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Broken Umbrella
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:51:19
Original ad:
I need an old umbrella for parts. It does not matter if it is broken. I am making an umbrella and maanged to loose one of the little end pieces. Now that I have made the cover I need one more tip to be able to put it back together.
From Mike Anderson to *********@***********.org


I saw your ad for an umbrella and I have one if you are interested. I acquired it from my friend who is an EMT. Its previous owner was struck by lightning while holding the umbrella, so most of the material on top is melted off. The handle is somewhat burned and has some flesh melted to it. It is still in pretty good condition. Let me know if you want it!


Maud (2017-01-10 15:28:14)
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Chartric (2016-11-06 04:15:58)
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Dumb (2015-08-20 09:56:19)
Wow, you sent an email that was ignored! Comedy gold!
Mechanical Genius (2013-09-13 17:56:16)
Who the fuck builds an umbrella?
jew (2013-05-02 00:07:21)
hi josh towers, i am a jew and i lost my tip some time ago. can you hook me up? I can get you a safe place in Argentina. Let me know.
anonymous (2013-04-10 06:59:55)
lol funny, and lol at the idiet morans below who think its fail, just simple funny, it is
Anonymous (2013-02-13 01:14:28)
Stop posting these FAILS with no replies. Capiche?
Tyler (2013-02-11 21:46:09)
Not funny, sorry.
TigerladyNZ (2013-02-07 23:54:00)
Anyone that mean deserves to be trolled
W. Ithheld. (2012-08-03 18:21:15)
Jimmy you should learn to read. Third sentence the person says "I am making an Umbrella" Fourth sentence says "Now that I have made the cover"
Jimmy Rustles (2012-07-31 12:16:50)
GUYS. GUYS. LEARN TO READ. It just says for PARTS, in no part of the original ad does it say that he is going to make an umbrella, thats fucking stupid.
PELUCHA (2012-07-28 22:32:51)
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-03 08:18:19)
WOW.... Thats jewish guy ... Someone lend this dude 3 bucks to help the "BUY the fucking umbrella" fund grow
anonymous (2012-07-03 08:16:51)
WOW.... Thats jewish
Wow (2012-06-19 18:56:01)
This wasn't even funny.
1937 (2012-05-03 21:05:48)
The original ad was probably signed by Robinson Crusoe
TROLOLOLOL (2012-04-18 21:47:17)
Muy bien!
Ian (2012-02-22 10:36:05)
Why cant i post any comments...?
anonymous (2011-12-20 10:22:44)
Ha ha I remember a friend of mine did this, only instead of making an umbrella he beat his wife.
Jim (2011-10-02 03:23:05)
who the fuck makes an umbrella? I thought you just buy those. This isn't Russia. Perhaps he was on a Russian craigslist or some other similar site... who know.
Ben (2011-09-21 01:24:34)
No reply...NICE
hahahahahahahhaahaha (2011-08-18 23:35:53)
It is still in pretty good condition.
Mike Anderson (2011-07-06 15:17:44)
Dudes dudes! Stop it, its just a joke!
@Josh Towers (2011-06-25 11:24:41)
NAZIIIIIIIIIII you get my drift you blood thirsty monster
DUMBASS (2011-06-19 03:51:46)
im sorry if i seem stupid but i dont get it
Dick (2011-06-04 10:31:21)
A dick am i LOL
Dick (2011-05-24 08:33:39)
Fanny (2011-05-05 13:39:01)
Penis (2011-03-13 14:44:00)
Ku Klux Kinook (2011-03-09 20:04:47)
Wow, Josh Towers. Most Nazi fucks would have enough shame to post anonymously or use a pseudonym, but you just let it all hang out. Cheers, dude.
josh towers (2011-02-01 15:31:09)
wat a fucken thing to post for, go buy a fucken umbrella u fucken jew
Hmm (2010-10-25 12:59:09)
Is that like all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares?
Bob (2010-07-21 16:39:20)
All paramedics are EMTs, but not all EMTs are paramedics.
lobster (2010-07-12 01:54:37)
this duncan sounds like a player
whut (2010-06-28 16:43:03)
Wowzer (2010-06-23 21:08:23)
the fuck up.
