genius.
John Doe (2010-09-12 00:30:16)
@Nigga your probably the whitest person I've ever seen comment on here
Havok (2010-09-08 11:36:51)
@Nigga You are prolly the whitest person that's ever posted on
Spellcheck (2010-09-05 10:45:33)
@nigga. You spelled "negroes" wrong :/.....just sayin
Mel. (2010-08-28 19:51:54)
Im in love!
Note (2010-08-26 14:29:42)
How can you go wrong having a reference who's known as "G-ice"?
nigga (2010-08-20 16:48:58)
fuckin cracka ass racist fucks motherfucker ass bitchses why you gotta hate suckas me n ma niggroes would FUCK YO UP if ud say dat shit in our faces bitch ass fucking honkies
whitetrashinbreed (2010-08-14 16:50:25)
@niggers suck-a helpful suggestion: change ur comment name to "i suck niggers," its closer to the truth
whitetrashinbreed (2010-08-14 16:47:55)
hey niggerssuck, why dont u like black people? is it kuz ur girlfriend always cheats on you with black dudes? or kuz ur mom gives them discounts on blowjobs at work? did u urself choke on a black dick or something? just curious. and a suggestion: change u
Niggers suck (2010-08-11 20:38:27)
Damn Niggers! Always trying to kill my dogs.
higger nater (2010-08-07 20:26:11)
Hahahaha that's awesome pretending to be a couple of dumb niggers!!! Funny shit!!!!!! White power
KenKen (2010-08-06 11:28:32)
Omg I'm Black and this is TOO FUNNY!!!!! Definitely not racist, but I can't say the same for some of these comments!
racist? (2010-08-03 20:24:40)
"Oh noes, it's racist" Well, you are the one assuming that they are blacks and that blacks act this way. Hell, I see more white gettho boy acting like thanblack people.
anonymous (2010-07-30 04:32:58)
i love taking care of dogs and shit!! lolz laugh my heart out!!
Cory (2010-07-23 22:53:05)
"He loves dogs so much and will care the shit outta them" LMAOOOOO
theOne (2010-07-23 18:11:36)
nigga PLEASE.
Shariff (2010-07-23 10:32:44)
nigga you rasis as fuck
anonymous (2010-07-21 19:01:39)
Ugh, the only thing racist in this post is the redneck fucks who commented on it. Otherwise, this is some real funny shit dude, seriously!
floridaALPHA (2010-07-21 18:23:14)
hahaha this guy is a genius, funny as shit. also definitely not racist at all, plus everybodys a little bit prejudiced, even if we dont want to be. plus no use fightin this battle on a computer screen
so tuff (2010-07-21 17:10:04)
wow i wish i was tough enough to call people "niggers" behind a computer screen, but be SCARED TO DEATH in real life .. dam, how do u guys do it ??
Ms. Watkins (2010-07-21 00:15:46)
THIS IS NOT RACIST Im white n my husband is black we both agree its just for fun so dont be retarded
mlee (2010-07-16 04:46:26)
OMG i love this hahahaha esp the second guy's email at the end
Racism (2010-07-13 14:41:05)
This isn't racist, but all the comments by fat white entitled 14-year-olds are.
Anon (2010-07-07 01:38:28)
"he loves them so much and will care the shit out of them" Oh my god this guy is so awesome.
bitch ass cuntsucker (2010-06-25 00:10:01)
Triflin bitch lmfao
@Me (2010-06-22 05:35:46)
Sam (2010-06-19 13:56:44)
Where does it say he's black? ------- I nearly laughed so hard that I pissed myself.
h8 (2010-06-16 14:09:34)
Me (2010-06-15 22:35:28)
This is why niggers should be castrated.
anonymous (2010-06-15 09:27:38)
whoopi goldberg (2010-06-08 01:19:23)
hahaha wow funny shit!
Jesus (2010-06-07 20:49:18)
I find this humorous.
Silly (2010-06-01 02:30:32)
black people.
A Person (2010-05-31 00:50:12)
LMFAO LMFAO. this isn't racist guys calm the fuck down. he's just being funny. i know all sorts of races who talk like this, not even joking, so yeah!
Yoshimano Hater (2010-05-09 13:40:29)
Yoshimano, YOU SUCK DICK MAN hahahahahhahahahh
Yoshimano (2010-04-27 16:22:40)
Haha kept laughing all day each time I thought about "I love taking care of dogs and shit" and "he wille care the shit out of it". Still spilling my meal at the moment when typing this is amazing
G-String (2010-04-26 23:17:34)
dats g dog. that nigga b repping my hood fo real shitz now
xopher26 (2010-04-19 10:34:26)
well Im black and did NOT find this racist. I did however find it absolutely HILARIOUS. "he will care the shit out of him" LOLOLOL!!!
