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European Scooter
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:32:28
Whoops, I just saw "European Scooter" and assumed "gay dude."
From Timmy Tucker to ***********@***********.org

Hey there,

I saw your ad looking for a European Scooter. Are you serious? Man up and get a real bike. I am selling a '03 Harley Davidson FXDL Low Rider. This bike will get you more bitches than you will ever get with a European Scooter. In fact, all you will probably get with a European Scooter is a bunch of metrosexuals coming out of Starbucks. If you are ready to ride a badass bike, let me know if you are interested in my Harley.

Yours truly,


From Erin ****** to Me

Hi there,
Thanks but I'm really not looking to "man up" and therefore am rejecting your bike and therefore your pre-owned facade of "manliness." Oh, and I'm good on "bitches."


From Timmy Tucker to Erin ******

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were a woman. You shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle anyway. I have some kitchen tools like pots and pans if you are interested. Let me know!

Dreama (2016-11-06 04:18:14)
s0y de mexico y piens0 ke la ciudad de buen0s aires debe estar ahy para ke l0s envidiosos de los sudamericanos muy envidiososargentina siempre le a kerid0 ganar a mexic0 per0 nunca l0 van l0grar mexic0 da muchs pas0s cuando s0l0 l0s argentin0s dan 1 pas0
mad (2016-03-30 10:50:11)
Oh wait, some are short and some are long. I'm a total idiot! Gosh darn I should stop looking at all that tentacle porn
mad (2013-10-09 08:54:11)
Your convos are getting shorter and shorter :(
Yeti (2013-06-12 02:42:03)
Slenderman is gay
Slenderman (2013-05-08 02:02:58)
Lol this is freaking funny, thank god i left the forest and just go with this internet thingy,
baby (2013-05-05 07:12:28)
blah (2013-01-20 22:39:16)
You've used the kitchen line a few times now and it was kinda funny the first time but now its getting old at least have an on the rag/menopause joke or something...
anonymous (2012-11-26 13:50:45)
This man is made of pure win.
anonymous (2012-09-12 00:03:45)
cant stop reading this shit. shit is toooo damn funny
Sean (2012-07-05 01:27:36)
Bitch get in the kitchen
8^P (2012-05-03 14:12:42)
Jelly? (2012-03-23 23:03:01)
You can't win with a troll.
Ian (2012-02-22 10:14:40)
the second 'therefore' is redundant. Mike wins on points...and also on the fact that she refused to reply to the second comment...
lmfao (2012-02-08 11:33:47)
Lmfao @ all of these tools taking the dykes side. All she is is a pseudo-intellectual POS and you dipshits thought she won.
anonymous (2011-11-16 04:01:21)
always with the kitchen shit lol
Demon Seed (2011-10-21 00:48:18)
Makes me chuckle that she responds with a "Hi There" and then shoots him down. Yet another reason women shouldn't be out of the kitchen, unless looking up more recipes to make on Google.
Katie (2011-09-08 11:25:37)
These are hilarious!
Woman (2011-08-22 19:44:52)
Lol, a lesbian girl! How come she didn't want to buy the kitchen tools? Oh, that's right, because she must have been the male part and her girlfriend must be the one that cooks, teehee. :^)
Baluch likes it (2011-07-23 09:35:48)
And also I love to suck dick
Baluch likes it (2011-07-17 10:02:09)
I see people criticizing the trolls for racism and other offense. its nothing wrong if you find it in this website! 'emails from an asshole'. and how'd you expect someone to be that offensive who can actually call himself an asshole for making
LulzMaximus (2011-07-02 20:43:40)
I don't get these fags who are asking "oh are you really a bigot?". It's like, who gives a shit man? It's funny as hell, that's all that matters man. Fact: The leader of the KKK is called "Grand Wizard".
James (2011-06-16 01:01:47)
lol'ed at this. (2011-06-12 14:23:37)
aha, this was hilarious ;L
THEREFORE (2011-06-06 01:55:19)
Eric (2011-06-03 03:46:07)
I thought you were funny when you were making fun of bigotry, but I'm getting more and more worried that you might be a bigot or a racist as I get down to your earliest work. Say it ain't so
