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The Shaniqua Chronicles pt. 2
Posted at: 2009-06-08 00:52:01
I couldn't resist fucking with her again. I used another e-mail account.
Original ad:
**********HEY YOU THERE*************-$1500


(the ad also had a picture of her posing for the camera, like that is necessary for an "auto wanted" ad)
Me to SHANIQUA ***********
Hey there! I saw your ad and I think I have the perfect car for you. I am selling my 2001 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. It is a great car and I hate to see it go, but I need the money to pay off my 2nd DUI fines.

Only 72,000 miles! Here are the features:

- CD Player
- Intact windshield
- Rear tires
- Spare tire
- New windshield wipers
- Beautiful white exterior paint
- Cloth interior

It was in a very MINOR fender bender, however, and will need a few repairs. As you can see from the picture, you may need to replace the passenger-side mirror and headlights in order for the car to pass PA inspection. I took it to a mechanic, and he said that the mirror is fixable.
I was selling the car for $1800, but due to these minor issues, I will drop the price to $1750.


Ryan Jackson


SHANIQUA *********** to Me
Hi I'm sorry I can't afford to buy your truckit looks really nice and I would love to be behind the wheel of it but I can't afford it.My budget will only allow for me to spend 1500 sorry

(she obviously didn't realize there was a picture)

Me to SHANIQUA ***********
tell you what, I'll bump the price down to 1500, but I get to keep the CD player and the passenger seat. and I will clear all of the change out of my ashtray.

this car is a great deal. I've included a picture, check it out and please reconsider!