Priceless (2010-04-06 20:31:19)
best part "look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog. i need it, the fight is tonight!"
Heywood (2010-04-04 09:30:08)
g-ice (2010-03-28 21:21:25)
Tyrone (2010-03-28 17:03:34)
Ay Mike I thought I told you nt to post this shit it's embarrassin but dammmm do I love black ass and fried chicken
Jazz (2010-03-17 17:53:54)
This is not racist, its stereotypical and very funny. Whats racist is white ppl on here calling black ppl N****rs, like its interchangeable. Love this site btw...just not the ignorant idiots who spread hate over the internet like the cowards they are.
XboxFan1996 (2010-03-04 18:59:04)
if it aint white it aint right!
hah (2010-03-03 17:14:31)
"i love taking care of dogs and shit" LMAO
holla! (2010-03-03 11:57:40)
shit is dope-i aint playin!
stfu (2010-02-28 20:50:51)
gay sex
Is this racist? (2010-02-25 06:22:13)
I definitely picture Tyrone and G-Ice as niggers so this could be racist. But it's funny tough. BTW I'm white race.
12 (2010-02-24 19:59:26)
what is this I don't even
Lassie (2010-02-19 13:07:30)
I'm a dog and even I think this shit is hilarious.
I Am a Motherfucker (2010-02-19 00:39:10)
Using RoCKwilder would have been perfection
pitt owner (2010-02-18 12:17:23)
i would definately let him watch my dog he sounds responsible and would never harm my dog
I Hate Racists (2010-02-18 01:15:55)
This isn't racist... Tyrone could be a stupid white boy for all I care. It's a stereotype of a person who is a "thug" not a black person.
Lost a testicle (2010-02-16 02:25:02)
Some great comedy here, keep it up! :)
MRguyandhis2 (2010-02-13 21:42:14)
lol he will care the shit out of them lmao
Kim (2010-02-12 00:39:56)
"will care the shit out of them" - LMAO
Do it for the Glory (2010-01-28 17:01:14)
a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit
William (2010-01-28 16:45:20)
the fuckin funniest one yet!!!!!!! aahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahhaha
David Ismael (2010-01-27 20:01:37)
Emmy (2010-01-16 17:23:41)
"Whoa Whoa slow yo role" I can't stop laughing!
G Ice bitch (2010-01-13 13:24:37)
Mike, you my boyeeee. Dis some real funny shit. I never laughed so effin good in my life. More Tyrone and G Ice. Dey my home boyz.
G-ICE (2010-01-10 23:58:46)
Tyrone (2010-01-10 23:57:21)
The best parts: "i love taking care of dogs and shit"/"? just wonderin."/"i need it to enter in a contest."
anonymous (2010-01-10 01:46:20)
Another great one :)
def not racist (2010-01-09 22:36:04)
The only idiots are the ones who think this is comedians make fun of white white and I think It's come a white guy cant joke about black people? I think some black people are holding onto racism...not all but th
Alfred the Tumor (2010-01-07 16:09:46)
Hey. Nobody in the above emails made any direct association between the dialog and any particular race. We're just accustomed to that association because it's generalized, but it's all in our heads. Imagine it being said by the opposite of
AJ (2010-01-04 04:29:10)
"a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit" FUCKIN LOL'N
lol (2010-01-02 14:06:28)
banal arguments
Loves It (2009-12-31 10:07:56)
"and will care the shit out of them" That made me laugh out loud for like 5 minutes.
spe (2009-12-26 16:02:59)
"anonymous (2009-12-03 16:50:45) Every race has it's own group of idiots that the rest of us is embarrassed by and can laugh at from time to time. Me I am embarrassed of white trash honky tonk hicks. So there ya go." Wow... it must be hard
evilution (2009-12-18 07:10:59)
Black peopple just LOVE playnig the victim...
Guest (2009-12-09 01:39:12)
"slow yo role!"...HAHAHAHA
anonymous (2009-12-03 16:50:45)
Every race has it's own group of idiots that the rest of us is embarrassed by and can laugh at from time to time. Me I am embarrassed of white trash honky tonk hicks. So there ya go.
Voodoo (2009-12-03 14:11:23)
You can't assume these were black dudes. Most white suburban punks talk this way.
