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Female Movers
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:31:44
Obviously this bitch knew her place.
Original ad:
Hi, I'm looking for two "reliable/cool" girls to help me move some things from one storage unit to the next on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st of May . They are directly across from each other but there are some fairly heavy things. I am low-key mid 30's female and can help with some stuff but will have stitches so am not supposed to lift a lot of heavy stuff. I can pay $15.00 per hour each for all or any part of the hour (ie: 1 hr and 20 min = $30.00). Also, can pick you up and drop off. I guess it will take us 1-2 hours start to finish.
From Timmy Tucker to ************@**********.org


I saw your ad on ********** looking for girls to help you move. I am not a girl, but I must say, who are you kidding? Girls can't move heavy objects. That is a man's job, which is perfect for me. I am 6 foot and 220 lbs. I can bench press twice my weight and I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying. Leave the women for the kitchen. I'll help you move. My rate is $40 an hour.



From Trace ***** ****** to Me

Thanks, Tim. Will keep you posted.

MASon (2022-03-11 13:10:51)
Can i move it?
Beatrice (2016-11-06 04:24:32)
Ross is a real dude! Your argument became relevant at that moment anyways Prodigy got caught with a gun th;2a#8t17&s basically a bb gun and got double the time Tip did for ALL the weapon and silencers he got caught with and he was a convicted felon at the
JessicaAlus (2015-03-21 22:54:25)
Hello, guys! This site is weird to me. I have on no occasion tried such things, so I don’t in actuality be aware what to write. Anyway… I’m Jessica. I’m singular and I commiserate with abandoned and abandoned. I would like to contest an interesting an
qhbxbpmyxarv (2015-01-04 17:30:49)
I, as a person, like pure beauty, beautiful, like high heels a road to tread on the smooth flagstone echo, the booming voice is familiar to me and love heart notes, is the soul in this world and time walking song traces, not abandoned feeling faith to sho
Wow... (2013-09-24 17:55:40)
@Not-a-Feminist Seriously? You are going to point out sexism AND use a slur in the same sentence? The original poster of the "troll" reply was joking, you are very seriously being a bigot. At least their post was satire, yours is just sad.
Dude in Deep (2013-05-28 00:32:50)
Hi, Everyone Lets Please get along. initials
somebpdy (2013-05-28 00:31:44)
help hello bellow nice below jello in a fellow.
Shroom207 (2013-04-30 20:58:50)
*Redirecting Troll Energy*
to many faggots (2013-02-10 12:53:41)
to many faggots in here
JixChan (2012-11-17 20:17:29)
...And she never replied back....
Woosh! (2012-10-14 03:11:50)
Did nobody get that he used the Timmy Tucker name from the email with the Moving guy who called him: Timmy Tucker Mother Fucker"
anonymous (2012-08-26 23:27:36)
leave the women for the kitchen fuckin hilarious !
unsuccessful troll (2012-05-16 20:28:01)
...and Mike gets pwned by the woman with stitches! I guess you can't win every troll.
Hitler 4chan (2012-05-13 03:52:17)
You are my new god
@~-tHe CaLLoUt-~ (2012-04-06 20:31:39)
I lol'd.
to Not-a-Feminist (2011-12-09 15:01:28)
Way to encourage equal rights, idiot. Because homosexual men can't be real men? They can take a dick, but you can't take a joke. Hmmm. I bet your armpits are hairy.
anonymous (2011-12-05 23:23:35)
If only the comments weren't such a cesspool
Johnny Eyeball (2011-10-19 13:05:47)
@Not-a-Feminist. I'm heterosexual, yet the cracked jaw I gave my slut of a girlfriend last night for burning my toast was poetry in fucking motion & makes your little statement somewhat inaccurate.
bob (2011-10-16 01:07:00)
il move the shit out of your things
~-tHe CaLLoUt-~ (2011-09-28 12:43:29)
@Not-a-Feminist: So what you are saying is that homosexual men routinely abuse women.
To Sara Elizabeth (2011-09-17 06:04:03)
You sound like a whore. Come sit on me.
abasslinelow (2011-07-29 21:01:09)
I don't understand what is wrong with all of you humorless bastards. Do you honestly think that people have to believe the things they make jokes about? It's not sexism - it's shock value, plain and simple.