anonymous (2011-06-03 03:44:20)
I've read all of them. I thought the most recent ones were comic gold. After reading the earliest entries, I'm starting to fear that your penchant for keeping women in the kitchen, and the thing about "jews" stems from real bigotry. I hope
Nicole (2011-05-21 19:02:08)
She easily won.
Pilkingbod (2011-05-05 04:01:04)
She won this one guys. Get over it.
Troal (2011-05-01 19:42:53)
I bet she has the thickest of the thick rimmed glasses.
annoying orange (2011-04-28 05:06:56)
using "therefore" 2 times in a sentence doesn't make you smart >.>
trololololol (2011-04-26 20:25:13)
Mike, I think you got owned.
unsonsRadrago (2011-04-04 04:25:39)
Pole which forces the slut to wear flimsy knickers. Had seemed like an eternity before first daniel and then lauren had consented to use the whip on her to make. Hips forward her trance a handful my dick slipped away but i didnt care. I was only moving ou
unsonsRadrago (2011-04-03 21:04:08)
Shaft inside her was wearing a tight. Back negative on the wall showed no huge black tube and the womans nose was flat against the mans belly licked those tears off amandas cheeks her deeply. Having an effect on me the thought. The missionary position wit
-facepalm- (2011-03-30 16:29:38)
You guys... if it isn't obvious that the 'women' are actually cannibal trolls, you seriously need to grow a brain.
Therefore (2011-03-15 22:56:32)
Therefore, therefore everywhere. Therefore, am I smart?
ugh come on (2011-02-16 04:45:03)
imana make a whole site making fun of these comments because they are that stupid. Or just take off commenting for this site.. good idea?
Chill! (2011-01-20 21:48:33)
I'm a chick, and I could not stop laughing at this. Ahhh, "I have some kitchen tools like pots and pans if you are interested." BEST. EVER!
Dave Duke (2010-12-15 13:36:38)
I can't believe that guy said niggers. That is so offensive, in the future please refer to niggers as spades, coons, or darkies
Man (2010-11-25 19:22:39)
I don't know why Woman has a computer in her kitchen
onoz (2010-11-15 06:46:41)
Oh, she pwned you!
hooray beer! (2010-10-06 00:17:03)
cream (2010-09-26 22:04:40)
why (2010-09-22 12:54:34)
jesus fucking christ! we can turn the most inane shit into a sociological debate. this site is just for fun. for those of you who are offended, go change the world, please, but dont kid yourself, this isnt the venue
TruthTeller (2010-09-17 20:12:40)
Wtf guys quit being dumb if u dnt like sumthing u dnt hav to tell the world ur opinion
anonymous (2010-09-09 07:41:26)
Lol. Safe to say she got you there.
kippykip (2010-08-07 09:54:47)
McSquirts (2010-08-01 10:33:19)
Buttfucking shitbastard bahahaha I like that one...but seriously chill out lesbo
Quartrez (2010-07-17 20:21:01)
Sexism is okay. I mean, he's already making fun of people, so why not take the fun a little further and being sexist ! It's awesome, keep 'em coming.
:) (2010-07-14 02:59:44)
to all the women posting on here...make me a sandwhich....that is all
LOL (2010-06-17 23:27:40)
Randomguy (2010-06-12 23:53:45)
I love all of these I bought the book and laughed till I cried on every one.
@fordavegravy (2010-06-07 23:51:09)
no its because women opinions dont matter dumbass, you must be a woman.
cunt punter (2010-05-24 20:59:42)
i find all the small penis comments interesting. i thought all the guys with huge dicks are usually the most arrogant
xLETHAL VIXENx (2010-05-04 13:13:12)
Ha, this shit was seriously funny! How can females get mad at this? I mean come on girls, you know we all spend our time taking care of kids or in the kitchen...Dont deny it! LOL...I dont give a fuck, sexism is funny and I'm a female. *runs back to ki
Relapse (2010-05-02 18:52:00)
are there really some dumb slut-cunts that are mad about this?? get off this fucking site if you are seriously offended.. its emails from an ASSHOLE you dumb broads.
Man (2010-04-26 11:18:05)
To all the people whining about sexism. This website is about emails from an asshole, obviously he isn't like this all the time. Just shut the fuck up about it learn to laugh at jokes instead of getting offended like a woman.