SHANIQUA *********** to Me
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Queeni (2014-06-05 05:37:23)
Whatever (2014-05-13 06:46:53)
How stupid can a person be?
Joe Bob (2014-02-01 06:26:57)
What a nigger.
yolo (2014-01-05 22:22:25)
dat pic LOL
Tom (2013-10-08 02:01:57)
I started laughing so hard when I saw the picture it began hurting... lol. SO funny. I love this site.
Bahaha (2013-09-15 23:47:13)
I laughed til I cried when I saw the picture!
Korkey604 (2013-07-04 22:53:05)
when i saw the picture, i was laughing on the floor!
kimaru (2013-06-09 01:46:46)
how the fuck do you decide to sell such crap,Lol!
Benzerzers302 (2013-06-08 23:18:49)
I thought he mentioned a picture, the only thing i see are some ads and a pile of trash
Popp (2013-06-01 23:16:14)
Kne (2013-03-23 21:58:03)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a poem: Why would I, but a piece of junk. Why for what, you betta bet it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony (2013-02-07 12:42:50)
OMFG LMFAO!!! This website is pure fucking gold dude. I have never laughed this hard at anything on the internet before xD I will be spending a considerable amount of time on here from now on :P
Don (2012-11-23 01:24:15)
"It was in a very MINOR fender bender". This guy rocks
Shane (2012-09-23 20:33:01)
When "intact windshield" is listed as a feature, that should set off some warning bells.
Alpha-Q-Up (2012-08-31 18:30:32)
I seriously just shit myself after seeing the picture haahahha
gjcx vhvh (2012-08-18 23:21:00)
i cant see the picture. fml
Nina (2012-08-17 02:59:53)
Thank you so much for making me spit water out of my mouth at 3am.....LOL i love you! I literally discovered this site 10 mins ago and i cant stop laughing. You sir are a genius
Bre (2012-07-05 02:51:53)
OMG when i saw the picture i laughed so hard i cried!!!!!
Ho rids (2012-07-04 02:12:00)
Me: readin sees picture,,, WTF 15 minutes of laughing later keeps readin
Cimerax (2012-06-19 11:20:56)
@Xzibit: OH MY GOOOD! :D
iMdead (2012-06-19 09:46:43)
Omg, you killed me with this picture man. I didnt even read it and i knew what was comming xD. Srs if some1 ever mail me something like this is would laught my ass off xD Well done.
Herp Derp (2012-06-17 11:15:04)
how wrong is it that the picture reminded me of stephan hawking?
Brian (2012-06-11 23:19:57)
I had an expedition eddie bauer edition and it's leather, not cloth
lol (2012-05-13 04:00:01)
when i saw the picture i died
Xzibit (2012-04-08 23:37:28)
But cimerax doesn't know I'm bout to pimp hisher ride
Ian (2012-02-22 08:21:53)
@Well: How and why is this racist?!?! do you even know the meaning of the word or is it just something you include as a matter of course?!
@Well... (2012-01-25 23:37:58)
This is not racist...she's clearly unintelligent it doesn't matter what race she is. Which, by the way, makes me wonder how you inferred she was a racial minority? Hmm...?
Leonard Hatred (2011-12-17 19:21:52)
@Steve: Memes aren't funny, you fucking faggot.
luna (2011-11-23 08:01:37)
Citizen (2011-11-17 14:33:55)
@Well... What sadistic racist crap? Your post is the only mention of race on this entire page.
Herman Cain (2011-11-14 23:13:51)
Buck Tuddrussel (2011-08-30 15:03:35)
"Hi I'm sorry I can't afford to buy your truckit looks really nice" pretty much lost it when reading up to this part.
El Jefe (2011-08-25 21:10:33)
AHA! I have proofed it into intelligible English! ?WHY WOULD I BU[Y] A PIECE OF JUNK[?] WHY[?] FOR WHAT[?] YOU [HAD] BETT[ER] BE[A]T IT!?
Steve (2011-06-25 15:05:40)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
ALAN (2011-06-18 08:46:38)
doot (2011-06-04 21:34:59)
haha, "I took it to a mechanic, and he said that the mirror is fixable". would not have been nearly as funny if you didn't include that little nugget.
CJ (2011-06-01 12:42:15)
@Well... (2011-05-16 19:27:52)
Who said it was racist? Learn to take a joke; all this took was a few minutes of her time to write emails (which she did so POORLY and in CAPS LOCK)
64bounce (2011-05-15 17:15:47)
hahahahaha xDDD i did read this on my ipod and first didnt see the picture. so when i finished reading the description and that fucked up picture came i just couldnt stop laughing anymore xDDD
minx (2011-05-12 10:44:30)
Caroline (2011-05-08 11:29:51)
"I get to keep the passenger seat." LOL
Maid (2011-04-11 13:41:26)
Damn, ur crazy!
naive woman (2011-04-07 12:50:43)
Is this car stil for sell? i will pay $3000 for it. It looks in pretty good shape.
Well... (2011-04-05 20:47:23)