Sara Elizabeth (2011-07-29 11:53:17)
Lmfao. I love it when my guy friends tell me to make them a sandwich! I just sit on them and say " I need another person for this!"
@actually (2011-07-17 15:44:16)
Shut the hell up!
I Love Char (2011-06-26 18:40:52)
...plan on having a relationship, go shave your legs.
I Love Char (2011-06-26 18:40:05)
@Not-a-Feminist. It's only a joke... i jokingly tell my girlfriend to "get back in the kitchen" but then pull her closer to me, she thinks it's funny and makes jokes towards me as well, she has a sense of humour, something that you will ne
Look closer (2011-06-04 11:42:53)
Obvious serial killer.
Not-a-Feminist. (2011-06-03 08:13:00)
It was certainly sarcasm, I'm glad she was very smart to realize that she was being trolled. Seriously, sexism towards women makes the male parties involved seem gay. REAL Heterosexual men treat women with respect.
@Nadia (2011-05-21 20:56:38)
I do not understand, you quoted a fact but is saying it is a joke?
anonymous (2011-05-07 16:08:22)
@ret really boobs or gtfo? get out of here fag. TITS or gtfo
ret (2011-05-04 08:59:53)
It was funny, and had a deeper meaning. Allow me to explain. When Timmy replied he was actually making fun of the stupid men who think women are inferior. boobs or gtfo.
@anon (2011-04-30 18:55:50)
dumbass the ad said she was female. read next time asshole.
anon (2011-04-29 00:38:15)
um.. I don't even know why you posted this. It's not funny and the person who created the ad probably was a dude. I don't know who was the bigger tool... you for replying or the person who put up the ad.
Paint (2011-04-18 22:15:59)
....I think more likely she didn't want to deal with either a. A misogynist douche or, b. A troll. As such, her response was probably what I would have said. And then never emailed again.
Nadja (2011-04-14 04:35:41)
''leave the women for the kitches'' lame joke :<
anonymous (2011-04-12 12:11:39)
Women's soul purpose is for sex and making sandwiches..
Jersday (2011-04-11 14:16:01)
Not even LOL worthy.
Blaze (2011-04-01 17:34:37)
I dont think this is an ad from a 30 year old woman more like a 40 year old man trying to get 2 younger girls to a storage unit. If i were a 30 year old woman a big strong black dude would sound pretty good, she should reply with "okay no shirt though
Soya (2011-03-24 10:53:53)
Haha Mike, it appears that this troll wasn't quite successful. This girl was able to keep her cool and be polite to the end.
Wabada (2011-03-04 09:45:17)
This would have been immensely funnier if it had been a butch lesbian responding & hoping to hook up :p
PK (2011-03-01 14:06:08)
In the end, did she keep you posted at all? lol
anonymous (2011-02-22 07:57:41)
Haha... "Will keep you posted" She's impressed by your overt manliness and hoping to get a little side action ;)
anonymous (2011-02-21 20:20:06)
I own a hoerse (2011-02-15 13:37:44)
@Jess, back to the kitchen with you. You shouldn't be talking while sucking my dick! Also, this woman is an obvious lesbo in the ad looking for cool = beautiful women to stare at as they life things.
Jess (2011-02-15 04:00:43)
Hey Asshole, your "get back in the kitchen" is running a little dry...
anonymous (2010-11-08 05:12:40)
It was funny, but she took it rather well. Obviously, she didn't want to be alone with strange men after she just had stitches. She felt safer with females. The fact that the guy is 6' tall and 220 pounds and sexist. haha
Mason (2010-11-04 21:07:12)
@Spor the misc didn't invent that, they stole it from 4chan, come to think of it the misc steals everything from 4chan.
Spor (2010-11-04 15:36:44)
you must be a miscer brah
4 inches! (2010-09-21 18:43:54)
I do have a penis. you wanna meet up later?
CJ (2010-09-12 13:04:34)
How about you cut the rate from $40 to $30 if she makes you a sandwich every hour?
