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Posted at: 2009-06-09 00:51:31
This was in response to an ad for a guy looking for a parking pass to the Eagles/Giants game last season at Giant's Stadium. I don't think he actually looked at the parking pass I sent him. If he did try to use it, he's a retard.
Timmy Tucker to ****************@***********.org
Hi there! I have season parking passes to the game and would be willing to give up my parking pass for this one because I am taking a cab to the game. I will sell it for $25.

I scanned a picture of it here if you are interested:

Please let me know!

Go Eagles! Fuck the Cowboys!

- Tim

MATTHEW *************** to Me

Hey that sounds great! Do you think that maybe you could get me one for my friend too? He is going to the Carolina Arizona game and if you could get one for him, I would gladly give you 60 for the pair.
NormaRop (2018-04-04 13:04:32)
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Johnelle (2016-04-15 09:08:38)
All of these articles have saved me a lot of hesdachea.
Rig (2014-03-12 01:10:58)
Come on mike , we need new ones!
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:36:36)
Pun intended via grammatical error! ;D
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:35:42)
Besides both theses team suck donkey dick.
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:34:47)
@chris I know the original poster most likely won't see this response but anyone that does see it will get a kick out of it I'm sure! He's speaking of grammar errors than states "by" week instead of "Bye" week. Ha! idiot!
Brent Black (2013-04-26 14:18:25)
funny stuff, interested in why you used the name timmy tucker... u kno moe.?
@Chris (2013-01-01 14:23:36)
ummm... Eagles and Cowboys are football teams, not basketball
bigsmallweeney (2012-11-24 02:22:02)
ads cool, not his best though, haters gonna hate.
Morton (2012-10-26 16:00:57)
I missed so many of the typos in this thing... But I did see the "Fuck the Cowboys" and now I'm sad.
Durr (2012-10-20 18:10:14)
@EoC *gremmar
Chris (2012-10-17 09:26:57)
Clearly he knew it was a joke, as Carolina wasn't playing Arizona that weekend, so before we all throw eggs at anyone else for grammar or spelling, check your basketball dates, Carolina had a by that weekend.
Giants Fan (2012-07-27 19:40:32)
Yeah, we all want to go watch the "GAINTS" whoop the Eagles ass.
EoC (2012-07-26 15:59:09)
@Cat you* correctly* grammar's*
Cat (2012-07-04 02:04:41)
ASDASD U can't even spell grammar right so don't tell people their grammars bad
Schnell (2012-07-02 02:02:15)
@ASDASD Yet you misspell 'Grammar'. Idiot.
JxHx (2012-06-09 02:49:30)
"John (2012-03-24 20:50:04) The dude clearly knew you were fucking with him, He asked you for one to the Carolina/Arizona game and offered to pay $60 for 2 items that cost $25 a pop" This has to be one of the most retarded assumptions I've e
Stephanie (2012-04-25 12:57:22)
I love how people assume he knew it was a joke. Some people are stupid enough to overlook things. He posted on a website to get responses and imagining he was excited to obtain a second parking pass, offered an extra 10$ for the pair. It is logical sense.
ASDASD (2012-04-04 00:29:39)
Love how the grammer sucks
John (2012-03-24 20:50:04)
The dude clearly knew you were fucking with him, He asked you for one to the Carolina/Arizona game and offered to pay $60 for 2 items that cost $25 a pop
Joseph (2012-03-01 01:19:39)
Fake and gay. The pass, that is. trollolol...
KB (2012-02-02 19:58:45)
Fuck the Cowboys!
DateRape (2011-12-31 11:02:54)
JANAURY 11st ....hahahahahahaha!!
Jimmy (2011-12-17 02:49:25)
ninja (2011-12-16 20:37:50)
"parkig...9AM until 11:PM" LOL
Glassy (2011-12-04 02:31:35)
I'm pretty sure there aren't any NFL games on Saturdays either hehe
bob (2011-11-29 08:46:26)
on UR wineshield
steve (2011-11-17 15:14:03)
mizz (2011-10-25 21:37:53)
Fuck Yeah!