It's one thing to make fun of stereotypes, but it's pretty pathetic that you need to mock a poor, single mother three times, and then share your sadistic racist crap with the world.
MojahedAbdullaSheikh (2011-03-26 18:19:31)
i burst out in laughter when i saw the pic, before i even read that it had a fender bender hahahahahaha
Cimerax (2011-03-21 20:40:47)
I'd buy it for 1500 just to have Xzibit pimp my ride.
ray- sist (2011-03-21 14:02:13)
lol nigger
mike (2011-02-27 18:21:09)
that is some funny shit
ArmyRanger (2011-02-26 04:08:31)
This is my problem with people. "You betta bet it?" Huh? WTF are is this asshole woman saying? How long have white and black people lived in this country, been instructed in schools on how to read, write and speak the English language? Ebonics is
cnich (2011-02-17 17:33:50)
hahahaa..this is awesome..truly awesome
Rob (2011-01-30 22:40:14)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ROFLMAO That doesn't even mean anything! I can just picture her screaming that at her monitor. LOL!!!
antipastatrey (2011-01-16 23:11:56)
Holy shit, this guy is hysterical this is complete gold
georgie washington (2010-12-05 02:00:04)
lol no front tires
anonymous (2010-12-03 05:25:51)
i get to keep the passenger seat, lmao
james (2010-12-01 20:57:07)
rotflmao a little fender bender
David (2010-11-19 18:19:29)
So how is anyone going to buy an SUV with no problems for $1500? Buy a gun and carjack one?
Bob Dilly (2010-11-17 19:15:57)
yeh i got one i will sell it for 1,500 and u can make hotdogs in the car for all kids family size
Anon (2010-11-12 23:24:51)
Best Troll I've seen in a long time...Read them all Almost died of laughter. Keep up the good work, anon.
Mason (2010-10-07 06:23:39)
I'll give you $1499 for it.
Danica (2010-10-05 01:27:37)
Hahaha Love it! And damn did u see how fast she got ghetto on ur ass?! hahaha
Gopu (2010-09-25 00:18:26)
Intact windshield
Anonymous (2010-09-14 01:07:34)
Justin (2010-08-31 02:55:47)
Best one!
justadumbbiker (2010-08-25 18:04:22)
HAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! Im at work, and the way this fit into my browser I read what you wrote describing the car first, then scrolled down and saw the picture and started cracking up laughing in my office. You're a funny dude man!! Keep up the good wor
Hilncore (2010-08-18 17:49:06)
OMG! I'm weeping of laughter!!Luv it!
jay diesel (2010-08-16 16:03:31)
Omg when I saw that photo I dropped my damn phone laughing. "Mirror needs to be replaced" Really? lol
anonymous (2010-07-30 04:08:18)
its even funnier the 2nd time ROtFLOLZ
oh my (2010-07-22 15:49:29)
tooooo funny , show us her pic. lol.
r (2010-07-21 18:25:23)
lmao. some of this is not safe to be veiwing at work. "MINOR damage"
stanky (2010-07-12 22:52:34)
I busted out when I saw "rear tires"
jo (2010-07-09 04:03:17)
I get to keep the cd player AND THE PASSENGER SEAT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
morgan freeman (2010-07-07 17:35:27)
lollll. you betta bet it!
neela (2010-07-06 23:55:23)
i love how her first response is always incredibly polite, and her second response is suddenly super bitchy in all caps. ohhh shaniqua...
Rach (2010-06-19 01:38:11)
what a car! lmao!
h8 (2010-06-16 17:58:03)
"- Intact windshield" XoD
atlcraze (2010-06-16 15:42:53)
i died when the pic came up. holy shit this is funny.
Skel (2010-06-09 22:58:24)
Laughed quite a bit at the picture
Reply to Life (2010-06-08 22:13:29)
What is life? --- life is a lot better without you, moron!
what is life (2010-06-08 09:01:22)
So tell me, what is life?
gooser (2010-06-07 21:21:01)
'shaniqua chronicles' haha!!!
kalergis (2010-05-23 21:54:45)
Why do you use the word "bloody" twice in two sentences? Thats just bloody wrong.....
jezza (2010-05-11 04:55:57)
why does she use bloody capitals? she is an adult not a bloody 12 year old trying to get attention on the internet.
Junk dealer (2010-05-05 10:33:02)
Maybe I found where you found that picture: you googled "Ford explorer accident" without quotes. and reached this site: travelingsalescrews dot info lol
The car dealer (2010-05-05 10:28:51)
I just shat in her pants. lol her is the commenter below. that is so hilarious. loved that picture
Yoshimano (2010-04-29 08:11:40)
I cracked up when I saw the pic! "The mirror is fixable"!! And "you may need to replace the passenger-side mirror"! "I would love to be behind the wheel" and love how the features include "rrear tires"!!
JT (2010-04-26 18:13:24)
I just shit my pants
anonymous (2010-04-19 23:41:06)
for all of u who can't comment about something funny without letting the racist redneck come out please feel free to kill yourself!