ReaganCriedWolf (2010-08-19 09:34:37)
I don't have a penis. I still think it's hilarious.
unserious (2010-07-30 00:59:24)
How are so many women complaining about this? Do ovens have internet access now? :D
anonymous (2010-07-17 12:15:50)
I guess she wasn't on her period at the time. Hell hath no fury like a hypocritical feminist woman that has escaped from the kitchen.
wow (2010-07-14 02:20:45)
some of you people are fucking idiots, its obvioulsly an intent to hook up with other girls and even if it wasnt, its a joke no9 matter what, all you people saying "aww hes racist/sexist" grow a sense of humor for fucks sake you whiney little bitc
lulzfish (2010-07-09 21:30:27)
@Grey - Wow, that didn't even occur to me, but now the ad makes sense. Too bad whatshisface didn't use that in the response.
nickolette (2010-07-06 00:11:12)
ff (2010-07-03 19:28:37)
What is she sexist? Men are obviously much stronger than women and thus much more suited for the job. Stupid bitch.
... (2010-06-28 21:53:34)
This one was terrible
TheSmartOne (2010-06-24 22:57:40)
You guys laughing about her math are the stupid ones. She doesn't mean that she will pay you for partial hours. She meant that she will pay you for a full two hours even if you only work an hour and 20 minutes. You guys think you're mad smart but
Carl (2010-06-19 17:13:50)
Timmy Tucker... Are you Tucker Max by any chance? Really funny web
reliable/cool girl. (2010-06-02 21:17:46)
oh yeah i can definitely move the shit outta whatever you're carrying! haha <3
Great (2010-05-06 04:32:16)
LOL, she seems fine with the kitchen thing. should send her back asking for sandwich.
Yoshimano (2010-04-28 18:42:48)
Good job! Not sexist at all, well at least the fictional Timmy guy is but, I mean, come on..
arbitrarily (2010-04-21 22:20:46)
This wasn't even funny.
Grey (2010-03-25 19:01:27)
Um . . . don't you know that moving stuff from storage is a euphemism for a no-strings-attached lesbian hook-up? Get with the times.
TGD (2010-03-25 18:01:13)
dp (2009-07-09 06:39:13) "anyone that thinks Sexism is "old news" needs to move to a bigger city.... or at least get out once in a while instead of watching TV! lol" Ummm what? How does that make sense? Sexism has been around forever..
derp (2010-03-25 01:27:07)
obviously u didnt read moto, it says any part of the hour = 15 dollars, hence 1 hr = 15 dollars and 20 mins = 15 dollars, 15 + 15 = 30
Mofo (2010-03-24 05:02:03)
1hr = $15 1hr + 20 mins = $30? Bitch got her maths wrong meant to be $20 (2010-03-18 16:31:36)
LOFUKINL (2010-02-24 22:19:28)
anonymous (2010-02-14 16:28:08)
Someone (2010-02-14 13:57:56)
I think Trace won this one.
jojo (2010-02-12 16:46:08)
You have developed your skills since then. Lure them in....
anonymous (2010-01-24 04:09:02)
Clearly this girl is black
Nndaia (2010-01-18 03:17:57)
Just because a joke is sexist doesn't mean the writer is sexist, people, jeeze. These jokes are *supposed* to be offensive, that's the whole point.
daevablacc (2010-01-11 05:55:35)
"People: get the sand out of your vaginas." I couldn't have said it better myself.
pat (2010-01-06 16:14:30)
"I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying. " AHahhahhaahah
joshana (2010-01-02 18:13:59)
"Will keep you posted." : )
Nari (2010-01-02 14:21:13)
The author need not necessarily be sexist/racist but someone who has an understanding of the types to accommodate it. This isn't a blog after all, it's creativity~
Loves It (2009-12-31 10:15:12)
I'm a girl and this is hysterical. This is not sexist its a JOKE! "I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying" hahaha. People: get the sand out of your vaginas.
Me (2009-12-30 15:55:13)
That is amazing. Why can't people get over the fact that it's a joke. Any thing that points towards racism isn't necessarily the guy's belief. Just take the humor and leave. Don't go complaining about racism/sexism here because thi
Me (2009-12-30 15:55:13)
That is amazing. Why can't people get over the fact that it's a joke. Any thing that points towards racism isn't necessarily the guy's belief. Just take the humor and leave. Don't go complaining about racism/sexism here because thi
anonymous (2009-12-27 18:25:24)
why is everyone complaining about the racism and sexism points of it. the guy is taking the piss so badly that it's obvious he's neither and just trying to have a laugh. why has our society become so obsessed with political correctness that we can
wow, really? (2009-12-17 08:24:44)
i can't believe how many of you people are arguing about how the sexism is - stale, repetitive, boring - the reason why this exchange was posted was because the woman just shut up and took it, fucking hilarious! who the hell cares how it's labele
a REAL girl (2009-12-10 01:49:36)
Why come to this site to whine? go somewhere else to complain like your myspace or facebook, you dumb girls.
