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The Shaniqua Chronicles pt. 3
Posted at: 2009-06-08 00:52:03
Original ad:
**********HEY YOU THERE*************-$1500


(the ad also had a picture of her posing for the camera, like that is necessary for an "auto wanted" ad)
Me to SHANIQUA *************

I saw your ad on ********** and I think I have a great car for you. I am selling my 1996 Ford Explorer. I used to work in the film industry, and I got this car after it was used in a movie. It has a custom paint job from the movie set. I barely drive it, so it has only around 60,000 miles on it. I really have no use for it anymore, so I am willing to get rid of it. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. I've attached a few pictures of it. Please note that it did have a MINOR accident involving an animal and may have slight damage.



SHANIQUA ************* to Me
Sir I thank you for trying to help but I don't want to drive the truck from the dinosaur movie.I wouldn't mind if I had money to get it painted over but I don't. Thanks anyway

Me to SHANIQUA *************
I always believe that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn't judge this car by its paint job. It has a great engine that will not quit. From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that. This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon.

SHANIQUA ************* to Me
No thanks!!!!

Me to SHANIQUA *************
Tell you what, for an extra 50 bucks I will spray paint the entire car flat black. I took an art class in high school so I have some experience painting and it will look great.

SHANIQUA ************* to Me

Me to SHANIQUA *************
Here's what I am willing to do. For $60, I will spray paint the entire car black, and then cover it with scotch tape so it is shiny. I'll also throw in a VHS of Jurassic Park I taped off of TBS 5 years ago. Includes many classic "retro" commercials that you don't see on TV anymore. A collector's goldmine!

SHANIQUA ************* to Me

Me to SHANIQUA *************
WAIT! Before you make that deal, check out the new, REPAINTED Explorer. I repainted it a nice shiny blue. Please check out the picture and reconsider!

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George (2014-02-27 10:48:24)
Holy shit I would kill to buy that car!!!
ian (2014-02-25 20:44:55)
how dumb is she to think she can get a ford explorer for 1500?
smfh (2014-01-21 08:09:41)
God the comments this generates make me cringe.
Rob (2014-01-16 14:52:53)
1996 Explorer in a 1993 movie.
Chicken (2013-12-10 19:15:06)
black people are the worst!
lovemike (2013-10-09 11:11:34)
Jay, it shows how stupid you are by being racist over something that is just supposed to make people laugh. Wtf is wrong with you?
McHunt (2013-09-29 13:47:39)
It has a CD-ROM!
Jay (2013-08-25 00:00:58)
Shaniqua. Do you think she is a negroid? I don't see her pic, but I bet she's got 3 different fathers for those kids. And welfare is helping pay for everything she buys. Why an Exploder? So she can look good cruisin the 'hood? Damned popolos!
port (2013-08-18 10:38:35)
Too funny!...she takes a screen shot from the movie as the truck pic!
whaaaaaaaaaa? (2013-08-12 15:16:10)
@Kriegar: What makes you think *SHaniqua*, single mother of 3, is a blonde?
Kriegar (2013-08-07 12:01:21)
Another dumb blond bites the dust
jason (2013-07-30 00:56:58)
"Minor animal damage". Nobody picked up its the car that gets rolled by the t-rex
Troy (2013-07-16 15:48:24)
I know.. She actually thought it was the orig movie car and didnt think it worth the price.. Soemthing that would probably auction for over 10k.. too much.
DC (2013-04-20 16:37:44)
"Wow dat so funny I laff outloud LOL LOL LOL LOL eh lo el. Omg dat funny da car is from dat movie wif da flying dinos and shit it so funny. It from land of the lost, right? Oh well me no know." HAHAHAHAHA had to re-post this shit.
herbicide (2013-04-20 06:04:52)
lol i didn't have to read anything as soon as i saw the jurassic park car i lost my shit!
anonymous (2013-03-25 12:57:50)
WTF that car is priceless
RemyemberbGed (2013-03-14 06:08:30)
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Azeem (2013-02-13 14:13:11)
"Please check out the picture and reconsider!": MS Paint In splits!! Gold man!!
Ab (2013-02-12 01:50:59)
Wow dat so funny I laff outloud LOL LOL LOL LOL eh lo el. Omg dat funny da car is from dat movie wif da flying dinos and shit it so funny. It from land of the lost, right? Oh well me no know.
reirtybreable (2013-02-06 03:36:14)
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Max Lotz (2013-01-06 19:47:35)
I love how she says "the dinosaur movie" even though the movie title is right fucking there, written on the side of the car.
Etellex (2012-12-28 17:15:12)
It would be even funnier if she actually bought it at the end.
Ryan (2012-12-01 14:31:41)
I love how in the second picture you can see Sam Neill sitting in the backseat.
Dredd (2012-11-21 09:39:33)
Who wouldn't want a Jurrasic Park car?
david wewrd that so (2012-10-31 01:25:46)
hahah too funny.i wonder if she thought it was weird that someone in the film industry that got this off a movie set would have to tape jurassic park
testman (2012-10-22 10:07:27)
@ally it's a movie screenshot, the car was like that in the movie, if i remember correctly
ally (2012-10-19 22:55:39)
Did anyone notice it was still on tracks from a ride attraction...
anonymous (2012-10-19 18:24:40)
This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon. So much win
danwat1234 (2012-10-12 21:42:33)
I'd buy that Explorer in a heartbeat! Jurassic Park oh yea
wut (2012-09-25 23:41:03)
This woman thinks she's going to get a SUV in good condition that still has shiny paint for $1500 and can't spend a penny more than that? LOL
Shane (2012-09-23 20:31:17)
"No thanks, I don't want the car from Jurassic Park" She believes it's the original car and doesn't want it... I'd do anything for that car.
Alexatedw (2012-08-17 11:52:33)
Try throwing in the NVG's from the back seat...
anonymous (2012-08-08 16:45:35)
I love this one. Fun fact though. Jurassic Park came out in '93 so it can't be a '96 explorer. Still funny regardless.
Tom (2012-08-08 12:04:45)
funny thing is that truck from jurrassic park would be worth SO MUCH lol
lolwut (2012-08-06 16:48:12)
The best part is people on the site really think you own the car... We know who your next victims will be.
Westenra (2012-08-01 16:14:24)
Freaking hilarious. I started laughing at the first picture, but then when I scrolled down and saw the MS Paint job on the second one I couldn't control myself. This is genius Love this kind of humour, so barefaced and flatly ridiculous
t rex (2012-07-29 11:12:07)
How she doesnt know what jurrasic park is? Reffers to it as the dinasaus
Tiger Paw Raw (2012-07-24 17:36:38)
God, the last reply did it. The guy that said "You guys really LOL? I crack a smile, but that's it" on one of the previous postings is a fucking liar!
Macken (2012-07-23 07:30:43)
Bella (2012-07-22 00:58:17)
I started laughing my ass off as soon as I saw the Jurassic Park pic. xD I love this site.
anon (2012-07-19 15:12:26)
You're definitely one of the funniest guy out there.
Ho rider (2012-07-04 02:15:27)
ROFL " the car did have a minor incident with an animal" HAHA
Brian (2012-06-15 16:25:40)
Holy Balls. I was just reading this article and listening to Pandora at the same time. It started playing John Williams Jurassic Park, Film Score - from his greatest hits album. Haha, thought I was going crazy. What a coincidence. Just had to share that
anonymous (2012-06-15 09:24:49)
that woman is realy stupid if she says "no" to that truck... that ford is a lengend! A collecter could have payd 500-1mill USD for that thing...
Lance (2012-06-14 16:43:01)
Dude, you are seriously twisted...and funnier than most comedians. I would pay to hear your stand up!!!! ROTFLMFAO hilarious.
JxHx (2012-06-09 02:55:50)
One lady and three kids need a freaking Ford Explorer in order not to feel cramped up inside a car. How American. They must be really fat.
Specter (2012-05-19 04:06:34)
Dude, I would kill for a Jurassic-Parkmobile...
James (2012-05-09 15:33:27)
My favorite part is when she says "I don't want to drive the truck from the dinosaur movie" even though the name of the damned movie is on the side of the truck!
Adrian (2012-05-08 00:26:33)
Ahhaa, this one KILLED me. hahaha.
Adrian (2012-05-08 00:25:13)
Ahhaa, this one KILLED me. hahaha.
captain obvious (2012-05-05 08:30:26)
"it will not be going extinct anytime soon" - lol'd
Borris (2012-04-28 22:29:37)
"From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that" lol
jojo (2012-04-15 06:22:44)
lmfao funny dude
Dr Strangelove (2012-04-08 13:12:39)
i would love to have the truck from Jurassic Park! Has anyone bought it yet?
Leksmupesueni (2012-04-08 10:17:10)
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anonymous (2012-03-24 23:30:06)
The last picture made my laugh my ass of!!