Ben (2011-09-23 00:03:46)
And for those who didn't notice, not only "janaury 11st" is wrong, look at "EAGLES VS GAINTS" hahaha
Ben (2011-09-23 00:01:44)
@Aedion Maybe..but most probably not haha..many people are stupid like that lol
Ben (2011-09-22 23:55:30)
Is this guy serious?? JANAURY 11st? And he said great!?? lol..sometimes it makes me wonder
Buck Tuddrussel (2011-08-30 14:58:57)
Veterans Stadium LOL
a (2011-08-30 00:11:08)
lol "Janaury 11st"
Aedion (2011-08-14 04:36:02)
Does anyone else think Matthew was just playing along?
HTTR = Cowboys fan (2011-07-16 19:59:12)
Hahaha, i love how it even said fuck the cowboys! And they were conversing on a GIANTS/EAGLES game, xD
@Anon Ymous (2011-06-20 08:00:04)
It's mispelled on purpose. You didn't notice the other mistakes?
hewassharp (2011-06-19 12:19:05)
the funny side of this situation turns out to be all of the individuals commenting on how stupid this guy was when he obviously knew it was a farce and played along!
Anon Ymous (2011-06-14 17:19:01)
It's funny how you used Internet slang on the ticket, "ur" isn't a word
anonymous (2011-06-06 07:54:38)
Eagles* season ticket holder. Good response to prank though.
anonymous (2011-06-06 07:53:08)
I didn't read all of the comments, but did no one else think that Matthew knew it was a joke so he sarcastically responded that he would buy two? A Giants season ticket holder wouldn't have parking passes to other games (unless he just typed them
I lost it @ (2011-06-06 03:35:31)
11ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhHAHA what a retard.
phillyfan (2011-05-27 18:48:42)
"Go Eagles! Fuck the Cowboys!" Love it! LOL
matt (2011-05-21 16:55:51)
9AM until 11:Pm lol
anonymous (2011-05-17 02:59:52)
Roflmfao XD this is too funny.
gsdfgs (2011-04-14 04:25:34)
Gaints - Janaury - Parkig - Ur windsheld and then that responce kicked in.. hahaha
Anonymous (2011-04-09 03:20:03)
Hahaha, where is I hope he found "Veterans" Stadium.
Lawlz (2011-03-26 01:40:33)
lol he misspelled "parking" as "parkig" on the pass
anonymous (2011-02-25 20:22:43)
@k u must be a cowboys fan... to bad they suck now
K (2011-02-22 20:04:51)
The only retarded thing I see on the parking pass is the Eagles.
Joey (2011-02-11 02:50:29)
" Go Eagles! Fuck the Cowboys! " Nice little finishing touch there.
Blah (2011-01-20 20:00:15)
January, 11st Gaints, parkig, 11: PM, ur windshield? "Matthew" is an idiot.
anonymous (2011-01-18 16:50:29)
janaury 11st ahahaha
zZane (2011-01-02 12:19:39)
haha!! LOL!! awesome... some people are really stupid :'D
wow (2010-12-13 12:39:42)
you got to love the dumb people
jcan (2010-12-06 17:04:00)
wow what education teaches us haha
rofl (2010-12-03 11:44:09)
Kill matthew with fire, he's such a tard loool
anonymous (2010-11-25 08:08:45)
nice parkig pass lol, on ur windsheld haha
HTTR (2010-11-13 15:38:07)
This does not suprise me. Most Eagle fans are retarded.
ha (2010-11-08 00:18:37)
lol what an idiot!
anonymous (2010-11-02 18:14:07)
haah display at all times on UR windshield
Bob (2010-10-29 20:34:57)
anonymous (2010-09-26 18:56:39)
Each time I look back at the pass there are more delicious "errors" to be seen!
shantay (2010-09-23 20:53:58)
pshh it says the 11:PM and 11st i feel bad for this fellow... its all funny.... XP
anonymous (2010-09-09 07:07:40)
LOOOOOOOOL "On ur windshield" Oh, I feel sorry for the poor chump. Hope you didn't actually take his money.
Rose (2010-08-21 10:20:13)
The 11ST?!?!?!?! AAHHAHAHA
anonymous (2010-08-18 02:00:04)
Janaury,Gaints,Parkig, ur. Classic
grrroowwllll (2010-08-07 03:25:20)
This reminded me of the horrible occurrence that was the Carolina Arizona game. I still have bad dreams about Jake turning the ball over 6 times.
Admittedly... (2010-07-26 20:47:54)
Lol "Fuck the Cowboys!" that was actually funny in a way. Otherwise, FUCK 'YALL IM FROM TEXAS BITCHES!!!