Lori Lav (2009-12-03 00:34:25)
its 2009 are we still arguing about race. just stop. shit is funny. i love black people. just stop. its 2009 people, let it go.
rob (2009-12-02 08:58:41)
dollar, are you retarded, jesse was clearly joking and even further pushing the stereotype.... or did all the punctuation and spelling errors go over your head?
Miley C (2009-12-01 09:05:01)
why do blacks say always say AKS instead of ask?
alex (2009-11-30 10:28:44)
So by saying that this is racist you are actually stereotyping yourselves to say you talk like that haha good work
Rachel (2009-11-29 13:08:33)
Aw shut up about the race thing and enjoy the goddam HUMOR of this piece!!! Losers. "and will care the shit out of them" - priceless!!! LOL
chelsakins (2009-11-26 17:02:54)
how is this racist when he didn't say race they are .. ? i'm black & didn't get offended .. i hope he brings these characters back again i was rofling :D
anonymous (2009-11-26 13:05:30)
Kat (2009-11-20 11:14:19)
I agree with everyone else, we need more Tyrone and G-Ice contacts!
Geordi Laforge (2009-11-16 22:56:34)
I see what you did there.
Cccc (2009-11-16 20:46:18)
"you need to chill the fuck out and stop jumpin to conclusions" what I hate is what stupid gangsta kids really talk like this.
anonymous (2009-11-16 17:02:19)
Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D
JP (2009-11-16 10:58:01)
We need more G-Ice! ". . .its ya boy tyrone's boy G Ice"
Julian & associates (2009-11-13 10:15:13)
Julian (2009-11-13 10:12:48)
I love taking care of dogs and shit. hahahaha I'll add that in my resume.
Soiled (2009-11-11 18:59:09)
Hey Bob, Tyrone Shoelaces
Bob (2009-11-11 12:41:20)
Applechairtower, thank you. Point taken. Tard,my comment makes me a little girl? Your attempt at an insult sounds pretty elementary to me. Have you even graduated from high school? Go read a book or something.
tard (2009-11-11 12:30:09)
bob, stfu you little girl.
Applechairtower (2009-11-11 03:37:24)
Hey Bob, Tyrone Power wasn't black.
anonymous (2009-11-10 21:54:43)
"he will care the shit out of them" haha
Libra (2009-11-10 21:14:30)
G-ice! xD
Existantia (2009-11-09 00:37:06)
anonymous - Billy Blanks. LOL but I agree with you completely.
Idongivauck (2009-11-07 21:26:09)
Who cares.....
lulz (2009-11-05 23:00:32)
en up, everybody! if we can't laugh at each other (and ourselves), then like, wtf?
lulz (2009-11-05 22:59:38)
that was funny. why is everyone all over the race thing? i think it's just supposed to be a character. i'm black and i thought it was hysterical. i actually lol'd at g-ice "ay yo wat up woman, its ya boy tyrone's boy G Ice." light
dollar (2009-11-04 16:42:05)
hey jessie, who said this guy is black anyway. i think you are the touchy racist, you are a reverse racist which is the whole reason why racism even exist nowadays. i personally know black folks that do talk like this, but that doesnt make me a racist,
Jesse Jackson (2009-11-03 23:02:47)
This is an outrage. I've never ever heard of black people talking like this! They always be usin correct grammar and shit. Dey neva sound like half retards when dye speakin. dey iz alwayz punctuatin, spelin rite 'n erythang. u a racist wite boi
Fedge (2009-11-03 12:57:44)
that is funny shit...'care the shit out of em' is prolly the funniest line in there. This is why I keep coming back for more -- keep it up!
anonymous (2009-11-02 23:15:09)
give two shits cause' they're using their own internal reactions as a catalyst to over sympathize/defend. Really just save your breath (of finger tips in this case) and write fucking "lol" already.
anonymous (2009-11-02 23:14:12)
I challenge anyone to point out a WHITE guy named Tyrone let alone a black guy named Billy. People are too fucking sensitive these days for real. Shit on this for a sec too btw...people who over react to race humor are more racist than those who don't
Nigga4Life (2009-10-30 18:04:56)
ALL u racist bitches can go to hell.
AL (2009-10-29 10:45:19)
because Tyron is mostly a black persons name... and that's how most gangsta black people talk.... sounds like you're jumping to conclusions
Jon Arbuckle (2009-10-28 21:56:47)
Why are people assuming that Tyrone is black? That's racist.