Funda (2010-04-09 21:13:17)
I've never laughed harder at anything in my life. Seriously.
anonymous (2010-04-09 02:44:18)
i about died laughing when i saw the pic
snoopea snipes (2010-04-09 00:12:11)
U should of photoshoped her fine ass on the hood of the ford explorer! Clearly she would reconsidered!
Helen (2010-04-06 12:23:26)
when i saw the pic, I lmfao'd
Zac (2010-03-31 19:45:01)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ...uh, yeah, I was thinking the same thing lol
Cotton picker hater (2010-03-31 03:03:43)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lmfao hahaha wtf? What a complete retard. Stupid nigger.
CALB (2010-03-28 12:39:38)
Tears down my face, wife wondering why the fuck I'm laughing like a schoolgirl...fucking epic. I lost it when I saw the the photo.
Ahhah (2010-03-14 19:11:03)
*ackackack* Funniest email ever.
Brotha J (2010-03-10 22:02:47)
I also laughed so hard i couldn't breathe. This is one EPIC email
miss X (2010-03-04 20:34:33)
Im laughing to hard.. i cant even breathe....
shaniqua (2010-02-23 13:29:17)
Im sorry, my last communt waz harsh! I give u $1400, but I keep the seat. Deal????
shaniqua (2010-02-20 03:51:37)
i can't believe you take advantage of people like us, we're just trying to get by in the world and you just get our hopes up...
Awesome dude (2010-02-18 19:36:49)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK" Add one more T and your good to go.
Dita (2010-02-15 21:39:30)
I just came unhinged when I saw the photo. I couldn't even explain it to my bf because I was laughing too hard. Really funny.
matt (2010-02-14 07:11:59)
i saw the pic and just lost it. looks like something has eaten the bottom half of the truck!
What? (2010-01-29 12:12:06)
I don't understand. She starts out very polite and nice, but as soon as you email her again, she turns into the biggest fucking bitch ever. Fucking rude.
Moberly, MO (2010-01-29 10:21:14)
Fuck that is funny!
Diane (2010-01-18 14:21:13)
I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying. I died laughing, when I saw that picture!!!!!
billy (2010-01-15 06:08:04)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta love africans trying to use the internet
GummiSnorri (2010-01-14 07:09:02)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give anyone who understood this the first time they read it 50 bucks. And throw in a beautiful Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer audition. Some very minor fractions to the fr
Oh man! (2010-01-11 19:36:18)
I busted a nut when i scrolled and saw the picture after having read the thing XD
zzz (2010-01-10 13:39:45)
- Intact windshield
AnonymousLUEser (2010-01-05 23:22:11)
X FUCKING D at the picture
SG (2010-01-04 16:28:34)
This is the funniest shit I have ever read in my life! You should have waited a little longer to show her the picture!!!
jel (2010-01-02 17:52:24)
hilarious how she said she'd love it even with the picture attached . some people shuld learn how to scroll down .
eeej (2009-12-10 11:21:09)
i look like a prick in the office now, scrolled down and shit a brick when i saw that photo
haha (2009-11-30 22:59:20)
i cracked up when i scrolled down and saw the picture
Ross (2009-11-30 17:19:56)
Best site ever, but read all of them so now i'm pissed off. This one had me crying
WhiskeyTango (2009-11-24 11:15:23)
ROTFLMAO....."I get to keep the CD player and passenger seat". Classic.
bdub (2009-11-23 14:48:49)
okay so im sitting in class right now slackin off and its completely silent. until i scrolled down and saw the picture. i about died it was so fucking funny but everyone is staring at me now
stlman (2009-11-18 17:28:36)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! seninments exactly!!
Hool (2009-11-16 02:17:03)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa stfu you faggot. He didn't ruin it you fag
anonymous (2009-11-15 19:58:58)
funniest one ive read. i saw the picture as i was reading. when i read, "I took it to a mechanic, and he said that the mirror is fixable," i just lost it! classic.
Priceless (2009-11-14 14:21:20)
A picture is worth a thousand words !
Libra (2009-11-09 11:39:33)
Shaniqua is a fool
lotty (2009-11-08 21:07:32)
lol "i will clear all change out of my ash try"
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (2009-11-05 20:53:11)
You ruined it when you mentioned the picture so soon, should have left it until you'd nearly made a deal.
J (2009-11-02 01:42:20)
Fuck I laughed soooo hard on this one!
Gundosjcz (2009-10-30 11:38:40)
Aloha! qut
Jordan (2009-10-29 23:48:32)
