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Pube Stylists
Posted at: 2009-06-15 00:11:52
Original ad:
We are a hair styling school that is looking for volunteers to get their hair styled/dyed by our students. We will pay you up to $50. Preferably women/girls
From Mike Anderson to *********@*********.org

Hey! I saw your ad saying you will pay cash to cut my hair! Well I just got my head shaved, but I haven't trimmed my pubes in about five months. They are pretty gnarly, and I jammed my beard trimmer trying to cut them earlier. How much would you pay me to trim my pubes?


From ********* to Mike Anderson


Sorry but we do not trim pubic hair. This is more of a hair dying and styling place.


From Mike Anderson to *********

That works for me too. My pubes are very curly, but I've always wanted to get them straightened. Would you be able to do that? Maybe you could put some highlights in, and just shape up my split ends. Also, do you have some kind of conditioner that would take care of my crabs problem? My prescription ointment doesn't really do the job.

Where are you located? I am free all day tomorrow.

From ********* to Mike Anderson

Mike we work on HEADS ONLY. SORRY.

From Mike Anderson to *********

Here's what I am willing to do. You style my pubes, and I'll accept $40 cash instead of $50. You can even donate my pubes to those people with cancer who need hair, if you want.

From ********* to Mike Anderson

NO. That is disgusting. Leave us alone!
anonymous (2021-07-01 19:44:02)
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Mohit (2015-11-28 12:13:34)
This just made me laugh so damn hard! If Ted Washington tied a white lady up and made her wear a metal bikini, he’d look just like Jabba the Hut. XD
Michaelreep (2015-11-01 21:07:28)
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dick assman (2014-01-23 20:16:35)
Cancer, LOL.
El Burro (2013-07-19 11:42:05)
Cancer isn't a joke
Anonymous (2013-05-26 02:11:51)
Pay me enough, and I'd do it. Why not?
we only do heads (2013-02-10 12:37:46)
Thats what she said...that was an epic opportunity
Mike Anderson (2012-11-27 06:21:16)
me think (2012-11-10 13:57:35)
This disgusting..not a joke
anon (2012-11-09 22:19:38)
ermahgerd i lerfed ser herd ert dis jerk jajajajaja
anonymous (2012-11-09 22:18:21)
fucking penis
Kemo (2012-11-06 06:40:47)
@me xD omg i thought the same ^^
me (2012-11-05 01:11:47)
I'm surprised you didn't make a joke about the head part.
bad word choice (2012-10-15 11:38:25)
Heads only....Ok then....lmao
lol (2012-08-19 17:19:02)
damn this is funny. i lold on his last comment
George (2012-07-28 11:12:27)
Personally I would have just told him to use some scissors to cut off his pubes and then use a razor blade to shave them completely off. No more pubes and no more crabs.
anonymous (2012-07-10 01:16:23)
Kurt (2012-06-06 21:23:05)
Hehehe pubes
anonymous (2012-05-10 22:08:36)
Should have said " well the hair IS close to my HEAD..."
Michael Nowak (2012-04-10 22:42:46)
We work on HEADS ONLY lol
jack (2012-02-16 15:11:07)
hahahahaha!! cant stop laughing
Meh (2011-12-11 23:40:49)
Not bad, but this one was pretty weak compared to other conversations. @Random That's what I was thinking.
Blah (2011-12-07 01:06:09)
You could've made this funnier by accusing them of not being supportive of cancer patients.
@lektro (2011-11-28 12:30:12)
I am not. Don't wait for me !! -1337
lol (2011-10-31 20:33:22)
this is too funny!
kenny (2011-09-27 07:24:53)
Awesome,should be on the top-rated list!!!
eman0n (2011-08-12 04:58:48)
"Also, do you have some kind of conditioner that would take care of my crabs problem?" - This is classic!
