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Ride in the D.A.R.E. Mobile
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:54:41
I had to fuck with this girl some more...
Original ad:
26 year old female who loves music looking for friendly male concert buddy.

i have tickets to see STS9 tomorrow night and am looking for someone to go with me to see them. you must be 420 friendly!
From Mike Hunt to ***********@***********.org

yoooooo brah! whats good. im totally down for sts9! i saw you are 420 friendly, so i hope its cool if i shoot up some heroin on the way there. also ive got a few tanks of nitrous for the lots, can we fit them in your car? i can throw up some coke for gas


From Stacey ***** to Me

um thats not really what i meant by 420 friendly. i really dont want someone doing heroin in my car and i dont want to get pulled over with nitrous tanks. arent those really illegal?

From Mike Hunt to Stacey *****

well psh sorry i didnt realize i was dealing with fucking officer stacey over here. i didnt want to take a ride in the D.A.R.E. mobile anyway so fuck you

From Stacey ***** to Me

what?! fuck you!
Anthony (2021-06-10 07:01:22)
This was funny! I miss this guy, though. Anyone know what happened to him?
Joseph (2018-01-17 09:52:17)
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muhammad (2016-01-06 13:39:53)
what she meant ny 420 friendly then?
Batman (2014-01-28 14:06:16)
It's typical that yuropoors would be in favor of a shit drug like weed.
Shroom207 (2013-05-01 18:28:26)
anonymous (2013-01-26 11:27:28)
Omg dying laughing!!!! Yooooo brah!!! Lol
His name (2012-12-12 17:50:14)
LMAO he emailed as "Mike Hunt" LOL
Anonymous is a c*nt (2012-10-25 09:12:35)
Oh yeah good one "Anonymous"...
anonymous (2012-10-20 11:13:24)
hey "no".. you're wrong, dead wrong on the alcohol front and arguably on the cigarette issue. Go read something you ignorant english twat
weedman (2012-09-23 17:40:00)
weed is actually good for you. You've never had it so how would you even know? it's like saying oranges are bad for you when you've never eaten an orange.
Piero (2012-08-28 17:55:27)
but weed is more expensive
No (2012-08-21 11:32:48)
Weed is less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes, yet retards have been abusing those for centuries. So up yours, you retarded, brainwashed American fat wankers.
Obi (2012-08-18 16:43:57)
No, they're right. Smoking weed is seriously a stupid, harmful, pointless activity.
asdfas (2012-07-31 16:07:57)
The guy below me is a moron. Its not completely harmless but does very very little harm to the body. And the other guys calling weed smokers fags are just retarded lol
@faggot (2012-07-18 21:57:48)
lol... I love how the internet has managed to brainwash so many people to make them think that marijuana is completely harmless...
Criken (2012-07-09 02:20:54)
If u smoke u die earlier then. Most. Weed equals fag. Weed smokers equals. Fag level MAXIMUM
@Johnny Eyeball (2012-05-14 02:36:05)
yeahhh, heroine n coke r plants. I love burning down the leaves n shooting that shit. Oh wait, i gotta add a fuckton of chemicals first. yeah, your a fuckin idiot
8^P (2012-05-03 14:08:59)
so funny..
anonymous (2012-04-17 13:31:27)
a hobo (2012-04-09 00:59:20)
What does 420 friendly mean
gumby (2012-03-28 19:34:01)
OH FUCK laughed so hard almost spit rum out of my nose
anonymous (2011-12-10 02:59:37)
wah wha wahhhhhhh lame
D.A.R.E (2011-11-01 21:30:59)
LOL, Officer Stacey. D.A.R.E Mobile!
faggot (2011-10-24 22:50:04)
@Johnny Eyeball: Oh goodness. You must either be a troll or an idiot. I am opting for the ladder, because you'd have to be fairly fucking ignorant to still follow the bullshit lies about marijuana and the so-called "detrimental effects" it c
Johnny Eyeball (2011-10-19 12:47:33)
@some bitch: Too fucking right. @RoXas: Lol. You uneducated mollusc. You're probably one of these cunts who use the argument 'weed is just a plant'. So are heroin & coke. Scumbag.
WTF (2011-08-03 10:41:48)