Wowzer (2010-06-23 21:07:21)
ok so the reply was a good one BUT the dude that calls out the moron who calls out the doofus that assumes everyone reading this lives in a country where they call paramedics "EMTs" has him cracking the fuck up, cracks me the FUCK up, cracks ME th
Dolphin (2010-06-20 12:17:51)
I want to believe that every comment ever left on here but mine is the same person.
lemington buzzkill (2010-05-21 06:48:44)
what a funny chap
jew (2010-03-22 01:48:40)
I'm jewish
DUNCAN (2010-02-27 02:53:03)
Penis (2010-02-20 21:09:47)
Claud (2010-02-17 15:14:21)
I am just amazed that no one thinks the umbrella guy is a freak. Who the hell repairs an umbrella??LMAO
lqtm (2010-02-17 13:02:13)
No reply, awesome. this is some really funny shit.
George (2010-02-16 22:56:06)
meow (2010-02-11 09:07:27)
ok so the reply was a good one BUT the moron who calls out the doofus that assumes everyone reading this lives in a country where they call paramedics "EMTs" has him cracking the fuck up, cracks me the FUCK up
Steven (2010-02-10 17:53:24)
anonymous (2010-01-24 03:22:26)
Paramedics and EMTs are different morons
Jimmy Mcduff (2010-01-06 12:25:42)
ok so the reply was a good one BUT the doofus that assumes everyone reading this lives in a country where they call paramedics "EMTs" has me cracking the fuck up.
tori (2009-12-21 21:24:25)
ok so the reply was a good one BUT the doofus that asked "wait, whats an EMT?!" has me cracking the fuck up.
Derrickness (2009-12-02 03:41:15)
An Emergency Medical Technician
Dun-can't (2009-11-27 17:09:42)
wait, whats an EMT?!
anonymous (2009-11-23 13:52:15)
Hey Mike, I get really bored at work so I surf the internet, this site has kept me going for months, I check it religiously for new posts. Keep up the ridicule.
Why? (2009-11-07 19:39:54)
I don't understand why the webmaster doesn't let you use the name "Duncan" anymore. The Duncan thing was probably good for the website.
oliver (2009-10-30 06:07:40)
haha, you have no idea how fuckin hard it is to not laugh ur ass off in the middle of your office while reading this! PURE GENIUS!
guy (2009-10-28 17:53:28)
re-god-damn-dic-u-lous-ly HILARIOUS dude ur a genius
ronald (2009-10-21 21:37:18)
john, do you really think that a "Comments from Assholes" section is meant to solve anything? as for improving anything it's funny to read comments from assholes (like myself) ?
Bramblebelle (2009-10-19 02:18:23)
So, um, I just starting reading this stuff, and I have to say, it's great. Now, I may be nuts, or I may be giving something away, but is it outside the realm of possibility that Duncan and Mike are one and the same? Or is there some inside joke that
John (2009-10-18 22:30:56)
Really ronald? You think so? Do you think that will improve the website or solve any problems?
ronald (2009-10-18 00:17:50)
this website should have a "Comments from Assholes" section
meow (2009-10-14 13:11:05)
from now on when anybody explains a joke in a really obvious way and ruins it, it shall henceforth be known as "duncanizing" the joke
dunk can (2009-10-14 12:59:02)
pardon me neighbor, may i borrow a cup of ejaculate?
-- (2009-10-14 00:31:49)
Cunt. (2009-10-09 22:57:42)
"""DUNCANS MUMS DEAD (2009-09-30 08:54:14) lol """ Cunt.
DUNCANS MUMS DEAD (2009-09-30 08:54:14)
DUNCANSHOULDDIE (2009-09-30 01:45:19)
Duncan, you are worthless, i dont know why you are living no1 cares bout you and the next time you see your mother she will have no vagina because i will cut it off and eat it for breakfast you worthless peice of nigger shit
Scroat (2009-09-26 13:41:52)
These are the funniest comments ever posted.
Scroat (2009-09-26 13:41:41)
These are the funniest comments ever posted.
jane (2009-09-20 00:18:44)
amy D bag (2009-09-13 21:48:17)
new chick (2009-08-31 12:05:27)
y does every1 hate ducan
Amy D (2009-08-30 20:53:31)
I don't get what the whole Duncan rival is about...