Ali G (2009-10-27 16:44:14)
I'm so glad that me could spark such an informative conversation about racialism...
Robdog (2009-10-27 00:49:02)
a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit. awesome
shut your dicksucker (2009-10-25 18:29:21)
If Mike Vick was white, he wouldn't have a dog fighting ring...
bornto (2009-10-22 00:09:41)
Man, i'm dying in here! Those are hilarious! Also looks like you watch a lot of tv shows, especially hbo :)
L. (2009-10-21 04:31:03)
Isn't it MEXICANS who usually walk around on the streets with their rottweilers/pitbulls?! Oh wait, am I being RACIST or STEREOTYPICAL now? HAHA. (i'm mexican btw) ;) It wasn't racist at all. Even "black people" make jokes like this
A. Sharpton (2009-10-20 21:55:07)
Can't you stupid monkeys stop obsessing about race and oppression? No wonder you never seem to get ahead.
YurBlkDaddy (2009-10-19 21:08:08)
I love the humor!
Rob (2009-10-17 15:00:11)
care the shit out of them.....AWESOME!!!!!
g ice (2009-10-13 11:41:29)
HAHAHA yo so good!
lloyd (2009-10-12 05:26:21)
anonymous (2009-10-11 17:09:34)
There are more comments here knocking the people who have detected racism in the emails than there are those people whom they are knocking.
You're All Idiots. (2009-10-08 21:52:26)
Quick question. IS this a party pooping, parade raining, bubble bursting flamer site? Cuz if so, I'm leaving.
halfkneegrow (2009-10-08 21:24:46)
lol @ bonqueesha.. THAT's racist. this email is funny, stop being so sensitive.. alluhyall mufuckas.
Nic (2009-10-08 16:54:11)
his website is to laugh in the face of others' anger...
Nic (2009-10-08 16:53:38)
If the humor was meant to be found in the derogatory representation of "Tyrone" - presumably a black man, you failed. I was down for this website until this one...Thanks for the good laughs BEFORE this one. But why am I bothering? The premise of t
yo (2009-10-08 12:39:46)
fuck racism that shits hilarious
td (2009-10-06 16:13:27)
There is nothing wrong with racism as long as it's fair... ...I'm a large proponent of equal opportunity racism, which essentially advocates that it's acceptable to be racist and prejudice towards all people who embrace stereotypes and make th
this is mad racist (2009-10-04 14:45:10)
yo, love the site, but this shits straight up racist. and anyone who says that saying that black vernacular isn't black @shoop, is probably a white supremacist. i.e., if michael vick had been white, these emails probably wouldn't be tooo racist, b
Shoop (2009-10-03 21:43:55)
dumb black people obviously proved this stereotype right. he never once mentioned the skin color of the supposed e mailers, and yet you, black people, assume he is making fun of black people, meaning there is some truth behind the stereotype. SIT DOWN
Whitey (2009-09-29 19:09:59)
I'm white and I think it's funny, though I guess I would have to be black to give a fair opinion on whether or not it's offensive. I will add that I love when Chappelle makes fun of white people...funny is funny, learn to laugh a little and th
BubbaGump (2009-09-25 23:08:55)
ummm, wait, who`s black...?
lilvanilla (2009-09-23 04:01:04)
i love this site..if i need a laugh i at work i look at this page..thanks so much..n keep it up..we just love u at work...
David (2009-09-22 16:48:38)
MORE MORE MORE lol omg Gice
Nizzle (2009-09-22 14:13:50)
You gotta do more Tyrone emails, he is the best. something about me: i love taking care of dogs and shit. Hahhahahhaha holy frick I can't stop laughing over that part. I want more Tyrone!
Gregger (2009-09-20 11:55:24)
"its ya boy tyrone's boy" lmfao ha
MONA (2009-09-19 12:50:56)
i know white ppl who talk like dont have to be black to talk like a loser gangster...and also i know tons of highly educated black ppl who have better grammar and diction than i do, dont qualify stupid with race
dirtygirl420 (2009-09-18 17:41:50)
I love the alternate personality! Nice work.
gary (2009-09-18 04:57:24)
absolute genious!
Sushil (2009-09-17 10:58:29)
"and will care the shit out of them." amazing
gary (2009-09-14 17:54:37)
im black and this dosnt offend me at all! its halarious!
anonymous (2009-09-11 16:13:39)
"A little about myself, I love taking care of dogs an shit" ...thats some funny shit man
bones (2009-09-10 03:18:10)
This is racist - he is clearly poking fun at the East Timorese. I was East Timorese in a previous life and am very hurt by this.
