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Phish Ticket Trade
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:34:43
From Timmy Tucker to *******@***********.org
RE: Phish ticket - $100


I will trade you a ticket to see Lords of the Mango Tree, my friend's band, playing Saturday June 6th in his backyard in Exton for your Phish ticket. They are a lot like Phish. The band features my friend Jake on drums/vocals, and his sister Laura on the accordion.

Let me know if you are interested,

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Al (2012-07-19 19:08:43)
You don't happen to be a horseshoe-throwing freak, do you?
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-03 09:49:58)
Lord of the Mango Tree .... Great band .... Got their demo shit is pretty tough...
LOL (2012-06-19 21:58:48)
It's obvious the person he sent the email to didn't respond, so no you're only going to see this message. Half of the people on here are dumber than the people he's pranking for not knowing he's fuckin with em. Damn!
Gilligan (2012-05-17 11:22:17)
Troll got no bites from his phishing email. Try again.
Cory Hall (2011-12-29 19:02:36)
I went to that concert. I especially loved when Laura did that ten minute accordion solo. That guy didn't realize what he turned down.
Not working? (2011-12-11 23:53:54)
All I see is one message?
pish (2011-11-19 00:13:30)
phish rocks
NateNate (2011-10-02 23:51:48)
Me neither. This has to be fixed... These things are the shit!
? (2011-09-18 16:32:21)
I'm not seeing the whole exchange anymore.
Fish (2011-09-01 21:06:54)
Fuck Phish.
crackers (2011-09-01 21:03:21)
I hate white power, too. And Nation of Islam. And mosquitos. Hate those fuckers!
To the guy bellow me (2011-07-14 23:32:57)
Homey, thank for your title capitalization and your use of alliteration in the comment
To Niggers (2011-07-01 20:28:39)
I hate you you worthless shit skin scum
Lol (2011-06-01 03:16:17)
Phish is an awesome band. They play long ass songs though. Me and my friend saw them front row at ACL.
Llll (2011-05-17 22:16:36)
This troll is probably the only traffic that post will get
Nikki (2011-03-30 09:29:36)
Umm... Who is Phish?
Dudr (2011-03-24 18:56:10)
Nicole, there us kid music then music for musicians
anonymous (2011-03-13 14:38:08)
Lords of The Mango Tree instead of Phish? SOLD.
@Nicole (2011-01-20 21:51:39)'re a person named Nicole...with a dick? Anyone else think this is a tad bit odd?
phooooooompapa (2011-01-18 22:32:28)
So i wonder who this guy is on PT? hilarious shit btw
Matt (2011-01-04 15:58:49)
Who the hell are Phish?
dude (2010-12-27 08:56:38)
really dude
lol (2010-11-08 00:40:10)
"lords of the mango tree" omfg cant stop laughing
Nicole Linker (2010-10-26 03:11:50)
I love Phish. I'm a dirty hippy hippy bitch, and I haven't done anything with my life. I just sit around high all the time and talk about how great Hunter S. Thompson is, even though I've never read any of his work, but did see Fear and Loat
The Dude (2010-09-23 11:19:50)
That's just like.. your opinion, man
hey nicole! (2010-09-22 13:03:28)
Dont get so worked up nicole, they are a band! have you even met them? (i mean with your clothes on?) Go get a fucking hobby, one that dosent involve sperm in your belly
WTF (2010-09-21 19:42:17)
Fuck Phish
phish my ass (2010-09-11 16:19:59)
@ properdiarrhea - exactly! @ Nicole Stinker - fail more @ life.
Nicole Linker (2010-09-01 00:04:06)
I smoke pole for a living
Haha (2010-09-01 00:03:20)
so tru
Logic (2010-08-31 19:04:00)
Hey Nicole, that's your OPINION. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they're an idiot. Try not being so fucking narrow-minded and get off your high horse.
phish blows (2010-08-29 17:05:09)
phish blows