Concerned Citizen (2009-08-30 19:43:08)
This comment reel is fantastic. You people are fantastic. I love the internet for many reasons, but hating on random idiots has to be near the top of the list. Fuck you duncan, and fuck you everyone else on this post. I love you all. Fuck..
justthinking (2009-08-29 03:44:30)
continued: Either way, it's funny.
justthinking (2009-08-29 03:44:07)
continued: Duncan, eat shit and die you worthless asshole, go fuck yourself. Sincerely, fuck you Duncan." You also have some people that understand it and write "I<33duncan (2009-06-18 01:12:14) DUNCAN RULES!!!! <33" Either way, it'
justthinking (2009-08-29 03:41:52)
duncan is probably the same dude (mike) that runs this website. he likes saying things that will upset its readers and make them say things like "James (2009-06-13 13:20:01) FUCK YOU DUNCAN YOU ASSHOLE" or "Get the green (2009-06-17 22:00:57)
sarahh (2009-08-28 01:29:14)
duncan is hillarious.
anonymous (2009-08-26 17:23:51)
It's funny because Duncan just made it funny. This site should be ""
yea (2009-08-26 13:28:35)
the 1-way convo is stupid, don't bother uploading emails unless they respond at least a few times.
Cor Blimey! (2009-08-25 15:16:10)
Liam. Take your tea stained bitch teeth and GTFO.
Rick (2009-08-24 13:29:36)
Wonder how old he is, though I thought some of his stuff was funny. HADOKENN.
Liam Gallagher (2009-08-21 15:34:02)
Apologies fer the forever...LG
Liam Gallagher (2009-08-21 15:33:01)
Chris Cocker: Go insult yer own country!
Liam Gallagher (2009-08-21 15:30:26)
Chris Cocker: What d'you mean 'Brit'stupid little shit.
Liam Gallagher (2009-08-21 15:26:30)
Mad Fer It!
john (2009-08-18 18:58:31)
this is hilarious
Chris Crocker (2009-08-18 17:31:38)
LEAVE BRIT...I MEAN DUNCAN ALONEE!! You're lucky he even posts for you b*stards. He's A HUMAN. LEAVE DUNCAN ALLOOONEE!!!
Duncan (2009-08-18 02:01:39)
i have magic sperm
duncan (2009-08-17 12:16:33)
ok guys, lets stop this flame war and hug! 9PM tomorrow at my place.
duncan (2009-08-17 10:49:35)
this is not duncan.
Duncan (2009-08-17 10:18:32)
hehe i understand becaus lighning melts it its not usable
Nice (2009-08-16 23:01:19)
I want to believe that every comment other than mine has been made by the same person. (2009-08-15 18:56:42)
duncan is the doucheist douche of aaaalllllll!!!
duncan's fan (2009-08-15 13:27:24)
hey admin thanks for scarring me for life. nobody link the fb page
Duncan (2009-08-14 01:37:11)
Omg leave me alone!
... (2009-08-13 15:42:35)
why is everyone making fun of duncan? he just said one little thing
... (2009-08-13 15:42:35)
why is everyone making fun of duncan? he just said one little thing
craig (2009-08-11 10:12:09)
wtf?! why does everyone care what anyone else says? the comments are for the site! just stop bitching!
Dan (2009-08-11 08:31:49)
It's funny because Duncan makes it obvious who takes the internet WAY too seriously.
??? (2009-08-09 15:14:09)
wtf (2009-08-09 15:03:27)
why does everyone hate duncan? poor duncan.
DuncanFan (2009-08-09 05:11:28)
Duncan... is a genius. I have never seen so many responses over such an inanely, subtly, yet infuriatingly crafted troll post. I love him. HE IS MY GOD. LONG LIVE DUNCAN.
DuncanSucksPenis (2009-08-06 17:55:49)
stfu dude
Duncan (2009-08-03 18:05:50)
Join now, because then you understand everything and be able to clarify it for the main public. The First Presbyterian Church of Duncan, Oklahoma Vis kort over 704 W Ash Ave, Duncan, OK 73533, USA
anyn (2009-08-03 16:31:44)
Church (2009-07-30 08:28:34)
I want to join the church of Duncanism. He's got skills. Horray for Duncan. Make a Facebook group.
true believer (2009-07-29 02:22:39)
Can I join the Church of Duncanism?
slaughtermelon (2009-07-29 00:51:58)
duncan, u are a freaking beacon of succession in getting everyone madd at u and wanting u to lick the sweatiest part of there asshole. im starting a religion called duncanism, its the practice of pissing people off LMAO
Fucking Fucker (2009-07-28 19:52:59)
Fuck this is fucking funny
Wecttal Wegion (2009-07-26 17:08:10)
I heartily endorse the previous post, event or product.