PEYTON MANNING (2009-09-08 11:12:43)
anonymous (2009-09-05 17:11:56)
"Black people can't spell that well. I woulda spotted this fake in a second." lmao!
Alexio (2009-09-05 01:36:16)
"a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit" HAHAHAHAHA
Prostaquasha (2009-09-04 12:56:28)
Tyrone? That nigga still tryin scheme on some dog... G Ice u owe me 20 dollaz, u best get me money nigga
OhHoHo (2009-09-03 11:01:43)
Black people can't spell that well. I woulda spotted this fake in a second.
anonymous (2009-09-02 19:36:43)
im BLACK and this shyt is funnny!!!
Racist? No way (2009-09-02 12:06:51)
Some of you need to slow yo role!
hey (2009-09-02 01:43:57)
who said anything about tyrone being black, he's obviously Polish.
Capin' Big Lips (2009-09-01 20:31:06)
he doesn't specify race in this. you can draw your own conclusions about that, and if you think it's racist...then maybe you're the racist.
Robin (2009-09-01 18:55:23)
I agree! This is totally racist against Japanese people.
Bonqueesha Jones (2009-09-01 09:30:05)
yous a ignant racist peice of shit. i hope yo honky ass gets shot. you wouldnt cum round my cuz yous a punk ass bitch.
Anonymous (2009-08-30 08:57:51)
How is this racist? He's not implying one race is superior to another. You guys are fucking clueless. He's using a racial stereotype to create humor. After all, don't all of us know a black guy like Tyrone?
s (2009-08-28 23:59:39)
lmfaoo this is def like the most hilarious thing ive ever read
dunsten (2009-08-28 15:46:10)
"he will care the shit out of them" XFD
Criz (2009-08-25 11:45:58)
Ha Ha, funny stuff. This guy is just creating a character. Im sure that he doesnt mean any "harm" by it.
What (2009-08-25 03:50:36)
What a cheapass. 30 bucks a day to take car of a dog? 30 bucks an hour's more like it.
nappyhead (2009-08-24 18:18:27)
my associate goes by G-ICE thats toomofuckinfunny my biggot from another nigglet
Jasmine (2009-08-23 14:46:41)
"he loves em so much and will care the shit out of them" hilarious!
Actually (2009-08-22 20:54:12)
I'm black and I think these are hilarious. However, if this guy ISN'T black himself (the site owner) he is most likely a white male sexist/racist who is pretty funny. Laugh a little..however, something tells me this dude is black..
realist (2009-08-22 04:42:22)
"your stereotypes are as stale as month old bread." Sort of like your cliches?
white kracker (2009-08-21 16:46:25)
dont name your kids "laqueesha, latoyaalonda and tyrone" and teach them to speak properly, and the stereotype isn't offensive. stop giving yourselves a bad name. we all call it like we see it. live with the consequences.
lahlz pt. 2 (2009-08-21 03:29:40)
white guys named Tyrone. By assuming that the only person who would speak like that is black (or someone pretending to be black), you are the racist. Go project your bigotry on someone else.
lahlz (2009-08-21 03:28:24)
It's fucking stupid to assume that this is racist. I've met tons of white people that speak like that (especially on the internet, where proper grammar is as rare as a fucking unicorn) and have nicknames like "G-Ice" and I've even met
. (2009-08-20 20:20:39)
Did you get your tyrone from
me (2009-08-20 16:29:26)
Good god... A debate on rascism on a comedic email containing 2 fictitional characters who are not even identified as to their race. Thats pathetic. Just enjoy the comedy and stop seeing race in everything. Pathetic.
Ali G (2009-08-19 18:06:21)
I guess Lis and lol be racialist two
Duncan (2009-08-18 01:40:42)
the shit got cared on, ha ha
anonymous (2009-08-17 19:56:22)
omg, frickin HILARIOUS, this is brilliant!
Duygu (2009-08-17 09:21:15)
lmao i fell off the chair. you are a GENIUS.
Paul (2009-08-16 12:37:41)
I think they both sound like assholes. My first time on the site and I didn't realize the gimmick was the series of replies. Get a kennel asshole and a dog that doesn't kill people.
Michael Vick (2009-08-16 05:18:30)
hey man, dog fighting is no joke. you shouldn't be making fun of this kind of thing.
lol (2009-08-15 23:33:22)
Why is this racist? I know several people who talk and write this way.....and they are not black. This is the jargon of someone who tries to hard. Now that's what makes it funny.