i din't even see the picture until i scrolled down... fuckin hilarious
What? (2009-10-28 16:50:19)
Maybe she got temporarily possessed by Michael Jackson. just beat it!
JaseB (2009-10-28 00:46:50)
i laughed WAYY TOO HARD when i scrolled down to see the picture...TOO FUNNY.
CP (2009-10-16 22:05:05)
I laughed too hard when I saw the attachment. Awesome stuff here.
honke (2009-10-16 16:03:24)
nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga
Rashad (2009-10-14 03:15:18)
Well I think its funny that there are so many nigger lovers out there. I say if 90% of blacks are ass hole pieces of shit lets call em like we see em.
Betting It (2009-10-13 14:13:16)
Why does there always have to be that dumbass coward who says something racist?! There was no need for the n-word. I hope someone whoops your ass. Idiot.
... (2009-10-03 23:58:33)
@anonymous- Maybe she's just heavily inbolved with nigger culture?
anonymous (2009-09-22 02:31:44)
"WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT" - thats is also a fresh prince lyric; she obviously reads this site and has caught on so to speak
Lol (2009-09-21 08:13:00)
Considering the fact that every one of these seems to end in the "victim" screamin in caps or some shit, these are now boringly fake.
jj (2009-09-19 18:19:30)
heh, i love how EACH gag seems to have in it's comment section at least one dork who thinks this site is worse than the holocaust and -that post- is an illustration of the decline of civilization and at least one DER- lover who thinks -that post- is t
eric (2009-09-10 16:44:46)
The fact that an adult types in all caps like a kid who just learned how to write let alone a mother has kicked my faith in humanity in the balls funnny e-mails though
el pinche graciano (2009-09-03 01:51:48)
as i scrolled down and saw the picture..i pissed myself
john (2009-08-29 09:51:41)
you can only post 255 characters because of the database field size...but I let you type as much as you want in the box because I think it is funny
Anonymous (2009-08-28 21:28:16)
Any reason half of the comments are cut off? Is that this site's policy of censoring?
Mo' (2009-08-23 01:00:32)
Maybe she was really angry, and made a mistake.
a Freaking Chick (2009-08-22 02:03:58)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Translation: Why would I buy a piece junk? Why,for what? You better beat it!
a Freaking Chick (2009-08-22 02:03:32)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Translation: Why would I buy a piece junk? Why,f
PG from Denmark (2009-08-21 05:13:49)
Priceless... I'm making it my personally mission, to make sure every Dane becomes aware of this site.
anonymous (2009-08-05 20:38:50)
"YOU BETTA BET IT!" she's just saying "You better beat it!" She doesn't know how to spell "beat"
translator (2009-08-05 20:25:51)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! loose translation: Why would I buy a piece of junk? Why? For what? (she ment "for that much money?") You better bet I will! any other guess?
Beth (2009-07-31 21:25:36)
This one had me laughing so hard I was crying! I could hardly read it to my husband! PRICELESS!!
James (2009-07-31 05:44:07)
The worst part is that for her $1500 price limit, that is about the best Ford Explorer she is going to get.
Seriously Pissed (2009-07-30 20:33:29)
I'm so pissed at Seriously. Why can't I not enjoy this site? Why must I like everything that you like? If I liked your face I would be just as pathetic as you. Hell, if I merely saw picture of you with your face cut out I would still vomit uncontr
Seriously (2009-07-29 17:02:36)
Why can't people just enjoy this site? Are message boards the new way to lash out at people that you don't like? BTW- LOVE THE SITE!
Niggerz (2009-07-28 20:44:13)
Niggerz is always good fo da LOLz
bacon (2009-07-27 10:03:24)
well Joe Bob it's nice to see that you made it over here from ilovebacon. Trying to get the comments sections on another website taken down?
Joe Bob (2009-07-26 21:49:24)
You're all a bunch of faggots.
Sana (2009-07-26 15:33:02)
Touchedbyuncles (2009-07-25 14:16:42)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! = Obviously someone had one hell of a crack binge before making that last reply. Or she has Syphilis.
Jesus H. Christ (2009-07-23 21:36:53)
The hell'd she say at the end?
hellloooo (2009-07-23 21:05:20)
That bastard stole that out of my drive way I have been looking for it for months. My other car is a beamer
Heather (2009-07-23 16:10:01)
I almost peed my pants when I saw that pic!
Proofreader (2009-07-22 23:02:16)
k8, couldn't agree more!!