Stephen (2012-03-21 12:36:19)
Might be the best one
Anal tickler (2012-02-28 23:20:37)
Still laughing; too fuckin funny dawg!
LikeThat (2012-02-27 16:24:28)
Some of the commenters are definately attention whores, nice fooling Shaniqua 3 times!
jack (2012-02-16 16:08:53)
hahaha!! Blue paint is looking awesome
@Kat (2012-01-25 23:41:22)
Doctor* Grant
Kat (2012-01-03 16:23:29)
Does it come with Professor Grant? It was very nice of him to sit in your car a second time after you applied the new coat of paint. :)
Indigo (2012-01-03 11:06:23)
Who the fuck wouldn't want the Jurrasicparkmobile?
@Sandrae (2011-12-22 14:11:53)
Wow this shit is hilarious ! The whole website XD @Sandrae , get better soon !
Omfgdiaf (2011-12-22 06:52:56)
Omfg yessss such a beautiful truck!! I didn't see the lines at first and they made me laugh all over again omg I'm so going to fuck with people now they're just so dumb on cl lol
anonymouse (2011-12-20 11:33:13)
Who the fuck wouldn't want the Jurrasic Park car? I would've taken that shit straight away.
Guy (2011-12-14 10:09:36)
HAHAHA! SO shiny!
meg (2011-12-07 15:27:55)
hahaha, sooo glad i found this website, your such as ass :)
Kingault (2011-12-03 18:09:27)
Thus I'm at the end of the emails.. The MS Paint picture was hilarious.
Robnavy (2011-11-29 02:42:02)
I love the sparkle lines.
Wayne (2011-11-27 10:56:19)
Man, when I saw the MS Paint version, I laughed so hard, I almost threw up...You are a freakin' GENIUS!
LOL (2011-11-20 01:03:59)
I'll also throw in a VHS of Jurassic Park I taped off of TBS 5 years ago. that was FUCKIN hilarious
Pamela (2011-11-09 00:56:31)
Marry me.
fanny wipes (2011-10-23 12:46:07)
off me tits on yokes
Powermad80 (2011-10-16 23:25:31)
Haha...the MS Paint'd car at the end was hilari-FUCK! I read the entire website! THERE'S NO MORE LEFT!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!
girl (2011-10-12 22:01:19)
Dutchie (2011-10-12 10:46:35)
This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon. Ghehe, I LOL'ed :)
errgh (2011-10-10 23:08:28)
I'm so high
kristie (2011-10-08 20:39:42)
I saw the pictures of the Jurassic Park SUV and couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes before I even got to reading it.
Nate (2011-10-04 15:42:31)
That's funny as fuck
Ben (2011-09-23 01:46:12)
Too bad this is the last one though :(
Ben (2011-09-23 01:43:43)
I'm still fucking laughing even after 15 mins...holy fuck this s great..
Ben (2011-09-23 01:42:34)
HAHAHA!!! OMG I haven't laughed this hard for any of his e-mails before! Man that last paint job was the bomb!
Dude101 (2011-09-17 18:49:01)
Who the hell WOULDN'T wanna drive that car?!
Sandrae (2011-09-09 00:14:55)
A few weeks ago i was bitten by a Water mocassin snake and was in the hospital ICU for a week. Am home recovering and I have been reading all these stories! Thank You for making me laugh again!! It really helps! :)
Minster (2011-08-23 16:06:28)
spent half the night to read it all through, dude you made my night
Done reading all (2011-08-23 00:40:05)
Ah fuck, I just read all of the website. Mike hope you make more of your masterpieces, I never had such a good laugh in my life, best site ever... :D
anonymous (2011-07-22 23:25:41)
Who the hell doesn't want the Jurassic Park truck? I would've taken that deal in a heartbeat.
anonymous (2011-07-22 21:14:01)
I like how, unlike most of the other people on this site, she stopped replying to your inanity.
Silly billy (2011-07-22 03:04:51)
I love how the car is on a track:)
kekeke (2011-07-14 19:53:05)
I want to have you babies.
Wylis (2011-07-11 07:22:03)
You are inspirationally funny and I would like to buy you several beers.
lol (2011-07-07 05:11:30)
you are hilarious!!!!!!!!
Curious (2011-06-27 22:03:33)
I wonder what Mike would do if the person actually agreed to all the ridiculous conditions that he's setting up.
James (2011-06-27 08:51:41)
Dude, I'd pay >$20k for any vehicle painted like that.
William (2011-06-25 19:25:38)
What a stupid bitch indeed. She could sell that Jurassic Park car for at least double that amount of money. Genius additive about the minor accident with an animal part :D
Mwsh (2011-06-22 16:24:22)
@matt she was'nt wrong though
Joy (2011-06-21 09:09:56)
I loved the "shine" after the blue paint job. Lmao!
pennylane (2011-06-17 02:20:14)
scrotiemcboogerballs (2011-06-15 17:08:30)
thanks for making me spill soda over computer screen for laughin so hard appreciate it =]
Guy (2011-06-12 18:32:08)
"I will cover it in scotch tape so it's shiny" PURE GENIUS.
anonymous (2011-06-09 23:06:37)
I love the blue paint job
matt (2011-06-08 15:07:59)
What a stupid bitch. Why wouldn't you want to buy the jurassic park car?
CJ (2011-06-01 12:51:49)
She remained pretty calm...good for her. But it is funnier when the victim starts to freak out.
rofl (2011-05-28 06:59:56)
lmao...that is epic...but seriously....everyone knows they thought that truck was pimp when that movie came out =D
trollasauras rex (2011-05-28 01:47:19)
She is so.stupid ...the car says jurassic park on it but she says the dinasaur movie
Prudence (2011-05-26 10:59:18)
Lmao lol don't be judgemental MEM
Matt (2011-05-21 17:04:33)
"From the inside you can't even tell it's painted like that" lol
Dave (2011-05-19 17:44:20)
hahahaha it comes with Sam Neill in the back seat!!
trex (2011-05-16 23:00:47)
this shit made me cry :D
anonymous (2011-05-07 07:58:16)
Omg sooo funny
anonymous (2011-05-01 23:41:43)
That bitch keeps spamming the caps lock. It looks so fucking stupid.
lovemesumvaJJ (2011-04-18 22:50:36)
i would so rock the JP truck, even though its a ford!
Kenny (2011-04-18 16:12:37)
Ohmyfuckinggod this is the absolute funniest thing ive ever seen
anonymous (2011-04-13 12:14:32)
do you sell the dinosaurs too?
bitchesbecrazy (2011-04-03 22:15:38)
ahahaha! I love the shine lines coming off of it!
lovesdplovesme (2011-04-02 22:47:29)
HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! The last picture made me spit hot soup on my baby!
anonymous (2011-04-01 21:56:33)
duuuude you are a GENIUS
Ashley (2011-04-01 17:28:46)
I would totally buy a Jurassic Park car and drive it EVERYWHERE! That would be sweet
tony (2011-04-01 10:05:50)
Do you think she ended up going with the Geo Metro?
matt (2011-04-01 03:36:11)
this was too funny for me not to comment. absolutely hysterical, this whole website rocks.
OMGUY (2011-03-24 17:46:26)
MS Paint ftw.
tblue3cibm (2011-03-24 14:59:55)
funniest thread ever!!
anonymous (2011-03-23 08:46:44)
LMFAO laughed so fucking hard at the end, PRICELESS !!!!!!!
lmaooooo (2011-03-23 01:14:34)
love the paint job XD
anonymous (2011-03-13 15:06:52)
The Jurassic Park truck? SOLD.
deitrik (2011-03-11 12:17:23)
No! Wait! I've painted it blue! Hahaha
SpyderMandy (2011-03-07 13:16:04)
dude, you clearly don't get paid enough. bahahah love this shit
Maxwell (2011-03-01 09:55:44)
This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon. LOL
baman (2011-02-25 00:39:18)
I lost it at the part with the taped Jurassic Park movie off TBS. "a collector's goldmine!" Still laughing.
anonymous (2011-02-22 00:05:34)
Her names shaniqua,ya she's black
Dean (2011-02-10 08:32:47)
The best is that you can see the face of that guy in the car.
Vaginaballs (2011-02-03 22:39:08)
"This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon" Bahahah! Classic.
anonymous (2011-02-02 01:18:42)
MOVIE (2011-01-29 01:17:44)
What?!? I would definitely buy that one rather than the regular one! that girl has no brain, that car has more value than any others in the market
Wauwen (2011-01-20 00:23:53)
I would totally drive the JP jeep. I wonder if it would have night vision goggles under the back seat?
