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Missed Connections
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:44:53
Original ad:
i saw you outside market east station. you were getting into a red ford truck. i was wearing a yellow shirt and had dirty blonde hair. our eyes met and we smiled. i hope you find me so we can meet up :)
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That was me. I don't know why you thought we had a moment. I was smiling because of how disgustingly fat you were. I was trying to hold back laughter as I got into my truck. When I got in I just fucking lost it. Dirty blonde hair? Try dirty, grease-soaked hair.

From Chelsea ******** to Me

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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Vic (2011-08-01 11:59:46)
Ouch... didn't like this one... Maybe because she sounded nice unlike so many other responders.
Fish stick sandwich (2011-07-24 00:57:19)
that was a little to mean
seeking (2011-07-22 22:08:36)
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MontyHunzelman (2011-07-08 19:47:31)
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FAT BITCH (2011-06-19 03:57:29)
Hahaha thats some funny ass shit!
Missed Connection (2011-06-18 22:26:34)
Reading through the website, I was waiting for one of these to show up. WIN!
menshalota (2011-06-13 20:49:08)
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Endundcak (2011-06-11 03:22:56)
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gemma (2011-06-09 13:30:02)
omg, these make me wet myself xL
Trololulz (2011-05-24 17:28:45)
Fucking hilarious. Died when I saw an ad for fat people.
ayo (2011-05-12 21:44:05)
LOLZ dumb bitch. who actually does that. who the fuck thinks their finding their soulmate putting an ad in the newspaper... COOL GAL.
charles manson (2011-04-23 00:00:07)
do you feel blame? are you mad? do you feel like arrochdadababoyflandicherdadagigigigigiigigiohvedishwagglebaka
Travis (2011-04-22 00:03:36)
omg lol what a fucking asshole hahahhahahhhaha
sfsa (2011-04-14 05:14:13)
i lost it while reading this...
Maid (2011-04-11 08:33:51)
meet up for wat?
fatty hater (2011-04-04 18:49:39)
ugh! i hate fatties. good for you dude
FiftyCal (2011-04-03 20:23:19)
Buddy (2011-02-17 13:46:08)
anonymous (2011-02-16 04:56:59)
tears, the tears streaming down my face!!!
Darlene (2011-02-15 11:15:34)
Mason: so what do you call guys who use craigslist?
scholar (2011-01-10 14:21:20)
WoW (2010-11-30 19:37:17)
The real reason your Grandpa died (Mike)isbecause fugly (Chelsea) here walked by the window andGrandpa crocked, then shit himself, then lit the couch on fire. He was trying to get the image out of his mind. OH Precious. Chelsea is a Horny nut job.
Cenas (2010-11-21 23:13:07)
Como so os relgios?
Madness. (2010-11-16 02:58:03)
Hilarious! You sick nasty cunt! How'd you come up with evil jokes like this! It is kinda mean though, you could have told her it was a prank mail afterwards!
maxxxmagician (2010-11-11 02:21:28)
Haha (2010-11-05 08:53:04)
Stevie B (2010-11-04 00:14:06)
Poor >m<, you're the ugly bitch, aren't you?
bobkomas (2010-10-22 21:41:24)
I love music like "Queen". What about you?
>m< (2010-10-15 02:52:58)
Thats just cruel
Cyber Terrorist (2010-10-10 23:18:15)
That is just straight up fucked!! But I LOL'ed.
jewbilee (2010-10-09 11:23:47)
damn man, ice cold but still funny
Mason (2010-10-07 01:04:46)
Any women that uses CL for dating is an obese whale. An inshape women would have guys asking her out in person, she wouldn't need to hide behind a computer.
Aaron (2010-10-02 15:59:53)
"When I got in the car, I just fucking lost it" bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
hilarious (2010-10-01 23:35:58)
dude one of the funnies ones
LMBAO (2010-09-28 10:13:32)
Any chick that puts an ad on craigs list trying to find some dude she "shared a moment" with on the street is a fucking loser and deserves to be made fun of. And you know she was fat because if she was hot , dude would approached her immediately
anonymous (2010-09-26 17:18:30)
This isn't mean, you fucks. It's not like he actually saw her. She probably isn't even fat anyway. Who makes these stupid faggot ads on craig's list? I doubt they have ever worked. Also, this one got me to lol irl, which is pretty rare.
ya (2010-09-23 01:39:32)
I must be lame this one kinda made me feel bad too. but then i pictured a fat greasy head chick-thing and had a good laugh
anonymous (2010-09-22 22:09:50)
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fatface (2010-09-01 07:09:03)
My butt smells like you, i wanna chew for the two whose on the mackerel.
king games (2010-08-16 15:51:11)
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Layla (2010-08-09 18:12:50)
LMAO. You made me cut my mouth! x_x;
hey zeus (2010-07-29 01:44:07)
Love this site but this ones kinda mean
Wealtnese (2010-07-02 01:07:11)
How I can write PM to other users? Thanx
anonymous (2010-06-27 23:07:53)
hey spambots... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
Darby (2010-06-20 13:41:20)
Fuck platinum, that shit is Adamantium!