Why can't I see anyone named Duncan ? Were his comments removed or something? Everyone is responding to him but I can't find him ?
Omfg (2011-08-02 21:47:06)
"well psh sorry i didnt realize i was dealing with fucking officer stacey over here. i didnt want to take a ride in the D.A.R.E. mobile anyway so fuck you" Lol, fucking epic...
I love weed! (2011-07-02 02:48:44)
because it draws the line of 'morons i dont wanna hear babble' very solid.
Saulsid (2011-06-08 17:21:52)
the ad on the side for me was a 30 day brain workout. looks like the poor bitch needs that. mike hunt ...priceless
pure (2011-06-03 14:01:13)
I've never done drugs/got drunk in all my life, I'm 18. I say FUCK YEAH WEED!
yay for opiates! (2011-05-14 22:33:02)
@lol haha yeah for real... i've moved way past weed... coke's good for when i wanna stay up all night talking and making love to my fiance, but for me, opiates are the shit for an every day thing. just take a pill or two and feel normal all day. i
anty (2011-04-13 11:45:36)
should just legalize everything like Portugal. it pretty much got rid of all their drug problems, crime rates are way down, etc. most prescription drugs are way more damaging to your body/mind than taking ecstasy or dropping some acid.
RoXas (2011-03-30 16:36:32)
Actually, the only negative effect weed has on your body and mind is the smoke in your lungs (which you can get from sitting around a campfire) so it's really the ultimate drug.
lol@ (2011-02-23 04:55:31)
all the people defending weed. Potheads are worthless and weed is the leading cause of apathy and ignorance, do cocaine you pansy fucks.
anonymous (2011-02-16 04:36:44)
hah his name is Mike Hunt. it's the sound of it..
@Seth Green (2011-01-20 21:41:28)
Shut the fuck up, dude. Fucking imbecile.
D (2011-01-07 01:52:09)
Gahahahaha! Best ever! Can't believe he screwed with her twice and she still didn't get it!
Seth Green (2010-12-15 13:22:54)
I can't believe he lumped people who smoke mary jane in with heavy drug users. I have smoked pot every day for the last 10 years and I have never tried another drug. Lump me in with actual drug users, please!
Annie (2010-12-02 13:43:21)
Lol the advert on the side of the page is about the drug Marijuana.
Treasure_House (2010-12-01 17:48:30)
Plausible is a big word now? I pity your level of education. Also weed is correct, selling cheaper drugs mixed with more expensive drugs as the cheaper drug is clearly a very stupid thing to do, it would be a net loss on every sale.
weed (2010-11-26 11:38:56)
maybe you should try being less of a narrow-minded cunt and take a hit every once in a while. it might chill you out.
some bitch (2010-11-25 19:29:41)
@A_WeedSmoker Stop trying to use big words like plausible. We all know your brain is fried from too much weed. How bout you put down the bong and get a job for once.
A_WeedSmoker (2010-10-28 19:20:08)
Its not plausable that a dealer is going to lace weed with a more expensive drug, then sell it as weed and lose money. Thats simple economics.. Anyone who says they got 'laced weed' is 99% talking out of their ass. Like the asshole below. Oh an
Sarah (2010-10-15 17:35:43)
Mike Hunt = best part of this convo
RL (2010-10-05 23:52:37)
Wow she must be stupid she didn't notice his name says "My Cunt" lol
lolol (2010-09-28 14:04:34)
'Mike Hunt' ahahah
Rik (2010-09-11 10:01:24)
BS about the pcp. Weed gets stronger because good varieties are crossed (Don't know if this is proper English) and btw, you can't OD on weed. Kind regards, A Dutch ex-homegrower.
reply to whatever (2010-08-26 20:45:06)
he's dead. its a good thing. one less person stupid enough to do drugs in the world.
Poopoo (2010-08-01 19:42:56)
Lollolollloo 70 percent ldodldllffoflollpll FUCKING IDIOT
reply to whatever (2010-07-30 14:29:27)
your retarded 'whatever'. 70%...? jakaz
whatever (2010-07-30 02:32:27)
70% of weed has pcp or other hallucinogens in it. thats why its stronger than 30 years ago. my cousin died after taking three hits cuz the pcp fucked with other stuff he had taken.