Kyle (not the retard (2010-07-22 19:49:55)
yea the '11st' really isn't picked up on easily. /facepalm
kyle (2010-07-20 18:58:54)
its slightly believable until you get to ur. otherwise if you're just glancing at the document the other spelling errors can be hard for the brain to pick up
Stevey (2010-07-12 19:53:18)
I think the guy knew it was a joke, right? hence when he asked if he could get one for the carolina arzona game.
anonymus (2010-07-11 21:11:58)
wow that guy is an idiot lmao XD
TC (2010-07-03 16:26:19)
How do you not know what stadium your team plays in. Or if he is a Philly fan that, that Stadium not longer exists. This guy is either not a true fan or a true moron. You don't even have to be a football fan to see the rest of the mistakes.
Jordanyoyo (2010-07-02 14:10:39)
lol this parkig pass
COWBOYS (2010-07-02 03:33:44)
(your_here) (2010-06-29 23:57:10)
January 11st...haha so many obvious incorrect spelling
Angizolo (2010-06-29 11:30:26)
haha i love how he spelled giants wrong and below that spelled parking wrong and said go cowboys when facing the giants and the dumbass thought it was legit... hah
Mike (2010-06-26 03:22:05)
I even spelt ur wrong haha
anonymous (2010-06-24 22:48:21)
@wth. ahahaha what an's January, not Jaunary...idiot
wth. (2010-06-24 05:40:24)
i can't believe that person believed him, what an idiot! jaunary was spelt wrong!!! lol. (jk, i know how to spell january.)
kkk4lyfe (2010-06-21 00:47:10)
dumb jiggaboo she shoulda bought it!
Dave Money (2010-06-20 14:35:39)
I don't get it.
Poop on my titties (2010-06-14 02:54:46)
Chuck, "Janaury"
Joe (2010-06-09 18:07:24)
bahaha the Vet doesn't even exist anymore
anonymous (2010-06-08 14:14:30)
he might just be messing back at him, why would he and his friend drive 1 car each?
Heh (2010-06-04 22:46:48)
chuck (2010-05-26 13:48:19)
Gaints, parkig, 11:PM, veterans stadium (game is supposed to be in Giants Stadium not in Philly. Plus the Vet is not in use), 11st, saturday (nfl games are sunday usually), ur windshield, none of the instructions we capitalized. Those are the errors...idk
Dillon (2010-05-08 23:53:17)
I lost it at "january 11st"
them cowboys (2010-04-06 14:12:53)
Ive never heard an Eagles chant without the Fuck Cowboys at the end
moe (2010-04-01 17:52:48)
hilarious. except the guy is hardly dumb. "Matthew" was playing along. And if you guys can't see that.. you're all so fucking stupid.
lolajaj (2010-03-30 13:42:13)
i still think lennys acid trip is the best lol
asdf (2010-03-25 22:18:04)
lol (2010-03-22 01:33:05)
"parkig pass" "on ur windsheld" lol!!
Tasha (2010-03-18 16:21:28)
hah noice.. nearly pissed miiself lol
MATTHEW (2010-03-10 16:22:18)
K (2010-02-27 09:48:38)
"GAINTS". Brilliance.
WAIT! (2010-02-25 22:13:29)
He said something about the Cowboys? LOL! The guy didn't realize it!! AHHHAHAHAH!
shocker (2010-02-15 09:48:22)
to all the people laughing at veterans stadium. there is actually a parking lot at the stadium complex where the Vet used to be called the veterans stadium lot
mr.cowboy (2010-02-14 10:40:12)
lol, so many spelling errors
anonymous (2010-02-11 19:05:59)
ur instead of your. wow
jome ahamah (2010-01-07 16:37:18)
hoyy (2010-01-02 18:04:16)
shows you what ppl learned in school.
Stevie (2010-01-02 11:53:45)
Billy (2009-12-21 17:26:01)
Giants Stadium and the ticket says Veterans Stadium which closed down in 2003. LOL!!
Dr.Asparagus (2009-12-14 17:17:18)
Everyone has noticed January 11st, but has anyone else noticed that January 11st, 2009 is actually a Sunday?
oy (2009-12-08 14:09:21)
@PDOT - apparently you didn't notice the errorS.