Wectal Wegion (2009-07-26 13:40:44)
im sorry about my last post i was just confused on a part in my Anus reviving book. They did not clearly state the steps in removing an umbrella from my anus so i used WD-40 which actually works quite well with a wedge. but i dont recomend it because i no
Yala Hater (2009-07-25 20:57:51)
Yala (2009-07-23 13:47:57)
This one sounds like he just likes to hear himself talk.
Duncant (2009-07-23 12:51:34)
It's funny because it's true.
not duncan (2009-07-23 00:02:22)
i like dick
Wectal Wegion (2009-07-21 07:47:05)
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get an umbrella out of your anus. I googled umbrella, ass, diarrhea and constipation and came up with this page, so I figured it was the place to ask. Thanks fellas.
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 02:56:29)
Grow up guys. This isnt labled "Go fuck yourself Duncan, and say why" Its about the umbrella dude and his joke. The duncan shit is annoying. and all of you just repeat the same shit.
duncan's ass (2009-07-20 19:29:31)
anonymous (2009-07-20 04:58:52)
anonymous (2009-07-20 01:14:11)
/b/ was here.
?? (2009-07-19 23:47:34)
Kyle (2009-07-18 19:01:19)
This was was lame
LOLWUT (2009-07-18 09:07:10)
haha, maybe you guys should get jobs& stop being dickheads to make yourself cool on the internet, :DD
newo (2009-07-18 01:34:20)
clearly duncan is a chinese j
duncan (2009-07-17 19:24:23)
haha, I'm not the same guy but you guys are mean
Mady (2009-07-17 07:28:54)
SIMONE YOUR COMMENT WAS LAME "something awesome"
Simone (2009-07-17 07:26:24)
Gice (2009-07-16 20:25:19)
Blumpkin (2009-07-16 19:47:23)
Duncan has no manners. He didn't even have the common courtesy to give me a reach-around the other day. Duncan- if you're reading this... go outside for a game of "hide and go fuck yourself"
unduncan (2009-07-16 13:05:45)
haha, admin ftw.
to real duncan (2009-07-16 10:37:23)
HAH just kidding duncan. I hope you feel even worse knowing that I pretended to defend you but actually hate you. Go jump off a cliff.
carly (2009-07-16 00:20:13)
i like duncan's schtick, i find it comforting. anyway how is the person that retells the same harmless joke once per entry more pathetic than the people that get pissed off by it? who needs to get lives here?
Duncan's cock (2009-07-16 00:11:34)
Let me show you it.
dianna (2009-07-15 10:50:00)
Duncan Hate Page (2009-07-15 09:30:31)
Hey admin why do you delete a lot of posts? Especially mine?
duncan (2009-07-14 22:51:51)
If I bend over far enough, my penis can be inserted into this new vise grip that I bought at Big Lots. Then I pour Tabasco sauce on my testicles until my shit slicer opens up as I fart, enabling all of you to smell my rectal vapors.
large hairy penises (2009-07-14 20:41:30)
ya i love watchin u guys fight. go suck big ones, ass wipes!
peallytebyWed (2009-07-14 12:00:42) I am a spammer
admin (2009-07-14 10:10:40)
I just wanted to let you guys know that the original Duncan has never posted on this site since his original comment a month ago.
Duncan (2009-07-14 08:26:43)
Thanks a lot man, it means a lot. Thanks everyone who has stuck up for me, I really
to real duncan (2009-07-14 07:04:47)
So, what I love about this post is that anyone can post, so a bunch of thirteen year old boys think they are big men for making fun of a faceless kid (who should let it go and stop checking
nacnuD (2009-07-13 23:33:06)
I don't get whats going on here
Dunkin Donuts (2009-07-13 22:50:57)
I hurd thar waz sum dunkin
Duncan Shiek (2009-07-13 15:43:46)
Duncan, you are a tool. Tim told me you were douching up the good Duncan name again, but I didn't expect this level of douche-baggery. You better grow eyes in the back of your head cuz when I find you, you'll be Barely Breathing.
terence (2009-07-11 20:25:09)
Canadians do suck a lot of dick.
Large Penis (2009-07-11 17:06:21)
Great Show Mike!