Dee (2010-07-25 02:43:05)
Some People are really ignorant about weed. HAAHAHAH actually no it hasn't been chemically modified. Get your facts straight.
Wow... (2010-07-17 17:57:23)
on that stuff. Think before you say something. Dumbass.
Wow... (2010-07-17 17:56:47)
@Jig So does that include stuff like PCP. Maybe the drugs that are not very damaging should be legal. Most drugs should stay illegal though. Do you have any idea what PCP has made people do? People have scooped out their child's eyes with a spoon o
Kristin (2010-07-06 20:38:48)
HAAAAAAAAAA! I LOVED THE 'YO BRAH!' hehe they all sound like that. NAILED IT DUDE. NICE!
Jig (2010-06-29 18:50:38)
Hell, fuck it.. point is, let's get these parties out of goddamn politics and start running our own lives again. Vote independent.
Jig (2010-06-29 18:47:37)
Marijuana should be legalized as well as the personal use of any other "illicit drug". This country was meant to be free, a haven for the oppressed, a place where you could make whatever kind of life for yourself you desired as long as you were wi
Cecil (2010-06-25 12:56:36)
Pot WAS a plant :/ too bad it's been so chemically tampered with that it might as well be a drug
niggers (2010-06-24 18:37:48)
Water is a drug because if you drink too much of it you will overdose, oh and it also affects every system in your body when you drink it. JESUS CHRIST IT'S JUST SOME FUCKING WEED, SHUT UP AND SMOKE IT YOU GODDAMN RETARDS.
lol (2010-06-24 18:10:19)
Matt (2010-05-31 22:16:41)
Hahahaha I got suspended in 7th grade for naming my project mike hunt lol this guys great
nubs (2010-04-30 11:51:50)
pot is only somehow better than other drugs because its cheaper and less addictive+harmful or w/e, its still on the list though. You can't justify it really (2010-04-18 02:08:08)
"Drug: any article, other than food, intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals." Now you know...
Balsac Teabagger (2010-04-12 16:48:30)
all these wankers arguing bout pot are just dumb fuckers
Susy (2010-03-12 21:19:04)
"Pot is not a drug. It's a plant that's illegal. HEROIN is a drug." This is what happens when you try to combine being self-righteous with getting high. Heroin is derived from poppies, which are -- all together now -- A PLANT. And
rotorooter (2010-03-03 03:35:12)
the fact that he is calling it the D.A.R.E mobile just kills me, i love how he works this stuff into these emails, things you wouldnt normally think of, like the shanika cronicles or what ev, where he brings up the vhs tape, i died on that one
ha (2010-03-01 13:53:28)
i feel bad for her
Person (2010-02-28 20:44:59)
@PA: Don't be stupid. When people say "pot isn't a drug" they are usually referring to the fact that pot is a schedule 1 drug, and implying they think it should be otherwise. Maybe you graduated from high school, but from what I can tell y
PA (2010-02-25 00:18:22)
Pot is a drug, It acts on chemical receptors of the body, which is the definition of a drug. Anyone here graduate from highschool?
Haha (2010-02-24 15:06:37)
Katt Williams quoter over here.
Illegal is bs (2010-02-24 12:21:31)
Legality has nothing to do with being a drug. Aspirin is legal but take 13 of them it will be your last headache. Yet you've never heard of anyone overdose on weed
Re: Re: 420 Friendly (2010-02-24 12:14:54)
Thats not the same as drugs. Drugs you got to do shit to it chemically, add baking soda, water stir it up I don't know the recipe i'm just sayin.
Re: Re: 420 Friendly (2010-02-24 12:14:20)
Pot is not a drug. It is a plant, it grows like that. And when you so happen to light it on fire there are some effects.
gogocannuck. (2010-02-21 19:13:23)
we all thought americans found understanding anything hard JJ you sanctimonius ballbag.
JJ (2010-02-20 07:06:38)
Hard to understand if your not american.
Rebecca (2010-02-13 16:46:26)
This one is so hilarious! Who cares if pot is illegal and a drug, this post was one of the funniest I've read on this site. If some of you guys are offended by drug humor I can only imagine how you felt about some of the other posts...