Jon C. (2010-06-17 02:17:51)
This is amazing, the epitome of jackassery. I love it.
@Adupteptepsit (2010-05-24 18:57:28)
UH What?!
Her ex-husband (2010-05-05 04:21:27)
Do more missed connections. I always laugh at those ads.
it was so intense (2010-04-29 19:46:24)
i almost peed.
artessugs (2010-04-17 14:25:32)
Please delete this message....
MN Lady (2010-04-02 00:51:59)
:D :D :D :D :D Love it.
Jazz (2010-03-19 15:01:07)
@Kim, ur an idiot. He's fucking with her. Obviously he wasnt the one who saw her, so he doesnt actually know what she looks like. That why this is so funny.
Kim is Mean (2010-03-19 05:33:49)
@ Kim - Alot about this was funny. Just because you think something is mean doesn't mean it isn't funny. It means it's probably hilarious. You have dirty blond hair and barrel ass, don't you?
Commander Cody (2010-02-25 00:15:01)
Obviously the girl has body image issues.
Phrank (2010-02-24 12:59:33)
Lawl at commander shepard. The council is watching you spectre.....
Commander Shepard (2010-02-24 02:30:46)
I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite website on the Citadel.
Amber (2010-02-22 13:28:25)
Omg!!! How funny!!! I about rolled out of my chair at this part " Dirty blonde hair? Try dirty, grease-soaked hair. " lmao
camo (2010-02-20 22:33:53)
I fucking love this site.
Kim (2010-02-19 20:26:06)
This one was just mean. What's supposed to be funny about insulting someone like that?
Dita (2010-02-17 21:06:24)
OMG...owned. Hilarious.
anonymous (2010-01-10 01:23:01)
Keep em coming you COMPLETE asshole! I love it!
PooF (2010-01-06 18:22:47)
keep at the good work ... =D u rock dude =)
missy (2009-12-23 03:22:41)
so she didn't make a move on him when she saw him in person, but she wants to hook up via internet...that's sad
go pack (2009-12-23 01:29:55)
so great just because it was so blunt and it pissed her off to a point where she probably cried her eyes out... i require at least one post a week in the future mike
lol (2009-11-26 01:55:03)
guys, this really isn't offensive. i bet the girl wasn't even offended because she probably knows that he WASN'T THE GUY. shiiiit, just enjoy and laugh.
ml (2009-11-24 02:12:54)
hahaha! dirty, grease soaked hair makes me LOL!!
Dana (2009-11-15 23:27:30)
IDK This one was rather mean. I've read most of these an they are hilarious. I appreciate the fact that he can drive people crazy without resulting to personal attacks that could actually hurt someone. This is the exception.
Goat (2009-11-13 01:10:58)
Mike, I seriously think that you should consider getting some counseling. UR sick sense of humor is disturbingly hilarious!
tard (2009-11-11 16:09:06)
why is it that on every one of these theres some idiot who says "I'm fat and i wasnt offended" or "i'm a flame and i wasnt offended"? who cares, stfu.
WOW (2009-11-10 02:34:53)
Wow really there are ads like this out there?
tex (2009-11-02 15:37:41)
fucking brilliant
anonymous (2009-10-28 23:18:32)
Stupid mother fuckers need to learn how to use commas and semi colons.
Jo Of EIRE (2009-10-13 12:35:48)
hahahahaha the fact that some people are disgusted by this makes it even funnier!!!!!
hehe (2009-10-12 00:59:08)
This is so mean, but sooooo funny hahaha
mmm. (2009-10-09 23:03:55)
This isnt nice. The only one thats annoyed me. :(
unknown fan (2009-10-04 20:07:35)
a, I suppose there's truth in those words. However, dirty, grease-soaked hair!! LOL!!
a (2009-09-28 17:51:09)
aww.. that's too mean! what if he was her one true love? :(
Lovely (2009-09-18 01:09:58)
i simply adore this! Crazy people posting shit man. Im a chick, and im fat; yet i couldnt help but laugh my ass off. Bravo my friend, bravo.
fML. (2009-09-13 12:24:54)
muahaha [:
pure (2009-09-13 03:47:25)
anonymous (2009-08-31 19:36:27)
duncan is too damn funny
penis (2009-08-30 19:40:55)
haha, that was quite good
Hahahahaha (2009-08-24 12:01:39)
Funniest one I've read!
Dan (2009-08-20 07:52:55)
Duncan Rocks!!