What?... (2010-04-20 09:06:18)
Too bad you called them "tools" -- she won't know what the hell to do with them now.
Woman (2010-04-08 23:58:12)
You buttfucking shitbastard your mother must have been a prostitute which is why you are so sexist and insecure about your miniature penis.
yellowbeard (2010-03-11 04:50:48)
yellowbeard (2010-03-11 04:50:46)
I AGREE (2010-03-01 19:09:09)
Being a sexist doesn't bother me at all. The only people that will call me a sexist are women and their opinion doesn't matter.
Teardrop (2010-02-27 12:39:58)
Hahahaha "Let me know!" He's always so enthusiastic like they're gonna answer. Love it.
For Dave Gravy (2010-02-26 16:36:52)
Is that because you only like guys?
Gloria Steinem (2010-02-26 16:31:00)
I am a complete and total feminist, and I approve of this post.
An Admirer (2010-02-26 16:29:08)
Nice save, Timmy.
anonymous (2010-02-22 13:34:47)
how funny!!!! "I have some kitchen tools like pots and pans if you are interested. Let me know!"
Dave Gravy (2010-02-21 19:21:14)
Being a sexist doesn't bother me at all. The only people that will call me a sexist are women and their opinion doesn't matter.
Stickmaleboy (2010-02-13 10:39:12)
The pots and pans thing had me in stiches!
Majin (2010-02-08 04:26:14)
lol, gotta love when the posts fill up with idealists and trollers. Always makes for an interesting read
win (2010-01-05 12:29:13)
winwinwinwinwinwinwinwin. enough said
god_of_war_usmc (2010-01-01 15:28:09)
fucking sweet shit man this site rocks!! Also ppl need to take a damn joke..fuck this world
Loves It (2009-12-30 11:50:17)
Please post more! i'm a girl and i find this ENTIRE site absolutely hilarious! Ignore every dude and girl whose pussy hurts and they feel the need to bitch about everything... sexism, racism,(insert whatever)ism. fucking cry babies, you make me sick.
rooster (2009-12-28 13:40:21)
"cluck cluck cluck" stfu and make me a sandwich you humorless cunt
not anonymous (2009-12-25 11:06:11)
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:23:08) sexism is not funny, it isn't even over, so you can't joke about it. fuck off. yea.... get the fuck back in the kitchen, and if you are in the kitchen, tell your husband that leaving his laptop in the kitchen is
rob (2009-12-17 07:18:28)
@ anon sexism is hilarious, get your ass back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich bitch
Kidd (2009-12-04 13:48:28)
Haha! This shit is the best!
Libra (2009-11-10 20:27:14)
anonymous (2009-11-01 21:18:38)
You shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle anyway. fucking awesome
MBII (2009-10-29 16:52:28)
LOOOOOOOOOOOL pots and pans...
halfkneegrow (2009-10-08 21:52:46)
lmao @ anon
really actually (2009-10-05 22:05:18)
than $30 000 once.
really actually (2009-10-05 22:04:43)
women get cheaper car insurance because they get into fender benders from not paying attention. Guys are all like "let's see how fast it goes" and wrap their car around a pole. Write off. Insurance would much rather pay $300 at a time 10 times
Eric (2009-09-29 12:56:03)
off of her time with the same car set up exactly the same way. Face it women, you are shit at driving.
Eric (2009-09-29 12:54:55)
Women can not pilot any sort of vehicle. Even the ones that were somehow good enough to be competitive in racing failed compared to the men. Michele Mouton for instance. The year after she went up Pikes Peak Stig Blomqvist took like a minute and a half
but actually (2009-09-29 10:17:15)
men get in wrecks because of the girls on the road (either staring at them, or cuz they drive bad)
actually (2009-09-16 18:37:58)
some insurance companies charge more monthly for men because, statistically, they get into more wrecks than women.
ANON (2009-08-25 14:10:15)
okay okay okay...can we all just agree that women really can't drive though? that's not stereotyping, that's empirical scientific fact
Nina (2009-08-17 23:21:26)
Sexism the joke that never gets old!
anonymous (2009-08-13 20:08:19)
And history likes to forget gender equality based on the patriarchal values of modern Anglo-Saxons. People act like women didn't leave their kitchens until the 50's, when they've always contributed to the arts and sciences.