The Kidd (2009-12-04 13:58:45)
Haha I will move the shit outta your stuff!
teto (2009-11-23 13:24:06)
ohh girl yeah! come on, yeah here i come...aaaaaahhhhhh suck it baby, suck it all...
Ronaldiño (2009-11-23 13:22:38)
wowww, what a bitch!! she should drink some sperm. Mother fucker, she need to have a big dick in the ass.
anonymous (2009-11-05 16:52:56)
Bobby Mcprescott (2009-10-20 05:33:55)
Wassup Cynicman - oh
Oh (2009-10-17 08:52:57)
Why was this bitch on the internet? She should be making a goddman sammitch!!
adawg (2009-09-21 01:17:05)
This is hilarious. "Will keep you posted." NOT!
Anold Shwarzenpeker (2009-09-11 14:47:46)
You got one ting wrong butty. A voman can be in any part of da house as long as your cock is in her vagina. Dis eeez totally acceptable as long as your deeek is vet.
anonymous (2009-09-08 09:21:29)
She probably felt safer around women then getting assholes like you.
graciano (2009-09-04 13:19:48)
fuckin hilariously sexist, the bitch didnt feel offended at all.. totally priceless
new chick (2009-08-31 15:35:28)
love ya but that was a load of crap y would u even put that up ther u shoulda deleted that 1
anonymous (2009-08-28 03:58:33)
he should have said he was a pimp, and that she could rent his "girls" xD also if he finds a plumber, tell him you want a "golden" shower xD
Preston (2009-08-26 23:30:30)
One of the few things on this site I didn't find humorous.
Sg (2009-08-26 01:45:23)
This is very funny and not sexist
Actually (2009-08-22 21:20:36)
the sexism and racism causes the rest of the shit to not be as funny anymore. It's like your brain turns it off cause ya know the author is racist/sexist. too bad.
Actually (2009-08-22 21:19:37)
Ok, so the author/owner of this site isn't black. Has to be a late 20s republican white guy who probably doesn't get laid a lot and is a bit sadistic and most certainly cowardly. This shit is pretty funny though, but i agree the sexism/racism is o
anonymous (2009-08-12 01:02:25)
Kaygee get on your knees and lick my nutsack you twat. Why did your man let you out of the kitchen?
SUCKADICKALICKALOG (2009-08-07 03:04:26)
kaygee (2009-08-03 12:35:04)
"Obviously this bitch knew her place." Obviously this "bitch" didn't fall for your Sacha Baron Cohen schtick.
lol ^^ (2009-07-29 21:07:08)
To really "anon"? (2009-07-11 20:15:32) okay here we go ... *pling* done. you are a sammich now ^^
anonymous (2009-07-22 17:00:05)
There is nothing funny about twatty bitches
Rob (2009-07-21 09:08:14)
To the guy 2 comments below... BURN!
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 02:13:49)
Aaron (2009-07-20 00:27:33)
well the person below me is oviously a dumbass. she said if you work a partial hour she will pay for the whole hour. thats why 1 hour 20 mins get 2 hours pay. you=OWNED
well duh (2009-07-18 22:56:43)
Im sure she deserved it, look at her rate, $15/hr and her example was 1hr 20min for $30... not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, well done sir. *claps*
wow (2009-07-17 11:06:00)
it smells like someone shit in my ass
Dorian (2009-07-15 00:00:08)
Darian, the sexism is anything but stale. I am not sure why your husband allows you to access the internet, but perhaps someone should remind him where you belong.