Gabe (2011-01-18 00:59:49)
Am I the only one that actually wants a JP Ford Explorer?
anonymous (2011-01-11 15:10:37)
'minor accident involving an animal' haha, good shit
paul (2011-01-10 15:44:51)
the car is electric you would drive it off the rails how? though it was an awesome film. the lady must have thought her life had gone to hell
T-Rex (2011-01-09 08:39:13)
TommyD (2011-01-07 04:05:26)
Desiree (2011-01-07 01:38:02)
F***ING BRILLIANT... I especially loved this one because I hate it when people place an ad in all caps for no reason. lol. So, is this guy the reason that craigslist now has a spam warning? :P
Brooke (2010-12-29 22:53:37)
this guy is pure genius ive read most of his emails and shall finish reading them tonight ^.^ ily Mike!
Re: I Wonder (2010-12-20 21:31:29)
On the back of his book, it mentions Shaniqua's reaction to finding out.
I wonder (2010-12-15 17:34:21)
I wonder if she ever figured out that he was fucking with her all 3 times
JG (2010-12-13 18:34:46)
Actually my first truck was 1500 and my second was 2k. I had both for 7-10 years. I bought them used from a rich sod farmer. It's pretty common.
anonymous (2010-12-13 17:18:25)
Wtf wouldn't pay 1500 for that?!? Even if it wasn't a peice of movie history.
Fyre (2010-12-13 16:30:44)
Haha, she probably got scammed... Craigslist even says that you shouldn't trust offers to 'ship' vehicles. I'd have taken the Jurassic Park car! I'd have the badassiest car around!
for Yomunda (2010-12-10 14:39:51)
only crack heads who will do anything for money
jim crow (2010-12-10 00:09:18)
Hahaha! very nice post! Black people can be so stupid at times! it really lets you know how stupid our world really is...
Yomunda (2010-12-08 22:56:11)
What kinda retard thinks they're going to get a truck with only $1,500
melers (2010-12-05 02:02:28)
"This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon." lol
nobody notices (2010-11-30 23:25:53)
Rail underneath the undercarraige. That's part of a ride.
jason (2010-11-28 01:24:56)
the shiney lines are great. dudes still in back seat. dino can be seen in backround. awesome!!!
Vincente torres (2010-11-26 02:03:19)
Brilliant! But I think I like hidden weapons best. And just because she said "the dinosaur movie"doesnt mean shes black, she could be a blonde.
carlijn (2010-11-22 13:13:27)
Is she stupid enough to fail three times about one ad ?
Shawn (2010-11-10 07:50:40)
This is the first one I've responded to because it was plain brilliant. I have tears in my eyes. You're hilarious, dude!
dude (2010-11-09 10:30:15)
to Emma, stfu and gtfo, don't hurt Keith's feelings, he's a good kid
anonymous (2010-11-04 19:09:34)
that. is awesome
Sam (2010-11-02 19:48:03)
shiiieieeeeeetttttttt funny as bawlz
Bob (2010-10-29 20:32:33)
Hell, I'd take it in a heartbeat.
anonymous (2010-10-21 13:35:40)
lmfao...yes. I want one.
Karl (2010-10-17 20:24:18)
Wahahaha, minor animal damage.
Gimbal (2010-10-14 23:53:22)
MS Paint Win
ONEARMSHWAG (2010-10-14 17:57:46)
lol the blue at the end seals the deal
adam (2010-10-12 17:44:51)
fucking brilliant!
... (2010-10-11 20:54:24)
nunya...ya stuff got cut off boo...but i agree with you. and the jurassic park explorer is awesome!! i'd pay good money for it so 1500 is a steal
nunya (2010-10-11 20:51:34)
umm first of all the paint job is fuckin awesome. second of all wat the fuck does her being black have to do with anything? its racist peices of shit like yall that make this world a fucked up place so yall can take ya little lily white redneck trailer pa
Mason (2010-10-07 06:25:56)
That women must be retarded, the jeep from Jurassic Park is probably worth a couple million dollars.
RL (2010-10-05 23:25:45)
Um.. is it still for sale?
Nicholas Flanagan (2010-10-05 02:11:29)
You are totally my hero for the rest of this week! This is probabaly the second best one i have seen
umm (2010-10-04 19:52:27)
wait what does her being black have to do with anything... especially her being "stupid" kind of an ignorant comment. clearly whoever wrote that is just as dumb as her "black" ass
Anna (2010-10-04 17:11:18)
Wahaha, a "Paint"-ed car, yes. xD
Anon (2010-10-03 10:54:07)
Uh, I think she did notice. She said, "Sir I thank you for trying to help but I don't want to drive the truck from the dinosaur movie." She's obviously black and stupid, but not that stupid.
imgay (2010-10-03 00:30:39)
i'd pay 1500 for that paint job alone
Kelsey (2010-10-02 12:04:22)
I didn't even notice the "minor damage from an animal!" hahahahahhahaaha I've read the Shaniqua series so many times...but the best part is that the photos are FROM the movie. How did she not notice?
So (2010-10-01 03:21:00)
There is a reason she is a single mother of three. Oh and she is black :P
Lucy (2010-09-30 02:31:26)
Written with pleasure to Keith W. Dickface. Xoxo,Lucy.<3
big Q (2010-09-30 00:58:35)
when micko is priminister, i will be his dinosaur
anonymous (2010-09-26 19:42:47)
You're all missing the best joke here. The MINOR animal damage... the car was crushed by a fucking t-rex
geean (2010-09-22 23:33:41)
I can't believe she didn't want that near mint condition of a car just because it was a Jurrasic Park car. Come on seriously, that would have been a steel! Picky fucking bitch.
taylor (2010-09-22 01:31:34)
I would buy the car that's sick with the jurassic park paint
Emma (2010-09-21 03:35:14)
To Keith.W, go suck a dick you insensitive generalizing piece of shit.
Daniel (2010-09-17 00:01:23)
Keith W. you're a fucking cunt. Any woman is more intelligent than you'll ever be.
venus (2010-09-15 22:00:30)
That shit was funny she retarded ass Hell....1500 for a suv
Keith W. (2010-09-14 16:22:35)
I would have jumped on that. Sounds like she is just retarded. Does that bitch think she can get a fucking brand new car with only $1500 bucks? See guys, women are stupid, no matter what color they are. Women are just fucking rock stupid.
hahahahaha (2010-09-13 12:51:05)
my brother would of bought the jurassic park car in a heart beat. hah.
fuck you rea! (2010-09-13 10:58:32)
read ^
pricesless (2010-09-12 13:38:25)
that was fucking awesome!!! hahahahahhahahahahahahha
a fan (2010-09-10 19:24:43)
dude major props that was nothing short of hilarioussss!!!
erica (2010-09-09 20:24:20)
Omgggg when I scrolled down to the pic I almost died
anonymous (2010-09-09 00:07:16)
why does she keep calling it a truck ? Last time I checked an explorer was an SUV not a truck........
Hey rea (2010-09-08 23:04:52)
Chill....duuuudee. cam down. shhhhhhh
Thatguy (2010-09-07 02:30:29)
i love you
Dear Rae (2010-09-06 14:07:16)
(cont) $1500 SUV with no problems, don't you think?
Dear Rae (2010-09-06 14:06:03)
Shaniqua is looking for an SUV made after 1997 that has no problems for 1500. Shaniqua knows nothing about the piece of shit cars you can only buy for 1500, since she wants it "SHINY BLACK OR BLUE". Shaniqua's a little picky for wanting a 150
GreatDeal! (2010-09-05 11:03:34)
Hell yes I would buy that car! I loves me some jurASSic park! That chick missed a golden opportunity.
To the twat below (2010-09-01 15:58:00)
Shut up faggot
Rae - cont. (2010-08-31 00:31:45)
although I find your letters on here amusing, it is NOT funny when sent to a single mother seeking a basic necessity vehicle for her family. Pick on someone your own size, man. Geez.
Rae (2010-08-31 00:30:45)
Okay, so after reading this one, I realized YOU replied to one of MY ads seeking a car! You sent me the same damn jurassic park pictures as well.. my replies were not entertaining, as i just figured you were some goof-off teen but hey, p.s. although i fin
BOB IS-> :) (2010-08-29 01:56:17)
admin (2010-08-23 23:43:06)
Hilncore (2010-08-18 17:53:35)
Got 2 luv the paint job!
anonymous (2010-08-18 15:22:50)
LMFAO. i love the paint job
Dana <3 (2010-08-09 09:06:34)
i'd buy the jurassic park explorer if i were her. DUMBASS... =))
Jesus! (2010-08-08 22:12:22)
This is obviously one of the funniest out of the 3. The picture at the end was the icing on the cake. Don't know why that black hoe is so picky about her cars though! "WHEN YOU GET A SHINY BLUE OR BLACK ONE THEN YOU LET ME KNOW."