anonymous (2009-08-13 20:06:45)
"Too bad sexism is usually true"? Who the fuck are you, Anonymous? Considering that gender is fluid and varies by culture, you can't make generalizations on half the world's population at a time. And history likes to forget pockets of equa
anonymous (2009-08-12 01:15:47)
Too bad sexism is usually true and it's only recently that fucked up Liberal social values have challenged natural human nature. Now we are conditioned to try to be the things we aren't. No wonder society is so fucked up.
His name was Frank (2009-07-30 20:32:27)
For instance, I'm Irish. I think that, when delivered in a hilarious manner, a joke about drunken, unmotivated Irishmen (or women) can be quite funny while only at times being accurate (in my case, spot on).
His name was Frank (2009-07-30 20:16:45)
(cont) somehow great. But joking about some preconceived notion of gender roles actually draws that absurdity to light. The only reason anyone should feel offended by anything someone says about them is if it's true. Or you're insecure.
His name was Frank (2009-07-30 20:12:15)
As a guy that respects women, I must say that this website (in general) is hilarious. Overarching stereotypes are just funny. Period. And they work against guys as well. I don't agree with the idiotic (and clearly virgin) posters that say sexism is
anonymous (2009-07-29 05:42:59)
hahaha love this site!
australia (2009-07-29 05:42:05)
hahahaha dude you are fucking awesome!
Megasoreass (2009-07-27 01:27:21)
These are starting to get awfully repetitive. How many times can they do the "women belong in the kitchen" thing? The creator of this site seems to be a shallow pool of originality.
Dumkin (2009-07-24 23:29:40)
HURR I lurve to be stupid in the comment section for something that is funnier than I will ever be!!! Many drooling hambeasts in their mothers' basements love my unfunny sayings! Haw Haw Haw -Dumbass I mean -Duncan
thejackyl (2009-07-23 04:18:29)
Playing the sexist card every ad is starting to lose it's comedic value.
l1qu1dsk1e (2009-07-21 01:50:05)
These used jokes are getting boring. Need new material.
@anon (2009-07-20 03:40:35)
Way to be smart on this site. I hope you are going to use your google skills somewhere useful.
@anon (2009-07-16 15:20:17)
Very TRUE! lol
anon (2009-07-16 11:18:12)
Sexism is quite offensive for males too. It's hard when women are constantly turning to us as the more technically competent sex, as the one who takes charge in dangerous situation
Brian (2009-07-16 00:40:22)
who is duncan?
Alex (2009-07-15 01:46:21)
Duncan, before you post those meaningless "explanations" of blatantly-obvious conversation, look up what "racist" means and apply it correctly. This is still freakin' hilarious, though.
tony (2009-07-13 14:59:24)
hey bitch its not sand in your clit or wash out your vag.. tell your other woman activists friends.. and take this one to heart.. get the sand out of your felch you dirty dirty slut
JustMe (2009-07-11 01:38:45)
Sam Eastwell (2009-07-09 10:19:46)
I think this is on of the best ones
JustMe (2009-07-08 15:09:18)
Please disregard my previous comments, as I was menstruating at the time - therefore hating everything in the word.
anonymous (2009-07-07 18:48:34)
actually, justMe just trolled the shit out of you, silly.
Archie (2009-07-07 15:05:45)
yah, from what I've read, JustMe is a friggin prude. Just laugh asshole
justme (2009-07-05 15:26:13)
shut up pussy, shit is funny
JustMe (2009-07-05 07:53:02)
Umm Erin kinda totally owned you and clearly won that r
Mitch (2009-07-02 16:35:55)
"Oh, and I'm good on 'bitches'." Classic.
anonymous (2009-07-01 16:48:46)
Pity that harleys are crap. Can't corner and are slower then a three legged donkey with parkinsons. Otherwise email = WIN
anonymous (2009-06-28 15:17:25)
anonymous (2009-06-28 13:13:43)
E (2009-06-26 19:26:59)
sexism should be used more often, im not sure why it became uncool.
MACooke (2009-06-26 13:20:01)
Geesh, the people bickering about his e-mail posts are as funny as the posts themselves. Some people just don't get it.
