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Asshole Contest
Due to the overwhelming amount of e-mails I recieve from fans asking me to post their e-mails on my site, I am holding a contest. Who can be the biggest asshole?

The person who can come up with the best e-mail will have it posted on my website on this contest page, and they will recieve a free copy of the book coming out.

The contest begins whenever you read this and will end on April 1st, 2010.

The e-mail exchanges will be judged by me and possibly a group of my friends while we are drunk.

There is only one rule: Don't do anything stupid that is going to make the person you are pranking call the cops on you.

Send your e-mails in an easy to read format to That means don't just forward me your conversation. That shit gets confusing when the entire conversation is quoted over and over again.

The winner will be decided within a few days after April 1st and then posted on the contest page.

Good luck - be an asshole!

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