anon (2011-06-05 22:58:17)
fish pedicure
Person below me (2011-05-28 10:00:50)
Nah...that's easy....go sit in a churches chicken for 35 seconds...guarantee you'll see exactly what a wig made of pubes would look like.
Derenil (2011-05-26 00:46:14)
I'm morbidly curious to see what a wig made entirely out of pubes would look like. It'd probably be hell finding someone to model it, though.
I saw an add (2011-05-26 00:42:33)
For genital hair removal on the side
LOL (2011-05-26 00:41:05)
Pubis hair highlights lmao
Baman (2011-05-08 21:16:47)
stepwise (2011-04-18 04:36:04)
...omg...i laughed till my tummy!!
Random (2011-04-16 21:54:11)
You could have done so much more with the "heads" part :P
Champ (2011-04-14 04:12:44)
Ok this one should be on the Top Rated list!
Anon (2011-03-28 22:49:29)
HAHHAAH biggest mistake reading this at work and having to answer the phone halfway thru it.
Pfft (2011-03-21 16:57:32)
Why don't you just leave that part out? Then go to the appointment and tell them "Kay, ready."
BigFan (2011-02-10 04:05:18)
fucking hell i hate reading this site in my office. gotta stifle my laughter, teary-eyed and all!
simon (2011-01-19 18:29:05)
"and I jammed my beard trimmer trying to cut them earlier." and I lol'd!
Antonio (2011-01-17 06:02:42)
Haha nice xD
anonymous (2011-01-12 08:17:51)
"How much would YOU PAY ME to trim my pubes?" lol
shithead (2010-12-27 23:08:14)
fuck u bitch
susan (2010-12-01 01:34:42)
Oh my God! I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe!
OrioN (2010-09-17 11:51:00)
LOL @ Gay barber's comments.
JON (2010-08-16 16:56:35)
Layla (2010-08-09 18:25:47)
letkro is a tool (2010-08-07 20:57:01)
Shut the fuck up dude your an idiot
Lektro (2010-08-02 21:02:17)
I srsly want to see the ones where they troll you back. Who's with me?
I love this site. (2010-07-09 16:01:25)
josh (2010-07-09 08:49:41)
thas fucking hilarious...wy the hell it isn't in the top look at the way she kept frikkin' cool...i thought she would really get pissed on that pube thingy...=P
angela (2010-06-24 22:10:56)
LOLOLLLLLLLL this one should be in the top rated
Lynn (2010-06-21 12:41:18)
"Always wanted to straighten them" LMAO
David (2010-06-19 06:45:54)
CC (2010-06-13 08:10:36)
"You can even donate my pubes to those people with cancer who need hair". Dear Zeus, that is so funny!!!
jamal (2010-06-06 09:31:37)
hey i am interested in buying some chicken i live at this place now send me dumb dumb emails ha ha
Ryan (2010-05-30 20:38:11)
omg this is so f### funy
Shavedcunt (2010-05-14 01:50:54)
Deadset how good was that!
Shavedcunt (2010-05-14 01:50:53)
Deadset how good was that!
Dillon (2010-05-08 18:08:13)
You can even donate my pubes to those people with cancer who need hair, if you want. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Name (2010-05-05 01:41:45)
Styled pubes... very nice!
UncleEbineezer (2010-05-01 23:38:54)
:Claps furiously, then pounds a beer:
kristen (2010-04-26 21:27:54)
as a hair stylist i loved this 1 hahaha
poor poor pubes (2010-03-28 19:00:34)
fuckin ledgend man (:
anon (2010-03-09 05:21:49)
this guy is a fucking legend!@!@!
F*ckYouVeryMuch! (2010-03-07 12:20:05)
LMFAO! This guy is a genius!
anonymous (2010-02-16 17:58:59)
we work on HEADS ONLY... cough
Dita (2010-02-15 21:53:46)
I'll give him this...the guy can paint a disgusting word picture. I love him.
MRguyandhis2 (2010-02-13 22:28:32)
ive always wanted highlights lmao
Pubes101 (2010-02-12 16:47:39)
Stuff is great. KEEP IT UP !
anonymous (2010-02-02 15:39:15)
OMG i nearly died laughin!
TGJ (2010-01-21 22:04:18)
OMG I laughed till I cried!!!