Duncan (2009-07-11 09:27:30)
I long for the touch of another human. I sometimes go to the grocery market and buy products that add up to 73.28 so I can receive the maximum amount of change from the cashier. When she hand
The Game (2009-07-11 07:15:45)
Duncan lost it
duncan_fan (2009-07-11 07:14:54)
hey yo gys dont be mean to dncan hes only tryin to help yo
Gayver (2009-07-11 01:51:59)
Slaver sucks dick harder than Duncan ever could.
duncansdickisgod (2009-07-10 20:37:59)
I laughed so hard I died, and went to duncan's asshole
Dowhatnow? (2009-07-10 17:02:13)
To "Tim Duncan" your the one that should go ahead and kill your self because I know about 7 or 8 dum
Tim Duncan (2009-07-10 15:09:03)
Hey, what if it was only a quarter of a hand? Did they count the fingers?
Duncan (2009-07-10 10:35:47)
I am not actually duncan but am cleverly using his name to make it look like i am
duncan is a perineum (2009-07-10 02:58:37)
you suck duncan. go to hell.
duncan (2009-07-10 00:24:01)
i have constipation and diharrea all at the same time. (2009-07-10 00:04:01)
I too ride the short bus.
Duncan (2009-07-09 23:58:12)
I just read the article again. I still find it hilarious. I would hate to get the umbrella and find some fingers attached to it. Gross.
:P (2009-07-09 19:09:16)
i hate you duncan
Duncan's fat ass (2009-07-09 17:05:16)
I just got penetrated by a large black man.
Duncan's small penis (2009-07-09 17:03:42)
I am bored. I never get any action
hahaha (2009-07-09 14:04:59)
you guys seriously need to get a life. nearly a month long flame war on duncan for a random comment?!?! turn off the computer, leave your mom's basement and enter the real world.
Tim Duncan (2009-07-09 12:28:31)
duncan, you disgust me. Could you kill yourself, so that I don't feel compelled to change my last name? I would hate to have to change my name, but I can't see keeping it knowing there is a douche-bag like you out there douc
fuck off duncan (2009-07-09 08:38:57)
i hate you. we all hate you.
fuck (2009-07-09 03:45:27)
it's funny how everybody thinks they can be funny too just by acting like assholes. ha
Duncan (2009-07-08 20:59:41)
Duncan here, disregard that I suck cock
Duncan's sex slave (2009-07-08 18:48:41)
Leave Duncan alone you bunch of haters! Sure, his cock may be small but he knows how to please a man, I can vouch for that! You whores are just jealous because it's ME and not YOU that he ties up with leather bondage each night.
sarah (2009-07-08 13:38:34)
hey i made a retarded comment below and i'm really sorry. i have a little winky between my legs.
Hey Duncan (2009-07-08 07:15:06)
I'm a troll-lover. I fuck trolls all the time.
Hey Duncan (2009-07-08 04:58:12)
This is a site built around trolling, and y'all done got trolled. To avoid making the same mistake in the future, you may want to read the goddamn URL.
sarah (2009-07-07 18:01:31)
wtf is up whit this comments lol?!
FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU (2009-07-07 12:36:52)
Francisco (2009-07-07 09:28:05)
lol! The huge convo about Duncan is so much funnier than the actual ad, this shit is gold! Shame Duncan, you got fucked up!
Crossdresser on 7th (2009-07-07 02:26:49)
Sorry, Duncan is booked for the whole week.
Hooker on 6th (2009-07-06 23:53:09)
Can we have a three way? I want you Duncan... also I want to hug the HippieChick
Hooker on 5th (2009-07-06 20:50:50)
I dunno guys, duncan seems sexy. I'd let him pay me so I could take his virginity...
hha (2009-07-06 20:24:17)
love the way some people think this is serious.. i bet its one person writing most of the comments and people get pissed about it? silly ppl......
comment section (2009-07-06 18:09:25)
The comments for this post are making me tear up from laughing so hard. Fuck Duncan.
JustMe (2009-07-05 07:21:12)
Umm I think duncan needs to be getting reimbursed for all the traffic this page is seeing, lol hire em!! Looks like hes great for publicity, and btw a fucking umbrella part?
duncan (2009-07-05 03:11:51)
ok, i give i am a complete asshole...and a complete douchebag
duncan's father (2009-07-05 02:55:35)
son, i am disapoint.
duncan's anal whore (2009-07-04 22:35:00)
I NEEEEED you. Now.
duncan (2009-07-04 20:17:47)
quit fucking posting as me!
duncan (2009-07-04 20:14:45)
you guys are fuckin nuts, and i'm gonna kill you all! your taking this shit too far! so what if im gay for my dead father? that's my busniess! not any of your assholes! go to hell!