Re: 420 Friendly (2010-02-13 10:36:01)
Pot IS a drug. It is also illegal in many places. But it is undeniably a drug. It gets you high. Try getting high with something that's ACTUALLY not a drug, like oregano, and you'll see the difference.
420 Friendly (2010-02-11 01:59:50)
Pot is not a drug. It is just illegal. Vicodin is a drug. Heroin is a drug. Legality does not determine danger profile.
not an fbi agent (2010-02-09 22:15:07)
D.A.R.E. = Drug Abuse Resistance Education. its one of those things they teach in school to elementary and middle school kids to not do drugs and stuff.
anonymous (2010-02-06 06:18:40)
How does someone NOT know about D.A.R.E.??
meow (2010-01-10 16:02:29)
just to let those know who dont know what the D.A.R.E. mobile is... D.A.R.E. is a group of people who are basicly against going drugs, bad things .. stuff like that. usually police officers will promote the group
Cool (2010-01-07 03:35:33)
What is D.A.R.E. mobile?
Mike Hunt-Hertz (2009-12-09 11:35:20)
wanna get hi??
Du.ncan (2009-12-08 19:53:55)
'Mike hunt' sounds like 'my cunt'
Officer Stacy (2009-12-06 19:25:37)
Anyone wanna ride in my D.A.R.E mobile with me?
Oliver clothsoff (2009-12-03 21:39:18)
Mike hunt, isn't that from aqua teen hunger force? Haha
jack (2009-12-03 08:22:41)
! I just read the last one, that was funny, but this straight after is like a tsunami following an earthquake. office stacy ahahaah this guy is a genius
Cool (2009-12-01 07:20:04)
What is D.A.R.E. mobile?
Jay (2009-11-20 10:59:55)
Did anyone else notice has name is "Mike Hunt"
Spammity (2009-11-08 21:34:48)
I love how people even in the comments continue to be trolled by his posts. You guys... you can't take anything seriously that he says in his inflammatory emails. They're outrageous to be outrageous. XD
Hunter (2009-11-06 00:44:32)
"i saw you are 420 friendly, so i hope its cool if i shoot up some heroin on the way there" I fucking died on that line. Now to read the rest of the post.
@longtime pot smoker (2009-10-31 12:33:17)
OMG were u high when u wrote that? I love when u say "pots legal" and "you punks who this pot" stick to acid my friend
long time smoker (2009-10-31 00:59:54)
pots legal all over the world, just not in this fucking county, fuck all you punks who this pot is the same as any of the other drugs, use your heads. you people who this pot is bad need to smoke it and realize there's nothing wrong.
Dave (2009-10-22 22:47:11)
Ha! I love how you totally turned her pot smoking around on her!!! Oh, so you'll smoke, but not snort or shoot! Stacy is a hippie-crit when it comes to drugs!!! HA!
NO U (2009-10-03 23:26:46)
britna (2009-10-02 17:05:05)
I didnt know that there was illegal and really illegal lol
sprayoncondom (2009-09-17 03:59:33)
Stacey can blow smoke rings with her cooterhole.
Officer Cockstettler (2009-09-11 14:49:36)
Please kids, remember that drugs are bad, mkaaaaaaaaay?
Pitiful (2009-08-28 02:33:45)
Genius ://
Nina (2009-08-17 23:34:04)
Oh God!:'D
Madness77 (2009-07-29 00:54:47)
well psh sorry i didnt realize i was dealing with fucking officer stacey over here. i didnt want to take a ride in the D.A.R.E. mobile anyway so fuck you XFD
@thejackyl (2009-07-24 22:04:14)
STS9 does not suck.
wetpussy (2009-07-23 11:08:36)
anonymous (2009-07-22 16:59:19) I love how she's complaing about nitrous tanks being illegal when pot is illegal. just because it's illegal doesn't mean your not a 'kin' retard.
thejackyl (2009-07-23 04:23:41)
STS9 sucks
anonymous (2009-07-22 16:59:19)
I love how she's complaing about nitrous tanks being illegal when pot is illegal.
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 01:58:08)
funny, but i dunno kinda dull. Would have loved to hear a few more jokes in the come back from mike.
Yeah (2009-07-17 15:25:44)
Best one I've read yet
topshot (2009-07-16 10:27:01)