Bushmaster (2010-01-13 22:43:43)
That one is so funny man. I am dissapointed that he missed the opportunity when she said "we work on heads only".
daevablacc (2010-01-11 06:07:29)
Hee hee hee!
Mynameismike2 (2010-01-11 01:09:12)
bayan (2010-01-06 08:46:47)
anonymous (2009-12-29 21:14:03)
What's even better is that on the left there's an ad for hair removal.
anonymous (2009-12-26 15:42:08)
anonymous (2009-12-21 04:55:10)
donating his pubes to people with cancer........ HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@chorleypoop (2009-11-27 22:37:30)
You are crazy! I love this site though :D
ThisSiteRocks (2009-11-24 14:33:10)
I have laughed so hard that i woke my wife up. She bitched, well worth it.
MBII (2009-10-29 15:39:09)
hahah wow its a bad idea to surf this site while in class, especially a small one
PenisFace (2009-10-20 22:57:25)
Haven't been here in so long, this shit makes me LOlgasm everywhere. Whatever happend to Dunkan the Douche anyway?
Cedric (2009-10-05 04:58:08)
Duncan is probably a troll however I missed his "contributions".
Sam is an idiot (2009-09-26 09:53:06)
you're an idiot, you idiot.
Sam (2009-09-16 02:25:55)
I was in my computer class at school and I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard.
anonymous (2009-09-09 20:06:16)
I read this while I was at work and burst out laughing. Now people think I'm insane.
anonymous (2009-09-09 01:49:26)
"do you have some kind of conditioner that would take care of my crabs problem?" bahaha
Victoria (2009-08-30 09:36:28)
omg, funniest shit ever.
Ronny (2009-08-29 22:56:43)
Did the beard trimmer died?
bri (2009-08-27 22:53:36)
holy balls thats hilarious!!
ftp (2009-08-27 00:12:45)
César Flores (2009-08-26 05:01:23)
Hahahahahaha I really can't stop laughing.
Mike Hawk (2009-08-24 22:31:42)
I recently received a pubic hair donation from a wonderful group in Texas called Pubic Dignity after the fire destroyed mu furry ball bag, God Bless You
ebrm4 (2009-08-22 23:50:04)
Fuck obama!!!!!
anonymous (2009-08-18 16:14:06)
"Mike we work on HEADS ONLY. SORRY. " such a good response
Hector (2009-08-16 14:35:19)
Not bad . . . I would have told you, "Sorry, we don't serve niggers."
Timmy (2009-08-12 03:38:49)
Who's Duncan? The guy who's writing all this? :S
Jonny (2009-08-11 13:47:25)
Duncan might be the best thing that's ever touched a keyboard.
Obama (2009-08-11 08:34:01)
How about we take his extra pubes that he doesn't need, and give them to his neighbor that doesn't have enough pubes? That way everyone has the same pubes.
w4lp3r (2009-08-09 04:38:25)
ever see 'the peanut butter solution'?
anonymous (2009-08-07 03:30:19)
offer more!!!
Duncan (2009-08-03 17:53:31)
I laughed because they dont cut pubes hair and he doesnt get it, but he keeps asking them to do it.
NoBama (2009-07-31 18:40:48)
I fucking hate Obama!
Chad (2009-07-30 15:40:52)
That was so funny I had tears in my eyes.
BluddyCrotch (2009-07-28 02:23:29)
Do what I do... yank em out with a pliers
Wectal Wegion (2009-07-26 17:25:54)
I'm with you sporky, is there really a way to straighten your pubes? Mine resemble a tangled, thorny briar patch. Any info, email me at chunkylover53
Arglactable (2009-07-26 05:08:22)
That is the most fucking hilarious thing I've ever read...
BEn (2009-07-25 20:11:29)
OMG I'm gonna bang your dirty asshole so hard. Might even give you a rolling brown out if your lucky! ;)
sporky (2009-07-25 14:37:58)
i want to straighten my pubes too! This site is hilarious
.. (2009-07-23 22:50:45)
haha we only do heads XD
BEn (2009-07-23 22:41:18)
Duncan you are the MAN!!
Dee (2009-07-23 13:51:04)