Newf4g (2010-08-04 00:18:45)
Hahahaha i lol'd so hard at the end
holydamn (2010-08-03 11:44:57)
dude, this crap is amazing! the shiniqua cronicles were freakin hilarious!
nate (2010-08-02 18:35:14)
i find these forced and not well done. it seems like a play on 27bslash6. he's funnier :/
gorilla (2010-07-30 21:35:24)
when the fuck did we get ice cream?
Zarg12 (2010-07-30 15:04:31)
Seriously... these are some of the funniest things I have read in my entire life. I found myself in convulsive laughter on about 10-12 of these. I'm ecstatic someone turned me onto these and hope that you post a few new ones daily. The ones with the p
anonymous (2010-07-30 04:10:57)
lolz ur so funny..
Vlad (2010-07-28 03:53:41)
LMAO @ "From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that." :)
JoMama (2010-07-27 15:51:44)
I'm crying from laughing so hard...I would totally buy the car from THE dinosaur movie for $1500 & you wouldn't even have to paint it blue! (2010-07-25 06:24:44)
i think i just shit my self.....
dsaghtewreaq (2010-07-15 16:57:07)
this woman is just plain retarded, she wants a practically perfect car for 1,500 lol......
Martin (2010-07-15 01:58:04)
You should have offerred that white explorer again just to let the lady know who she was dealing with.
Stanky (2010-07-12 22:55:37)
I think shaniqua will have a hard time finding a nice shiny explorer with no problems for $1500
Bamboozled (2010-07-05 01:05:07)
this wouldn't be the funniest you've done, but i just find it fucking hilarious you messed with her this much...
zebra (2010-06-30 14:24:29)
I have read the book and the last picture did lose a lot of emphasis as you couldn't tell it had been Paintbrush. (It looked like the original photo without even the "shiny" lines.)
lolzer (2010-06-28 22:19:54)
or hes a troll padawan DUH , gosh you are a retard common, that could possibly a troll comment think about it
Andurrr (2010-06-24 22:32:34)
@lolwut He's talking about the second picture. The one painted blue is the third. You're fucking stupid, learn to count.
lolwut (2010-06-24 05:35:51)
@sofunny do realise the second picture is the first picture painted blue on paint, right?
sofunny (2010-06-22 13:38:49)
its funny because theres still someone in the car in the second picture hahahaha
Rach (2010-06-19 01:08:48)
anonymous (2010-06-18 21:41:50)
stupid ass black ppl yo
i (2010-06-13 18:35:18)
/ and it still has the guy from the movie in it?
Cheesus Crust (2010-06-11 05:42:50)
This is so funny, you can see the car is still on a rail track.
Caleb (2010-06-08 12:52:27)
I don't understand why she wouldn't take that clean vehicle for such a cheap price. What a dumbass.
gooser (2010-06-07 21:16:33)
i love this stuff!
Junaxed (2010-06-04 02:28:13)
I can't STOP LAUGHING on this shit!
Kira (2010-06-02 23:35:35)
you should consider a career involving photoshop with those skills :D
Asshole licker (2010-06-02 00:55:23)
I liike children
Rod (2010-05-29 14:09:58)
OMG I didn't even read , I saw the jurassic park themed explorers and started laughing non-stop ROFL.
Fo Shizzle (2010-05-27 04:21:10)
Just brought the book...Pics in book are totally different. So much funnier on the website.
Me! (2010-05-25 18:22:27)
What's wrong with this woman? Who doesn't want the Jurassic Park car?!
TheRedDojo (2010-05-18 21:34:54)
This is so fucking hilarious, I flipped to this page just as the credits to Jurassic Park were going on my TV
paddydaddy (2010-05-17 19:17:00)
Oh wife thinks I've been smoking dope again. If she divorces me cuz of you I'm comin' after ya! next pair of boxers, please...
isaiag (2010-05-16 20:21:20)
hahahahahaha theres the fucking actor in the car
Farms (2010-05-16 11:43:26)
That's a sick car, I'd love that as a ride
WTF (2010-05-12 15:48:34)
That bitch is mental. Jurassic Park was released in 1993 and the car is a 1996. That shit is impossible!
heisenberg (2010-05-12 00:02:17)
ha! "retro" commercials! that one almost got by me. awesome
anonymous (2010-05-03 14:35:51)
i still crack up about "the dinosaur movie" dumb bitch was too lazy to read the side of the exploder in the first place. either that or she just couldnt read. which wouldnt really surprise me.
Sprax (2010-04-30 04:46:43)
Oh wow. I mean of course he doesn't have the car but she doesn't know that obviously. So really, denying a Jurassic Park car for $1500? Lady is crazy.
Yoshimano (2010-04-29 05:54:55)
HAHA "From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that" God and it's not "going to be extinct" and what an idea to use that pic and to modify it so boldly
lol (2010-04-26 15:49:46)
duh u dont need pixels to see that it's fake! Hahaha
MNk (2010-04-22 19:39:53)
Gotta love the repainting. I would buy the shit out of that car.
asdf (2010-04-21 12:47:37)
This shit is hilarious.
Jesus (2010-04-20 11:54:28)
So she doesn't expect to get a beat up hunk of shit for 1500? That's how much a fucking 16 year old pays for the hunk of junk he has to fix bfore he can drive
anonymous (2010-04-19 19:00:31)
pro (2010-03-14 10:34:46) i think the last pic is fake ive seen many fake photoshops in my time so i can tell by the pixels]]] HAH! Also genius. I smell trollcat!
anonymous (2010-04-19 18:55:19)
lmfao! "From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that." FTW. Genius.
jen (2010-04-18 15:10:43)
yea i would have bought it with the original paint job. so boss.
anonymous (2010-04-13 15:52:36)
i cant read these anymore in class.. too funny
Cyborg_Kitty (2010-04-12 08:47:24)
I'd buy it. but in red
Cyborg_Kitty (2010-04-12 08:45:27)
ROFLMFAO OMG !! hahahaha that's hilarious!
anonymous (2010-04-09 02:46:05)
omfg i cant stop laughing
jack (2010-04-08 01:06:11)
penisbaby101 (2010-04-06 18:20:16)
dam niggers
Alejandra (2010-04-02 02:20:29)
Oh, Shaniqua... How I admire your usage of caps lock and exclamation points.
J-Remy (2010-03-31 20:21:09)
I really dig the shine streaks coming off of that fresh blue paint...
hussein (2010-03-30 18:28:40)
Y u use my gf name ? u racist mf
haha (2010-03-30 12:54:45)
this site is tooooooooooo funny!!!
EpicV (2010-03-30 10:18:53)
this site is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever read
EpicV (2010-03-30 10:18:17)
this site is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever read
the tape (2010-03-30 01:42:07)
lol the tape will make it look shiny
hunnybun (2010-03-23 20:28:23)
Ned (2010-03-21 20:35:52)
Lol stupid she-boon.
ETAG (2010-03-19 15:13:33)
that woman is one of the dumbest people I ever heard about
anonymous (2010-03-19 02:09:30)
fuckin brilliant!!!!
Anon (2010-03-18 18:42:07)
It took me a minute to figure out what those lines were. Fucking epic man.
mvstrout (2010-03-17 21:54:17)
Dude, you're fucking epic!
norway (2010-03-16 17:37:41)
I will spray paint the entire car flat black. I took an art class in high school so I have some experience painting and it will look great. HAHAHAHAHAHA
John S. Golddigger (2010-03-16 17:10:52)
I can see that some of the text are missing, so i will write the rest in a red car because my mom only bought the little red toy cars when i was a kid and now i feel like they are a part of my personality - if ya know what i mean:) kind
John S. Golddigger (2010-03-16 17:08:51)
wow that was a really nice car. do you still have it for sale? i always wanted a ford explorer and i would give you $2000 for that baby. but though i really liked the shiny blue you need to give it another paintjob. it's just that i only can drive in
random (2010-03-16 03:42:20)
Seriously, who says no to a car from Jurassic Park!
Rawr (2010-03-15 09:25:29)
hey... that's not shiny... roflmao
Pro you are a dildo (2010-03-14 11:09:23)
You think ... I see you are a junior CSI type with an eye for detail , great work now get back in the drawer and wait till someone needs to shove you up their ass - dildo
pro (2010-03-14 10:34:46)
i think the last pic is fake ive seen many fake photoshops in my time so i can tell by the pixels
TomatoReflex (2010-03-14 03:46:48)
You know.. I'd jump at the chance to own one of those. I bet it would be worth a shit ton of money too.
Jamie (2010-03-13 22:42:17)
really romaniangypsy??? really?
Jamie (2010-03-13 22:41:38)
I just pissed myself
RomanianGypsy (2010-03-13 10:15:46)
Last picture is FAKE! it must be photoshop.