PDOT (2009-12-07 14:32:03)
that guy doesnt even notice the fucking error hahahaha
J-M (2009-11-30 11:19:45)
This is funny, the comments of the people thinking than "Matthew" is serious in is last comment.
psycho (2009-11-25 10:04:24)
is it on ur windhseld "Janaury 11st" 'parkig' pass 9AM 11:PM and a lot more lol
OMG UR ASS IS GREEN (2009-11-24 15:05:48)
That guy is so dumb XD
speellpycle (2009-11-06 16:28:23)
Guteb Tag Ich haise Goga
MBII (2009-10-29 17:32:39)
Wow that guy is a dumbass.
anonymous (2009-10-24 11:57:04)
hahahah veterans stadium! thats awesome
derp (2009-10-16 01:22:44)
lolol (2009-10-15 19:32:01)
how the hell do you come up with this shit!!! hahaha
Jeremy (2009-10-10 00:49:00)
"11st" FTW!!!!!!!!
Very nice. (2009-10-08 23:25:48)
display at all times on ur winsheld. hachacha!
anonymous (2009-10-01 16:52:09)
You asked for $25 for one, he offered $60 for two. WTF?
cowboysfan (2009-09-29 23:56:59)
And this isn't fake, stupid Sheagle fans are that dumb...
cowboysfan (2009-09-29 23:55:20)
why fuck the Cowboys? Why not the Giants, they were playing them!!! Is the envy that bad for America's Team, God's Team, poor Sheagles...HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!
Matt (2009-09-29 17:02:22)
dirtygirl420 (2009-09-22 15:16:15)
Poor guy was probably hella old..
jon pole (2009-09-22 11:01:31)
gaints stadium... aint no such adium
anonymous (2009-09-13 23:14:27)
Veterans stadium was torn down years ago
tralala (2009-09-08 18:51:46)
fuck the cowboys!
Haha (2009-09-06 18:27:16)
Eagles vs. Gaints!
Woody (2009-09-02 19:05:22)
This has to be a fake, why would he ask for a pass to the Carolina Arizona game?
Dizzle (2009-08-27 16:21:50)
LMAO this is making work impossible for me. This shit is too funny XD
Eric teh man (2009-08-21 01:18:33)
how did he fall for that??? it had so many spelling errors and actually said "ur" instead of your
redeye_jedi (2009-08-20 18:28:28)
Did he actually pay for it?
Tony (2009-08-16 14:54:08)
January 11st. LOL
Romo (2009-08-15 20:24:44)
Romo is a very lucky QB. That is mostly unlucky.
The Bears (2009-08-06 18:41:52)
are the best
Penis ur mom (2009-07-29 14:12:23)
Eat my penis skin you retarded Fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan (2009-07-28 20:34:53)
I suck lots of dick. I also have rectal hemorrhaging from to much gay sex.
GO BEARS! (2009-07-28 16:32:06)
Ducan Rules!
ra (2009-07-28 08:38:26)
stupid people make me money.
David (2009-07-27 07:10:55)
Judging by your caption, you actually accepted the payment??
fjdsffds (2009-07-25 23:42:24)
Chargers own you all
HOLY (2009-07-25 21:39:55)
I remember January 11st ... such a good day.
Dalla Sucks (2009-07-23 19:04:51)
Tony Romo is a flaming homo and i love seeing them lose in the playoffs
Odklsfjs (2009-07-22 13:39:20)
I actually lol'd at this one.
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 02:32:17)
Hahaha what a moron. I love this one. LOL hey can you get one for my friend too. LOL
Efags 0 Cowboys 5 (2009-07-20 21:52:43)
I like how every fag on here puts Dallas sucks but who are the ones that won 5 Super Bowls??? Until efags win one then talk your shit
Dont B. Retarded (2009-07-19 11:20:11)
hey CP u just called ur friends retarded
Nikki (2009-07-18 02:51:58)
Amazing. I haven't laughed this hard in a while!
CP (2009-07-18 02:44:58)
this is freakin hillarious. but please don't use the word retard as an insult. I have many friends who are mentally retarded.
lunchboy (2009-07-17 12:29:27)
i like this site. i am hungry for lunch. what should i have? send me some ideas...thanks in advance.
Jack Crackspackle (2009-07-16 19:05:35)
I like how the guy asks for only one for his friend who is going to the carolina arizona game. That is 2 different teams, what a dummy.
Billy Nobrain (2009-07-16 09:35:51)
Matty, what do you mean ?
Matty Phatsacks (2009-07-15 21:51:02)
Doesn't anyone get at this point that Duncan is saying this to piss you off?
anonymous (2009-07-15 21:09:58)
this parkig pass is good.