Alex (2009-08-13 23:29:55)
Oh God almighty, I have never laughed so hard in my life! "Look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog." So fucking funny!!!!
anonymous (2009-08-13 06:10:24)
only thing that would've mad it better is if he used the name Ron Mexico
torr (2009-08-10 04:45:44)
oh man this site has be dying, love it
WOOOO!! (2009-08-06 14:19:03)
@That GUY: NEW stereotype?? bwhahaha
Lis (2009-08-06 10:57:35)
of course someone says it's racist
awesome (2009-08-05 10:34:31)
yes it is...greatness
Ali G (2009-08-04 17:17:19)
that's racialist
captain obvious (2009-08-01 22:01:04)
you're killin me dude!
Caroline (2009-08-01 16:40:54)
lmao, " the shit out of them ... i ain't playin." Good work.
anonymous (2009-08-01 03:06:22)
really? who the hell cares if its fake. its some funny shit. comedy doesnt take a lot of thinking. do you really believe that all those stories comedians tell are real as well?
Rob (2009-07-31 11:02:44)
@Amazing you are probably the dumbest person on the internet
janos (2009-07-31 03:01:46)
@ what if it isnt real? makes him even more genious...and i bet u liked those ghosebustermovies too? i dont think they are real!
Amazing (2009-07-30 16:57:41)
Wow. This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read. And of course, everyone thinks it's real. Idiots.
shaqueesha (2009-07-30 02:04:21)
Cali (2009-07-28 14:29:53)
This is one of the funniest posts up here. Because of the language and the straight aout asking a woman to pit her dog in danger. I also like him applying for a job with profanities in the email. Real classy. My favorite yet!
anonymous (2009-07-28 04:10:43)
cracka lacking!
hA (2009-07-27 15:44:31)
" i love taking care of dogs and shit"
knubbe (2009-07-27 14:55:12)
" i ain't playin "
anonymous (2009-07-26 18:54:29)
Yo is Tyrone, one of Vicks boys? LOL
Random Idiot # 8 (2009-07-25 14:58:33)
Whoa look at me! I'm gonna type the word DICK and PENIS and how you can SUCK IT AND SHIT. I'M SO FUCKING MATURE THAT IT'S KILLING ME.
AceS (2009-07-25 13:07:39)
Totally awesome dude ! :D
Sean Ward (2009-07-25 13:06:37)
I nearly pissed myself.
Viktor (2009-07-24 09:46:10)
Joe (2009-07-23 23:02:00)
go away XD
MD (2009-07-23 21:19:23)
Hey trisha you triflin bitch just give him the dog already!
Patto (2009-07-23 18:34:12)
Dog flighting is hectic...give him the dog.
john (2009-07-23 15:28:28)
'YES! (2009-07-16 17:45:54) I wish G-Ice was my associate.' HAHAHAHA.
Mike (2009-07-23 15:24:25)
As a black person myself I would have liked this email to have involved more fried chicken and possibly some water mellon.
anonymous (2009-07-23 00:45:35)
"a little about myself: I love taking care of dogs and shit" LOL
anonymous (2009-07-22 16:56:06)
There is nothing funny about niggers
anonymous (2009-07-22 16:44:11)
I love black trouser snake
Patrick (2009-07-22 15:47:08)
Patrick (2009-07-15 20:14:48) Dude, don't fuck up a good thing you've got going with these racist posts. You're funnier than that. hey guys sorry, i just wanted to rescind my comment and let you guys know that i love enormous black dick.
anonymous (2009-07-22 14:26:01)
hahah great. can I has more sexism next time tho? i love that shit.
UR MOTHER (2009-07-20 23:40:21)
huh? (2009-07-19 13:37:27)
Which person was black? The woman, tyrone, g ice, or the dog? I thought they were all white jewish people. What you don't think jewish people are gangster?
Kid (2009-07-16 21:47:11)
That was lame.
A (2009-07-16 20:29:35)
hahahah best one yet, keep it up
anonymous (2009-07-16 20:04:30)
I'm in tears with this one! It's even funnier that you're speaking ebonics which obviously isn't your first language.
@Patrick (2009-07-16 18:19:23)
slow yo role
not a retard (2009-07-16 18:18:49)
@anonymous "tyrone and g ice are probly coked out 16 yr old white kids from atherton" u realize these are made up personas by the same guy right?
YES! (2009-07-16 17:45:54)
I wish G-Ice was my associate.