Nikki (2009-08-18 09:36:32)
Need some new ones :( Getting bored re-reading..
PJ (2009-08-17 16:04:28)
Wow, that is why can't I stop laughing?
Eoff (2009-08-16 14:47:57)
You hit that one right on the head. Great job!
Duncan (2009-08-03 18:09:26)
She thought she was finding someone whom she could love, but instead she was trashed because she was fat and dirty.
Jenni (2009-08-03 16:22:54)
That's awesome! People who post that missed connection stuff deserve that!
kornist (2009-08-02 17:10:36)
random (2009-07-30 11:58:03)
whoa!!!!!!!! this stuff is so classic. :D post these more often!!
Paige (2009-07-30 00:01:46)
vox (2009-07-29 15:23:58)
Pure cocksucker! Karma is a bitch Mike. Have fun with the rest of your life.
wow...really? (2009-07-25 12:46:24)
LMAO!!! I think you had that guy confused with only place where fat chicks are accepted
? (2009-07-22 16:30:52)
This didn't really take much thought to write. pretty lame. thought you were good before...
Wectal Wegion (2009-07-21 08:05:54)
Chelsea, I hope you'll find this post so we can meet up. Usually I'm only interested in burly men, but you sound more than close enough. Oops, gotta go, I got the runs.
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 01:28:15)
LOL what a dumb ass. really? I saw you near a market or whatever? You smiled? Dirty Blonde hair. Bite me lady. Really this is how you find guys. Pathetic
D-Mont (2009-07-20 21:57:40)
Yea, but some fat girls only have fat friends, and in that case your pretty much fucked!
dank (2009-07-20 11:25:27)
fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round
anon (2009-07-20 09:27:12)
I like fat girls.. don't be so harsh. They all have skinny friends so you need to be nice to em
buddy (2009-07-18 01:06:16)
why the hell would whoever it is she saw look on craigslist! haha
LMFAO (2009-07-17 14:54:59)
OMG HAHAHAHAHHAA dude thats hilarious!!
Me (2009-07-15 11:55:10)
Im gonna suffocate laughing .
brotown (2009-07-13 03:15:55)
I just realized how dumb my last post was...I'll go dig a hole, stab myself in my shins, lie down in the hole, and bury myself as I bleed to death. That should prevent me from bothering you guys ever again.
brotown (2009-07-12 01:52:10)
yeah, its kinda funny but at the same time, its kinda lame. like, im not saying "poor girl" coz she'll get over it BUT his other posts are way more witty and clever. this one kinda was just like... meh
whatever (2009-07-10 23:17:52)
freak :pp
hah (2009-07-10 18:40:16)
best one
anonymous (2009-07-10 14:45:28)
Wow this shit is killing me
anon (2009-07-09 22:40:44)
jim (2009-07-09 15:50:38)
hilarious. i bet all the people who think this one is too mean are either fat girls, or hopeless people who have posted 'missed connections'
fishmon (2009-07-09 14:07:10)
that is fn funny you peps who are offended are the prob with america, ITS A JOKE PEOPLE wake the f up
Sam Eastwell (2009-07-09 10:15:06)
Dude, this is brilliant.
dp (2009-07-09 06:17:34)
i don't see why anyone would get offended by this... even i have "dirty blond hair", and sometimes it is
lame (2009-07-09 05:40:04)
Part of me never wants to read another thing by mike again. This is just crap. You chose to hurt someone for fun. Yeah, i'm done with site. Later mike.
timmy (2009-07-09 05:36:54)
What, did you accidently take your grandmother's iodine tablet and suddenly become a misogynist? Grow up and find a way to love women.
golum (2009-07-09 03:18:16)
lame. no wit, no creativity. just lame.
to bob (2009-07-08 19:09:24)
...that coming from someone who made the "Duncan's sex slave" post earlier
Bob (2009-07-08 19:06:58)
Not one of your best ones Mike. Pretty much every other page on this
anonymous (2009-07-07 12:02:17)
the comment below me sucks
anonymous (2009-07-07 12:02:17)
the comment below me sucks
SomeOne (2009-07-06 14:18:18)
JustMe (2009-07-05 07:34:53)
I didn't think t
Verity (2009-07-02 15:36:53)
Laughed so hard a little pee came out!!!
anonymous (2009-06-29 16:01:41)
Too funny!!!!
anonymous (2009-06-28 15:17:37)
anonymous (2009-06-28 13:14:35)
mrs.shitstain (2009-06-26 10:02:37)
Chelsea gave the herpes to my son.He wont let the docter look at his peepee.thanks chelsae
Lol (2009-06-26 08:10:35)
Lmao, Genius
ToddRamone (2009-06-26 05:30:18)
You can tell there are lots of fat people replying to this one
anonymous (2009-06-26 03:43:34)
does no one notice that this bitch was arrogant for thinking he liked her? it is common courtesy to smile at people, she just took it way too vainly. he put her in her place.