Nicole Linker (2010-08-21 10:27:46)
for those of you who say phish sucks....SUCK MY DICK. you obviously don't know a thing about music and that makes me really angry that you think you would even have the right to talk shit about them? can any of you play so greatly like they can? don&#
niggers (2010-08-19 01:50:35)
i hate white power
tom (2010-06-24 18:47:18)
It's good they're back together i guess.. for those who like them, check out Seth Yacovone.
properdiarrhea (2010-05-27 07:24:16)
Phish is the suckiest suck of all fucking sucks only loser fags and white guys with shitty dreads even pretend to like them.
CactusFunk (2010-05-24 00:56:13)
phish blows.. my mind. Critics have never even sampled their work adequately.Truly genuine musical improvisation at its finest
ha (2010-05-12 18:59:44)
phish blows
Virtuous Luna (2010-04-27 11:28:17)
what kind of jackass would sell is Phish ticket in the first place?
siihb (2010-04-19 22:23:55)
I forget (2010-02-26 16:38:24)
If you'd told him that the Lords of the Mango Tree played Ghanian rock, you might have gotten some interest.
Chris (2010-02-25 21:44:34)
I think the Email's that nobody responded to are the best, cause you know they're extremely pissed off.
anonymous (2010-02-08 16:26:41)
Lords of the mango tree LOL
oliviaa. (2010-01-23 13:07:47)
lol june 6th is my birthday. :p
fish taco (2009-12-02 12:26:21)
smells like fish
awesome band (2009-11-24 00:08:06)
i don't know why, but i laughed so FUCKING hard at this. the drums and accordion! HAHAHHA!
anonymous (2009-11-20 05:02:45)
lords of the mango tree hahahahhaaha
Darrell (2009-10-17 09:24:02)
Is your friend looking for a trombone player?
AndHisSister (2009-09-26 17:48:21)
on accordion... HAHAHA
Lmfao (2009-09-04 07:30:04)
Drums + accordion, with the drummer singing.. LOL
Nina (2009-08-17 23:18:09)
Awww no response.:(
B(Y)OB (2009-07-24 23:23:44)
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 01:48:36)
It would be funnier w/ a reply
k (2009-07-18 02:40:51)
Lords of the Mango Tree lmfao
anonymous (2009-07-16 15:34:47)
Whoa, whoa...Priesty..calm down!
Priesty (2009-07-16 08:48:12)
Hey... I want all you assholes to leave me alone. I am building a small nuclear device in my shed so don't try to PISS ME OFF
idiot (2009-07-09 20:08:39)
Dave (2009-07-09 19:32:51)
Duncan, I am a mentally challenged 19 year old Asian kid. Sometimes I don't understand this humor completely and I'm glad there are people out there like you to make it easier for me
dammit (2009-07-09 18:08:48)
I want a duncan t shirt.
Oblivious (2009-07-09 12:12:27)
I traded a Phish ticket for a Lords of the Mango Tree ticket in high school all the time. It was no big deal.
Shibby (2009-07-08 17:02:25)
Phish rules
danonymous (2009-07-08 15:45:43)
I wished they responded, but that def. made me LOL
anonymous (2009-07-08 05:08:03)
Duncan's on the move
... (2009-07-07 00:35:17)
i'll take it.
anon (2009-07-02 09:44:17)
I've seen Lords of the Mango Tree and they are pretty good
Eh (2009-06-30 14:38:58)
I suck dick
anonymous (2009-06-28 15:17:27)
anonymous (2009-06-28 13:13:49)
Phan (2009-06-25 03:16:46)
Wow, that does sound a lot like Phish.
anonymous (2009-06-24 13:21:57)
Fail...? the lords of the mango tree? accordion? exton, pa? HA!
anonymous (2009-06-23 11:04:07)
Failure (2009-06-21 22:28:22)
Without responses, you are trying too hard.
thisguyowns (2009-06-20 17:56:15)
the accordion lmfao
anonymous (2009-06-19 22:18:37)
anonymous (2009-06-19 03:49:21)
I like your friends band better than Phish anyway. Deal
anonymous (2009-06-18 20:37:24)
this band sounds AWESOME
Assahola (2009-06-15 02:50:45)
I don't have a Phish Ticket but I have a used shitty diaper you can have. CALL ME

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