Lacey (2010-03-10 19:10:49)
OMG who would say NO to that!!?!? shes insane, i loved that movie
Ryan (2010-03-06 01:03:21)
the The Shaniqua Chronicles had me laughing so hard i spit water all of my laptop/i got this giant cramp now/and i am in a lot of pain from laughing so fucking hard
rotarooter (2010-03-02 03:12:56)
lmao i love this author for these damn emails, i havnt laughed this hard in a long while, damn keep up the good work cause where loving it!!!!! and props to the vhs taped jurassic park with the comercials!, priceless
happy (2010-02-27 05:12:27)
Yes very happy
anonymous (2010-02-26 18:25:57)
She is just stupid. My first question, Who the hell would sell a $24000 vehicle for only $1500? The second question, Why the hell not the Jurrasic Park truck? If you seen the movie, then you know its fully loaded. Its a great vehicle and can out run a
myself (2010-02-26 13:22:59)
fuck that woman is dumb...
anonymous (2010-02-26 11:36:55)
after these 3 I was crying laughing
d (2010-02-25 15:54:42)
so fa ke!
ABowl4MAF (2010-02-22 19:57:10)
LOL i love the "shiny" lines in the last pic!
Admin (2010-02-21 21:49:28)
real funny
Joe (2010-02-21 07:24:56)
Fucking amazing !!!! seriously funny stuff. Looking forward to more :)
toohottotrot (2010-02-19 20:58:53)
Yes, I would like to verbally suck your enormous e-penis now. Your e-mails are so juicy and moist that I could bite into them with my gaped teeth all winter. Please make more of these you sexy interweb stud.
Jillian (2010-02-19 10:54:41)
Good luck, Garry. I hope you get the job!
Admin (2010-02-19 10:33:03)
I like fat chicks
GED (2010-02-18 23:24:45)
chris (2010-02-18 23:03:10)
OMG that is so funny, loving this website
garry (2010-02-18 12:23:58)
shit not really i was just testing , i saw someone write that it directs u to meatspin if u say its fa ke haha.. fuckin funny shit, i have been on here for over 2 hours rofling at these fukin emails, i have a job interview early tommorow and its now 3.23
garry (2010-02-18 12:22:13)
so fa ke!
Jillian (2010-02-17 21:13:14)
I just read the entire Shaniqua Chronicles, and damn, it's just not her day...
Admin (2010-02-16 03:56:27)
awesome car
Asgar (2010-02-16 01:27:16)
Man, this lady sure is dumb.
Admin (2010-02-14 19:20:31)
! hilarious!
Admin (2010-02-14 13:06:21)
admin (2010-02-14 11:44:12)
hot damn, I'm awesome.
admin (2010-02-14 11:43:38)
this happens
Admin (2010-02-14 07:34:02)
Trolling done professionally :D
Admin (2010-02-14 00:15:26)
Admin (2010-02-13 13:56:33)
Admin (2010-02-12 12:59:57)
Sooo funny
gilligano (2010-02-12 07:27:48)
If you post with "admin..." ugh that is nasty
admino (2010-02-12 07:27:23)
Very nice. Very classic.
gilligano (2010-02-12 03:40:09)
post a comment under the name "admin" and tell me what happens
gilligano (2010-02-12 03:38:25)
personally if i was on her end of the deal i wouldve hopped on it like she hopped on all three of her kids' fathers
roflmao (2010-02-12 01:14:58)
nice carjob!
Tio Whitey (2010-02-11 19:53:48)
...'keeps' them on the recommended path. You can actually drive them any where you want. like the freeway or your street.
Tio Whitey (2010-02-11 19:52:42)
Hamster at Dawn (2010-02-06 06:19:22) I would so have bought this. Well, if it wasn't obviously a theme park ride lol. Did you see the movie? It wasn't a real theme park ride. You can drive them off the track; it's only this little rail that
Daniel (2010-02-11 05:03:17)
Minor accident involving an animal! Animal meaning a T-Rex LMAO
shes a whore (2010-02-10 20:33:19)
this was funny but you shouldve did a part4 just to see if she was willing to give herself up for an exspensive car. cuase i mean why else would she include a photo or say she had 3 beautiful kids in a car ad. wtf? lol!
anonymous (2010-02-09 17:36:06)
shit is jokes
painter (2010-02-08 03:11:15)
that paint job is pro.
Hamster at Dawn (2010-02-06 06:19:22)
I would so have bought this. Well, if it wasn't obviously a theme park ride lol.
Madtowngurl (2010-01-26 16:21:38)
I think I just peed a little bit! LMAO This woman had to have been going nuts after having 3 crazy responses to her ad!
goldmine (2010-01-25 20:51:48)
i love the 'shine' lines coming off the freshly painted truck!!
scottBIGG (2010-01-25 14:23:01)
I just interrupted my 300 person PoliSci class by laughing at this... good shit
immigrant (2010-01-21 18:03:48)
lolz, best photoshop draing i have seen. LOL
Diane (2010-01-18 14:24:49)
Again...I died laughing, when I saw the pictures of the car!! Great job!
ispyit (2010-01-12 05:03:23)
this is definitely still the best one, I love it.
ccc (2010-01-10 11:56:11)
man that is awsome id buy that sweet rig and the tape does come with it right
Mike (2010-01-06 14:51:05)
Christ on a cracker this woman is stupid.
Pharma108 (2010-01-01 15:48:49)
Very nice site!
andy (2009-12-30 08:17:18)
Pharme359 (2009-12-17 01:55:36)
Very nice site!
alexk723 (2009-12-12 13:13:23)
Very nice site!
Mylo (2009-12-08 03:07:23)
absolute genious, you beat out the e-baums "arnie" prank phone calls by a long shot
natural_girl (2009-12-08 02:49:44)
i.can't.stop.laughing !! where do you come up with this stuff ??!!!
Karrin (2009-12-05 19:47:11)
WAIT! ... so funny. you are a very naughty Boy. :)
aish (2009-11-30 23:01:58)
it would've been so great if that other person she made the deal with was you again.
brian c (2009-11-28 21:44:59)
Amy (2009-11-28 03:13:55)
I enjoy the fact that the car in the picture still has a cast member in it.
Pharmd200 (2009-11-25 15:07:21)
Very nice site!
heeheehaha (2009-11-24 17:26:56)
thats hilarioussssssss!!!!!!
mr oli (2009-11-24 04:18:50)
thats not photoshop, thats paint!
Frank (2009-11-23 17:27:40)
I love it!! now you are getting into fine arts!! I like the photoshop skills on this one! Just like the tears coming out of the leaky head light.
I-AM-Amused (2009-11-22 11:41:57)
That was funny...I kinda feel bad 4 her @ this point! LMAO She must think the ppl on that site r nuts! I'm mad he used the paint app and resent it! LMAO!
BP (2009-11-22 05:58:05)
Best site ever!
jay (2009-11-20 17:11:14)
holy shit man, as soon as I saw the car I couldn't stop laughing. It just got funnier and funnier, good job.
Signbrat04 (2009-11-20 06:58:21)
This has been the best compared to the 1998 nissan fender bender with headligh fluid I love this!
anonymous (2009-11-20 05:42:48)
i would drive that!
Leon (2009-11-18 23:18:55)
Please note that it did have a MINOR accident involving an animal and may have slight damage.
Tiyou (2009-11-14 19:48:39)
who wouldnt want to drive a freakin jurassic park car? XD
Paxson (2009-11-13 22:06:23)
That's one badass truck. Why would she pass up on that?
tard (2009-11-12 11:44:13)
what fuckin idiot wouldnt want to drive the Jurassic Park truck? that shit would be awesome!
Libra (2009-11-09 11:41:37)
I love how she randomly goes into all caps.
hitme (2009-11-08 21:11:36)
hahahaha "from the inside, you can't even tell it's painted like that!"
AAAAAAA (2009-11-05 20:56:31)
You should've shopped it to blue much better. LAWL, you haven't even heard of Jurassic Park? Retard.
supersoaker (2009-10-31 02:05:21)
bahahah this shit has me soooooo weak right now. by far THE best ever
Beehive (2009-10-29 20:44:45)
This is the best of the Shaniqua Trilogy.
LAWL (2009-10-29 00:48:21)
When I saw the 2nd picture with the huge metal rail under the car I started laughing my ass off. Is this a prop car in an amusement park ride or something? ROFL!
Dyvim (2009-10-28 10:39:37)
I've seen this one while in a meeting. I couldn't stop the tears in my eyes while trying to stop myself from laughing as hell :) That paint job was the killer part man...
LUEshi (2009-10-27 20:54:22)
I laughed my ass off at the paintjob.
Special-K (2009-10-23 14:49:19)
what is that ladys problem? i would totally drive that car. i mean, who else has a car that looks like that? ~yay originality~
Sidnelsom (2009-10-22 02:35:55)
Awesome paintjob
anonymous (2009-10-14 20:41:28)
,maybe they do,shit are some people dumb
anonymous (2009-10-14 20:39:03)
i'm sure people know he doesn't have the car,retard, they are simply commenting on the fact that the lady is stupid for not wanting the car
anonymous (2009-10-14 13:53:19)
There's a lot of people saying they would have taken the Jurassic Park car....You DO know he doesn't actually have it right...