I know. (2009-06-25 03:10:08)
You're a jerk!
L G (2009-06-25 00:22:02)
This would've been better if he would've acted like he knew who she was/had a crush on her for a few! that was me! and then, later, said some really creepy stuff
nutgobbler374 (2009-06-24 23:24:13)
very funny; havn't laughed this hard in years.thank you, i have a reason to live.
Simplysanders (2009-06-24 15:50:08)
I would have to say that this is one of the best ones. The people that didn't like it probably read it and thought about their own fat insecurities!!!!!
Patrick (2009-06-23 21:20:06)
This one is mean. It's not particularly funny.
Anony..Fuck spelling (2009-06-23 19:59:14)
To suparb: And none of the others are mean? O.o Tell me this is the first one you saw. Fucking hilarious shit.
NobleCock (2009-06-23 16:34:06)
anonymous (2009-06-23 15:21:10)
Mike Anderson is the "craigslist killer" that guy that was arrested in MA.
Ron (2009-06-23 13:48:50)
He really IS an asshole! No kiddin'
[Insert Name] (2009-06-23 02:49:22)
I think its pretty hilarious cuz it seems like she beleived it was him
anonymous (2009-06-23 01:10:21)
uh... not as creative as others... a bit lame
holy fuck (2009-06-22 19:17:40)
this is the best one!!!!
suparb (2009-06-22 15:55:07)
no that is just MEAN and you all know it
anonymous (2009-06-22 15:21:21)
Super Dee Duper (2009-06-21 22:23:08)
"That Guy". Do a search on google for missed connections. Inform yourself before you look like an idiot and call bullshit.
malmal (2009-06-21 22:11:33)
holy shit people that was fucking hilarious!!!! dont tell the moron it was a joke that will just ruin the epicness of this one!!!!! LOVE it!!!
Bitter (2009-06-21 00:18:45)
too fucking funny. Short and sweet, this might be my favourite.
Reader (2009-06-20 21:10:31)
Nope (2009-06-20 13:40:36)
yeah don't go in this direction... other posts are awesome but this doesnt have much of an upside IMO.
anonymous (2009-06-20 10:42:44)
too mean...
koko (2009-06-20 09:23:00)
no this one was awesome
Andrew (2009-06-20 05:41:45)
This one is a little too mean...
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:34:36)
lauren (2009-06-19 23:17:20)
fucked up but hilarious
HAHAHAHA (2009-06-19 15:15:05)
this is fucking good...
cozzie (2009-06-18 23:14:34)
you sir a brilliant, we've been discussing these over @
alanwine (2009-06-18 18:29:25)
that was great. she had it coming. people who write "missed connections" should all be tortured like this.
k (2009-06-18 06:58:11)
So, does this mean that u fucking fail life? cause she is such a fat whore! like srsly.. fucking fat fat whore
fek off (2009-06-18 06:56:55)
WOAH - u fucken pussy bitch didnt u read the article, clearly its some fat whore fuck that shit u cunt on t
woah (2009-06-17 18:28:54)
first off, mike, your fuckin hilarious but seriously, email her back and tell her it was a joke
anonymous (2009-06-17 00:11:55)
she didnt find out his email, thats the point of "missed connections" you fucking retard
That Guy (2009-06-16 20:11:38)
How the fuck did she figure out who you are and what your e-mail was if you didn't talk but just "locked eyes" from a distance? I call bullshit
anon (2009-06-15 16:17:56)
Agree with Jacen, that wasn't funny and on par with your other pranks; it was just mean.
Reply Fan (2009-06-15 01:33:21)
I take it back. This is the greatest one here.
Jacen (2009-06-13 15:14:27)
All of your other e-mails were great, but this one is kind of cruel. I mean, you were never really insulting anyone before, it was basically self-deprecating.
Hah (2009-06-13 12:21:29)
This website is great. I always think about doing these types of replies to people on craigslist but never bother. Im glad someone did. hahaha.
bob (2009-06-13 07:33:46)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! stupid bitch
Salmon (2009-06-13 00:47:58)
Oh god! You make me feel like an evil... evil... man. I laughed so hard that I became ashamed of myself. And then I laughed some more.
1j3b3h7 (2009-06-13 00:33:59)
If i was that girl, i'd start cutting myself after reading that, so i feel really bad for laughing. :-P
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:09:19)
Elizabeth (2009-06-12 22:51:28)
LOL! Love it.
gregh (2009-06-12 21:40:40)
Danko Jones (2009-06-12 19:06:31)
damn what did she expect, anyways
Jimmy Buffet (2009-06-12 18:56:18)
Fuck gold, that shit is platinum.
Bob Dylan (2009-06-12 16:49:04)
holy shit, this is gold

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