Darian (2009-07-14 02:30:09)
The whole sexist thing, you have to realize that its with different ppl. So its still new to them, but kinda stale to the audience. <3 the sexism though
edgecombe (2009-07-12 02:54:50)
disregard my last post. I just was finishing my "evening session" with duncan and his donkey and had no idea what I was typing. what I meant to say is, "keep em coming!"
really "anon"? (2009-07-11 20:15:32)
"I am a women"?! Clearly you are not has be to good literate. Try using "I am a womAn," the singular form of the gender...And while you're trying, make me a sammich.
dp (2009-07-09 06:39:13)
anyone that thinks Sexism is "old news" needs to move to a bigger city.... or at least get out once in a while instead of watching TV! lol
Anon. (2009-07-09 03:06:06)
I am a women and love the sexism. Keeping it coming.
What mb said (2009-07-08 15:25:20)
totally agree with this dude below
mb (2009-07-08 15:22:11)
listen...the sexist NEVER gets boring!!!! it will always be funny cause it will always be somewhat true
? (2009-07-08 12:09:55)
old as shit? you mean from last month? yeah the sexism is getting old. sounds like this guy really gets his rocks off from this shit. and so do ALL OF YOU.
anonymous (2009-07-07 03:18:27)
hey suck my dick man. you are gonna come on a post that is old as shit, and tell me that it is getting kind of old? fuck off
edgecombe (2009-07-07 03:16:06)
yeah i agree. the sexist is getting a bit boring
JustMe (2009-07-05 14:57:51)
the whole women cant move things, they only can cook and belong in the kitchen is getting real old,...i can see how its effective (MOST OF THE TIME) in getting a rise of of them but *yawn* its a tad repetitive
bad (2009-06-24 06:46:29)
this isn't funny? you've done so much better
silly (2009-06-22 22:39:01)
so fucking funny.
... (2009-06-22 22:10:20)
i wish i could move the shit out of whatever she's carrying too... =(
Monikka (2009-06-22 08:25:48)
My guess is Trace is a lesbian wanting to make some new friends. ;)
t0mmymann (2009-06-21 22:00:47)
I'd fuck her still.
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:34:57)
the infragable krunk (2009-06-20 03:26:24)
why do certain people insult you in these comments? why even come to the site if this sort of humor clearly eludes you? no shit he's being a dick - THATS WHATS FUNNY. durrrrrrrr keep up the good work.
yourmomynous (2009-06-19 22:15:07)
seems like she knew perfectly well how to handle a jerk.
Your mom (2009-06-19 18:17:18)
I can move the shit out of whatever you are carrying?!?! LMFAO
York Hunt (2009-06-19 09:47:02)
That was hilarious man, keep it up! "I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying" I've been laughing at that one since this morning!!! You need an RSS man
hello, exactly (2009-06-19 05:16:38)
anonymous, my guess is that the stitches were from a recent ballectomy. making a stupid point that shows you obviously don't get this whole concept... that is pretty low.
fuck you anonymous (2009-06-18 19:30:27)
Who ever the person is that wrote before me needs to get a fucking life and realize that this shit is funny.
anonymous (2009-06-18 15:31:01)
picking on a girl who has stiches for god knows what reason... this one is pretty low.
? (2009-06-18 13:50:15)
laughsalot i agree stranglely LOL
LaughsAlot (2009-06-16 16:02:49)
HAAHAHHAA The original add sketched me out...sounds like a 40 year old pervert trying to attract two "cool" girls that he knew would show up so he could hide them in his storage unit. WTF? okay. maybe i'm paranoid. LOL
anonymous (2009-06-16 15:34:12)
Barbeque??? hahaha
anonymous (2009-06-14 23:28:40)
"Obviously this bitch new her place"? obviously she knew you were just being a dick and knew the best way to handle the situation. GTFOROFLOMGLOLSTFULMAOWTFBBQ
anonymous (2009-06-14 09:29:50)
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:34:02) "Obviously this bitch new her place"? obviously she knew you were just being a dick and knew the best way to handle the situation. GTFO
FANTASTY LAND (2009-06-13 13:40:51)
I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying. hahaha
anonymous (2009-06-13 13:20:00)
Lol she's a first to not go all cussy n rawr on the guy
Tankenstein (2009-06-13 06:07:25)
Smart chick
anonymous (2009-06-13 01:47:22)
women = kitchen
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:34:02)
"Obviously this bitch new her place"? obviously she knew you were just being a dick and knew the best way to handle the situation.
Mr. Awesome (2009-06-12 20:50:56)
How perfect!

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