Duncan's Girlfriend (2009-07-04 14:06:57)
Guys, Duncan is not a cool guy. Though he seems nice at first, you soon realize that he is just a lame poser and terrible in bed. He did not satisfy me at all. Stay away from him and do not let him drag you down. He is an utter failure.
the dude (2009-07-04 12:29:18)
Way to post the same thing 3 times duncans teacher. You suck almost as much as duncan does.
the dude (2009-07-04 12:28:50)
Way to post the same thing 3 times duncans teacher. You suck almost as much as duncan does.
the dude (2009-07-02 18:27:05)
Way to post the same thing 3 times duncans teacher. You suck almost as much as duncan does.
satan (2009-07-02 18:24:29)
Your ass is mine duncan.
duncans teacher (2009-07-02 18:23:39)
I always had a suspicion you were gay...and now I know. I hate you duncan.
duncans teacher (2009-07-02 18:20:41)
I always had a suspicion you were gay...and now I know. I hate you duncan.
duncans teacher (2009-07-02 18:19:58)
I always had a suspicion you were gay...and now I know. I hate you duncan.
Kat (2009-07-02 14:18:51)
You guys are all fucken idiots.
Cock (2009-07-02 01:16:32)
What the fuck are you idiot's talking about?
duncan (2009-07-01 00:41:38)
u guuuuuuuuyssss.. if you
FACEBOOK GROUP! (2009-06-30 22:59:30)
Join it here:
Duncan Man Lover (2009-06-30 15:37:49)
Hey guys! I love men!
duncanlover (2009-06-30 02:41:01)
duncan (2009-06-28 03:04:56)
does anyone know a good site for vibrating dildos??
anonymous (2009-06-27 02:02:02)
Tim Morrison > duncan
duncans girl (2009-06-26 15:19:59)
ha baby ur amazing..but if your going to kill yourself let me do it bwahahaha
trina (2009-06-26 13:37:50)
i dont get why you all hate duncan. and his little comment isnt even funny, offensive, or stunning, its just a lame comment. you all need some lives
duncans security (2009-06-26 10:45:03)
You buncha little bitchs need to lay off my man. All that fuckin jerkin off and bloggin gotchu thnkin ur tough shit. Buncha perez hilton stumpgrinders
Anonymous (2009-06-26 02:54:09)
I agree. The Duncan joke is pretty funny, but the thing Tim Morrison said is fucking great. I love you Tim Morrison!!!!!
duncan (2009-06-25 21:22:14)
anonymous (2009-06-25 21:10:22)
I pretty much love Tim Morrison more than any of you fuckin losers. Fantastic.
duncan (2009-06-25 21:00:12)
I'll show you guys. I got my dads gun, and I'll end it all, and you'll all feel sorry when you read about it in the news. It'll be the third death to go with MJ and Farrah Fawcett
duncan (2009-06-25 15:42:22)
I cant beileive you made a facebook message about me. I cant stand you guuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyssss! MMMMM...but I do like licking myself. ta Ta
God (2009-06-25 13:09:55)
Sorry duncan i must have fucked up the wiring, go shoot yourself, come up to heaven and ill fix it for you, provided that you make an appointment with St. Peter at the Gates of my estate
wurd (2009-06-25 12:47:33)
Dude the comments are funnier than the orginial post. then again I'm pretty wasted so maybe I just didn't get the original post and these comments basically reflect my schizophrenic self. . . .and me too
Duncans Cock (2009-06-25 02:47:45)
Duncan your uncle rubs me dry
duncan (2009-06-25 02:44:52)
seriously you guys ruined
Duncan's ego (2009-06-25 00:51:29)
I'm deflated, guys.
3 (2009-06-24 23:46:36)
duncan (2009-06-24 13:14:17)
.... ahem, excuse me, wow don't know where that came from, peewww..
duncan (2009-06-24 04:53:40)
good shit (2009-06-24 00:44:49)
have me fuckin cryin!
duncans creepy uncle (2009-06-23 21:15:28)
hey duncan, when are you going to suck my cock again? I really enjoyed it last time
HippieChick (2009-06-23 15:52:52)
I think some of you need a hug.
donkeys dick (2009-06-23 13:46:17)
Hi Duncan, where are you? I am waiting for you with my giant dick - so get your ass over here!!