this shit is fucking funny as hell. I read one at work and had to come home and read more. Oh and since i am in the military he made me lose my military bearing luckily my nco thought it was funny to. thanks for makin a soldier on deployment smile
chris fargo (2009-07-16 03:36:58)
wtf is wrong with heroin? omg noooooooo
Actually, (2009-07-15 16:27:03)
Duncan...she DID want to do drugs. Just not Heroin on Nitrous. She wanted to smoke pot...Hence 420 Friendly.
Darian (2009-07-14 02:21:51)
Rofl, omg that is hilarious. I laughed for 12 seconds straight. Had to muffle it though cause my sleeping buddy.
hanlin (2009-07-09 17:14:52)
anonymous (2009-07-07 18:46:05)
first time i've bothered to comment; that was amazing.
Lootie (2009-07-07 11:54:28)
AGH I'm lunchin so hard
Gopu (2009-07-04 22:23:57)
This is my favourite one
Steve (2009-06-30 03:34:08)
DARE mobile, SO FUCKING FUNNY, oh my god..almost peed myself
anonymous (2009-06-28 15:17:17)
anonymous (2009-06-28 13:12:54)
rocks (2009-06-28 12:18:25)
So I just looked up STS9, and OMFG what a terrible band, horrific music, no drugs could help with that sound!
Stacey's mom (2009-06-28 02:00:17)
Come on stacey, stop smoking the grass, and come hang around by the poo-oo-o-o-ol (hang by the pool)
anonymous (2009-06-26 23:29:34)
Should've asked her mom. She's got it going on.
Beth-shitstain (2009-06-26 06:42:59)
Stacy..Your mammy says when you got the Herpes,you were under medication,good luck.
Stacy's Mom (2009-06-25 03:28:36)
I'm back from my business trip, and this is what my daughter's been doing? My goodness.
Stacy is Stupid (2009-06-24 16:23:23)
Posting an open invitation to a sound tribe concert and putting a solicitation for illegal substances is a great way to get raped, robbed and arrested. Please, please do not procreate.
Stacy (2009-06-24 02:44:09)
why did you make me cry?
Your mom (2009-06-23 09:43:41)
Every Hunt I've known had the first name Mike.
lol...snap (2009-06-20 16:55:13)
Wow dude... this is righteoujs.
anonymous (2009-06-20 15:53:51)
By the time I got to the heroin part, I was thinking "I don't even need to scroll down to read any more of this, I'm already laughing my ass off"
Duncan is a fag (2009-06-20 13:54:17)
"Stacey (2009-06-18 12:12:53) TAKE MY EMAILS OFF YOUR FUCKING SITE" Read the FAQ bitch. "HEY! I recognize myself in one of these e-mails, you prick! No you don't. You're wrong. Go away." lol
the infragable krunk (2009-06-20 03:11:13)
z (2009-06-19 22:29:20)
omfg i love u
Samboukwa (2009-06-19 18:33:05)
aw stacy its all in good phun, read the others, fucking hilarious
anonymous (2009-06-19 17:25:58)
Joe (2009-06-19 16:46:34)
DARE mobile -- fuckin hilarious
MasterRaiger (2009-06-19 05:17:55)
anonymous (2009-06-19 05:17:02)
anonymous (2009-06-18 22:33:45)
wiski (2009-06-18 21:08:11)
dont ever stop doing this. i wanna do it too. you should let people submit some to you and weed out the good ones and post those too. genius.
anonymous (2009-06-18 19:30:47)
haha fucking funny
alanwine (2009-06-18 18:46:39)
mike hunt (2009-06-18 14:31:31)
the story itself is fucking funny, but the email handle is over the top. seriously, someone responded to an email from a Mike Hunt. if your reading this and dont get it, say the name out loud a few times.
Truth (2009-06-18 12:43:05)
Stacey you are pretty damn dumb!!! or you smoke way too much pot.
Stacey (2009-06-18 12:12:53)
Deb (2009-06-18 00:47:08)
OMG the DARE comment sent me over the edge!!! I'm SO going to do out Craiglisters!
Derek (2009-06-17 15:11:42)
Shitty Roommate #2
anonymous (2009-06-17 13:02:16)
"officer stacey" haha. so funny
anonymous (2009-06-17 10:09:00)
anonymous (2009-06-16 15:13:03)
anonymous (2009-06-15 09:40:56)
ahahahah afte rthe previous one this one rules
quiznos guy (2009-06-14 13:02:49)
yooo brah
dynoman (2009-06-13 11:10:32)
now thats too good lol
Alex (2009-06-13 05:01:47)
i cried here hahahahahaha
stacylover (2009-06-12 21:35:06)
anonymous (2009-06-12 20:41:29)
xfd nitrous tanks
Stacy (2009-06-12 16:18:42)

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