Meefoo (2009-07-15 15:30:13)
did anyone notice Giants is also spelled wron GAINTS???
wat (2009-07-13 23:26:17)
why's there so much /b/ in here .. man, anon's a cool guy
Naz (2009-07-13 16:09:48)
Duncan, you have incorrectly spelled "you". Also, your punctuation isn't fantastic. I don't like your name either.
fokoff (2009-07-13 11:34:30)
hahah dumbass duncan, i bet you would buy this parking pass too
flak (2009-07-13 08:36:19)
duncan, ur such a stupid ass. ur shit ain't even funny.
/ (2009-07-12 20:55:38)
Duncan you're a fucking idiot he spelt plenty of stuff wrong ON PURPOSE thats the joke
Eagles Cheerleader (2009-07-10 16:19:41)
Even funnier seeing as the Vet is no longer standing. The Eagles play at the Linc now.
Go Philly (2009-07-09 09:58:15)
The best part is, he is looking for a parking pass for the game at Giant's Stadium and the parking pass is for the Vet.
legend (2009-07-09 04:32:30)
Pretty funny that it's for the Memorial Stadium parking lot. That shit got destroyed like 10 fucking years ago.
Jay (2009-07-08 22:32:34)
LOL at the fact that in the Parking Pass he spelled Parkig Pass with no 'N' lol so great
this site is funny (2009-07-08 20:41:40)
the greatest part is that January 11th, 2009 was on a Sunday... ha ha. I only know that cause my birthday was on the 10th and that was a Saturday.
Greg (2009-07-07 01:28:39)
"display at all times on ur windshield" LOL
Eagles are shit (2009-07-04 13:26:05)
Eagles are retarded. The bald ones sit on utility poles and die. How would a giant lose to an eagle?
From the forum (2009-07-03 11:30:04)
The comments are funnier coz you're all from the US of A!
anonymous (2009-07-02 20:42:48)
HAHAHHAHAHAHA this is the best one of them all how stupid can u get???
anonymous (2009-07-01 09:27:38)
i just lost it at work when i read january 11st. cock sandwich thats funny
cera (2009-06-30 09:10:59)
eagles vs giants. f the cowboys.ha
anonymous (2009-06-28 15:53:42)
hes football team
anonymous (2009-06-27 06:36:11)
hey big rig
anonymous (2009-06-26 19:24:36)
notice he said fuck the cowboys when its eagles vs the giants
you know who. ld (2009-06-26 14:53:15)
to who? at what org?
anonymous (2009-06-25 20:00:10)
woahhhface (2009-06-24 17:35:11)
Oh. Wow. Did they actually pay $60 for two of those?
aj (2009-06-23 12:05:46)
wow, i just have to say,
TheBigRig (2009-06-23 10:40:19)
Hey eagles fans, could you please come to dallas and whoop our asses 44-6 again?
TheBigRig (2009-06-23 10:36:02)
Haha awesome Eagles fans that is typical. The Atlanta Falcons suck dick. They weren't shit with Michael Vick, and now they sure as hell aren't shit. The atlanta who?
Yo (2009-06-22 22:55:24)
MrTacoPants (2009-06-22 22:02:24)
i loev the mispelleings
anonymous (2009-06-22 11:09:20)
hahahahahaha ur windshield
John Doe (2009-06-22 07:45:14)
response to post below. no. the giants got their asses kicked 23-11
me (2009-06-21 22:19:32)
Did the Gaints win?
Lou Briccant (2009-06-18 11:39:30)
Hahaha, the fact that someone fell for it even after saying that it's for the Vet makes it complete gold.
anon (2009-06-18 05:52:52)
i think it's pretty obvious Matthew was playing along..
anonymous (2009-06-17 22:19:08)
XFD stupid Giants fan.. who would have thought?!
nick (2009-06-17 14:51:49)
Jake (2009-06-16 23:12:32)
thanks. im going to use these for the upcoming season. :)
Dollar Bill (2009-06-16 19:39:11)
Dumb fuck
anonymous (2009-06-16 17:20:50)
why didnt you respond?
fff (2009-06-16 14:50:30)
on ur windsheld. Roflmao :)
anonymous (2009-06-13 02:19:18)
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:31:09)
25 each... 60 for 2... WAT
Mr. Awesome (2009-06-12 21:02:19)
I lol'd at the spelling errors =D

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