[Insert Name] (2009-06-23 03:17:06)
:| (2009-06-23 01:30:23)
You guys are right. There's nothing wrong with being morons. Cuz aren't we all just a bunch of faggots, anyway?
anonymous (2009-06-23 01:00:17)
this is retarded. what did duncan originally say anyway?
wtf guys? (2009-06-23 00:38:23)
who the fuck do you all think you are? who the fuck cares that some guy explained the joke???? we all go on this site to have a good laugh why d
DUNCAN'S A FAGGOT (2009-06-22 21:46:55)
Duncan, was that you in that dudes bedroom I heard across the street last night while the other guy was slapping your ass yelling "Dun CAN'T, Dun CAN'T"?
duncan (2009-06-22 20:15:43)
im a fabulous fagbag and i eat jizz
finch. (2009-06-22 19:31:18)
I like how there isn't any response.
These_comments (2009-06-22 17:39:43)
are funny. Let me try... Duncan is ugly!
Tim Morrison (2009-06-22 17:04:45)
Fuck you anonymous I have see you on severeral mesage boords and you are bitch
funny (2009-06-22 17:03:15)
DUNCAN: I smell, wow I never thought I could. DAD: Well, dung can too. (get it? dung-can, HAHAHA)
duncan (2009-06-22 15:52:00)
i'm not duncan... i just wanted to see if i could post under any name... seems i can.
anonymous (2009-06-22 03:41:47)
Fuck you cabeera, stop licking ass. Bitch!
MsucksDuncan (2009-06-22 01:47:42)
Slaver (2009-06-21 23:14:04)
Wow I'm a fucking faggot that thinks hes funny. I should just stop trying. I invite you all to bash me and make fun of me like you did to Duncan because I am not funny at all.
23/F/NY. love sex (2009-06-21 22:55:40)
slaver (2009-06-21 22:04:34)
after re-reading my previous comment, I realize I tried way too hard and in reality, I'm just a fucking moron.
slaver (2009-06-21 20:08:13)
hey duncan i guess u didnt come to ur weekly therapy session(he gets fucked in the ass by a donkey)bc u were busy reading the nice comments, just want to remind u that ur next session is 2morrow>>> hope ur prepared! love, giant dicked donkey
cabeera (2009-06-21 16:14:37)
okay first of all why the helllll would someone put up an add for an umbrella hahaha and second of all the comments are soooooooooooooooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn hilarious i
M (2009-06-21 13:25:02)
So, what I love about this post is that anyone can post, so a bunch of thirteen year old boys think they are big men for making fun of a faceless kid (who should let it go and stop checking th
Duncan's Mother (2009-06-21 11:27:51)
Lick My Cunt Duncan
duncan's sister (2009-06-21 03:58:13)
Duncan sweetheart, why are you s
Duncan Killer (2009-06-21 03:03:12)
FUCK YOU DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE YOUR GUTS!!!!
duncan (2009-06-21 02:06:43)
i hate you guys
Is Duncan Retarded? (2009-06-21 01:48:01)
Duncan is that you?! When Aunt Leslie and her brother Cornelius fucked, they told me the baby was put down for ret
T (2009-06-21 01:10:43)
Lay off the guy. Jeez!
Duncan (2009-06-21 00:34:34)
duncan (2009-06-21 00:11:12)
fuck all of you!! i am so sick of this shit. why do you keep at this? all i did was make a harmless comment and now half of the fucking people are named duncan is gay. fuck you all!!!! leave me alone.
duncan (2009-06-20 19:36:15)
i've put all the beers i've ever drank above my bed.
duncan (2009-06-20 18:18:35)
i like sesamestreet
Smarter then Duncan (2009-06-20 17:52:18)
not so funny as other emails... but deff. had a good laugh out of the replier.
Duncan is a fag (2009-06-20 13:34:40)
Duncan don't keep Crono's Sweaty Ass waiting. Your gonna have to lick it eventually. You should probably lick it before it gets any sweatier.
I think (2009-06-20 05:54:11)
This is the best one of all
Crono's Sweaty Ass (2009-06-20 05:31:01)
Duncan, are you gonna lick me or not? I'm waiting.
duncan 4 life (2009-06-20 05:20:42)
Yeaz! Me an my boi duncans gonna come fuck u up! Keep it up h8az! no seriously though, fuck duncan
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:35:49)
duncan (2009-06-20 03:29:11)
Mom why are you such a goddamn whore. You fucking cunt
Duncan's mom (2009-06-20 03:27:36)
LOL why don't you just go in your room and suck your own dick you fucking faggot.<3
duncan (2009-06-20 03:24:56)
What the fuck is wrong with you fuckers?? Ill fuck you guys up
Duncan's mom (2009-06-20 03:22:20)
Haha my sons such a fag. Keep it up guys!! Fuck you Duncan you little bitch. <3
duncan donuts (2009-06-20 03:11:29)
oh i get it. you're all making fun of duncan since he stated the obvious.