Anonymous (2009-10-10 01:31:54)
Fuck, I'd love to have that car.
Girls are retards (2009-10-09 11:52:05)
You sir, however, are a genius. Keep it up!
Girls are retards (2009-10-09 11:51:14)
Some girls that post actually think you own this car. No wonder you make fun of women more often. And spell out your words! No one gives a shit that you LOL'ed!
makc (2009-10-08 07:48:33)
stupid hoe, this car could earn her fortune on ebay (if it was real)
Dave (2009-10-08 05:06:09)
"This car will NOT be going to extinct anytime soon." - LOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!
lmao (2009-10-07 16:57:34)
I got kicked out of class for falling out of my chair after seeing the repainted pic. LMFAO
bmoney215 (2009-10-06 15:52:26)
this is the best one, hands down
Sparkle (2009-10-04 13:32:57)
Dresden (2009-10-03 20:45:09)
Holy shit, ROFLMAO!
BFFjill (2009-10-01 20:10:29)
I fucking cry everytime I look at the paint job. Perfect. This one was perfect. LMAO.
bmdbmdbmd (2009-10-01 16:09:16)
Zil (2009-09-28 01:55:45)
I honestly think I died laughing at this one
Amanda Kruel (2009-09-27 03:56:26)
I LOL'ed. Also, I bet you could sell the car with the original JP paint to some collector for way more...
gargantuangullet (2009-09-21 01:44:46)
I mean, its funnier being the one to do it. Dur.
gargantuangullet (2009-09-21 01:43:59)
I love this site. I mess with people in chatrooms all the time. It's even funnier when you're doing it.
jj (2009-09-19 18:00:38)
loving the little 'shiney marks' *bling*!
Lauren (2009-09-18 15:03:30)
I laughed so hard at the "paint job," hilarious!
sweden (2009-09-18 13:01:30)
fuzzyball9456 (2009-09-17 11:53:03)
luxoriente (2009-09-15 09:38:24)
oh fuck son i laughed so hard i think i broke something. the blue with the shine lines holy shit
Nigger 2 (2009-09-14 23:35:31)
Barbrady (2009-09-14 23:35:04)
OMG. The picture at the end was hysterical. You used paint to paint it blue then the sparkles, just wow. Hysterical. Later that lady is going to read that and laugh I hope.
Pua (2009-09-12 12:49:35)
Y the he'll wouldn't she want that car from the movie. That's awesome. I would love to drive that car. It's mad wicked!
Mr Deeds (2009-09-09 12:04:42)
This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon.
Jon (2009-09-08 10:06:01)
Definitely my favourite one, I love it
Mr. WTF (2009-09-05 05:44:19)
What The Fuck
angry (2009-09-04 14:47:48)
I can't stop laughing at this shit! I just found this site a few days ago and I finally read through all the posts. Dude you should be paid or at least get some type of compensation - hilarious shit!
NIGGER (2009-09-03 23:50:26)
HAHAHA (2009-08-28 23:19:20)
"I repainted it a nice shiny blue. Please check out the picture and reconsider!" it's beautiful
jakldjawkld (2009-08-28 12:29:28)
"This car is reliable, and will NOT be going extinct any time soon." Pure gold.
ASK (2009-08-27 03:45:06)
HAHAHAHA I like how the light is shining off the newly painted blue.
Too Funny (2009-08-26 15:12:39)
This has got to be one of the best ones I have read. Too funny! The blue paint on the last picture was unexpected and genius. Thanks! roflmao
yea (2009-08-26 14:08:13)
I would die to have that truck, how friggin cool
MaryAlice (2009-08-25 15:49:52)
What's funny in her post is she needs a BIG honkin' truck for her 3 beautiful girls who must be enormous to need that much room!!
james (2009-08-24 20:47:47)
loling at the t-rex in the background of the 1st pic.
threecard (2009-08-24 02:08:43)
even at 10+ years old, no one is selling a ford explorer that runs, can pass inspection, has a title, can be registered in PA, etc, for $1500. totally deserved the hassle for ignorance/charity pleading. Yeah, work the kids, mama, don't want those poor
JR (2009-08-23 02:15:28)
Tears in my eyes man...freakin priceless!
OMG (2009-08-23 01:46:09)
ille (2009-08-19 21:45:07)
jojie (2009-08-19 17:30:41)
"from the inside u cant even tell its painted like that" lmfaooo
RimJOb (2009-08-19 13:04:47)
It's all about the rays of light coming of that shiny blue paint job, fucking hilarious... I agree Shaniqua is a cunt and Duncan lives inside of her
appreciate (2009-08-18 22:16:05)
this girl has to be dumb to turn down a Jurassic park SUV with only minor t-rex caused damage. seriously, If she thought that offer was real and turned it down, then she deserved to be toyed with three different instances
atomic_haze378 (2009-08-18 16:34:57)
Wowzers, she sure is Picky about what kinda Explorers are Available for $1500.00 --- Had she been even REMOTELY Intelligent, seems she would've jumped at the Deal and Re-Sold it on e-Bay --- Either way, HARDEST Laugh I've had thus far on the Site!
Abortionpowwa (2009-08-18 02:22:56)
i f.d.a.'d the Bush twins SQUEAL LIKE A PIIIIG!
Winner'sCircle (2009-08-18 02:21:39)
I voted for Obama, and he won.
anonymous (2009-08-17 20:52:16)
dodson! dodson! we got dodson here!! see? nobody cares.. nice hat, what are you a secret agent?
Doddz (2009-08-17 20:04:23)
rod munch (2009-08-17 15:58:38)
Oh i get it, Duncan is being sarcastic. LOL that is really funny
lose (2009-08-17 12:57:40)
win (2009-08-17 12:55:11)
Anon (2009-08-17 12:37:38)
Fuck you, you racist piece of shit.
anonymous (2009-08-17 02:53:35)
lol obviously the last person who commented was black
anonymous (2009-08-17 02:09:14)
wow you're a racist, classist miserable asshole.
zaak (2009-08-14 21:52:40)
holy fuck i just laughed sooo hard... what a dumb nigg
zaak (2009-08-14 21:40:30)
holy fuck i just laughed sooo hard... what a dumb nigg
Mrs. S Bacon (2009-08-14 01:17:48)
hahahaha ridiculous i was actually crying!
anonymous (2009-08-12 23:52:43)
oh dear god.. my insides hurt from laughing so hard.
anonymous (2009-08-11 23:16:48)
tha_dizz (2009-08-11 14:26:11)
im all on dat ride
NYCGuy (2009-08-11 09:36:11)
You are the funniest person alive and the blue pic is so freakin hilarious I just crapped my pants.
tits (2009-08-10 04:36:59)
So, I took the time to read everything... I think this was my favorite one. Shit... haha
jp fan (2009-08-09 15:10:12)
wish this were real! i looooove that movie always wanted that carr as a kidd
Duncan is a slut (2009-08-08 17:21:18)
Lol i love da paint job...ball bustin shyt..and da fakt tat da master tat he is he even managed da shiney part..wit em ultra violet rays lyk stuff emergin frm da surface ? Top notch shyt.
Mike (2009-08-07 20:32:36)
I want MORE!!!!!!
fuck this site (2009-08-06 17:01:34)
You seriously posted this story without researching the exact year this Explorer is? You're a fucking disgrace, fuck this gay ass site.
Dan (2009-08-06 07:55:47)
The movie was released in 1993, so it's definitely not a '96. But seriously, that's a good deal. I would have bought one for that price with that mileage, if it was still in that condition.
Goldfish (2009-08-06 00:23:40)
Does the car come with Dr. Grant? :D That, my friend was a masterstroke. How Jurassic Park even popped into your head i'll never know.
know-it-all (2009-08-04 08:50:38)
Not a 1996 model explorer, body style is pre 1995
pro-crastinator (2009-08-03 21:50:32)
pretty much my favorite on the site, how did you seriously think of the jurassic park car? that would be fucking sweet to drive
ehe (2009-08-03 21:48:36)
the vhs got me soo bad, the detail makes these 10 times funnier. i don't know how you come up with that shit
cheezstick (2009-08-03 21:44:44)
i love how Dr. Grant is in the back seat in one of the pictures
jay (2009-08-03 12:20:55)
SHANIQUA is a kunt
naodwalk (2009-08-01 22:49:09)
I lost it when I saw the painting awsome job
Matt (2009-08-01 14:18:18)
would you be willing to paint my accord, I'll cover the cost
ha (2009-07-30 23:16:57)
this is friggin' hillarious!!!!!!!!!! AHAHHA the blue paint job really got me. :P
Race 'ist' Bannon (2009-07-30 20:28:13)
<font color=orange>ROFLCOPTER at Marylin AKA Snarlin Marlin.</font>
Duncan (2009-07-30 05:18:58)
Now I get it! She wanted a regular Ford Explorer, and he offered her an Explorer from the movie Jurassic Park. Haha, that's classic!