G Ice (2009-07-16 17:00:32)
Yo, why ya hatin on mah homie?
ag (2009-07-16 11:13:49)
G Ice (2009-07-15 23:41:12)
Patrick (2009-07-15 20:14:48)
Dude, don't fuck up a good thing you've got going with these racist posts. You're funnier than that.
Allison (2009-07-15 16:16:32)
Dianna (2009-07-15 10:50:57)
anonymous (2009-07-14 23:44:17)
tyrone and g ice are probly coked out 16 yr old white kids from atherton
Mike (2009-07-13 19:54:27)
Haha, Michael Vick is funny.
Reny (2009-07-13 16:40:47)
Joe (2009-07-12 20:21:42)
triflin bitch hahaahaha lil about me, i love dogs and shit lmao
juicy (2009-07-12 11:12:33)
i think some of these co
anonymous (2009-07-12 00:33:09)
Omg that is hilarious!!!
Jonk (2009-07-10 20:42:45)
yeah, I agree about people not getting it. lol. As in, the real issue behind race, is that this one is just very very overdone. My guess is that you peoples don't usually get someth
Meh.. (2009-07-10 18:23:12)
LAWLS..bout time someone is messing with the ppl who make dumbass adds/requests!
John Fonda (2009-07-10 14:37:28)
I can't get enough of these!!!!
Fuck Yikes, Bekki (2009-07-10 12:40:55)
Hey umm.. fuck you Yikes and Bekki. I live around rednecks and *gangsters* and this is fucking epic and far from racist. Where I live racism is still around and its never this subtle so stfu and stop being so liberal. ><
Funny Stuff (2009-07-10 00:22:30)
This Is Halarious I Literally Fell Over Myself With Laughter. Pure Pure Gold Right Here Just Amazing. My Hats Off To You
anonymous (2009-07-09 13:15:32)
G Ice (2009-07-09 12:32:13)
G-ice (2009-07-09 10:56:12)
yo im G ice!!! its 2-cirlce-circle-9!!!
dave beard (2009-07-09 10:03:13)
funny as hell!!!!!! amazing how some people j u s t d o n t g e t i t
DARLING (2009-07-08 13:00:45)
Clearly written by a white person because G Ice is some shit they would make up!! Who would call themselves G Ice in 2009?
Jason (2009-07-08 03:29:01)
odd... I don't see anyone sayin that this was a black guy. Why do you guys saying he might not be balck?
Jonk (2009-07-08 03:26:50)
Racial profiling. Okay. You know, you guys need to get out of your mommas basem
zzzz (2009-07-07 16:36:59)
BIGDICK (2009-07-07 13:57:27)
Chuck (2009-07-07 12:30:53)
G-ice, brilliant.
charlie (2009-07-06 19:50:05)
hilarious! idk why people are saying this is racist; he never identified himself as any race. actually, it's racist to jump to the conclusion that he's black.
G Ice (2009-07-06 14:53:14)
This is not fake or racist. Get over it.
Ehh (2009-07-06 14:42:30)
lol! (2009-07-06 10:47:34)
"whoa whoa slow yo role!" HAHAHAHAH
toddmi33 (2009-07-06 01:01:12)
America, America! Fuck yea!
anonymous (2009-07-05 23:36:06)
no one on the internet spells definitely correctly - except g-ice
Muyi (2009-07-05 21:59:36)
These are pure gold lmao
Same guy as below (2009-07-05 17:15:22)
Keep this shit up, man. All your escapades are straight up boss.
Mark (2009-07-05 17:13:59)
"Will care the shit out of them" LOL
crazy joe (2009-07-05 11:57:52)
fuckin classic dude..... love the "my associate G Ice" part. some ppl are just begging to be fucked with!
TrueFan (2009-07-05 02:14:37)
I just discovered this site. This stuff is GOLD, baby!!!
Tyrone will (2009-07-05 01:21:12)
"will care the shit out of him" epic win
Logan (2009-07-04 23:41:14)
You need to get a contact email so people can suggest listings for you to reply to. Here's a good one:
Nick (2009-07-04 20:37:23)
Where does it even say that Tyrone is black? He could just as well be Caucasian/Asian/Hispanic or any other race... Bottom line though is that this is a comedy site, no one is forcing you to read anything on this website or visit it.
devon (2009-07-04 09:57:41)
u sir be a true genius no shit man!