EpicEllen (2009-06-24 08:09:59)
Emelie - DITTO.
anonymous (2009-06-23 23:34:42)
anonymous (2009-06-21 13:37:14) By the way, the
anonymous (2009-06-23 19:33:35)
lol, im all about this site all together..comments and all!....."You totally burned them, you ugly whale".....hahahahahaahahahahahaha, prolly right on the head there
Dude (2009-06-23 13:59:55)
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were a woman" and so on... Man, that was awesome! LMAO!!
[Insert Name] (2009-06-23 02:34:19)
I don't know whats funnier, the e-mail posts or the people bickering over the e-mail posts
anonymous (2009-06-22 01:52:30)
man this is funny!
haha (2009-06-21 22:30:45)
anonymous (2009-
anonymous (2009-06-21 20:32:53)
anonymouse (2009-06-18 09:06:21) SEXISM IS BAD! VOTE PALIN what a stupid bitch! fuck PALIN, shes a little slut just like her daughter xD
anonymous (2009-06-21 19:49:28)
"women are for sex" it's the other way around, men are for sex well the ones that can actually stay hard and actually cum
anonymous (2009-06-21 13:37:14)
By the way, the phrase isn't "wash out that sandy clit" it is "wash out that sandy vag" or "get the sand out of your vag" because the clitoris can only be washed OFF given where it is. Stupid boys with limited understanding.
anonymous w/out an E (2009-06-20 18:13:57)
"anonymousE (2009-06-18 09:06:21)" Suck a Di*k... "Emilie " merry me?!?!?
Wow (2009-06-20 11:56:53)
I can see that you are an educated bunch, the whole lot of you. Good job!
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:34:13)
anonymous (2009-06-19 13:21:30)
Ah durpdurp i love 4chan ahahahah boxxy efg i so funnee!@
grundle juice (2009-06-19 11:43:16)
hilarious. man the fuck up.
alanwine (2009-06-18 18:40:06)
fucking lesbian.
Emilie (2009-06-18 14:16:55)
i am a girl and i find that sexism jokes are hilarious
anonymouse (2009-06-18 09:06:21)
Deb (2009-06-18 00:50:53)
As a feminist AND Harley rider, I think this is hilarious. Sad these kind of jokes bring the crazies out.
anonymous (2009-06-17 23:42:42)
LMAO this guy is sexist as hell lol also someone seems to be a fan of /b/
anonymous (2009-06-17 23:42:42)
LMAO this guy is sexist as hell lol also someone seems to be a fan of /b/
anonymous (2009-06-17 23:42:42)
LMAO this guy is sexist as hell lol also someone seems to be a fan of /b/
anonymous (2009-06-17 23:42:42)
LMAO this guy is sexist as hell lol also someone seems to be a fan of /b/
klas (2009-06-17 16:05:42)
Goloza (2009-06-17 13:56:51)
"WOMEN ARE FOR SEX"... Men are for chopping off their Penis
anonymous (2009-06-17 05:24:13)
In principle I support feminine right but this the fucking internet k? No edicit. Wash out that sandy clit
anon (2009-06-16 17:09:47)
more like the bloody red rag, i never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesnt die.
anon (2009-06-16 17:09:04)
more like the bloody red rag, i never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesnt die.
Truth (2009-06-16 13:55:44)
Women are for sex
Grizwald (2009-06-15 22:49:28)
your preowned facade of manliness...oh and Im good on bitches, hilarious.
anonymous (2009-06-15 09:02:46)
The sexist ones are the best. keep it up
D-mont (2009-06-14 20:13:54)
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:23:08) sexism is not funny, it isn't even over, so you can't joke about it. fuck off. Nawwwwwwww, you don't like sexist jokes?
anonymous (2009-06-14 08:50:07)
It's so good, all of them are so good...I've been laughing all morning.
Rofl (2009-06-13 15:49:40)
This is the best site ever.
Woman hater (2009-06-13 09:43:28)
More like the bloody sheet.
Zed (2009-06-13 05:14:07)
poor feminists ever so eager to wave the bloody red flag of sexism...
anons (2009-06-13 01:21:04)
sexism is funny, it is good, so you can joke about it. please tell more.
anonymous (2009-06-13 00:34:09)
get a life anon!
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:23:08)
sexism is not funny, it isn't even over, so you can't joke about it. fuck off.
Elizabeth (2009-06-12 22:55:08)
angryhuman (2009-06-12 15:53:50)
I never get tired of sexism. Love it!

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