Nice to know I am not the only one who uses a beard trimmer for that! I still really really think I love Duncan
anonymous (2009-07-23 02:08:48)
anon (2009-07-19 23:33:47)
lol. HEADS ONLY???? wtf??? just wtf man?????
anonymous (2009-07-18 02:34:33)
lol best shit ever
Icalasari (2009-07-17 21:27:11)
You should have offered to pay them. See if they would have faltered XD
dtv (2009-07-17 18:42:11)
Shaden (2009-07-16 23:00:04)
You are hilarious, keep up the good work!
anonymous (2009-07-16 22:50:58)
awesome, LOL
Ultran (2009-07-15 18:27:52)
Thank you, Duncan. I would not have figured out the point of this had you not pointed it out.
:) (2009-07-15 18:21:03)
This is too funny duncan youre pretty funny too
... (2009-07-15 01:19:30)
yes duncan that was the joke, you freaking idiot
POOPFACE (2009-07-10 19:39:42)
the funniest thing i have ever read!!!! Excellent idea, the botox comment is hilarious.
dicklicker (2009-07-10 16:21:32)
sorry, one more, i also like flossing with my pubic hairs. after i shave them over the toilet bowl i pick them out. its nice cuz they're moist
dicklicker (2009-07-10 16:19:57)
yeah, i like the way cum tastes
Paul (2009-07-10 15:08:10)
LOL! Oh shit, that is good stuff!
[ZomgEpix] (2009-07-10 06:43:09)
Haven't read a bad one yet... good times.
LMAO (2009-07-08 19:52:02)
OMG, this one is a gem!
anonymous (2009-07-08 17:01:37)
OMG, best one ever.
John Connor (2009-07-08 16:49:31)
hahahaaaaa the one below me and this one "My pubes are very curly, but I've always wanted to get them straightened."
MJ (2009-07-07 00:25:07)
"you can even donate my pubes to those people with cancer who need hair" LOL beautiful
Anon (2009-07-06 11:26:18)
Hahaha amazing!
chey (2009-07-06 03:58:49)
my abdominals just got a work-out from laughing so hard. this is by far the funniest thing i've read in a while!
haha (2009-07-06 01:50:34)
that was the funniest shit ive heard in a while too
Rob (2009-07-05 09:10:03)
I almost fell off the toilet I was laughing so hard
JustMe (2009-07-05 06:53:46)
They only work on heads....oh boy oh boy was that ever an open invitation
FAP (2009-07-05 05:42:20)
This one made me laugh hard
Shana (2009-07-03 02:32:00)
Justin Richardson (2009-06-30 21:22:54)
I can do pube styling with my teeth
anon (2009-06-27 15:39:53)
How much would you pay me to trim my pubes? rofl
Donald Trump (2009-06-26 15:40:02)
anonymous (2009-06-25 21:03:02)
lol "that is disgusting!"
ben (2009-06-25 05:45:47)
omfg, why didn't i find this website before now, it's soo funny, im sat here pissing my sides
musick13 (2009-06-23 20:45:13)
Oh my god I cant breathe Im laughing so hard
Kyle (2009-06-23 07:20:21)
LOL. we need some more sick ones & this website will be awesome.
Spongebob :( (2009-06-22 05:18:04)
If they work on heads why cant they work next to ur head?
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:34:02)
hello (2009-06-20 03:27:08)
FNS (2009-06-19 13:21:39)
lololol you really are a ghoul...
anonymous (2009-06-18 02:50:33)
LMFAO very nice!
<b>wonderful</b> (2009-06-17 16:13:10)
maybe if you offered $35...
anonymous (2009-06-17 12:51:50)
Holy Lord, I was laughing out loud at work and my neighbors were getting pissed.
anonymous (2009-06-17 10:21:28)
hahahahaha (2009-06-15 16:55:37)
please most more
Ricky (2009-06-15 16:27:04)
Hahahaha. That's some funny shit.. Keep the updates coming, your site is only going to get much bigger!
anonymous (2009-06-15 15:28:34)
anonymous (2009-06-15 13:47:30)
excellent. keep up the good work
anonymous (2009-06-15 12:04:26)
Get some Botox for your wrinkly balls too.

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