OMFG LMFAO (2009-07-22 13:50:24)
I lost it when I saw the picture of the truck. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
anonymous (2009-07-22 09:55:56)
this shit is awesome. keep it up
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 02:47:04)
WHY WOULD I BUT A PIECE OF JUNK WHY FOR WHAT YOU BETTA BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say what. English please. Not every one speaks nonsence.
Matt (2009-07-19 18:39:43)
I didnt see shit in the
CP (2009-07-18 02:37:58)
Priestly...I must say that i seems as if you are for racism? Do you really have to post something like that to prove that you hate black people? just cool it. oh yeah. pretty funny stuff
maybe (2009-07-17 17:03:01)
maybe she meant like "you betta beat it!"
Priesty (2009-07-16 09:47:47)
Hey Wooooww
yusss (2009-07-15 20:54:23)
I love you. :| "-rear tires"
ThrowSomething (2009-07-12 16:28:07)
Unbelievable! These 'replies' are as funny as the e-mails...
Wooowwww. (2009-07-11 17:25:52)
So ignorance is apparently bliss to some of you retards. The racist remarks clearly speak
Tyson (2009-07-10 12:48:49)
Guess what? I'm typing this while eating a donut!
Good Shit! (2009-07-10 07:12:38)
When I saw "- Rear tires" It took me almost 7 minutes to finish laughing before I could continue reading.. that was even better than the "ay yo girl" in the pt 1. lol
ilold (2009-07-10 05:13:57)
Ryan (2009-07-10 05:13:21)
You better beat it. That is what she was saying when she said " you better bet it".
k8 (2009-07-10 00:20:42)
Proofreading has become a lost art. A moment of silence, please.
llroomtempj (2009-07-09 14:46:08)
hilarious. I think i almost died when i saw the picture. what's up with all the racist ppl on here?
mollify (2009-07-06 18:43:17)
Funny how all the response emails are in ALL CAPS with tons of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!! what a coincidence.
anonymous (2009-07-02 18:29:51)
Changing my pants as we speak...when I scrolled down and saw that picture I had tears coming out in all directions!
Hot Chick (2009-06-30 10:53:04)
Gotta love "trash!" Should have told her to call all her "babies daddies" to pool together enough for both a vehicle and an "edjamacashun!"
John (2009-06-27 22:54:01)
I just had my wisdom teeth pulled and after this article i think i have to go to the hospital. Laughing is my achiles heel
Scott (2009-06-26 14:46:21)
LMMFAO! Great picture! What the hell is she saying in that last reply??
Charlie Brook (2009-06-26 04:48:00)
I laughed so hard it fuckin' hurt my sides! When I saw the photo i couldn't stop laughing!
anonymous (2009-06-25 04:00:50)
sshhhh. Obama's listening.
anonymous (2009-06-23 21:35:59)
Fuck you, W. Racism is awfully ugly.
W (2009-06-23 16:51:13)
The nigger beast never ceases to amuse.
adrian (2009-06-23 01:44:21)
what the hell is she trying to say in that last reply??!!
perdo (2009-06-21 02:13:56)
at least the mirror is fixable...taking a shammy to it wouldn't hurt either.
Mihir (2009-06-20 19:24:17)
"but I get to keep the CD player and the passenger seat" LOL!
BongHit (2009-06-20 03:41:01)
Paint it blue and I'll take it.
MasterRaiger (2009-06-19 03:46:51)
How did she miss that pic the first time?
LOL II (2009-06-18 16:39:24)
It was in a very MINOR fender bender. LOL
lol (2009-06-17 14:18:47)
I think she was going for "You'd better beat it," but it's really impossible to be sure.
Joe Burns (2009-06-16 16:13:12)
i'm at work, and when i saw the pic, i snorted to hold back my boss is looking at me funny...
anonymous (2009-06-16 07:07:06)
she's a star!
ROFL. Gene. (2009-06-15 22:58:47)
Reading the description, and then seeing the picture. Priceless =)
anonymous (2009-06-14 22:53:40)
fsfrwsrf, you're obviously from Jamaica, or understand Ebonics. Go to school, learn english.
fsfrwsfr (2009-06-13 14:54:00)
"why would I buy a piece of junk" why for what?????? no i dead there. "You better beat it" is it seriously that hard to figure out?
amy (2009-06-13 12:53:32)
i'm laughing so hard i'm crying.... oh my god.
GoD (2009-06-13 12:49:54)
Apparently he had better bet it. I guess auction it?
Zombies (2009-06-13 12:38:37)
I don't know what her last response means. "Why would I but a piece of junk why for what you betta bet it?"... I'm pretty sure that's not English. Maybe it's Jamaican, they kinda talk funny like that.
Mr O (2009-06-13 00:24:32)
Very funny stuff. I've read them all and look forward to reading more!
gregh (2009-06-12 22:02:50)
"you betta bet it" what does that even mean?

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