Jesse Jackson (2009-07-04 04:53:31)
This is an outrage. I've never ever heard of black people talking like this! They always be usin correct grammar and shit. Dey neva sound like half retards when dye speakin. dey iz alwayz punctuatin, spelin rite 'n erythang. u a racist wite boi
Will (2009-07-04 00:02:35)
The author of the emails was portraying a one-dimensional character. He wa
tj (2009-07-03 21:12:40)
I am black and I can't believe that anyone would think this was racist. This shit is just plain ass funny...keep up the good work.
Danny (2009-07-03 20:23:30)
Stop Licking Jesse Jacksons ass morons. This is a comedy site GTFO if you dont like it. I love this site.
Jonk (2009-07-03 19:14:11)
I understand the humor and I love this site, not sure about this entry, though. Not only are there even racial undertones, I think the dramatics were pushed a little too hard. I love your site and I check it every other day.
Nick (2009-07-03 17:48:24)
Classic! Love the site!
To Awesome Post (2009-07-03 14:58:12)
Your use of the word "Twat" to end a post made me laugh harder than Tyrone's blog entry. And yikes, tuck in your vagina already.
E (2009-07-03 13:42:53)
Poetic Ghetto. "in case an angrier dog tries to start some shit"
S (2009-07-03 09:09:04)
te amo!
anonymous (2009-07-03 06:32:21)
get a rss feeed
JP (2009-07-03 00:30:07)
I linked you my my FB and now many are laughing - my favorite part is the "triflin bitch"
KeithMFingMoon,Bitch (2009-07-02 23:26:06)
You have mastered the art of assholery, young grasshopper. I will spam this site everywhere. Keep up the good motherfucking work!
grand imperial king (2009-07-02 23:23:39)
im black and I thought it was funny as shit. shout out to mike vick
Awesome Post (2009-07-02 23:09:51)
Ash (2009-07-02 21:47:31)
One of your best ones yet! Keep it up! :D
Becca (2009-07-02 19:56:07)
This is my newest favorite blog, gives me something to look forward to. Keep up the good work!
anonymous (2009-07-02 18:51:27)
ay yo, dis syte go hard.
Dog Lover (2009-07-02 18:34:44)
Our family has 5 dogs and this was as funny as they come. Chill out people, this is a humor website.
rose (2009-07-02 17:11:15)
oh god. your website has made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Keep up the good work!
anon (2009-07-02 16:04:19)
Best one ever!
bigfan (2009-07-02 15:21:49)
whoa whoa slow yo role is now firmly in my fake homeboy parlance. FRIENDS OF ASSHOLE UNITE!!!!!!!!
nathan (2009-07-02 14:52:05)
so fucking classic!
bekki (2009-07-02 14:19:40)
its funny, but a bit implicitly racist...
Jajuan (2009-07-02 14:17:03)
Best one yet!!! I hope tyrone returns for future emails!!!
That GUY (2009-07-02 14:00:25)
I also have no appreciation for dirty humor, and one can only imagine why I hang around on a site like this if I'm always on the rag.
Tman (2009-07-02 13:59:20)
Great stuff. Reminds me when I was 19
yikes (2009-07-02 13:54:02)
casually racist and not that funny. try to be more original, your stereotypes are as stale as month old bread.
Raazge (2009-07-02 13:39:11)
G Ice's jargon cracks me up!
mi-au (2009-07-02 13:17:25)
I got and love my dog, if somebody would send me such an email I would feel sick and would be suspicious forever.. lol. Asshole please tell her it was a joke :)
Dreamtard (2009-07-02 13:07:20) of the more brilliant websites ever. Constantly cracking my shit the fuck up. Keep up the brilliant work sir.
An (2009-07-02 12:41:51)
Lol... This is funny.
That GUY (2009-07-02 12:41:01)
I have a tiny weenie
Mr O (2009-07-02 12:39:58)
d (2009-07-02 11:58:19)
That's my boy g ice!
Cameron (2009-07-02 11:28:19)
"care the shit out of em" haha. keep up the good stuff man, really funny!
That GUY (2009-07-02 11:22:36)
Man on man... this is okay... i hope u apologize to the lady cuz pet owners are very defensive. and dont start some new stereotype asshole
anonymous (2009-07-02 11:20:53)
"would he be able to fight another dog if they were both put in a ring? just wonderin." PRICELESS. Keep up, man!
I'm a (2009-07-02 11:08:26)
Niki (2009-07-02 11:06:03)
"will care the shit out of them". lol
Mitch (2009-07-02 10:54:55)
Another gem! Keep up the hilarity, please!!

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