Distraction (2009-07-30 04:21:38)
Oh shit, I'm trying to read these in my law library, and people are actually getting really fucked off with me laughing so hard! The blue pic is hilarious!
HA! (2009-07-29 20:16:27)
Holy shit, I almost suffocated! Too good!
Anal beads (2009-07-29 15:17:28)
Soo funny. I can't read this at work. I'm literally distracting people
zadot (2009-07-29 12:47:16)
i'm crying over here, can't stop laughing
okae (2009-07-29 03:37:34)
ROFL this is the best ending to the series. as soon as I saw the car I freaked. fucking hilarious.
hahaha (2009-07-29 03:30:33)
When I saw the picture of the Jurassic Park car, I laughed so hard, I cried. For a good 5 minutes. And no, I'm not making this up.
chops (2009-07-26 16:08:20)
Jurassic park.... hahahaha fuckin brilliant,,, top drawer
SkanksofAmerica (2009-07-25 14:34:18)
Marilyn, nobody gives a flying FUCK about you knowing a white girl named Shaniqua. I KNOW A BLACK GUY NAMED KEVEN OOOOOOOOOOHHHhhh. See, thats just about how fucking stupid you look. Now go do something constructive with yourself like, doucheing that nast
SkanksofAmerica (2009-07-25 14:34:15)
Marilyn, nobody gives a flying FUCK about you knowing a white girl named Shaniqua. I KNOW A BLACK GUY NAMED KEVEN OOOOOOOOOOHHHhhh. See, thats just about how fucking stupid you look. Now go do something constructive with yourself like, doucheing that nast
anonymous (2009-07-25 13:38:03)
Dale (2009-07-25 08:31:03)
HOLY FUCK! When i scrolled down and saw the "painted" explorer i fucking woke up the whole neighborhood from laughing so hysterically!
dan (2009-07-24 15:15:40)
what's lost in this is that shaniqua needs to get her priorities straight. i would ABSOLUTELY buy that car for 1500 dollars, especially if i were in a pinch and needed something to drive my little girls around in. in fact i'm pretty sure the p
shenaynay (2009-07-24 09:47:22)
how do you know a white person name shenequa? that must suck for him/her. BTW this website can be as racist as it wants. Welcome to America
Sniper (2009-07-24 05:53:02)
Clever girl.
Mariyln (2009-07-24 05:28:29)
I just so happen to know a white girl name Shaniqua so you all you ignorant stereotyping goons can SUCK it!
Marilyn (2009-07-24 05:27:38)
oops my comment got cut off anywho, what I was saying is nowhere does it say Shaniqua is black so to that guy Matteo who said "you just can't reason with niggers" take your ignorant ass somewhere else. I just so happen to know a white girl nam
Marliyn (2009-07-24 05:24:10)
I know this website MUST be monitered somehow? This was good stuff to read, but I was disturbed to see the racial slurs that was thrown out left and right in the other comments. (why doesn't this stuff get deleted by anyone?) No where in this email do
anon (2009-07-23 10:46:00)
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 02:44:57)
Hahahaha That car kicks ass! What bitch thinks she can post her picture and thinks its gonna get her a perfect SUV for 1500? Go look in the ghetto for a buy here pay here kind of place.
D-Mont (2009-07-20 22:01:00)
I bought my '90 firebird for $800
jboi9 (2009-07-20 17:19:45)
Um it would be AWESOME to ride in that car!
lol (2009-07-20 14:12:25)
dude (2009-07-20 01:04:06)
First of a
Jaclyn Reynolds (2009-07-19 23:07:48)
My son is obsessed w/ jurassic park right now, can't wait to show him this, you are making me LMAO tonight!!!
RM (2009-07-19 17:53:04)
The best part about this is that he claims the Explorer is a 1996, when Jurassic Park definitely came out in 1993.
andrew (2009-07-18 23:51:12)
lawl, this is my favoriye website
anonymous (2009-07-18 02:17:18)
shaniqua... is black :D
Disease (2009-07-17 21:58:49)
seriously made my day, i was laughing when you when you told her about the dinosaur car and i lol'd even more when i saw the repainted one...
Dunncan (2009-07-17 16:55:48)
She wanted a regular Explorer and he tried to offer her the Explorer from the movie!
carniver (2009-07-16 20:48:21)
She's trying to fool someone and you fooled her instead, brilliant!
YES! (2009-07-16 17:49:30)
Shaniqua probably rethought ever posting a classified ad after this.
HAHA (2009-07-15 14:05:19)
I repainted it a nice shiny blue. OMFG that was funnyXD
Johnny (2009-07-15 12:00:02)
Standing in a kids store while my wife buys shit. I'm outta my mind bored. You saved me. I'm dyin laffin.
ass blaster (2009-07-14 23:07:27)
Your right up there with the jerky boys, bitch!
bass hertz (2009-07-14 18:31:31)
ohh shit, this shit is medecine. I almost shit myself when scrolled down and saw the car.
Tax Paying Citizen (2009-07-14 17:30:52)
Hi...I'm a single mom of 3 kids a I want someone to basically give me a car with absolutely no problem at all. Oh and P.S. : I be ballin outta control so that shit needs to have a nice paint job too. Fuckin' welfare cases....
Joe (2009-07-14 13:53:42)
larmu (2009-07-14 09:27:44)
Amazing, keep up the good work!
HughBichacockov (2009-07-13 20:25:44)
Sir? You have inspired me.
chels (2009-07-13 14:56:38)
this is fucking amazing lol
xxx (2009-07-12 22:36:51)
Wow, that was the most hilarious shit I've ever read/seen.
anonymous (2009-07-12 19:18:30)
Steve, You're WEAK
Steve (2009-07-12 15:10:26)
Qwerty (2009-07-11 01:28:46)
OMG my stomach hurts from laughing so hard and my dog is looking at me like I'm crazy. This just made my night/week/year, I'm obessed w/ this guy!!!! Keep 'em comin!!
anonymous (2009-07-11 00:20:52)
luff it
Deuce (2009-07-10 17:42:55)
Oh my god did I need a good laugh. I love this site and the shenanigans pulled. This girl really might be to stupid to drive...
tini (2009-07-10 16:15:16)
bdawg (2009-07-10 10:59:23)
I was DYING laughing at this. You gotta be kidding me, where do you come up with this. Classic..
lol (2009-07-10 02:15:24)
Chuck Norris (2009-07-09 23:13:31)
Holy Shit that was funny!!!!
Alexis (2009-07-09 20:55:47)
holy shit LMAO nice paint job! what the hell does she want for $1,500?!
nursewarhol (2009-07-09 17:47:00)
That shit is hillarious!!!!!! Dumb fucking cunt
yourbiggestfan (2009-07-09 17:11:31)
I just masterbated to that one!
God Damit (2009-07-09 12:47:07)
This shit is so funny. Very talented user of Mircosoft paint I see.
LG (2009-07-09 11:10:58)
Still funny the next day ..... lololololol.....
Hot Mama (2009-07-09 06:29:31)
That was great. I have read every since email on this site! I want more please!
Blazur (2009-07-08 23:26:47)
I laughed so damn hard at this, LOL!
PM (2009-07-08 18:52:37)
Go to for some really funny stuff. People messing with those lovely Nigerians!
LG (2009-07-08 16:47:29)
Your site has made my afternoon. This is the funniest stuff I've seen
Poo (2009-07-08 14:47:17)
Haha, Shaniqua
Mike Okizard (2009-07-08 10:06:08)
Keep it up
Analprincess26 (2009-07-08 10:00:01)
Yep this shit is funny.....Dont let anyone tell you otherwise...I've fucked with a few people myself, it's Classic
Impressed (2009-07-08 09:56:37)
Dear unimpressed. Go fuck yourself.
Unimpressed (2009-07-08 07:03:18)
I've now read the entire site, and almost all of these are so over the top that they aren't funny. BTW-Whoever said it took them two hours to read the site, what are you, retarded?
Leo (2009-07-07 17:29:56)
lmaooo i had to bite a pen to restrain myself from cracking up at work
Pukka (2009-07-07 17:21:48)
wahahaha the funniest **** ever
Brett (2009-07-06 16:43:04)
Well played sir, well played.
anonymous (2009-07-06 15:27:52)
Bored (2009-07-06 14:28:36)
Well sir, I just finished reading everything you're site has to offer. I couldn't have had a better time. Thank you for doing this and being who you are! I will now start a quest to get the same results myself. I am truely inspired!
anonymous (2009-07-06 14:26:35)
Zo (2009-07-06 14:19:45)
effin a...efiin a.