DunCAN'T (2009-06-20 00:45:27)
Haha, get it. Duncan't!
Duncan's Dad (2009-06-20 00:19:09)
Hey Guys i'm duncan's dead dad that got hit by lightning. I hated duncan as a son and i'm glad i'm dead now so i don't have to see his pathetic shit self every day anymore.
Wicked (2009-06-19 22:09:17)
Dude! The comments are better than the post!
bvgshuryibgsj (2009-06-19 21:51:47)
ya'll are all really stupid and should leave the duncan kid along because you're all faggots anyways:)
BarackDuncamba (2009-06-19 20:27:06)
I want you to run Iran, Duncan!
Duncan 8=D (2009-06-19 18:55:12)
Duncan, please go SUCK A DICK YOU MOTHER FUCKING CUNTSHIT. 8==D~~~~ :O <-----Duncan
FAKE (2009-06-19 15:17:16)
LOL @ author for thinking this website would be taken seriously I'm from Canada though, so I suck a lot of dicks.
kill me (2009-06-19 08:41:33)
MasterRaiger (2009-06-19 08:39:15)
Disregard my last post. I am a stupid piece of shit. Just like this Duncan faggot. I'm gonna go kill myself so I don't bother you again in the future.
MasterRaiger (2009-06-19 05:47:25)
I don't see why we're picking on duncan? Flamers possibly? Because I think flamers should die but I don't harass anyone? He just had a comment? I don't see the stupid in it. Maybe I just don't take the internet seriously?
Duncan love (2009-06-19 01:30:56)
too bad man
duncan (2009-06-18 23:54:01)
I'm sorry you guys. But it was my dad that got hit by lightning. I'm a bit touchy about it.
I AM NOT DUNCAN (2009-06-18 17:26:27)
Wtf srsly, this makes no sense at all?
I Love Duncan (2009-06-18 17:09:54)
You're my hero.
God_Himself (2009-06-18 16:18:19)
God here, reminding you to spay and neuter your retarded relatives.
Duncan is a fag (2009-06-18 08:20:52)
Duncan you go to hell and you die! Your a worthless piece of trash! You don't deserve to live! Eat shit then off yourself you fag!
DUNCAN_PHAN (2009-06-18 05:23:20)
I<33duncan (2009-06-18 01:12:14)
Pariah (2009-06-18 00:35:01)
I want to make an umbrella of human flesh
Flog Duncan (2009-06-17 23:30:26)
because you are an idiot
duncan (2009-06-17 23:07:19)
why are you guys harassing me
Get the green (2009-06-17 22:00:57)
Duncan, eat shit and die you worthless asshole, go fuck yourself. Sincerely, fuck you Duncan.
duncan (2009-06-17 18:35:23)
shut up you all i was just kidding
Jereme (2009-06-17 15:20:27)
Leave Duncan alone. Word problems are hard and sometimes to figure them out, you have to restate them in simpler terms.
anonymous (2009-06-17 12:19:23)
Why are you guys so mean? It was just a harmless comment. Poor Duncan :(
LargeFoot (2009-06-17 09:47:41)
I want to be wrapped in a Duncan towel.
anonymous (2009-06-15 01:37:39)
duncan, im confused. i now see that the person wanted a tiny little part, but for free he gets half a hand thrown in. but why does he want the tiny little part? i just don't understand. please help me to understand
Anthony (2009-06-14 20:19:30)
poor duncan
Crono (2009-06-14 05:20:12)
Duncan, you can lick the sweatiest part of my ass.
anonymous (2009-06-14 02:41:57)
Duncan, I sincerely hope that you die painfully. Please, for the sake of the human race, remove yourself from the gene pool.
James (2009-06-13 13:20:01)
ozzy (2009-06-13 04:48:42)
wow, you understand the post, good for you.
duncan (2009-06-12 19:55:03)
yeah the person wants a tiny little part, but for free they get half a hand thrown in..gross

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