JustMe (2009-07-05 08:10:06)
OMFG this one hands down takes the cake,...*
asdf (2009-07-04 12:42:27)
I just shat myself laughing!
anonymous (2009-07-04 11:56:33)
"OMG!!! HAHAHA the jurassic park dude is sitting in the back seat on the second pic!! ROFLMAO!!" yeah. and there's half a fucking dinosaur jaw above the windscreen in first pic.
anonymous (2009-07-04 01:43:41)
OMG!!! HAHAHA the jurassic park dude is sitting in the back seat on the second pic!! ROFLMAO!!
anonymous (2009-07-02 18:32:21)
Jimmy (2009-07-02 16:24:28)
A collector's goldmine...oh my god this is the best one.
blackdiscotrap (2009-07-02 12:25:42)
Gretch (2009-07-02 11:30:58)
Seriously, dude. these are hysterical. WTG and thanks for making me SMILE :)
btchn (2009-07-02 01:28:53)
you should have thrown in a velociraptor
LedZep (2009-07-01 17:02:39)
I don't see what her problem is, I'd totally buy the car with the original paint job. It's funny how he didn't even realize it's just screen shots from the movie XD
usdm420 (2009-07-01 16:11:19)
How the hell does someone complain about the condition of an Explorer with $1500 cash? Damn that was good.
TexNL (2009-07-01 07:04:30)
bikeracer (2009-06-30 23:58:05)
this is the best one! Out of the whole site - this one takes it!
Dom (2009-06-30 11:08:53)
Did you finally make the deal??? I think there must be evaluation email, kinda are u happy with ur choice ... I hope your car broke down ... told you to buy mine ... wanna make a deal ...
Dom (2009-06-30 11:04:14)
He dude,would you mind doing a paint job for my bronco ;-) but plz make it shinny and bling bling so my bros will be jalouse ...
dood (2009-06-28 11:35:02)
They is sumpin funny in the warder in DelMontPhilChesCo I nearly sharted.
Ob1 (2009-06-26 22:35:42)
Re: koolaid man painting it flat black was the 1 joke you were lookin for
SHomey de Clown (2009-06-26 16:25:21)
I laughed so hard pee came out!
MagicianRabbit (2009-06-26 04:45:57)
Fuck, lol. Man these ones are funny!
jojo (2009-06-26 01:52:30)
jd salens (2009-06-25 21:40:05)
the best part are the "shiny" lines coming out of the ms paint pic
zelazl (2009-06-25 15:51:53)
As soon as I saw the last pic I almost died laughing.
Huni (2009-06-25 08:09:35)
Im dying! hahahahahaha.... it hurts..... make it stop...... hahahahahahahaahahahah
Kool Aid Man (2009-06-25 03:58:08)
This email could have used a black joke. At least ONE
Mike (2009-06-24 23:15:43)
It just has to be fake... who wouldn't want the Jurassic Park jeep?! If this isn't fake, my faith in humanity is lost forever... again!
anonymous (2009-06-24 20:13:01)
I bet she would've bought the plane from "snakes on a plane"
sebastien bach (2009-06-24 12:17:29)
That paint job is fantastic. Well done.
Yurles (2009-06-24 09:02:39)
Fucking brilliant!
admin (2009-06-22 11:32:42)
they are just screenshots from the movie. you'll notice in the second one, Sam Neill is sitting in the back, looking out the window haha
Monikka (2009-06-22 08:13:03)
Wow. Where in the world did you find not one, but TWO pics of the Jurassic Park car? And the re-PAINTed blue pic...I have tears in my eyes. Soooo funny.
Hahaha. (2009-06-22 05:19:47)
I didn't even get to read it when I saw the picture of the Jurassic Park car. From there, I laughed for 10 minutes and couldn't stop and when I tried raeding on, my stomach hurt from laughing too much.
Bahahaa (2009-06-21 22:21:28)
"For $60, I will spray paint the entire car black, and then cover it with scotch tape so it is shiny." That was so great.
hilarious (2009-06-21 19:35:10)
This was the best shit I read in a loong long time. I love you man.
anonymous (2009-06-21 03:40:33)
Mihir (2009-06-20 19:21:15)
Absolute favourite!
adrian (2009-06-20 14:23:19)
the paint job thing was goddamn awesome best of the three parter
Devil King (2009-06-20 07:04:48)
Fell from my chair laughing.... and now i am gonna sue u for my injury.... ;)
anonymous (2009-06-20 05:44:15)
its about time the comments for a video are all positive. Keep doin ur thang n going against the grain and providing these hilarious jokes
MC Kim Jong Ill (2009-06-20 03:38:10)
Are you still selling it?
debbie (2009-06-19 21:33:53)
you should be a comedian, someone at work found this web site, and sent a bunch of us this link. i was laughing so hard at this i truly could not answer the phone, my boss even yelled out, debbie what is soooo funny? i
lawzl (2009-06-19 15:11:07)
im fucking dying, this is so funny,
hahahah (2009-06-19 13:09:02)
niiiiice. i just lost my lunch i was laughing so hard.
anonymous (2009-06-19 11:19:34)
"THE dinaosaur movie"?? the title is right there on the side of the car you stupid bitch, JURASSIC PARK.
MasterRaiger (2009-06-19 03:51:26)
I want that soooooo baaad!!! I would have paid 40k for that! She fails so hard!!! She could have sold it!!! Lol..... tracks.....
nnatic (2009-06-18 21:02:30)
this shit is hilarious!!
alanwine (2009-06-18 17:13:05)
the sparkles on the new paint job are amazing. you are my hero.
crying (2009-06-18 12:48:41)
seriously this brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard.
evilbitxx (2009-06-17 23:23:46)
this is priceless... can't remember when was the last time i laughed this hard!!!
matteo (2009-06-17 19:42:46)
me (2009-06-17 11:14:25) you cant get a transmission for an explorer for 1500.. if the thing drives down the road its a 2500 car min. you just can't reason with niggers...
anonymous (2009-06-17 16:29:24)
Lol dude, I had a few chuckles until the very end. That got me rolling hard.
me (2009-06-17 11:14:25)
you cant get a transmission for an explorer for 1500.. if the thing drives down the road its a 2500 car min.
Anon (2009-06-17 06:22:32)
I almost laughed to death at the "Won't be going extinct" line.... Not to mention: A) The car's
lamons (2009-06-17 04:50:34)
What a dumb ass of a cow, The Jurrasic Car would be the perfect deal.. :O
anonymous (2009-06-17 04:23:00)
What kind of self centered bitch begs for a perfect $1500 Explorer?
wwwwwowwwww (2009-06-16 17:42:49)
dont complain about a jurassic paint job
anonymous (2009-06-16 07:05:14)
jigaboo (2009-06-16 06:19:35)
my life now has purpose and meaning after reading that
Holy_Bejeezus (2009-06-13 20:01:28)
I also would have bought the Jurassic Park Explorer without a second thought, even with the MINOR damage caused by animals (I've always wanted that JP wreck!)
De passage (2009-06-13 16:34:09)
LMAO :D Love the painted one hahaha
Hellyeah (2009-06-13 14:08:14)
I'd buy it for 1500. Put on fleabay as a 'genuine movie prop'. Then take the proceeds and buy a pony. Or maybe a section of highway. And put up a toll booth. Anyway I'd probably spend it all on beer.
steve (2009-06-13 13:30:09)
i would seriously buy a Jurassic park car
Zombies (2009-06-13 12:40:35)
What the FUCK?! Who would complain about a custom Jurassic Park paint job? What a freak.
Davis (2009-06-13 09:34:48)
From the inside, you can't even tell it is painted like that. rockyes.jpg
Raven (2009-06-13 08:16:25)
I think most of us would have taken the Jurrisic Park Explorer... ahaha.
h (2009-06-13 03:14:17)
Hey man I really love your painting skills you remind me of an artist I met in a coffeeshop I forgot to get his number so I couldn't get him to paint my car but I'm willing to pay you 10 bucks to do my car like the origional drawing, get in touch.
lewax00 (2009-06-13 00:27:11)
She's not bothered by the fact that it's stuck on a track?
lol (2009-06-12 19:56:18)
I can't believe she just dismissed it so quickly cause it was the Jurrassic Park care haha. If it were real she could have resold it for so much $$$
Golden... golden (2009-06-12 19:30:35)
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH this one was hilarious!
Darth_Ayrbraw (2009-06-12 15:17:13)
If I had the chance, I would have taken the Jurassic Park Explorer without a second thought.
aksfjh (2009-06-12 13:05:02)
I would have bought the car with the original paint job...
fez2004 (2009-06-12 10:40:36)
Holy shit, nice paint job. Real shiny, too, it's like fucking god rays. I'd buy it.

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